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  • ilikekilo
    06-01 04:41 PM


    contributed $200 so far
    sent emails to desis, senators and webfaxes

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  • CrazyWorld
    08-05 06:56 AM
    This has been the regular way... CPO e-mail first and then an e-mail saying "... we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status."

    I got my Card Production ordered email yesterday at 9:00 PM and now at 7:20 AM I get mail saying I have been registered at permenent resident. So looks like the department that registers GC is slower than the guys who print the actual card. Has any one else seen this kind of reverse order of mails?

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  • aristotle
    02-01 08:10 PM
    Browing through the text it seems that SA180 has immigration provisions. Some amendments are agreed to, some are withdrawn and the rest are in "submitted" state. SA180 is in submitted state. Does it mean voted down?

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  • belmontboy
    01-12 06:07 PM
    Yes i have been a member since 2006 and yes i dont know much about advocacy and lobbying, but what i do know is that advocacy and lobbying is possible only if you have an organization behind you and in this case EB3 does not believe that the organization named IV is behind them.

    Not probabaly but 100 % confirmed that i have never been a donor. Now my questions is why do big companies in USA donate to any party. They do that because they believe that when that party come to power the goverment will be positive towards that specific business. Now what part of the example is not clear to you. EB3 do not donate to IV because they do not believe IV supports EB3 cause. Sure IV says that it is for all EB but the concerns of EB3 get trodden under the general good of EB Community (Read that as EB2)

    Of course i browse other so called chats and forum because IV is not the sole representative of EB community and in case of EB3 it was never a representative. How swollen is your head with pompous self importance to think that you make the only difference to immigration community.

    It is easy to dismiss what i say as Mob mentality because that another defence mechanism which you use unknowingly where you believe that you alone know what is best for EB community. That is kind of a delusion which you will come out of soon enough

    Yes people can chat and argue all they want on forums because that is what a forum is and yes 99% of people on public forums know nothing about advocacy, but they know about their issues and they do know that whatever advocacy is being done it is not helping them.

    Strange indeed !!

    Dude, two words for you - sue IV.
    If you are so sure that IV is taking your monies and screwing you, feel free to sue IV.
    In this country, anybody can sue anybody over anything!


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  • k_usa
    12-14 10:55 PM
    This is an excellent idea.
    I have sent invitation to 2 of my friends.

    I came to know about this site by looking at a post from one of the website where i visit daily (
    Members should post link in all the forums which they know

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  • PD_Dec2002
    05-15 01:39 PM
    I am looking for advice on the strategy for filing the third phase since the PDs for my wife and me have become current. My PD is Feb 2003 (EB2) and my wife's is June 2003 (EB3). My wife and I are on 8-th yr H-1B extensions with approved I-140s. Which strategy makes sense and are they even valid? The objective is to go with a risk-free strategy that gets us the GC in the quickest manner.

    1. I apply for I-485 (AOS) using my PD, with my wife as dependent. And my wife applies for I-485 (AOS) using her PD, with me as dependent.
    2. I apply for I-485 (AOS) using my PD, with my wife as dependent. And my wife applies for Consular Processing using her PD, with me as dependent. OR vice versa.
    3. Any other option?



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  • Saralayar
    04-14 04:09 PM
    One's life time is too short to determine whether changing citizenship to US citizenship is worth or not. And hence to define it as a "wisdom" or "short sightedness" is also almost impossible. Two school of thoughts can just pop up 1) What would be the gain vis a vis loss changing citizenship 2) why one should get rid of the citizenship where one was born. And both of them are more realted with philosophical and moral issues rather than short term material gain...
    I accept what you say. But consider this psychological issue: You lived in a country which is 100% different in every thing for most of the life time and then going back after you think to retire. All your kids are either born or grown up here and they no longer wish to come with you when you want to go to your parent country. Again you will be living alone in another country. Instead, we can get our Citizenship and live atleast near our kids. Further, if you are detached with the wordly things and wish to live alone, it is OK.
    One more thing, we have come here wantedly without thinking about the future and at all stages of our life we will be confused. I have seen some people with determined mind. They come at the age of 20 - 25, earn a lot, get married to working women, both of them work here , have kids (US citizens), and they go back to their parent country with good money when the kids become 7 years old and both husband and wife will be in the mid of thier carrier. But it is not the case for majority of the people. Many have come with grown up kids etc., and they can not just like that go back. Necessarily they are bound to be here and atleast for those people, to live without anxiety, I would like to have the citizenship process to happen faster if they live here legally for 10 years.

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  • PlainSpeak
    01-12 09:09 PM
    Glad you finally realized it.
    No one has doubted your effors till now

    Yes, and pappu actually works actively for IV provisions and guides us, instead of complaining and making senseless NOISE like you are.
    Yes and i am making a point that he is in a minority

    I thought you did not believe in name-calling. Looks like you change your opinions and stance as per your convenience and frustrations.
    Who started it.from now onwards you will get what you give

    This is an empty claim created by you alone due to your paranoia. Its all inside your head. Again.. empty vessels make lot of noise
    Now that statement that empty vessels make more noise is itself indicative of your ego and how bloated it is and how superior you feel w.r.t others

    Very mature, my friend. Hope you get the good sense to stop abusing folks here and actually doing some good for the overall EB cause. Stop spreading these conspiracy theories and fears..we all have enough on our hands already. You DO NOT represent EB3 here. You are just a frustrated and embarassed person trying to hide behind your username and venting out against some hypothetical problem you have created in your head.

    When will you get it into your head that no one (least of all me) is abusing folks here. I would assume that that a sane person would recognize the fact that a section of EB folks are falling through the cracks and i would certainly not expect you to even recognize this fact because you are EB2. So if a person tries to discuss about something related to EB he is frustrated and embarrassed but when IV talk to USCIS about EB backlog you are Advocating and Lobbying. Now that is the best example of Hippocratcy i ever saw. (How on the earth did you come up with that reasoning)

    Please get some help. And spare us another 1000 word essay. I think we have heard enough. Find another place to get some therapy.
    The person who has no more valid argument and keeps denigrating the other person who is trying to present the point of view needs some help. Just because you say so does not mean anything. You do not have any argument so you have to fall back on something ridiculous. I empathize with you and feel sorry for you.
    And how many times do i have to say this a 1000 words essay is respecting your point of view you bigoted idiot. That means how ever mean and bigoted your comments are how much ever i disagree with you I am replying to your arguments point to point. Now god knows you are are a stupid bigoted person but if i am making an effort to reply to you point by point the least you can do is be civil but i am asking too much


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  • chintu25
    02-04 09:44 PM
    Hi Guys,

    Need some advice regarding two stocks.

    1) USO -- ETF for crude Oil. It is at about $29.00 but alst year in July it was about 120. IS it a good investment bet. I know I might have to hold it till summer of 2010.

    2) HNSN -- Biomedical device maker. It is the next ISRG, as the reports indicate. They make the sensie robotic cartherer devices. No one else in the world does that. What do you guys think of this ? It is now at $4.50, at its peak it was about $37.00

    Thanks for all the input.


    USO is a typical criude ETF like AIG Crude - SCO etc .....HSNS is another medical Miracle company ....can pull rabbits outta hats (But hey this is a day traders analysis ....Not an investors)

    My investor side says there are other better(safer) longs for your money that this one.

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  • zico123
    06-13 08:42 PM
    How much of a chance does she have to have her form I 539 approved now? Any response would be very much appreciated.
    Thank You
    Contact a good immigration attorney immediately. Being out of status is a serious violation and her access to US can be restricted due to this. I doubt very much that her 539 will be approved.


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  • amitjoey
    01-18 05:27 PM
    current membership is 8477. Thats awesome. New members, please use the invite your friends feature to invite more of your friends in similar situation.

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  • visves
    01-19 07:41 AM
    Will try to get in more people in the next few days.


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  • texanmom
    05-19 02:43 PM
    But I did call all the offices and talk to someone at each office. I also provided them my info and said I belonged to IV.

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  • dpp
    04-09 08:45 PM
    If this kind of restriction is not done what will be best way to resolve H1b issue? If H1b increase is done and similar increase is not done on GC then also problem to all IV members(retrogession will continue). If there is cap then certainly it will be reached every year within April.
    If they restrict consulting then Most of the H1b persons will get permanent job. Because of less number of H1 most of them will get gc within 2 or 3 years. GC holders and US citizens will do consulting. System will adjust iteself within a few months

    Do you mean only full-time H1B are the only people what want to be there in US? It is not correct. H1B program is introduced to fill the labour shortage, it can be either Consulting on a temporary basis or Full-time. H1B is not just for Full-time positions. Do you know who is fulfulling major labour needs? It is consultants. If there are no consultants, there is no way to fulfill the projects on time. So, my friend, do not divide the H1B community into Consultants and Full-time employees. Both are needed. Also, do you know that 70% of H1B are with Consultants who are fulfilling lot of companies needs on a daily basis. So, we can achieve something if we are united, if not nobody is going to get benefitted and all of us have to suffer.

    We are not here to discuss on what is going to happen for future H1Bs applicants and divide legal immigrants into differnt groups, first we need to have some solution on what to do for the people already here and facing retrogression. So, we will stay united to show our problems.


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  • zbd
    05-15 04:24 PM
    I'm trying to make decision to pick consular or Adj. status.
    Please, can somebody tell me the flow on Adj. status here.
    1-File 485.
    2. Finger Print notice (you said around 30 days)
    3.?? (medical??)
    4.?? (FBI??)

    and total approximate time for same center for all family.

    I really apreciate if you can also write your experience to compare Consular and Adj. status.


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  • fromnaija
    05-06 12:43 PM

    What is your PD? There is a portion of the memorandum that needs your child's age at the later of the date when PD is current or when petition is approved if PD is current by petition approval date.

    I think you should submit an I-485 for your child as soon as possible or if the child is not in the US then file a I-824 immediately. This will serve as proof that your child "sought LPR status" within one year of your PD becoming current. Even if the 485 or 824 is rejected, you have established the fact that your child "sought LPR status" and leave room for administrative appeal in future.

    This is just my 2 cents and I am not a lawyer. However, whichever way you interprete the new memorandum your child's CSPA age is under 21.


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  • imh1b
    01-14 10:00 AM
    Anything can be done to push recapture bill?

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  • nfinity
    01-20 12:45 PM
    Hey anurakt,

    I just setup a monthly billpay for 50$. Dont want to pay by card and end up paying the credit card company for payment gateway and dont have a paypal account (never use it).

    Go IV!

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  • amitjoey
    06-16 12:51 PM
    I can't stop thinking of our efforts in DC. As I have already posted, it was a tremendous experience being a part of such campaign. I came upon this thread of adding more members to IV and from what I read, it was successful largely. IV has increased members from 10,000 to over 40,000 since this thread was started.

    I am bringing back this thread again, asking our members to get more involved in their state chapters and to encourage our current membership to be more active in the forums and action items. We, who participated in the DC event, can hold conference calls (if our members are separated widely across the state) or meet in local libraries (if many of our members are in the same city) and talk of our experience in DC and what needs to be done ahead.

    Fellow participants, please do come up with suggestions on how to keep the momentum going.........

    Agree. We need more members, more participation.

    12-25 08:04 PM
    I just learned about this initiative today and immediately joined. I think it is a great way to pursue our goals and this iniative for each member to invite atleast one or more others to join the community is a step in the right direction. Keep up the good work Neelu! It's my turn to bring awareness of this effort to some of my other friends who are in the same quagmire.

    09-20 07:55 PM
    Originally Posted by gsc999
    Yes, Logiclife is a bit touchy about the flower issue. But its all good
    Can you PM me the story behind that. Or else...

    No PM please

    This has to be discussed in the public forum.

    gsc999 - U will have to let us know - or else u wont be sapred ;)


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