Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • gcseeker2002
    12-06 05:05 PM
    If I were planning to use my EAD now or in the near future I would just cough up $380 and apply for a fresh EAD instead of chasing USCIS.

    If it works, then it is money well spent compared to running back and forth to USCIS offices, calling them daily and all the painful aggravation involved.

    I will gladly spend 380 instead of risking the possiblity of picking up Diabetes or Blood pressure due to stress.
    Is it possible to do so ? Can we apply for 2nd EAD application even without first one, and having got the receipt notice for first one ? If yes then this is a good solution, but then who knows how long the 2nd one will take to be approved, making it a worthless effort.

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  • jonty_11
    10-25 01:54 PM
    Shimul999 may not be trying to play or may be doing so, only Shimul999 knows. But there are legitimate observations such as below (Assuming s/he provided all information for his/her case correctly) can lead any person like VKKKK to believe that.

    1) He is claiming labor filed in Feb 06 and he got approval in May 06 (As per
    his signature). Now if his file is in BEC this would not have happened so it is
    safe to assume that either he might have used substitution labor OR his file
    is filed in PERM. Now Feb 06 was the initial stage of PERM and during that
    period there were lot many software glitches in the PERM system so many
    lawyers were almost hesitant to file under PERM. But assuming that his
    lawyer took decision to file under PERM, end to end process was almost 4
    months for PERM so either his file was reached before Feb 06 then only he
    could have labor approval in May 06. So there is definately something
    wrong there.

    2) If my labor is approved in May 06 why would I wait to file I-140 till Feb 07
    (His signature)?

    Now 1st point, considering Shimul lucky even that time one can assume it might have happened. For second point one can assume any reason for that long wait so it is not necessary that by looking to these both points we can fairly say that s/he is not representing the fact. It can be a fact and in that case s/he deserves our congratulations.
    one correction PERM started in March 2005 or even 2004 cannot be sure....defintely not 2006

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  • qplearn
    10-12 12:26 PM
    Sorry I did not read this thread before. Just a simple question: should we use nycgal's draft?

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  • casinoroyale
    06-30 05:16 PM
    Reply in bold.

    1. Is this true, if
    a) your AP is valid, OR
    b) if your H1-B has a valid visa stamp and you didn't use your AP

    ie, basically if you have other valid documents to enter the country back, is the application deemed abandoned?

    2. Which "application" is deemed abandoned? Application for obtaining the AP or the I-485?
    => This is a good question. I also got confused about this. Looks like its I-485 not I-131


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  • neel_gump
    07-19 03:51 PM
    My friend posted his 485 on June 17th and he got a receipt date of July 14th. At this rate, I am thinking I am thinking atleast 3months for July2nd filers..

    So, October 2nd-Gandhi Jayanthi (Birthdate) seems to be more realistic..

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  • GCAmigo
    05-24 09:07 AM
    If no CIR no relief for legal also. This bill with minor amendment is much better than statsuquo
    in the long run, it is going to be extremely BAD/HARD for skilled immigrants..
    I couldn't confirm it but from what I understand, the dual intent will no longer be valid on H1 ie A H1-B holder cannot have an immigrant intent. Does that mean, they cannot file for a GC, while on H1? Also, as consulting would be severely restricted, how many of the H1s will be able to find Full-Time Jobs?

    As we read more into the Bill, the 'hidden' intent is becoming clear..
    Restrictions & more Restrictions..


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  • hebbar77
    05-02 01:07 AM
    Your sense of humor is pretty low class, crass and ill-informed.

    Thank you brother!!

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  • ny-nonrir
    05-11 12:19 PM
    My only problem is where will these illegals join the line ("Hope they have to join the line somewhere"). If they join the line at the 140 stage directly ie if they dont require labor certification, then what about the 100s of thousands of people waiting for labor clearance (for example im waiting from Aug 2001).
    If they join the line directly at 485 ie if they pass a law saying illegals who have been in this country for 5 years can adjust their status straight away. ie file for 485 right away, what about the guys waiting for labor or 140 with all kinds of wage RFE etcs?

    I guess if that passes all the legals who arrived here before 2001 are covered anyway. All they have to do is destroy their passports, throw away their immigration docs and apply as an illegal. :-)

    So unless the law says they have to apply for labor certification its unfair. Its amnesty.

    Even if they have to apply for labor, they will apply in perm and jump the line. (Unless the visa dates for Mexico stays retrogressed). In my case I cant do that because im in the 7th year and have been with the same firm for the last 5 years. So I cannot apply perm without taking a big gamble on loosing the priority date. (My job description has changed a little bit). So either way, Im screwed.


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  • gk_2000
    04-19 02:21 PM
    Democrats are PLAIN DISGUSTING! <RETCH>!!!

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  • walking_dude
    08-14 10:58 AM
    EADs include special security measures to prevent counterfeiting and forgery. Only certain centers have the machinery needed to produce these cards. Since EADs are used as REAL ID for travel and DL etc., USCIS decided to stop issuing Interim EADs at Field Offices.

    So despite what USCIS memo says I am concerned that Interim EADs are unlikely to be issued (this point in the memo might be an oversight by the officer who issued it). AFAIK Field Offices can only make a request to expedite the case. I would like to know if anyone has got Interim EAD recently. If so let us know!

    You can find your Senators/Congressmen here

    Senate - ( Choose your State in the dropdown)

    Representative - Full ZIP Code + 4 may be needed to find the Rep. You can get your Zip Code + 4 here -


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  • sandy_anand
    04-19 10:27 AM
    we will see more of this as elections near..


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  • swarnapuri
    05-28 06:13 PM
    tired of the long wait....


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  • Slowhand
    08-16 01:57 PM
    People who left employer early or want to leave early will say it is ok; because it suits their needs.

    People who plan on staying later or don't have any intention of leaving early will say to stay.

    Bottom line is it is upto everyones own risk tolerance. I have just seen some of the biggest cowards in terms of immigration all of a sudden get so brave after they got the greencard.

    If people are waiting years and playing it safe then what is the possible harm to wait a little longer and not get riled up by every small story of someone who got questioned at citizenship time, etc.

    Immigration laws don't change very often; however, uscis interpretations and memos do change quite frequently. When you have to start hiring lawyers, go to court, face uncertainty then we'll see how brave people are.

    As I see it, hiring a lawyer is still cheaper than losing 20K per year because you are working for a exploitative consulting company. But if the company is treating you well, there is no reason to leave.

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  • Marphad
    07-29 06:06 PM
    Great job of keeping idea live ;)


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  • sangarmool
    04-06 11:24 AM
    May Bullet will come out when?

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  • sanju
    12-30 03:43 PM
    Maybe we are not looking at this article in the right context.

    This artilce was written for the purpose of Russian version of 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart'. So it was written in the context of commedy. Lets read it and laugh about it as was intended by its author.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha, it means I just finished reading the article.



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  • GCchaos
    02-23 03:44 PM
    �United States Of America� or more commonly the �US� means one and only one thing for most people in India, the land of opportunities, a place where every dream comes true, a Cinderella fantasy that pops t life. Well, Legend has it that once upon a long long time, it used to be true. But the current situation is a whole lot different than the legends and the fantasies. Let�s delve into the story of an Indian guy, who set out on a journey in pursuit of his
    dreams that promised him the sky.

    This guy was a smart, hard working software engineer in his own power, working for a software company in India. He worked on different kinds of projects for different clients, all of which were from the fantasy land. The clients always appreciated his work and he had a great rapport with these people.
    One day, he got an invitation from one of these demigods�, �Will you please come and join us and share our fortunes? We are in much need of someone talented like you to run our operations�.
    Now, that was an offer he could not refuse, could he? It�s something he had been dreaming about, since he was a child. It seemed like an offer that would change his life for the better, in every possible way.
    He immediately packed his bags, bade good bye to his family and friends, not knowing the future, not knowing he would not see them for at least a few years. It did not even remotely occur to any one at that point, that he will be tangled in so many restrictions, that it would be hard for him to leave the fantasy land. Well, who cares �He is going to AMERICA!�
    He landed here, worked harder than ever, slogged like anything and proved his capabilities and reserved a place for himself in this wonderful land. Five years passed by�..not realizing that every day has been the same, just struggling to keep up with the expectations of his boss. However he became a much respected person at his work place, every one who worked with him was very happy to have him here. They just loved his dedication and passion. His initial plan was to stay here for the 6 years he had on his H1-B visa and head home. But, destiny had something else in store for him. His employers wanted him to stay. They realized they would not be able to find another person of his caliber. So they started a process called Green Card which would allow him to stay in this country and work for them.
    He went to India after a long time, and met his parents. They wanted him to get married; he met a nice girl of his parent�s choice. Both of them liked each other and got married.
    She flew to the fantasy land with him and they live happily ever after��.
    Well, not exactly!
    There is a twist in this story.
    We need to talk about the girl for a little while now. She too was a young, aspiring software engineer with a good company in India. She was a smart and independent girl who loved to live her life. She lived at a short distance from her parents and family with whom she was very close. When she met the guy, she was overjoyed. She instantly liked him, but was a little apprehensive about quitting her job. But everyone told her that she was being silly and that she would get a job in USA, any time she wanted, because of her VAST two year experience. She believed it! The guy also did not know that his fantasy land had changed a lot since his going there. He thought that he was going to get his green card soon and that his wife would be able to work immediately.

    So with all these hopes, they flew back to US of A. Here the reality was far from anything that she ever heard in the legends. She had no friends, no family, and no job. She was not allowed to work while she was on her dependent visa called H4. The hopes of green card were thrashed to the ground. Apparently only a small number of people were given these magical passes called green cards every year. And the wait was a very very long one; reality hit hard, it would take at least five more years to get their green card and that she would have to wait for an indefinite period of time before she could work again.
    She thought of keeping herself occupied by making friends but she found none in her locality.
    She wanted to put her technical expertise to good use by volunteering, she got a few offers but they were all so distant from her house. She did not have a car of her own, so she could not take up such jobs.
    She was left alone at home all day, destined to look at the windows and the walls of her apartment. She could not take it. She applied for her own H1-B visa which she thought would allow her to start working. She had high hopes and started concentrating on honing her skills. But the process was such a long one that it took more than 8 months for her to get the visa approval. She tried to keep her cool, but it was one heck of a struggle. There were so many laws and rules and other incomprehensible things associated with her H1 and her husband�s green card process that she could not go to India to meet her parents . The real struggle started once she got her H1 B. She could not find a project to work on. There were requirements for people in her technology, but most of the jobs required hat she be one of the following:
    1. Candidate with 6 years or more experience
    2. Green Card holder with any experience.

    She hit a roadblock. 6 years of experience or GREENCARD????
    How will she get any of this now?
    Her husband had also become very sad because of the pain that she had been going through. They were never peaceful during these past 1.5 years. Even he was also completely stalled in his career. There is a rule which doesn�t allow him to change jobs or take a promotion even in the same company once his green card process has been started. He has to either wait until he gets the green card or start it all over again. It is like leaving one�s place in a long queue and having to join in at the end, all over again.
    I hear they are thinking about going back to India, where their lives will be much easier.
    Two highly skilled people who were disowned like foster children and put entangled in such complex problems.
    Unless they do something about this green card process soon, there will be many more immigrants who would plan to move back to their own countries.
    It is America�s loss, no doubt!
    An organization called Immigration Voice has been started by a few people, suffering skilled immigrants themselves, to take up the cause of all the others in similar situation. It has picked up quite a lot of momentum these days and
    had been able to achieve success to a certain extent. But it requires more people, more funds and more support to actually attain a significant result.
    America has been built on the competitiveness of highly skilled immigrants. America enjoys a technological leadership around the world primarily because of them.
    Let�s hope that the government will do something soon to provide relief to these skilled immigrants lest America should become a mere legend like Atlantis.

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  • ujjvalkoul
    07-24 10:43 AM

    I applied in Feb 2006..My H1 Expired in Dec 2006. Canada ppl came back saying H1 should be valid for at least 1 year.

    Now when I get my H extension and reapply - can I use the same Police clearance from Indian Embassy and FBI that was sent in Feb 2006?

    ANy clues?

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  • sparklinks
    07-20 03:51 PM
    bank a/c updation

    anyone from july filers got their cheques cashed and got reciepts.i am checking my bank a/c a 1000 times in a day but i think it gets updated only once in a day am i correct can anyone throw light on how many times bank a/c are updated in a day

    thanks for the replies

    Only once in a day ( Monday night to Friday night) for check transactions (NOT ATM)

    03-10 08:43 PM
    Sure, your point is very much valid. What I understand from the Freakenomics experiment and EB3I behavior with respect to IV is that only a few folks have the perseverance to go all the way from D to B.

    Take 100 folks with C grade and give them the $50 offer for B. May be 80% will reach that goal. (I do not recall the actual results of the experiment).

    Take 100 folks with D grade and give them the $50 offer for B. Ideally we should see 80% of folks improving their grade to a C (one level up). But in real life only may be half as much (40%) will actually improve their grades to a C.

    Interesting experiment, and I can see that is how human beings respond sometimes.

    However we are guaranteed something in return when we TRY to do what we believe in, regardless of the odds as we see them: the satisfaction of DOING something about it, and a real shot at getting what we want.

    Easy to try it. Pick anything, literally anything about your life you want to change (from changing your job to losing weight to calling up your parents more frequently).

    Then WITHOUT THE FEAR OF FAILURE, do something about it. It will either work out, which will be terrific. Or it won't... maybe you don't success at that job interview after all, or you still put on weight. Even then, the satisfaction that comes from having TRIED is yours to keep! (Personally, I have found this to be more motivating for trying those things again, as opposed to the hopelessness that results from not trying and then seeing things not improve.) And of course, since failure is only one of two possibilities that there can be, you do succeed 50% of the times that you try honestly!

    In case of IV's efforts including the upcoming Advocacy Day, that is exactly how I feel.

    09-08 12:53 AM
    Trust me my friend, I have seen it happen all the time, from large Telecom firm to Govt., its always there, most of the consultants just doesn't come to know about it, but the cut for the managers is there in some form, almost always. Why do each manager has a specific vendor through whom they want to hire most of the time? What else is the reason for the client to pay the consulting company $180/hr but they won't give 'valueablehurdle' anything more than $50-60/hr?

    On a different note, now that NSG approved the waiver, most desi uncles, some of them are also owners of desi consulting companies will claim that they are the father of Nuclear deal. These bastards (sorry for my french) always oppose any GC fix and they tell their favorite congressman/senator (each has atleast one favorite politician for whom they do fund raisers) that gc backlog is not an important issue for the community. India Abroad, Times of India, rediff and other desi portals/newspapers will write 'Oliver North' style stories about these desi uncles knowing well that companies like GE etc put their weight behind the deal as it will create commerce to commerce over $20 billion/yr. But desi uncles/orgs will not stop claiming to be the father of nuclear deal. The fact is, most of these desi uncles made noise not because they wanted to do something for their country of birth, they are doing it because they think that if the nuclear deal passes, they can play middle man for US companies to sell the technology/material to Indian companies/govt. Most of the so called 'united voice of Indian-Americans on the Hill' organization's goal is to make big bucks by playing 'middle man' for companies wanting to sell technology to India. And as always, just as 'valuablehurdle''s client (paying $180/hr) Indian govt. will pay double the cost. These desi companies have squeezed blood of people waiting for gc, but now they think its time to move on to play big game with the big boys. These desi uncles/orgs are going nuclear.... time for Rediff and India Abroad to play Oliver North. Sometimes the line between capitalism and cycle of corruption is extremely blur. The problem is, these desi uncles/orgs claim to be representatives of entire Indian-American community, sometimes the entire immigrant community. They don't know more than 100 people, but they claim to be the leaders of all 2.5 million indian americans. Sorry for my french, but these bastards are the owners of desi consulting firms who have done a lot of harm to many communities.

    I think IV should compete openly with USINPAC which realistically doesnt have any grassroots support. , guess they amended the last paragraph just this month... and still they dont support/raise the EB based greencard issues...

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