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  • reddymjm
    01-23 09:26 AM
    Ron has not made prediction specifically about India. Somebody asked Ron about filing I-485 with May 2004 PD without mentioning that (s)he was from India. So Ron probably assumed RoW. The OP later clarified that (s)he is from India and Ron hasn't replied to that. So let's wait for Ron to reply before getting excited about it.

    If Ron meant EB3-I, he's probably expecting a July 2007 kind of bump, which allows a lot of people to file but results in very few approvals. This can be inferred from his statement that, "your priority date will become current, briefly, in a few months".

    We EB3-I's are looking for any sign, just any sign of hope. But let's be cautious in disseminating such information further.

    EB3 - ROW is already 01MAY05. He would not be saying 2004 for sure on EB3 ROW.

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  • eb3retro
    10-14 11:58 AM
    I am exactly doing the same thing that anandrajesh mentioned above. I have my tickets booked for Nov 21st and its already more than 60 days for me. I have called them to expedite it. will be faxing the documents and letter to local congressman and uscis ombudsman today. I am not even sure why we pay so much of money to these people and do all this to just do their work. But what can we do, we are at their mercy.

    wow! I am worried about my case now. I booked tickets for Nov. Its 45 days and I haven't heard anything. I will have to expedite in about 15 days from now. I can't imagine canceling my tickets after 4 years.

    I agree. It sucks! Its like begging for something that they are supposed to provide anyway.:mad:

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  • chanduv23
    07-31 12:31 PM
    I can understand cases where dates are current. But how they decide on cases which might have "visas available in coming months"? Do they know beforehand the movement of dates for coming months? or does that mean they continue pre-adjudicating cases in an order (probably by Priority Date)?

    Well - from what I understand is that - these are the low hanging fruits - just like how you optimize time and resources, they pick candidates that are approvable and and utilize the time to process.

    It is actually meaningless unless they make it public - say - send a letter saying that your case is preadjudicated and all we are doing here is waiting for the number.

    If it is something internal - then well as long as your file is lying on the shelf waiting for visa availability internal policies may change anytime.

    The entire preadjudication thing was started at the peak of economic turmoil - some say it was planned to weed out as many bad apples as possible from the GC queue by issuing denials, noids and rfes - if this is the case - then this will continue to happen as long as economy does not improve and job market is still bad.

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  • GCard_Dream
    03-27 06:36 PM
    I am filling out the form G-639 to obtain a copy of the I-140 approval notice. I am little confused about section 6 and 8.

    In section 1, I indicated that I want the information under the FOIA. It is indicated in section 1 that I have to complete all sections except section 6 which is the "Verification of subject's Identity". So if I don't have to complete the section 6 then I also shouldn't have to do any notary in section 8, right?

    It appears that section 8 is related to section 6 and I should be able to skip both. Any ideas guys. Thanks.


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  • hebbar77
    05-02 01:07 AM
    Your sense of humor is pretty low class, crass and ill-informed.

    Thank you brother!!

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  • logiclife
    01-12 01:32 PM
    You can send a paper check in mail, the address is on the "Why Contribute?" link on the home page.

    If you want to send an e-check, then paypal has that facility.

    Also, if you want to talk to someone before you send the check so that you can feel comfortable, then feel free to call us. The phone number is listed on "Contact Us" menu.


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  • girijas
    09-22 05:42 PM
    I almost didn't bother reading this thread; thinking people were just beating the horse shit incident. Can you say something like HR5882 rescheduled to Sept.23rd?

    Sorry folks for creating one more thread...But i think its time to get energized again and start afresh( some people might not be looking into the IV call campaign...becuase of too much depression..resulting from the HORSE discussion last week in the senate..)

    People..start burning those phone lines again...

    Schedule on 23rd September - Tomorrow

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  • GCHope2011
    08-11 05:56 AM
    ... disappointed...


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  • chanduv23
    07-08 02:57 PM
    One of my co-worker was in same boat. His desi employer revoked his I-140 when he took fulltime employement in 2005. He got his GC finally.

    Thanks for the positive response

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  • s416504
    02-12 12:24 PM
    You said Labor do says BS+5 year Exp. is OK.
    If nothing comes up...Check if your original employer files New I140 to consider you in EB3 instead of EB2 using same labor.

    digging through my old documents now.

    I was mistaken reading the labor cert application. It did say "we accept BS + 5 years progressive experience".

    I am 3 year Eng diploma + 1 year Eng post Diploma + 10 year exp in India + 5year Exp in US before filing Labor Cert .

    I do have a copy of the Educational evaluation used by my old attorney which says US master equivalent.

    As one member pointed out , there is a possibility that my original employer might have sent a letter saying Labor cert has mistakes but I have no way to confirm that . Or it could that the Officer is just trying to find any small thing to make the case deny.

    I am digging all my old docs to give it to my attorney and see what he is going to day .

    Thanks for all the support folks .


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  • ags123
    04-07 08:33 PM
    500 Eb1 numbers are unused
    500 numbers spills to Eb2
    There are no 100 Eb2 India cases and 50 Eb2 China cases and Eb2 ROW/phillipines/mexico is current
    Now Eb2 India+Eb2 china uses up 150 numbers and

    350 numbers spills to Eb3

    Now there are 1000 Eb3 India cases from 2001 to 2003
    Eb3 china,ROW etc there are 1000 cases fom 2003 onwards and none from 2001 to 2003

    As spill over needs to go by PD Eb3 India takes of the 350 numbers and may be moves by 1-2 months and Eb3 ROW doesnt get any because no older cases.

    DISCLAIMER: this is only illustrative and highly oversimplified, Actual scenario will have many many variables

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  • gc_vsc
    01-16 06:32 PM
    I contributed $150.00. Is there a way how far behind we are from $100K. Thanks folks I appreciate the initiative taken by the hi-tech legal immigration community.
    I was wondering if we can involve they are also fighting for our cause.

    Finally a proposal just for legal immigration


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  • spouse485
    01-14 02:19 PM
    Guys, can you clarify my doubts. thanks in advance.

    1. I have got H-1B valid from Oct 1st, 2007, but I have not started working yet. I am going to India next month and want to come back using AP (obtined thru my husband's GC process). Will there be any problem at port of entry?

    2. What should I tell at POE about my H-1B visa? Do I need show any pay stubs or employment letter?

    3. Is it better to revoke my h-1B before I go to India to avoid this confusion ? If so, how do I revoke H-1B

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  • greencard_fever
    08-27 07:52 PM
    Hi Guys,

    I am a July - 2007 filer and we got the FP request in July for me and my Spouse, I have not applied for any EAD or AP extensions recentlly, for a side note i have to travel out side US in July and my attorney requested for FP reschedule (which was actually scheduled in last week July) for atleast 6 to 8 weeks, but USCIS sent me the request with in a week with an FP date just 3 weeks apart from the original i had to rush my things and had to come back to US to get the FP done..


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  • indyanguy
    09-22 04:09 PM
    Had called last time.. Called again.. Hope they stay long enough without recess to discuss this bill tomorrow !!!! :mad:

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  • jayZinDC
    04-02 01:04 PM
    Your motivation is very simple, lets say there are 10 people in line with one service counter, the service counter processes only 10 apps at a time, but if you are an Indian in line your time taken to process is longer. Now what are the solutions? We can speed the Indians in line by opening up new counters to service them, for that we need more money (aka contributions). Now 2 people are processed in parallel . So new people can enter the line (in the past they could not until the dates got current). I hope you get the message very akin to what you would do in the semi conductor industry. I am guessing your dates are not current and hence you are unable to apply, now more people in line getting processed means dates move and you will be current, then apply get an EAD now your wife can work. Then the US starts to become like heaven.


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  • vina92
    02-23 03:31 PM
    What our wonderful Rehman said were not simple words but very powerful. All our lives
    we have the choice between love and hate. He chose love over hate and he reached the pinnacle of his career. It's a great honor to be recognized by the best of the artists in the world, as the greatest. It's no simple feat. It takes lifetimes to get there!

    It's a beautiful message said in simple terms and all of us should try to follow it!

    He made India proud at Oscars and all Indians are very proud of him. Time to rejoice.
    He did prove that music and art have no barriers.

    I am also proud to live in such wonderful country who are open to any new talent and do not hesitate to honor anyone irrespective of their color,race and religion.
    I wish all countries take inspiration from it.

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  • gc_lover
    06-28 03:59 PM
    Does this mean we even cannot upgrade to PP after August 1st, when the premium processing will be available...???

    It means you cannot file between July 2 and Aug 1, at least for now.

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    07-14 01:43 AM
    I would ignore this. Almost all the news articles in this country gave credit to the imimigrants in this country and the I did not seen one where they mentioned the USINPAC.

    08-16 01:45 PM
    I got a reply for these letters from my local Senator. She just said thank you for expressing my opinion about this bill and she gave me the latest status on it.


    05-06 09:44 AM
    GO home and stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself if your 3 year degree and a masters bought for 4k will get you a greencard in eb2.

    That is what exactly I am trying to find. Not in front of a mirror. But searching in forums where I might get correct answer.

    It is not about 4K Masters or 14K Masters.

    I am looking for information on what credentials does USCIS look for when evaluating Masters degree. Is it the Accredition of the University, reputation of the University, Length of the degree.

    I just need a well thought-out answer.

    I can get Masters from well reputed south african university for well below 4K. OR there are diploma mills who sells masters for 8K which are of no worth at all.

    Why r u guys looking at the cost of the degree. Give a thought about why USCIS might deny I-140 when one applies with an US Masters Degree.

    If USCIS does not accept Masters Degree from Aspen which is (Nationally Accredited by DETC). then USCIS might not accept Masters Degree from any university which are acrredited by DETC..

    Let me know if I am thinking anything wrong..

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