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fetus at 12 weeks

images week the developing aby, fetus at 12 weeks. Fetus 12 weeks. It#39;s what the title says it;s my fetus!
  • Fetus 12 weeks. It#39;s what the title says it;s my fetus!

  • GCBy3000
    05-18 04:52 PM
    Once you contribute, update your signature so that it will inspire others when they see contribution from fellow members.

    We can really show IV core our support and gratitude if we contribute even though our PD maybe current. Several members have been bumping up this thread in the last few days. I think it would greatly help if we show our support to IV core in $$$s.

    wallpaper Fetus 12 weeks. It#39;s what the title says it;s my fetus! fetus at 12 weeks. miscarried at 12 weeks and my
  • miscarried at 12 weeks and my

  • zico123
    06-21 06:52 PM
    if we go to canada to get H4 stamping will they ask for her pay stubs or just my pay stubs are enough.
    H4 is a dependent visa and there is NO legal employment allowed on H4 status.
    Is there any chance of rejection. also can I go to canada for stamping or do i have to go to home country.
    if wife's stay in US has been legal and she has been in status then there should be no worries. For H4 make sure you carry all the H1 documents as well.
    is there any site or posting that explains the process of applying for H4 in canada.
    check websites for US consulate in canada where you want to go for stamping. They will list all documents required.

    fetus at 12 weeks. Fetal development nine weeks
  • Fetal development nine weeks

  • delhirocks
    06-28 01:56 PM
    This is wrong. EAD can be issued when both of the following conditions MUST meet:

    I140 has been approved
    I485 application is 180 days old

    Thats incorrect, You will still get your EAD if I-140 is pending. But, in futiure if your I-140 is say rejected, you will be instantly out of status (If you are on EAD).

    I will post the supporting documentation shortly

    2011 miscarried at 12 weeks and my fetus at 12 weeks. At 12 weeks after conception,
  • At 12 weeks after conception,

  • prabasiodia
    07-15 02:44 PM
    1. Recapture unused visas identified by USCIS Ombudsman
    2. Remove spouse and children from the numerical limit
    3. Either remove country wise (diversity) quota or increase it to some respectable limits that adheres to true representation based on population and the country’s immigration quotient.
    4. What about automatic GC, say after 8 or 9 or 10 years in H1/L1 status?
    5. Last of all, all the recaptured numbers should go to the persons based on the very first Port Of Entry date with continuous status. It doesn’t matter whether you came on F1 went to H1 then H4. The very first POE date should rule and people that have been languishing for years should get a reprieve. It’ll only be fair that a person that came on 1999 on whatever category gets a visa first than a late comer in 2005. PD is illogical since many of us had to change jobs and do what not and start afresh and still saw no light at the end of the tunnel.


    fetus at 12 weeks. Fetus, 12, 14 and 15 Weeks,
  • Fetus, 12, 14 and 15 Weeks,

  • gcisadawg
    01-22 01:21 PM
    Thanks for the reply. I am not sure how that will divide the community. As per USCIS laws currently, the spillover is horizontal. Based on this assumption, will EB3-I get any visas if the recapture is successful?

    When USCIS changed the laws, there was a bloodbath here between Eb3 and EB2 folks...
    Looks like you were not aware of it!

    fetus at 12 weeks. Most of your aby#39;s features
  • Most of your aby#39;s features

  • akhilmahajan
    08-13 07:35 PM
    Efiled @ TSC on may 29th.
    FP on june 28th, still no approval.
    My current EAD expires September 24th and i am working on EAD currently.

    Called USCIS and opened a SR on August 4th. Got a letter on August 11th, saying, although my situation is serious, i have not provided enough proof. Called USCIS August 13th, asking where i can mail the proof. Was told there is no mailing address and no fax number.

    Scheduled an Infoapss Appt. for August 18th, by then it will be around 82 days.

    Around the 90th day planning to meet my Congressman/Senator and hoping they could help me.

    If some one can help me in finding fax number to TSC to send in my Expedite request it will be great.

    GO IV GO.


    fetus at 12 weeks. fetus at 12 weeks
  • fetus at 12 weeks

  • unitednations
    04-27 04:17 PM
    The above mentioned case was later denied. AAO withdrew the approval. See this link - vanced%20Degrees%20or%20Aliens%20of%20Exceptional% 20Ability/Decisions_Issued_in_2009/Apr282009_01B5203.pdf

    This was a good find. The decision actually opens up more doors then it closes.

    USCIS in the past; and specifically Nebraska service center would deny I-140's if you did not have one single source degree equal to U.S. bachelors degree (ie., combination of degrees was not allowed).

    this decision basically says that 3+2 will not be considered equal to masters but will be considered to be equal to bachelors degree. However, since the labor didn't allow for bachelors and five years of experience then they consider him to not be qualified for the position.

    Looks like 3+2 will still qualify for eb2 but through the bachelors and five year route.

    If you look through many of the appeals decisions you will even find contradictory stuff with regards to combination of degrees to get to bachelors equivalency for eb2.

    That's why when you are first starting the greencard journey it is safest to go eb3 route and then later give it a try for eb2.

    2010 Fetal development nine weeks fetus at 12 weeks. week the developing aby,
  • week the developing aby,

  • ita
    09-22 04:06 PM
    Called all of them. Thank you.


    fetus at 12 weeks. Your baby#39;s facial features
  • Your baby#39;s facial features

  • indigokiwi
    03-10 08:12 PM
    Hope my small donation helps. I am encouraging my friends to contribute.
    Receipt number for this payment is: 2553-5233-6038-5007

    Thank you. If you let me know the amount, I can add it to the total. I am keeping track of the contributions. You can PM me if you want.

    hair At 12 weeks after conception, fetus at 12 weeks. fetus is indeed a boy,
  • fetus is indeed a boy,

  • aknynd
    12-11 10:32 PM
    I think this will work...If we start sweeping ROADS in front on NYSE, NASDAQ and all major TV stations in NYC wilkl definitelt draw lots n lots of media attention


    fetus at 12 weeks. (human fetus, about 8-12 weeks
  • (human fetus, about 8-12 weeks

  • solaris27
    09-06 04:08 PM
    cut middle layer and make more

    hot Fetus, 12, 14 and 15 Weeks, fetus at 12 weeks. fetal picture 12 weeks
  • fetal picture 12 weeks

  • gg_ny
    03-17 02:48 PM
    I have listened to a couple of speaches by Bernake in NPR. Basically that guy is completely in the blank on how to handle the economy. He simply says, we are in this mess, because the lenders were very lenient. Fed measures such as interest rate cut and pumping money into the banking system is causing the dollar to fall thus further weakening the economy.

    Let alone threatening him on buying homes and cure the economic woes in a jiffy, with this kind of intelligent appraisal of the much-respected Fed chief, someone from IV should also volunteer to replace him as Fed Chief if he feels the heat. Still if he does not oblige, then we should stop filling gas (thereby worsening the crisis).

    I say, we all write to Bernake that some 10, 000 immigrants will buy homes if we all get a GC. 10, 000 may or may not buy a home, but let us just polish the numbers a little bit. 10,000 * 300,000 (average home price) = 1 million billion dollars . Actually the total figure is 3 billion $$; enough to give a massive jolt to the sagging economy. I think we should also write to Wall Street journal and all major news paper organizations about this.

    In America, people gets recognized when they offers a solution for a problem faced by the country. Whiners are (who write to Bush or Senators) do not get noticed nor are respected.


    house 12 week old fetus. Comments fetus at 12 weeks. At 12 weeks, I still wasn#39;t
  • At 12 weeks, I still wasn#39;t

  • gcbikari
    04-15 12:59 PM
    link (

    I think we should start a Employer Hall of shame and nominate employers who are either cheating the employees or the Immigration system.

    This will help future employees and the immigration community as whole.

    I am not sure if there are any legal implication to starting something on IV on this

    tattoo Most of your aby#39;s features fetus at 12 weeks. Here#39;s aby at 12 weeks
  • Here#39;s aby at 12 weeks

  • Goodintentions
    04-20 12:06 PM
    So you think we can only Plead? I agree.

    What special do we have to offer that makes us important than CIR?

    Ask yourself

    Votes: no
    Contribution: no
    How many of our employers are pleading for us?
    How many citizens are pleading for us?

    If you say we are paing taxes so we should get greencard. That does not make sense. We are using roads, hospitals, infrastucture of this country and we pay taxes as long we live here.

    If you say we invent new things, start Google etc then these people qualify for EB1 and it is always current.

    If you say we have USA masters then we can apply in EB2. EB2 will get current next year or its wait time is going to decrease and will be 2 years max. So 2 years or less is a reasonable processing time within a 6 year H1B processing time.

    I am playing devils advocate here and trying to tell you to think beyond pleading. We did not come to this country to plead. Once you start thinking negative there are many negatives as I have written above and you will go in depression.

    Who is stopping you from Meeting lawmakers? Have you done that?
    Who is stopping you from contacting media? Have you done that?
    Who is stopping you from contacting your CEO of the company and ask for help? Have you done that.
    Who is stopping you from contacting organizations of Indian American citizens and ask for help?
    Who is stopping you to do rallies everymonth on weekend in every state. Why are we not doing it if we are so depressed with Greencard.
    Who is stopping you from contributing to IV?
    Who is stopping us from doing lobby days in DC once every month?

    Why can't we do. I have tried to do at least one item in this list. If we all at least pick one item, it will be enough.

    Thanks for your comments. Constructive debates are good!

    From my side, I have done a little bit - contacting law makers, sending letters, contributing / collecting amounts from friends for advocacy...

    I work for a large corporation and did talk to them seiorusly. They expressed their sympathy :) :) :) Nothing more !!!

    Unfortunately we do not have unity and most people have either resigned themselves to their fate or expect others to work for them.

    I humbly disagree with your opinion on EB2 becoming current. I think it will take 10 - 12 years to cross 2007. I do not wish for it, but that is the reality [assuming a vey high % age of porting (everyone eligible has a right to port, I am not questioning that)]

    It is unfortunate that we do not the money or vote power. Like it or not, we have to follow the beaten track of "Prayer and Petition". Non US Citizen kids have to pay International college fees even if their parents have paid local taxes for 10 years. That is pathetic! I know people who had to separate from their families and send their familes to India as they could not afford paying International tuition fees which is about $ 45000.00 per annum.This solely affects Indians / Chinese. This literally makes you an outcast just because you do not hold a GC! Just think of some of the hardships people are facing.

    If people from EU were to be back logged like Indians / Chinese, things would have been different!

    I stand corrrected if I am wrong!

    May the SUPREME POWER bless the EB2 / EB3 folks waiting ....for their GCs!!!


    pictures fetus at 12 weeks fetus at 12 weeks. here#39;s a aby at 12 weeks
  • here#39;s a aby at 12 weeks

  • ganguteli
    03-18 11:23 AM
    Strange, this guy gets banned, but the person that opened a thread seeking advise on his "shop-lifting" immigration advice, does not. Wonder what our standards are with regards to banning people.

    [Dont want to report posts any longer either as those seem to be falling on deaf ears..]

    Shoplifting does not divide EB population. But if you open a thread to pitch EB3 against EB2 then I think he should be banned. I can click the red triangle on top of post to report it because I do not think anyone in IV or any senior member has time to waste all day reading every post and deleting them.

    dresses fetal picture 12 weeks fetus at 12 weeks. pics of miscarried fetus at 12
  • pics of miscarried fetus at 12

  • ksrk
    04-15 08:07 PM
    Very sorry to hear this and our prayers are with you...hopefully all this will be settled soon and to your satisfaction.
    First thing - try not to stress out about this. Really, your baby's health and your own are far more important than some stupid GC. Keep in mind that the less you stress yourself, the more likely the child birth will go peacefully and well.
    Secondly, hire a good lawyer - it is well worth the expense and helps relieve your stress.
    Thirdly, if possible, let someone else (such as your husband) drive the "discrimination" lawsuit if you think it is fit...helps give you some line of defense against the problem.
    Regarding insurance, the employer must offer you COBRA. Also, not all insurance companies consider (or are allowed to consider) pregnancy as a pre-existing condition.

    Keep the good focus in mind - let not this affect your baby. And at the same time, don't leave any option unexplored. There're plenty of suggestions in this thread. Ask your lawyer which ones you must explore...

    And GOOD LUCK to you and your family! All will be well!


    makeup Your baby#39;s facial features fetus at 12 weeks. 12 week old fetus. Comments
  • 12 week old fetus. Comments

  • lazycis
    12-06 12:39 PM
    e-mail won't do it. Put it in writing or wait until 90 days passes from the receipt date

    girlfriend Here#39;s aby at 12 weeks fetus at 12 weeks. if this Baby is anything
  • if this Baby is anything

  • learning01
    01-24 07:10 AM

    hairstyles (human fetus, about 8-12 weeks fetus at 12 weeks. Fetal Development - 12 Weeks -
  • Fetal Development - 12 Weeks -

  • desi3933
    06-18 04:32 PM
    I am on H1 and my wife on H4. Can she apply for EAD while I do not ( I would prefer to extend my H1) after we both apply for 485?

    Yes. She will be on AOS Pending status while you can maintain H1 status.

    11-04 09:20 AM
    Check ICICI. I think it is called a NRE account. You can fund it in Dollars and Rupees and it could be repatriated in Dollars. So just open the account and have them deposit the monies India, you can draw it here. This kind of account is for NRI's who earn an income in India and want to access it here.
    There is a limit I think but it must be like $25K..

    Good Luck

    Two years back the limit was $25,000 per year. It seems substantially higher now. I did it through a one stop process at ICICI. Not cumbersome at all.

    I am not sure if it is as difficult as is everyone's impression in this thread.

    BTW, I repatriated money from a resident Indian account (account that I opened when I was a resident). I did not personally get an RBI clearance etc.

    There were strict repatriation rules in the days when $s were in demand in India. These days RBI wishes there were less $s in the market. One of the reasons why the outflow is liberalized.

    Good Luck.

    03-17 12:44 PM
    I have questions for you before I tell you the correct answer.
    - Please update your profile so that you are taken seriously.
    - What did you shoplift and why?

    Now my incorrect answer for the time being: Go to India and do shoplifting. You will get instant punishment. No court hassles etc. Get beaten up , cough up money to the cops and then come back. Your experience in India and USA will help you learn more. I feel the punishments in US are not harsh enough. If you have a bad habit of shoplifting and you used to do it in India then ignore the answer above and check into a rehab and request them to have you share a room with Winona Ryder.You both have something in common and you will be able to relate to each other very well.

    My friend you have hit upon a very good idea. For compulsive shoplifters a similar incidence would be more than enough to rehab them for rest of the life. May I add to your recommended treatment, that the shopkeeper is still going to charge you although you may no more be in state to handle the purchase.

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