Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • BharatPremi
    10-10 08:25 PM
    What do you mean "heart, mind, soul, ethics were sold"? How do you know that? Just because someone called the U.S president "his president" does not mean he/she sold anything, let alone someone's soul and ethics. That is their right to call the U.S president his or hers.

    What you said is totally uncalled for. If you are so patriotic, why are you applying for a green card and going by your own words, doesn't that mean you sold your ethics, heart, mind and soul too?

    Are you kidding us? I do not know what level of education you have achieved so far in your life but it looks like you are not enough educated to differentiate between the definitions of permanent residency, citizenship and perhaps working on work visa as far as legal stay in USA by outsider is concerned.

    What would be the "legal" reply from US Supreme court,if you ask US supreme court that whether citizen of other country can call US president a "My president"? . And What would be the "legal" reply from Supreme court of country A,if you ask that whether citizen of country A can call US president a "his/her president"?

    USA expects someone to abide by the land of the law while s/he come to US to work legally. And what is expected legally is one is not involved in "Anti USA" activity whatsoever it may be.USA legally never expects citizen of other country "to love" or "show fidelity" towards USA when s/he is still the citizen of other country.

    PavanV is right in his argument, in a sense, that when some person is citizen of country A at this moment his/her fidelity naturally must be for his/her country A. This is the legally expected human behaviour in every society and country. It would have been perfectly o.k. and "legal" about rsharma's statement if he would have already been US citizen at the time when he stated what he stated.

    Such ridiculous, unnatural, premature, unethical and spineless behaviour can only be shown by the people who are already morally sold.

    First of all when somebody comes here in USA on work visa, s/he has come on invitation from USA base legal employer's willingness and is ethically, legally and morally obligated to provide professional class and quality of work for what s/he is hired. Nothing more or less is legally expected by USA and employment system within USA. USA and its whole society is well aware that these persons are citizen of other countries and so they never expects any kind of fidelity from them at least "legally" and at the same time they even do not grant the rights what US citizen nornmally have. Now out of that bunch many people prefer to go for permanent residency as permanent residency bring little bit stability in living and flexibility in employment and international travel. If one becomes a permanent resident of USA then also USA still only expects that person abide by the law of the land and do not involve in "anti USA" activity. It still does not expect "fidelity" towards USA in legal sense.There is no legal or social or political or any kind of pressure from USA or any governmental or non governmental institutes within USA on any particular person coming from other country to become its citizen. One can stay on permanent residency forever till death(At least based on current prevalent law) and legally work and s/he does not have to become a citizen for working legally. And I do not know about other countries but in India it is not considered "illegal" and/or "unpatriotic" to go in other country(Except Pakistan and Bangladesh) for legal work so coming to USA for legal work whether on work visa or becoming a permanent resident in USA while maintaining Indian citizenship simultaneously is not unpatriotic or illegal. Simultaneously USA's legal system allows an Indian to remain as citizen of India while residing in USA permanently for legal work.

    Now if somebody decides to become a US citizen, there is nothing wrong in that. I do not see anything wrong when rsharma states that "I have decided to become US citizen in future". But if he is mature and human enough then his fidelity at this moment should be towards India (Assuming he is a citizen of India currently) as he is a citizen of India at this moment. Showing this kind of behaviour perhaps may not be a outright unpatriotic in terms of "Indianness" but it certanily signals probable but strong disloyality towards India.

    And I do not think that USA citizens are that naive that they consider the people "not mingled" if citizen of other country do not call USA president a "My president" while holding the citizenship of other country.

    If calling US president a "My President" by non citizens would be the barometer of "mixing" / "mingling" then USA would not be today's USA. So please do not kid USA and us .

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  • samcam
    02-01 02:32 PM
    I sent a check for $100 today.

    Thank you volunteers!!

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  • apunka_gc
    07-25 04:51 PM
    EB2 delivered to Nebraska on 2nd July AM

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  • tooclose
    08-12 01:27 PM
    ... Per the USCIS website, they are suppose to process even the first week of Mar 2006 although the Aug VB says it is 01MAR06 ...

    tooclose -

    Can you post the link to the page on the USCIS site which says so? .pdf


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  • desi3933
    06-19 07:16 AM
    You dont need an EAD, if you still have valid H1.

    AC21 has nothing to do with EAD.

    However, if your H1 is expiring soon, and you have already used up 6 years of H1, you would need an EAD, because H1 extension beyond 6 years is available only for people who cant file I485 because of retrogression.
    If I-485 is pending then 1 year H1 extension beyond 6 years
    Otherwise 3 years extension


    See above in Blue.

    Permanent Resident since May 2002

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  • vulcanfly
    07-19 01:00 PM
    Can somebody pls confirm that we can get 3 yr H1 extensions if we file our 485 applications and also any source if you can.

    Do not mind but I think this would be a critical ice breaker for lot us to make a decision of to file or not to file


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  • sanju
    12-31 04:09 PM
    When shastras were written, it was estimated that the world population is 32 million (I think its 8 million) or whatever that number is. Like when you say Namsate, it means "the God in me Salutes the God in you". As per shastras, god exists in every human being. So thats why that million number. It doesn't mean that there are 30 million gods, which is the litteral meaning of the text. Writings from olden times is just someone's interpertation of what they "understood" about God. Its NOT the final word. Human understanding of the nature and our surroundings have gotten better over thousands of years. Just like, we know how to cook food instead of eating raw meat. Wouldn't it make sense for the religions to EVOLVE, as we learn new things? But the "protector of religion" wants us to continue to live at the knowledge level of humans who existed thousands of years back, its just like asking us to eat raw meat. Will you eat raw meat just because our ansestors used to eat raw meat. If not, then why follow the same believes, haven't we learned anything new about God in the last thousand years. We all must be really poor intellectually to not leanr anything more about our creator in last thousand years. Maybe we should pity ourselves and get back to following the our same old religion.


    2.As per Hindu shastra there 30 Million Gods+some(or one) for Christians+some(or one) for Muslims+few more for different people -- who is correct GOD here and whom should we follow.

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  • easygoer
    07-30 05:10 PM
    Any idea what could be spillover nos?


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  • smisachu
    08-27 01:56 PM
    The reason why most people end up with such situations is that the employers don�t file for H1 extensions on time. Though the law allows filing of H1 extensions upto 6 months before its expiry, most employers file for extensions only at the last moment. It�s advisable to go for premium processing in such cases, so as to get the approvals on time.

    You can apply H1 extn earlier than 6 months. Mine was expiring in Sep 07. I applied on Jan 5th 07. Got 7-8-9 year extn in April.

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  • ivar
    09-14 05:26 AM
    My Priority date is April 09, I don't have I-140 and no EAD ofcourse. I bought a house last year.. whatever you say, i want to live every moment of my life. While coming to US 5 years back i came with just $500 never thought that i will stay in my own house one day in US.. I want to enjoy every moment of it. In future i am not sure what will happen you can't plan everything, atleast in my case, my plans never work out because destiny always plays its part and the plan gets Fcuk up. I don't want to rely on GC or EAD for happiness because its destiny.. if i am destined to get it i will get one day else forget it... i will go back.. If i had to get GC i would have got it long time back.. me and my friend applied for labor in Mar 06 he got is GC last year... but i am still stuck with my new PERM.. so there is no point in holding back your happiness.. just do what makes you happy.. after all it depends on each individual. Initially i did the same thing rented an apartment saved money and use to watch visa bulletins... its time to live life the way i want.


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  • Marphad
    01-13 02:53 PM
    This train moves backwards too. So you never know.

    Shubh Shubh bol :)

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  • Cheran
    04-08 02:39 PM
    Going back might be a good call. But the truth is, no matter how much money you got, how secured you are, the bottom-line is that the call has to come from the individual.

    I will share my concern. I was 23 when I moved here and I already spent 10 years of prime life here in this country. After finishing my college, I worked in India for a year and half, and as any young adult I grew up thinking one day, I will change the way life operates in India. There is a system which operates India. It is powerful, normal human like you and I cannot overcome the system. People like Gandhi could, they are willing to sacrifice them self for the best of others. Or you could if you are like our current politicians who know how to work the system. People like lallu, Jaya, Karunanidhi, Naidu etc, they grew up as a part of the system. For them even when killing someone, they might not feel the remorse. But you and I cannot even bribe without feeling bad, which is good. But the question is how long can you sustain that? I am not 23 anymore; Now, I know what responsibility is all about. I have 2 kids; I don’t know whether I am hard enough to fight the system at this current stage of my life.

    There is a famous quote, which states that there is a breaking point for every human, once we are pushed beyond that point, your action does not originate from your brain. In other words you will become part of the system.

    For me this is the main concern. When I talk to people here who wants to go back, they say that they will buy a house in some close community and they will live a happy life inside. For me that’s a fools dream. You cannot shut off from others, may be for a month or two, soon you have to face the real world.

    So the answer for your question lie in this question. How are you going to handle the system in India? I do not believe that things will change. May be in 25 years; Not anytime soon. So until then you have to live a life where in you have to adjust to the system.

    I do not have an answer to the question. How will I manage the day to day life? If you know the answer let me know

    - ;)


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  • PresidentO
    04-01 10:42 PM
    Do you want to apply for a GC in the future ? If yes, then aren;t you happy someone is paving a way for you ?

    Why are trying to wake up folks who are pretending that they are sleeping?

    Let them pretend.

    This was the same guy who said FOIA can be hung on wall like an art frame because he does not need the data. He does not care a rat's ass if you care about the data or not. When I mentioned that FOIA can also be used for making a presentation to the lawmakers on how deep the retrogression is, FOIA is ok and good. Because, it will possibly benefit him

    Me! Me! Me! Me! Alllll ME!

    Give me my GC IV! I will give you 25-50$ depending on my mood. What ever!

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  • bheemi
    03-03 10:08 AM
    one more thing when I need to add in bill pay do i need to select company or person..
    pls let me know immigration voic contact ph no also..



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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-06 12:22 PM
    When I called TSC this morning, the automated voice gave the good news - our GC were finally approved on 11/4 after a 7 year wait. Online case update shows the approval, but 140 status still says received and pending.

    Congratulations! How come it got approved when your dates are not current?

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  • trueguy
    08-16 01:45 PM
    I got a reply for these letters from my local Senator. She just said thank you for expressing my opinion about this bill and she gave me the latest status on it.



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  • ameryki
    06-30 03:22 PM
    Is finger print required for AP efiling? thanks


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  • alterego
    12-17 05:28 PM
    With all due respect, the probelem I have with volunteers is that I don't think amtures can pull a job this big, you've got to have profesionals, somethng like a compain maneger.

    I admire the courage of your guys, and think the goal is fantastic. But the way it goes, I don't see how it can be achieved.

    I've learned a great deal about immigration from the forum here. I very much appreciate it. I try to give back by answering questions others may have. I think IV has been doing a great job serving as that capacity.

    But you guys want do something bigger. Well, you have faith in it, I don't, at least not now, neither many others. Maybe that is why you are still asking for money and volunteers.

    Why the negativity?
    What many people fail to see is that it is not IV core, or a manager or something that will get us out of this, it is OUR COLLECTIVE actions. The results will be directly proportional to what we put in.
    Whether you help this effort in any way is about individual responsibility. If you are unwilling to do anything, and there are many ways to contribute and all and any of these are welcome, then frankly, your interest in this advocacy has to be questioned.

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  • chanduv23
    10-10 12:54 PM

    10-23 10:05 PM
    hi eb3retro.

    when and where u filed for ur h-1b 7th year extension and when it approved?
    i filed on july 12, 2007 to vermont, still waiting for 7th yr, extension approval.


    my h1 was extended last year sometimes during april i think ( i had approved i-140 that time itself), waited for freakin 1 1/2 years to even file 485. it was filed and approved in california and got 3 years extn.

    12-12 10:16 AM
    When we conducted D.C. rally, there were roughly 1500 people attended. Each member has his/her own reason for not attending the rally.

    The reasons could be, taking a day off from work or to far from their place etc..,

    As a first step��..:)

    Why don�t we plan for rally on the same day, same time at various major cities? This would enable members to attend in their respective cities.

    We knew that, we are 25K+ members strong and can hold rallies/protests, where we have (major cities) at least 100+ members.

    We must invite media and local US leader�s for rally and show our strength and request them to work towards the Green Cards.

    Why don�t we plan for a rally during the this Christmas season?

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