Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • GC_Geek
    09-12 12:40 PM
    It is a personal choice plus the level of risk you take, I bought my house before my GC was approved and here I am now. Setting aside GC concern, the only problem you might face is securing a loan with good rate, all lowest rate that you notice in internet banner or Bank flyer is not applicable to you, simple reason H1b Visa is considered as temporary Visa, once your loan application is taken by a banker, one of the question in loan app. pertain to Citizenship, if you're US citizen or GC holder then chances of getting loan with lower rate is higher(though many factors contribute to lower rate and loan approval), but if a person on H1B visa approach for a home loan, then Under writers perceive you as high risk borrower, some bank may deny loan if you claim as H1B visa holder, but some banks will approve loan but on higher rate.

    In my case I was on EAD when my loan was approved, it was a hell lot of problem in convincing UW to approve loan, I approached my lawyer to get a letter stating that a person on EAD is one step closer to GC to get final approval, still I ended up taking 0.25 % more rate.

    Good Luck



    I really liked your sensible answer, useful for me too...
    I am guessing that the original poster of this poll is looking for some answers/opinions/advises like this.
    Thanks Kris,

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  • GCBy3000
    07-19 03:54 PM

    File for 485 and maintain your H1 is his take. Dont use EAD and be on h1.

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  • pd052009
    03-10 11:48 AM
    I would again suggest to go for paid Forum for everyone. Treat desi's like desi's.
    Free means one gets all kinds of public answers hindering IV's efforts.

    Dont mean to start the same conversation again, but Pappu - do give it a thought.


    I think the current model( Free access to all, except donor forum) is fine. If the whole IV site is paid one, many people like me would not give a thought to spend a min in this site. I came here as a guest, started reading the forum posts. Later realized some threads like 485-Filing and EB2-EB3 predictions require membership. Once I find the membership is free, I registered as a member. After couple of months, I realized what IV could do with my contributions and then I became a donor. So we need free access to bring new members to the forum and to show how they can help IV to help themselves.

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  • akgind
    11-06 12:50 PM
    Congratulations! How come it got approved when your dates are not current?

    Please see my signature. "earlier PD successfully ported"
    EB2 Aug 2002


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  • saileshdude
    07-10 08:21 AM
    Try Rajiv Khanna too.

    Do you know if one is better than the murthy is better than rajeev khanna .....Basically who has more experience and success handling AC21 and MTR cases...I spoke to one of the murthy attorneys and they seemed to be good... but again I donot have any personal experience... Is Rajeev khanna better than murthy

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  • raj3078
    07-18 12:59 PM

    Let's say, I am not able to do that. But, do you suspect that they might APPROVE my 485 BEFORE my PD gets current? If they don't then, I am in no trouble, isn't that right? If they don't approve, then, I can add her into AOS when my PD gets current again assuming I don't file for EAD (I won't - I like my employer for now).


    My company lawyer addressed this part. The way it works is that they will work on your file only when your PD is current. So even if you apply now, they most likely wont work on it after July as your PD wont be current. Then when next time (say in Jan 2008) when your PD becomes current, they will pick up all the files for that month and start working on it. It might be that they will work on your file on Jan1st or Jan 31st. You can send your wife AOS the moment your PD becomes current. So you want to make sure that it reaches there before they approve your AOS. In case you are extremely unlucky, then they would start working on your file on 1st day of the month and finish it before end of that day, making it impossible for your wife's application to go through. Thats rare though. So if you can make sure that her app reaches on 1st day of the month in which PD is current, then they should most likely add her to your AOS and work on those together and make your life go forward....its a chance which you will be taking...But again life is a chance


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  • stevestamps
    07-19 04:28 PM
    EB3 Jan 2004, Reached July 19th

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  • valuablehurdle
    09-05 04:19 PM
    Hello Everyone,

    I am back again. This forum is outstanding when it comes to reliable information....

    I work for a reputed US Consulting firm. They under-pay you and make you over work. They market fake resumes in a polished way. YES... IT is TRUE. Don't just blame the desi consultants.

    I am on a EAD. I wanted to switch to hourly basis and wanted to see if there are any direct vendors who would be ready to pay better rates. Desi Consulting Co. is out of question. From my experience, Robert Half is bad too. Is there a better way to market the employer?

    Any help will be appreciated. !!


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  • forgerator
    12-30 10:12 PM
    You can still get promoted while on H1B just don't give up hope. If you're not getting promoted even if you're performing well, then there's something fishy going on with your employer.

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  • chanduv23
    10-11 03:49 PM


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  • somegchuh
    07-22 01:40 PM
    That's exactly my point. I am not saying one should not go to India. Canada is really an option for those who have spent a significant part of life in US and for personal reasons would like to live in Canada.

    That having been said, I would lile to hear experiences from those who have moved to canada or who have "real" friends who have moved from US. I am not interested in hearsay.

    If you have moved from US to canada and had a bad experience please post it because we should know what to be prepared for.

    I have heard the following -ve things about canada.
    1. Smaller economy
    2. Fewer IT jobs
    3. Require licensure in other fields
    I think the above are true but I want to hear real stories.
    1. What kind of software co.s are there.
    2. What kind of IT support organizations(bank/healthcare/manufacturing) are there.
    3. What skill sets are in demand.
    4. How hard is it to land interviews.
    5. What kind of interviews can one expect

    What are the +ve things about canada?
    1. Freedom to choose profession
    2. Freedom for wife to worl
    3. Cheaper housing.
    4. Anything else?

    Let's keep the ideas flowing ....

    Here is what people forget in this debate. They point out disadvantages of Canada over US. Fewer jobs, High taxes, extreme cold etc.

    No doubt US is better than Canada for most people. That is why US is our first choice and Canada is backup - not the other way around.

    We arent talking about people who have a choice here. If you had choice between US GC and Canadian PR we would always choose US blind folded.

    But we are people without much choice. Yes we have choice to go back to India, and it may be a good choice for thoise who have come recently and have work exp in India. But some of us have spent 10 plus yrs in the US, have US degrees, never worked in India etc. For us it is extremely difficult to move back to India when we dont have a days work exp there. Ofcourse if you are SC/ST or OBC o reserved category your kids have great future there but not for other "normal" people.

    So what other choice do we have. Well English speaking countries you can migrate to and who are taking people as PR's are:

    1) CANADA
    5) UK.

    UK is very difficult to go to as PR. The points required are extremely high. Unless you have MBA from top 10 school or make over 100 K it is difficult.

    Singapore is a good option also, but cost of living is high and you can only apply for PR after working in Singapore for 3 plus yrs. Also Singapore is not a democracy.

    New Zealand economy is 10 times worse than Canada

    That leaves Australia and Canada. Well Canada is closer to US, but Australia has better weather. Canada is less racist but Australia has cricket :).

    So bottom line is conduct this discussion as if US is not the option. If we could stay here with PR for sure we wouldnt even be having this discussion.

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  • gcisadawg
    03-23 12:34 AM
    You are trying to defend a criminal and thus some people objected to it. Crimes by immigrants, whatever they maybe bring bad repute to their country and the immigrant community.

    Dude, that is called as stereo-typing and we need to fight that. You can not control few immigrants who commit crimes. That is law enforcement and judiciary's role. Why should other immigrants be discriminated because of few bad apples.


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  • jsb
    03-25 12:46 PM
    Why don't we all campaign to ask for a time out on all immigration. Just stop all immigration until it is fixed. :D:D

    Because accordiing to your post you want your geencard but do not want others who filed in perm to proceed further.

    In my proposal, if I cannot get my greencard, then nobdy else should. This is more fair.:D

    What Happyfeet has said makes logical sense, though none of the above proposals impact me. Whoever applied first, should be served first, isn't it logical? We all know, Priority Date is not used for prioritising approvals. It is just a date on your application, which can stop your application from progressing further, if looked at, at the wrong time. Why not simply ask for approving in PD order.

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  • gc28262
    02-15 07:01 PM

    I've been hearing a lot of banter about the L1 Vs H1-B the fact remains both these categories are badly abused, it doesnt matter who is the bigger evil. I would tend to agree that L1 has a worse abuse rate however.
    .................................................. ....................................
    .................................................. .......................................
    .................................................. ........................................

    When the H1-B was conceived it was supposed to pave its way really skilled engineers with excellent credentials and it is not the case anymore, 1)if you are going to tell me things like QA and Data Warehousing need mind boggling skills I think I can just have a good laugh at it. The local citizens are very much capable of executing on them. These jobs account for a huge majority of the software based jobs in the US, yes this is not the only category for H1-B jobs but software accounts for a big chunk.

    2) Consultants bringing in people from wherever charging them a huge sum of money filing for their H1-B and then looking out for a job for them, the only skill here is the consultants skill in finding the person a job :-).
    3) I do not agree with the notion of good consultants, every consultant abuses the employment based Visa system,

    4) and I am for a cap on L1-B visa's or a limit thats decided by the number of employees a firm employs in the US.
    .................................................. ..............................................
    .................................................. .............................................

    1. If you are in IT field, you don't even have a grasp of software development lifecycle and the part QA plays in it. A good QA cycle is essential for a good quality product. It is your ignorance about software development cycle that makes you say good QA guys are not an asset for a good product and they are not smart as developers.

    A tenth grader with enough common sense can do good software development. India produces lot of people with good common sense and analytical thinking. That is one of the reasons for India's software boom.

    IMO if you don't have a patent in your name, you are not high skilled enough.

    2. How many consulting companies do you know do charge their candidates for filing H1 ? I haven't come accross any. It is illegal to do that. If someone is doing that, ICE is after them.

    3. All I can say is you are as ignorant as some of the anti-immigrants in this country. You haven't seen the real world.Come out of your little world and look around to see the real world.

    4. Yes, you are for whatever suits you. What about getting yourself a preferential treatment for H1B visa and GC ? Sounds good ?

    BTW I am curious why you are referring to "consulting companies" as consultants. "consultant" and "consulting companies" mean different things.


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  • annsheila79
    04-19 09:51 AM
    we will see more of this as elections near..

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  • mallu
    06-15 08:08 PM
    Bottomline is they do not want to give us Greencard just use us and fool us. I am sure this 485 being current is big melodramatic thing.

    I don't know how many years i have to wait to get out of namecheck. Golden years going by ...


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  • swamy
    12-11 08:55 PM
    The following are various ways to express some one�s dissatisfaction/agony and draw some one else (Government/Media/Public) attention.

    10. Sweeping Roads : A group of people would sweep roads by wearing immigration slogans jackets.
    11. Organize Blood Donate Drives : Interested member would donate blood (We should explain to media, why we are doing so).
    We still have various other ways to express our dissatisfaction, however, they are little rude and could cause more issues.

    We should choose couple of ways from above to express our dissatisfaction. Members, feel free to add and delete from above list.

    P.S: We need prior permission from local authorities

    Looks like we have to some thing big at this Christmas season.

    We should do 10 & 11 irrespective of the awful VB - all look good

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  • casinoroyale
    06-25 05:27 PM
    4.1) you can support your spouse also even after using AP (i.e H4 support)

    I doubt it. When a person uses his AP, his status changes to PAROLE, hence he can't have dependents on H4 status.

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  • sledge_hammer
    08-15 03:10 PM
    I'm went to the infopass website to make an appointment for interim EAD; I chose the "Washington Field Office" since I live in the DC Metro area. There are no appointments available in Aug and Sep!

    This is unbelievable! What other options do I have?

    Please advise. Thanks!

    10-05 01:22 PM
    I don't think they mean to say that High tech workers are illegal. They say that their poll indicates Republican voters who earn more than $75000 would like a candidate who opposes illegal immigration. Atleast, that is the way I read it.

    They have to say they oppose illegal immigration because it is the WSJ. Republicans read it and they like bashing the illegals and it increases circulation.

    no that makes no sense. There is absolutely no need to mention illegals in that paragraph where they are talking about high-skilled immigrants. There is no one (well except Bernie Sanders and Tom Tancredo) who is against high-skilled immigrants. Hard to find a line against our cause, so they lump in a line about illegals? Thats plain stupid.

    12-11 09:27 PM
    i am not sure if any one of you has tried donating blood in the US, i have, and have been refused a couple of time for reasons ranging from

    you have been to india too recently, need 12 months of continued presence in the US


    our records show that last year India had an outbreak of Malaria and unfortunately you mentioned that you were in India then...

    I find it hard to digest why would they mind if some one has been to India recently?

    Does this argument apply just for the indians or does it apply to individual of any nationality?

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