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  • JunRN
    09-22 07:05 PM
    We cannot count on Reid. He failed us many times by manipulating everything and talking with Republicans and agreeing with them to sacrifice our bills/amendments to put forward their own agenda.

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  • sxv7392
    07-11 09:50 AM
    Called USINPAC (General Inquiry 202-628-3451) talked to one Amit Patel. told him our efforts with regard to the flower campaign.

    Robinder Schadeva who claims to be the coordinated of this campaign is in India right now and the guy I talked to does not have any clue about the flower campaign..............................

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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-08 12:43 PM
    I have EAD approved and 485 pending over 180 days. But 140 is still in process. My company decided to lay me off. What options do I have ?

    1. The company is not mean to revoke my 140 unless it is required by law to revoke 140 for all lay offs, Please advise.
    2. What options do i have now to retain my GC process


    You have a little tricky situation at hand, but you'll be okay if what you wrote is true - Your employer will not revoke your pending I-140. Not only that, they have to be nice enough to respond to any RFEs that come for your case. they can state that the imimgration application they filed for you is for a future position.

    Also, USCIS has a guideline about these cases. They are supposed to see if your I-140 was 'approvable' if it had been adjudicated within 180 days or before you leave the company, which I think it should be.

    I understand there are some anxious days ahead for you, but If I had to bet, I would bet on successful result of your case in the end :).

    Just make sure that your old employer doesn't revoke your I-140

    BTW, when was your I-140 filed?


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  • sampath
    04-26 08:38 AM
    thanks for the wonderful job in getting our plight in the WP.


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  • 21stIcon
    02-19 04:48 PM
    This is not even good for long term due to hefty financial charges of insurance companies, you would not know about this until you buy one ,my sincere advice would be do not even get into this crap in US. these guys rip you off.

    As I mentioned before Prudential charged 70% premiums as a finance charge every month and only 30% went to savings. It would never make sense and do n't listen to people who never owned these products before.

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  • gcnotfiledyet
    03-18 11:40 AM
    Just curious, what was it that you were trying to take away from store?


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  • mihird
    09-15 12:11 PM
    Like the other guy you said, I have an equity of 200,000 in one house and 50,000 in other house. I still don't have green card. I have around 300,000 in
    401k and 150,000 in brokerage accounts. My net worth is around 800k, most of my money is in this country. If I want to continue my lifestyle, I need my GC, that will secure my right to live in this country. AFter 9 years of tax paying and law abiding life, I think i have a right to live in this country, but with this stupid laws don't know when i will get my GC.

    That is exactly the reason why I purchased my 3rd house (additional $125000 in equity) overseas in my home country. So that I don't have to live with the feeling of having all my eggs in this country.

    For now, it servers the purpose of giving me that secure feeling of not having all eggs here. Later on, it can become a retirement house.

    Again, its all about planning...

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  • desi3933
    06-18 11:59 AM
    When you send all the relevant documents to invoke AC21, there is every possibility for the officer to check whether you have an approved EAD or not. In that case there might be a problem. I may not be correct. But to switch to a new employer, you definitely need a EAD card. I switched employers. My new employer asked for work permit(EAD in this case)

    Note : Please check with your attorney, I'm just one like you and this is my experience

    The only thing I agree in post is that check with attorney.

    EAD has nothing to do with invoking AC-21. Please do some research before posting any information. Remember GC is for the future job and not for the current job.

    Permanent Resident since May 2002


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  • eeezzz
    01-15 02:17 PM
    However, for India, China etc. where PD cutoff has to be factored, it is used merely to decide to work or skip a file (when seen in the receive date order). If PD cutoff date is very restricted, they will have to skip a lot of cases, which slows them down.
    I don't think this is true. As a CSR, case is assigned to you, not you choose the case. I think it's the same way to IOs. PD current cases will be assigned to IO, not IO looks into paper mountains to find case to adjust.

    That's the reason every July they ask for wider PD cutoff dates so that they can consume a lot of visas, as they don't have to skip that many cases.
    And about this, it's not abut skip or not either. Visa Office decides the date, CIS does the work. When CIS doesn't output enough work, VO thinks CIS doesn't have enough cases so they move dates forward. Direct result is therefore CP is able to process any cases that is current in hand. When this happens, more approval numbers will show, but that has nothing to do with CIS. CIS basically still process about the same amount of cases as usual.

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  • baburob2
    04-26 08:28 AM
    good job IV. great work.


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  • aviko21
    11-04 12:17 PM
    One simple suggestion which is less comlicated than all those above.
    BTW you don't need rbi clearance.
    You can send an overseas wire from india through your bank a/c where the cost would be minimal( only exchange rate diff and cost of wire($25-50).

    Your parents can safely gift you $100,000 a year. Your bank only would need a letter from them saying its a gift.

    I have tried this to repatriate my assets and it works all the time.

    No need to open nre or nro a/c or anything.
    ps. don;t entertain any solicitation on this site for reverse hawala or anyhthing as you don;t know who will cheat you!
    just my 2 cents

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  • crystal
    02-23 02:09 PM
    I know a term called "spitting the venom". It is on full display in your post.

    my dear.. pretentious pseudo middle class desi...
    i know ppl like you...
    you wear an armani to office but still carrying curd rice and pickel for lunch...
    you rejoice the success of slumDOG..with your liberal friends...with a martini glass filled with hand..because ur amma told u not to drink alcohaal..;)

    according to u ...we are losers because we dont like being called a DOG in 21st century...

    if you want to wag ur skinny brown ass ..eveytime SlumDOG is uttered..thats ur problem..


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  • walking_dude
    03-18 11:40 AM
    IV is open for suggestions. That doesn't mean every suggestion posted by every member will be accepted and implemented. Do you know any organization that implements all suggestions by it's 25,000 members? If you know one, please let me know!

    There is an established process to make these suggestions

    1) Become a verified member by completing your profile providing verifiable contact information. IV will never accept suggestions from members who don't trust it (enough to provide their contact info)

    2) Join a state chapter. Become a member/leader. Or start a 'special interest group' like IV physicians if you have a unique situation which needs a different solution.

    3) Initiate your suggested activity in your state chapter. By initiate, I don't mean just posting the suggestion here or over there. 'Initiate' means setting the agenda, date, venue etc. and calling the members, and motivating them to participate. If it succeeds in one chapter, other chapters will soon join you (my experience as a chapter leader)

    4) Please understand that as an organization representing volunteers, any suggestion needs the approval of majority to be implemented. Only way to get that majority buy-in is to initiate it on a small scale, and then develop it into a success story. Once others see success, they'll (majority) be motivated to join and support.

    5) Most importantly, we need members who can 'lead' these efforts. Without leadership these suggestions will never take off.

    I can assure you that a verified member ready to initiate his suggestion, take a lead and own the implementation of his/her suggestion will never be discouraged by us. IV leadership will be more than happy to provide all necessary help [ phone numbers to call, E-mail addresses] etc. to help the endeavor.

    So the basic question is - Do you have it in you? If you do, your suggestions are most welcome.

    I think what is killing this movement is that core and senior members are not open to suggestions from other members. They seems to be saying, our words are gospel truth, any deviation is not allowed. And that is killing the motivation of ordinary members including me.

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  • a1b2c3
    11-01 07:12 PM
    I am EB2-I with PD of Aug 02, still waiting for approval of 485. July07 concurrent filer. 140 was approved in Sept08.

    And this is the interesting part. The online status still shows 140 as pending. No email either, just a soft LUD on the online status. USCIS is being truly erratic. A maverick?

    You should fill out a form with the Ombudsman. Just google for it. They should help you with your case.

    Is your NC cleared? Have you taken an infopass to confirm your biometrics and NC is all clear? There have been cases where fingerprinting was done but it wasn't reflected in the case status.


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  • akhilmahajan
    08-15 10:55 AM
    Thanks for adding the poll.

    GO IV GO.

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  • praveenuppaluri
    04-01 03:04 PM
    just send my $50 via paypal (donate now). $10K each month is definitely achievable. GO IV...


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  • nrk
    08-11 01:05 PM

    please read this

    In all cases, the date the labor certification is filed (directly with the United States Department of Labor for PERM applications, or with a State Workforce Agency for RIR applications)

    from the wikipedia link

    Priority date - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (


    Can some one clarify if the PD is based on the day labor application was received or the day it was approved?

    My I140 states it as the day it was approved.

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  • bkam
    05-11 12:09 PM
    ...So everythings gonna be OK. Lets go party. Just leave money for the plane tickets.
    Guys, why don't we open a page "Bets" ? There we can place bets if a bill will pass, if our ammendments will be included, if something at all will happen... This will make our life more interesting and we will be in a better mood. To wait for another 5-6 years for the GC :-)

    Long Live USCIS "Las Vegas" establishment :-)

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  • javadeveloper
    12-31 03:05 PM
    How can you judge God's intentions when you don't know Him? Can you prove that God does not exist?

    I prayed god to get my GC before 2008.If God really exists I'll get my GC in 2008.If not it's a proof that God doesn't exists.

    I'll have to wait for few more hours to prove.

    12-31 12:33 PM
    I think you are wrong... Company A can revoke approved I-140, if employee leaves them..

    No problem my friend. You are welcome. I am glad I was able to help you.
    Company A CANNOT revoke approved I-140. I have checked this with 3 to 4 attorneys & also with Gurus on this forum. Only the USCIS has the authority to cancel the approved I-140, if it detects that it was obtained fraudulently.
    One more suggestion, ask company B to file your H1 with Premium processing. Once you get H1 approval then submit resignation to Company A.

    Enjoy the party Bud. Have a drink on me!:p;). Wishing You and Yours Happy New Year.

    If you will be benefited by �I-485 filing without current priority Date�, please vote YES on the Poll.
    Then please send an email to with subject - "I485 filing without current PD - Impacted Member". Include your 1) IV username 2) Email address 3) Ph#, 4) State of Residence so that grassroot efforts can be coordinated. Please refer to the first post on the thread and use the flier,talk to your friends/colleagues to spread the message.We need all members to get involved.

    02-28 03:27 PM
    Made my third contribution of $100.

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