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Arroz Con Dulce

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  • guru76
    05-07 05:53 PM
    Finally greened!

    PD - June 15th 2006

    May 3rd - CPO email
    May 4th - Post decision activity - notice of approval sent
    May 5th - Approval notice courtesy copy received
    May 7th - Physical card received

    It has been a long journey. 9.5 yrs in this country. I have been a donating member for quite some time to IV and will continue to do so.

    Good luck to everybody else.

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  • for_gc
    09-02 06:08 PM
    looks like that, very strange ...

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  • gcformeornot
    04-12 12:33 PM
    When did u post? post/courier?
    thanks for sharing these info

    UPS. Sent on Saturday. Reached today at 1030AM.

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  • gc_dream2009
    01-13 02:28 PM
    1) I have read some of your earlier posts on this thread and what you have primarily done is merely re-iterated what the issue is. Without any contribution or suggestion as to how to actually resolve it. And since the situation has continued to stay the same for several years due to Congressional indifference, you seem to have decided to pick on IV for all the faults with EB3 backlogs and the lack of effort therein to resolve the same. For a minute, please understand that we all know the facts and realize what plagues EB3 backlogs.

    2)Yes I have been on every EB3 prediction thread and know the numbers are too bad to be resolved by anything other than CIR (dead) or standalone bills. I do not know why you are stuck on insisting that we all think EB2 becoming current is the only solace for EB3 (associated spillovers etc etc.). IF Eb2 I gets current - well and good - Eb3 will still need some legislative relief (here I go again with EB2 vs EB3 - something I hate to do). But then one of your original gripes seemed to be blaming IV for not considering EB3 provisions in this Diversity Visa Bill which, at this early stage, is completely befuddling!
    3) Your entire approach of going after EB2 applicants and blaming them for your dreamt up failure of IV is insane. Diluting the discussion with vitriol and then blaming everyone around you for not participating makes you a bigger "bigot" (sorry - just paraphrasing one of your used words) than what you blame others to be.
    4) You do not represent my opinions. So please stop advocating yourself as an EB3 representative (which you are doing whether you believe it or not). With the points you have raised and the negative vibes you have created between EB2 vs EB3, you have shown that you are concerned and frustrated only about your own personal GC situation and are trying to use the EB3 tag to shove it down my throat. Which I completely detest.
    5)I think IV should remove the EB classification that shows up with people's profiles. I do not wish to be "branded" even before joining in a discussion.Mr gc_dream2009
    You can decide that i am wrong and you have the right to do that and that is the beauty of a discussion.
    For my benefit can you point out the views and statements of mine which were divisive and dangerous.


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  • willIWill
    05-16 02:27 PM
    Finally Greened !! :)

    Thanks to IV & the forum friends for all the intangible support !

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  • amitjoey
    07-11 07:19 PM
    stop this stupidity please

    Please correct us if you feel it is wrong to send the letter typed below:
    All we are writing is:


    Dear Senator
    I am a highly-skilled professional who entered this country legally. I’ve been waiting for my US permanent resident visa -also known as "Green Card" for the past several years along with 500,000 other educated, highly skilled employment based (EB) immigrants. Many of us have been waiting for our turn to get Green Cards for 5-10 years while consistently abiding by all the laws of this country. Such long delays are due to tortuous and confusing paper work, backlogs due to various quotas and processing delays at US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), other allied state and federal agencies.

    Several categories of EB immigrant visa (Green Card) numbers were unavailable (“retrogressed”) since the fall of 2005. Because our immigrant petitions are tied to the sponsoring employer.

    For the past several decades, the US Department of State (DOS) has been publishing advisories known as visa bulletins once a month to announce the availability of immigrant visa numbers. On June 13, 2007, after a gap of nearly two years, DOS announced that all EB visa numbers would be “current” for the month of July. This meant, irrespective of our “priority date” (date assigned to us for our turn in the line for Green Cards), all of us were made eligible to apply for some interim immigration benefits. This “priority date” refers to the date when our labor certification (documentation verifying no US citizen worker was available for a given job) had been filed.

    Please note that 6/13 DOS announcement would not have led to immediate green card for most of us; but at least it would have ensured us interim benefits such as the right to travel and right to work for any employer- this was still a welcome change. Especially, for dependent spouses who are otherwise unable to work, this would have translated into right to travel and work without restriction and thus channel their energies positively. Several dependent spouses are also highly-skilled.

    Tens of thousands of applicants spent thousands of dollars in legal fees, immigration medical exams & vaccinations & getting various supporting documents ready to file our immigrant petitions to USCIS, at times inconveniencing our old parents in our home countries as well. It has been an agonizing two weeks for us. Some of us to had to fly in our spouses from our home countries or have had to cut short business trips. Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent by thousands of immigrants in preparation of their application. To our shock and dismay, on the morning of July 2nd 2007, USCIS announced that EB visa numbers were not available and all petitions filed in July would be rejected.

    For the legal skilled immigrants this has been a rather traumatizing and disheartening experience. These are people that are in the country legally, paid taxes and followed all the rules.

    We sincerely seek immediate congressional/ legislative remedial measures which would
    (1)Reduce the enormous backlogs of green card petitions of legal skilled immigrants
    (2)Ensure and request USCIS not to reject our immigrant visa petitions filed in July and provide us interim benefits of a pending immigrant visa petition. We make this sincere request with the hope that people who played by the rules will be rewarded.


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  • rkg000
    05-11 10:18 PM
    Approved today in the most RESPECTED way for both Primary and Derivative.
    --No Porting
    --EB2- with qualified credentials: BS Engg;MS USA;
    --No substitution

    Called USCIS CS and verified information; and CS opened SR

    Has been a long wait. Came in 1999 for MS, straight out of college from home country.

    Oh your status said mentioned it as "RESPECTED". May be you are a special case for USCIS. Good for you.

    I hope you realize that the only thing you gained is the disrespect of your peers. Enjoy it.

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  • cityfisher
    07-25 08:03 PM
    On my wife's labor certificate, it is said her position requires a minimum of master degree. But the alternate is bachelor degree plus 2 years' experience. The lawyer has filed I-140 under EB2.
    We are worried that this position does not qualify EB2 because we read on the internet that EB2 requires master degree or bachelor plus at least 5 years' progressive experience. We called the lawyer and said we heard from a friend such a case had been denied. She was very busy and just said there was no problem to apply for Eb2, and if we doubt it, we can hire our friend as a lawyer. We are so pissed off.
    Can someone help me clarify if this position is qualified for EB2? do we need to change it to Eb3?


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  • Kushal
    05-23 07:13 PM
    Will repeat the whole list.. if it reaches voice mail I will call back again on next week

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  • akhilmahajan
    08-06 08:19 PM
    How to open the SR akhilmahajan? Is it same as the Infopass appointment?

    Also, there is no LUD after FP in my case. Does that mean that TSC has not received FP results yet? The post by kartikiran on the same page shows that FP was done on 5/13 but the LUD was on 7/20 when TSC received FP. I suspect the same has happened in my case. Should I check with the FP office?

    please give your thoughts..

    just called the 800 number and talked to a rep, and she opened a SR for me.


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  • Lasantha
    04-14 04:48 PM
    To whoever left the comment in my profile "why all this love for US Passport?"

    It all depends on what country you are a citizen of. If you are a passport holder of a country like Canada,Autralia or most european countries, then you may not see much benefit in holding a US passport when travelling. But people from certain other countries, have to go through the hassle of obtaining visas prior to international travel, vacations etc. Sometimes we even have to get transit visas for countries that we pass through on our way to the final destinations. And these visas cost money. But if you hold a US passport/citizen of the US, then they do not make you jump through all those hoops. You board the plane and you get a visitors visa once you land in almost all countries (there are exceptions, India and Australia for example). But there it is. That is one of the priviledges of having a US passport.

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  • wing114yi
    05-03 08:52 PM

    1) Applied Date - Feb 08
    2) Audit Date - April 3th, 08
    3) Audit Reply Date - April 17th, 08
    4) Category - EB3
    5) Center - Atlanta

    Pending.....and my non-immigrate visa is expiring at the end of June...please help!


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  • hinvin66
    05-05 05:18 PM
    What's the procedure to create or raise a SR?

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  • tonyHK12
    09-30 08:45 AM
    Thank you. Welcome to IV.

    Thank you for your efforts.


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  • slowwin
    05-02 11:38 AM
    Hi Guys, hellomms and others,

    my point is also not nationality. My point is the filed of work and job requirements. since most audit cases end up with questionaire for 'Business necessity', is it somehow connected to DOL definition for each job type...minimum requirements in terms of educational requiremets for that job type etc.. ?

    For example: In the IT field , even though your employer advertises for MS and/or experience, but according DOL job type definitions most of the software/computer programmer/analyst job types require a minimum of BS only and or maybe some experience. so is that reason why they are asking you to justify interms of 'Buissness necessity' and hence audited... ? or something else...? I know for sure that some of the science related job types according to DOL need a minimum of MS, ex: parmaceutical jobs, environmental, biotechnology/bioengineering, material science, geoscience etc.


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  • wolfsappi
    06-14 12:50 PM
    My status online said LC completed as early as May 1. The lawyers still havent received the papers and so cant apply for my 140/485. Very very frustrated. :mad:


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  • vdlrao
    10-12 04:15 PM
    Chronography of facts

    EB was current from AUGUST 1999 until April 2000.

    This warning was issued in the March 2000 VB:

    �Demand for immigrant visa numbers by INS for AOS cases in all categories, continues to be steady but has not reached the level requiring action at this time. It is anticipated that INS demand for numbers will require the establishment of visa cut-off dates for April in some or all of the CHINA-mainland born and INDIA Employment categories�.

    In May 2000. EB2 was retrogressed to 01JUL97 for China and 01APR99 for India

    In December 2000 VB the big announcement came:
    Greater availability of EB immigrant visas: On October 17th, the President signed P.L. 106-313. Title I of this law is known as the "American Competitiveness in the Twenty-first Century Act of 2000" and contains amendments to the INA regarding EB immigrant visas.
    In fiscal years 1999 and 2000, due in part to the per-country limits, the annual limit for EB immigrant visas was not reached. P.L. 106-313 makes the following changes in an attempt to rectify the situation with regard to per-country limits:
    Section 106 recaptures those EB visa numbers that were available but not used in fiscal years 1999 and 2000, creating a "pool" of approximately 130,000 numbers. These numbers could be made available to applicants in the EB1, EB2 and EB3 preference categories beginning in fiscal year 2001.
    Section 104 removes the per-country limit in instances where the overall applicant demand for EB visas is less than the numbers available without regard to those limits. This determination will be made quarterly, based on a comparison of the overall demand versus the available numbers. If the total number of available EB visas is greater than the number of qualified applicants who may otherwise be issued such visas (during the same period), the per-country limitations on EB visas will be lifted for the remainder of that quarter.
    In May 2001 EB2 became current again for both India and China.

    July 2001 VB:
    All categories have become "Current" for July, and are expected to remain so for the remainder of FY-2001. The cut-off date movement in all oversubscribed categories has been extremely rapid during the past year. This is because the FY-2001 limit is approximately 50,000 higher than normal, and legislative changes removed the per-country limitation if there are otherwise unused EB numbers available.
    All categories are expected to remain "Current" for the foreseeable future.

    January 2005 VB

    June 2005 VB
    During the past month there has been a significant increase in the amount of numbers being used by CIS offices for AOS applicants. This level of demand has significantly depleted the supply of EB numbers available under the annual limit. Recent discussions with CIS have made it clear that their backlog reduction efforts will sustain or increase the current level of demand. Therefore, continued visa availability in the EB categories cannot be guaranteed during the final quarter of FY-2005. If demand continues at the current rate, it will be necessary to oversubscribe many or all of the EB categories on a Worldwide basis. Such oversubscription could result in the establishment of cut-off dates, retrogression of already established dates, or some categories becoming �unavailable�.
    July 2005 VB
    EB3 and Third Other Worker categories have reached their annual limits and no further FY-2005 allocations are possible for the period July through September.

    September 2005 VB
    The backlog reduction efforts of both CIS, and the DOL continue to result in very heavy demand for EB numbers. It is anticipated that the amount of such cases will be sufficient to use all available numbers in many categories. As a result cut-off dates in the EB3 category will apply to the China, India, and Philippines chargeabilities beginning in October, and it is possible that Mexico may be added to this list. In addition, it is anticipated that heavy demand will require the establishment of a EB3 cut-off date on a Worldwide basis by December.
    The amount of Employment demand for applicants from China and India is also likely to result in the oversubcription of the EB1 and B2 categories for those chargeability areas. The establishment of such cut-off dates is expected to occur no later than December.
    The level of demand in the Employment categories is expected to be far in excess of the annual limits, and once established, cut-off date movements are likely to be slow.

    October 2005 VB:
    Item D in the September VB announcing the September cut-off dates provided information regarding the prospects of visa availability during the early months of FY-2006. Many categories have become oversubscribed for October, and cut-off dates established due to continued heavy demand for numbers by CIS for adjustment of status cases. Forward movement of the cut-off dates in these categories is likely to be limited.

    And IV was born.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Very Good Post to know what has happened so far for EB category.

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  • pappu
    08-02 11:01 AM
    That became a donor forum. Poor people like me can not view that thread.



    Stop posting untrue post and misleading people.

    The thread mentioned by you is not a donor thread. All donor threads have (donor) written before them. At this time there are zero donor threads. If we have to post an update that cannot be made public we would create a donor thread. At this time there are no donor threads.

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  • amitjoey
    09-29 03:55 PM
    We are spinning in circles here and it is like reinventing the wheel. This is THE grassroots org �THAT you want to set-up. already set up to achieve exactly that � YES, YES �We want Congress to introduce a bill to reduce backlogs. The core goal of IV is to have a bill that has our provisions. That is exactly what this organization was set up to achieve. You seem to be a newcomer to this struggle. Have you followed IV from 2005 Dec when a buch of members got together on some other forums and watched helplessly as good provisions (that were meant to allievate our troubles) were taken out at the last minute from a bill during debate.
    Since then we have tried and tried and frankly have matured enough to understand that the politics of the immigration issue is complex and any standalone bill �just for us- has no chance.

    Our provisions have to be clubbed with all the rest of the minor and major groups � that want reform. There is the nurses lobby, the doctors, the illegal lobby, the dream activists, and many other fringe groups, they all want their issues to be addressed. The anti-immigrants are a big opposition to any small relief that comes up in debate. NOW- We have learnt that we need to work with all these groups, form alliances and lobby hard to get a bill that has more support.

    If you go meet with your lawmakers you will understand that our issue is a miniscule little piece of a bigger issue of Immigration. And different varying and sometimes opposing groups have to be accommodated. The politics of immigration is convulted with different factions of the society wanting different things � Our little issue is straightforward and we enjoy a lot more support for our provisions, unfortunately we were clearly told that we have to be clubbed with these other groups when it comes to seeking a bill for reform. We are being held hostage also by the Hispanic lobbyists, that feel that if smaller bills come up and are passed, there will be no apetite for their bigger issue of legalizing a big core of mostly Hispanic illegal immigrants.

    FOR A RECAP- after this administration came into office �Jan 09- We had hopes and were promised that CIR (Comprehensive Immigration Reform) will be taken up, if that fails then smaller bills will be allowed to be taken up. If you have watched the developments carefully �There was never a time and a lot of groups including IV lobbied and lobbied hard to be heard and to get a bill but- the legislative calendar with so much other priorities had no space for any immigration bill this year. After the healthcare bill, Nobody has had any energy for a big controversial bill.

    Long story-short is YES, we want a bill (either clubbed with others) or amendments inserted into a bill- But have not been able to get it done.

    The reason for this failure is us- IV Members. We have not met our lawmakers in the numbers that are important to make an impact. We have to do it every month- building pressure to get a positive sympathetic response. Now some members (including yours truly) have gone and met our respective lawmakers more than 6-8 times in the last year, but that is again not enough, that is just 20-25 odd members compared to total IV Strength of 40,000members. It has to be an ongoing effort, just like the dream activisits have done, they meet with lawmakers regularly, highlight their frustrations and are open to media �giving interviews and keeping their issue alive in the limelight.

    IV has come up with specific recommendations for what we would like to see in a bill/s for our community. IV actively analyses any bill that comes up or has a chance to come up for debate. If you want to get your hands on that document, contact Anu or Pappu and ask for the IV_Advocacy package.

    We do have a paid lobbying firm that represent our interests and educates lawmakers. This is not enough, because during debates lawmakers behave as if they do not have highly skilled immigrants in their constituency and so do not have to pay attention. This is mainly IV members fault, since we have not been able to visit lawmakers offices in the numbers that we should. Our members need to show up at lawmakers offices and educate them. Tell them you live in their constituency and represent IV so that when the lobbying firm does their work, they are paying attention and our voices are not ignored or drowned.

    Individual members need to be open, honest, and courageous enough to talk to their lawmakers and media about issues we face. Just crying and debating on IV's website does not help. Talk about introducing a bill for us to your lawmakers � not here on IV.

    We do not get any attention, because we do not raise our issues and we are not vocal about the problems we face. Now granted, we are a small minority compared to the huge lobby and muscle power the undocumented have. But we need to educate the lawmakers about us. We face real issues and our lives have been held in limbo. We have done everything right, played by the rules, stood in the line, pay taxes, contribute to the society. To get this message across, we need to visit lawmakers offices,and educate them.

    This advocacy and raising awareness is an ongoing effort, it cannot be a one day or one month thing. We will not get anywhere overnight, perceptions have to change, there is a whole lot of dynamics at play. The timing, legislative calender and politics in general. But we as a group need to stand up, talk about the issues we face and have our voices heard.

    12-13 04:20 PM
    Great, thanx nycgal. Sent emails to three people myself.
    Will post responses here!

    One of the people I invited, said that she would join today. :)

    Everyone please add ONE member, just ONE member, by December 31st!

    10-14 07:05 PM
    [U].... The delay in approving an I-485 petition is not subject to the the July 2007 Visa Bulletin alone, it cannot also escape '[B]protectionism-tainted' FBI name check delay.


    Most of the male applicants from India gets profiled by FBI. namecheck hit may be partly bull ....

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