Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • h1techSlave
    03-10 08:43 PM
    Sure, your point is very much valid. What I understand from the Freakenomics experiment and EB3I behavior with respect to IV is that only a few folks have the perseverance to go all the way from D to B.

    Take 100 folks with C grade and give them the $50 offer for B. May be 80% will reach that goal. (I do not recall the actual results of the experiment).

    Take 100 folks with D grade and give them the $50 offer for B. Ideally we should see 80% of folks improving their grade to a C (one level up). But in real life only may be half as much (40%) will actually improve their grades to a C.

    Interesting experiment, and I can see that is how human beings respond sometimes.

    However we are guaranteed something in return when we TRY to do what we believe in, regardless of the odds as we see them: the satisfaction of DOING something about it, and a real shot at getting what we want.

    Easy to try it. Pick anything, literally anything about your life you want to change (from changing your job to losing weight to calling up your parents more frequently).

    Then WITHOUT THE FEAR OF FAILURE, do something about it. It will either work out, which will be terrific. Or it won't... maybe you don't success at that job interview after all, or you still put on weight. Even then, the satisfaction that comes from having TRIED is yours to keep! (Personally, I have found this to be more motivating for trying those things again, as opposed to the hopelessness that results from not trying and then seeing things not improve.) And of course, since failure is only one of two possibilities that there can be, you do succeed 50% of the times that you try honestly!

    In case of IV's efforts including the upcoming Advocacy Day, that is exactly how I feel.

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  • pdx_Soft_Eng
    10-15 11:09 PM
    stay in Canada... Use you current job for transition. I am very sorry to hear what you and your wife has been through...

    More humane H1B is already a necessity. We should work on improving the conditions for h1b holders too...

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  • pankaj_n
    04-20 12:09 PM
    Not appeal but rather re-filing as a fresh 140. The labor doesn't expire as long as you had filed an i-140 in the past when the labor was valid.

    So i am going to talk my lawyer about it . we might have to change our approach this time.
    Just want to clear about path. We will file again and they will denied again due to 3 year Bachelor then we will appeal and show the case reference

    "Admininstrative appeals office decision approved it saying that it didn't matter how long
    the combined study was. As long as foreign masters equals us masters then that is all which needs to be proven."

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  • qualified_trash
    09-15 10:37 AM
    I am not sure any one one of the people who made the above posts have their GC......... I would actually agree with mihird.

    if you plan your life, you can overcome most obstacles, not having the GC included. it is folks who do not plan long term that are in trouble


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  • ivofindia
    08-26 09:29 PM
    River Front Harrisburg branch

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  • xyzgc
    01-15 03:46 PM
    The earlier who mentioned about hard hitting a car on Tree/building to shake the robber and run away is absolutely misleading peoples. There is no reward for bravery or mental sharpness in US for folks who wins a fight with robber or outsmarts them.

    How much the Robber can steal from you - Couple of hundred cash, 5 credit cards ( which you can immediately cancel if you are not injured) and some important contacts. Be Nice with him and give him what he wants, tell them that you understand their situation and be sympathetic and polite with them.

    I once did that and the robber just took 20 bucks from my wallet, 3 Marlboro Lights cigarettes and returned me the rest of money,credit cards,my SSN card and important contact papers and my rest cigarette pack and told me "you look like a nice guy".

    Don't panic seeing robber or don't make the robber panic by shouting or banging your car on the building :) Robbers are just human beings like us with pathetic economic conditions ....

    He shouldn't have returned your ciggies :D


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  • Immi_Chant
    08-03 06:47 PM
    Is there any way to know whether our case is already preadjudicated or not? Is it OK to call USCIS customer service number or taking an infopass appointment for just checking that?

    I just want to have some peace of mind as USCIS is not require (hopefully :)) any documents from our side, if they already preadjudicated us.

    Please share your experience....


    Hi Friends, any comments on this ?

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  • GC_ASP
    10-25 08:08 AM

    Look at this thread...He got the RFE on I-140(NSC) in august and the I-140 approved in sept. You never know with USCIS..I know few guys who got lucky with their I-140s. i don't think he was planning to play with our feelings since septemebr...Do you?

    You signature shows like

    Labor approved May 06
    I-140 Applied Feb 8, 2007 (Approved Sep 18, 2007)
    I-485 Applied Jun 29,2007...Received Receipt on July 31, 2007
    Status - Pending

    but how it is possible
    I-140 Applied Feb 8, 2007 (Approved Sep 18, 2007).
    currently 140 processing dates around Nov/dec-06.

    Are you trying to play with people feelings?


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  • santa123
    10-15 04:36 PM
    I am trying to submit my FOIA request to get copies of I140 and PERM.
    I have not applied for my I485
    Where and how do I get my A#?

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  • sri1309
    03-17 03:38 PM
    Thanks for inputs in the forums.

    EB3-India cannot be discriminated.
    Anyone in EB3 after 2-3 years waiting is qualified under EB2-I. And we see people waiting for much more. How can we be discriminated then. We have to do something.

    We are able to get very good number of people with like minds in Edison, NJ and other big cities with big concentration. We are planning to start a drive against this discrimination, in about 2-3 weeks from now. We would like to write to the honorable policitians and processing centers like Texas and others and to USCIS to treat all fairly.

    1. EB3 India cannot be treated unfairly, wheras EB3-China is much ahead. Why is this.
    2. EB2-India is Feb 2004, wheras EB3 India is Nov 2001 for many years. Why is this.
    3. Why are allowing family immigration when skilled immigrants are waiting.
    4. Why should greencards be counted head-wise, whereas H visas are not.
    5. On the whole, why backlogs and punishing us.

    These are the lines in which our group plan to drive this.,send more ideas.

    For this we need money and more impo'ly efforts, so please contribute smartly as we request below.
    We have teams in all major software hubs like NJ, DC, Livermore, CA, TX, Detroit, and and will need volunteers. We will soon come up with a yahoogroup to communicate.

    We plan to send 10,000 letters and other awareness programs letters to the concerned people.
    We plan to have our small booths in temples where many people will come.
    We will print all the letters, you just need to buy the stamp from us and mail it.
    Or give us an envelope with the 42c stamp. We need about 5-10 from you all.. So its will be $5.00 per head. That way there will be no quesiton of transparency. But if you want to donate more, you are welcome, instead we will prefer you put your efforts in creating strenghr and pass the word.
    We cannot keep quite like this. There is no reason why EB3-India will move forward in current situations and with current rules.
    We know EB2 will be upset, but based on your contribution, we can fight together, else we will go alone. EB3 is big enough to go by itself.

    We plan to wear white dress with white caps.. for peace.. So we can be easily spotted. Give us a envelopes and stamps.. or we will give you addresses to send and the document.. As you wish...Or buy the stamps from us and take the printed content from us in free envelopes.

    Good one, but we must include EB2, and the points must be like the ones I listed in my thead "lets write to Ms. Zoe etc". Its dead now just after 3 days.. Thanks guys to kill it, W'll wake it up,. else someone pls do..

    This thread appears to divide EB2 and 3 from India.

    you..can use that content.. We must keep writing.


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  • TomPlate
    07-09 01:35 PM
    Is the flower campaign only for people who filed on July 1st and 2nd?
    I have not filed yet can I be a part.

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  • belmontboy
    02-15 05:29 PM
    I don't see that "some" word either in the title or the content of the thread. The point is you are trying to color all companies in the bad light for your own satisfaction. I guess you work for one of the direct companies.

    Coming to the point, be more sensible when you post new threads and messages on the forum. Please refer to the following thread for posting guidelines.

    Let us keep IV as I and V ( for everyone)

    And based on what do you say that i am trying to color all companies in the bad light for my own satisfaction? My point is against all those Desi consulting employers who abuse H1.

    What has my work place got to do with this discussion?? I guess you couldnot think of anything better to make a point. huh!

    Yes, i have read the guidelines and i donot need any lesson from you. I am trying to enage folks here in a constructive discussion. And the point i am making is only for bad consultants who abuse H1B.

    If you still think i am being biased, go figure!!!


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  • chanduv23
    10-07 06:21 PM
    Just make sure you don't get yourself booked under DUI...

    Unless they book u for riding MTA :)

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  • qasleuth
    04-01 09:07 PM
    Do you want to apply for a GC in the future ? If yes, then aren;t you happy someone is paving a way for you ?
    I haven't applied for green card yet. Is IV only for GC purposes or it addresses other issues too which makes life of H1b holder hell?


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  • gauravsh
    07-03 10:28 PM
    all though I have a permanent job and valid h1 till 2012, with i140 cleared. I am planning to move back to india. I am all supportive for this law suit.
    I also wish to add a clause to add SSN and medicare to be returned back in this law suit.

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  • apnair2002
    04-12 03:34 PM
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Please contribute to immigration voice...

    Please sign up for recurring contribution .This message is for the non contributing members ...


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  • sangmami
    07-19 04:41 PM
    eb2 ,reached uscis on july 2nd at 9.01am by fedex

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  • eb3_nepa
    05-11 03:07 PM

    I keep hearing that "STEM will be exempt from the quota". What EXACTLY does that mean? Does it mean that:

    1) STEM's can apply for 485 straight away if labor is approved regardless of PD?
    2) STEM's still Cannot apply until PD is current, but after that no more waiting for the country quota

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  • singhsa3
    08-13 08:22 PM
    Can I call u at some number?
    The date is June 1st. Also, there were 1M+ applications before June 1st,

    IV grassroot effort (flower campaign and SJ rally) were a very important reason for retraction of July Visa Bulletin.

    01-04 03:37 PM
    MY wifes EAD is approved today after following the procedure that I have written today. I am hoping that mine will be approved soon.I guess the Officer did take the necessary action to bring the documnt from Storage.

    05-27 04:28 PM
    I agree with va_dude.

    CIR will cater for a larger audience and as such it will most likely generate greater emotional response and debate. Also, given the current economic climate, "Employment Based" is not the most favorable buzz word for anyone on Capitol Hill.

    We have to keep in mind that unemployment might still not improve until second quarter of next year and if the CIR is brought up this year, "Employment Based" bits in the bill are not going to get a lot of support.

    In the end, the CIR may or may not even pass. So if we shoot for just one target and miss it, we lose our opportunity for this year.

    If this "family bill" has been introduced which surely does not go all the way, but still indirectly goes a long, long way in alleviating the current EB problems, why not back it? This bill too may not go anywhere but the support it generates might help in the end so that some provisions might even get included in the CIR. Also, given that it is termed as a "family bill", it might generate less resistance and in the end we might have a better chance of seeing it through.

    In the past both bills have been introduced and gone nowhere so it's better to try and shoot for both and hope that one hits or at least support for one has a favorable impact on the other.

    I think fighting for little bites rather than for one big piece of pie might see us through or at least help bring relief to some, albeit slower than we would like but relief nonetheless.

    I'm sure the IV Core knows more than I do and I just wish to point out that we should pick our fights wisely.

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