Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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  • applefan289
    Mar 25, 12:13 PM
    It is indeed out, downloading now.

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  • calderone
    Oct 18, 10:02 PM
    I like that desk. Who is it by?


    Looks like these legs:

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  • Apple OC
    Mar 10, 11:32 PM
    You still have not explained your position. Why does a country NEED such a large military budget and how does it benefit the citizens of said country?

    As for why Countries like Canada and the US fare better with a large Military.

    Let's call it a personal preference ... I am not as convinced as others that may believe having a strong Military should be a low priority.

    To each their own ... have you ever thought that if the US slashed their military budget to 100 billion ... that money would just get squandered away.

    or do people think ... oh no, our Government all of a sudden would spend it wisely.

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  • bwilfong
    Aug 24, 01:11 PM
    Just to clarify, there are TWO battery recalls, one from a while ago, and one announced today.

    The one announced today is located here

    The previous one is located here

    Do not confuse the two!!!

    So why is the other, older recall now missing from the page! It just makes the Apple site look stupid.

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  • DJMastaWes
    Aug 3, 02:19 PM
    Man.. So many thing.

    Well, atleast if it's not at WWDC, those things are likely to appear soon.
    I'm Corssing my fingers, praying everynight that New designed MacBook Pro with Merom comes out.
    If that's all that comes out at WWDC, i'll be happy. I'll be happy if it's annouced and does not ship for a while too.

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  • bobbleheadbob
    Mar 28, 06:41 PM
    My wife said "no", too. But I said "yes" anyway! ;)

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  • Eraserhead
    Oct 15, 05:15 PM
    We heard something really similar to that when every other company released video-playing mp3 players before Apple did, and Jobs said he didn't see anybody wanting to have portable video. Well, Apple bit its tongue and released it, calling it "innovation".

    I'm a big iPod fan (i've purchased 3) but wireless capabilities is the way of the future. I don't see ourselves in 10 years still being limited by wired headphones and such. Maybe it'll be easier than the Zune (haven't seen the demo) but the idea of beaming a song for somebody else to download/hear is pretty cool to me.

    Nah, I think Job's is right that fact that you don't have wireless sharing gives you the "excuse" to get closer, which is always useful ;).

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  • 100Teraflops
    Apr 11, 07:41 PM
    ;) I agree that it's crazy to pay full price. Everyone has to know someone in college or who can at least get an educational discount. I mean of several hundred bucks, make a friend. Otherwise, yes, simply 5-10 minutes on the net can yield you the full CS Suite and all the major plug ins. I think the total available in that time is about $3,500.

    I used the educational discount, but it cannot be upgraded to my knowledge. I bought Production Premium a few weeks ago and I seriously doubt I will receive an email for a free upgrade. Why should I? I paid next to nothing for the suite "as is."

    Although, I hope updates will be available, especially since support will be obsolete next April. I assume updates are support and they go to the wayside after April of next year?

    I never contemplated downloading a hacked version.

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  • MXDT
    Nov 7, 04:51 AM
    I feel it is highly likely we will see a new tiny laptop from Apple at some point in 2007.

    Intel will be releasing Merom next spring, AND an ultra-low voltage version for tiny laptops.

    There used to be more detail there but it seems to have gone.

    Still baffled as to why Apple stopped the 12'' PB, but maybe they felt they wouldn't sell enough in 9 months to recover the costs of designing an intel core version, before needing a major redesign for the 2007 tiny laptop.

    Wait wait.... we're getting all hot and bothered about Core 2 Duo... and you're telling me a new chip will be out in a few months...
    I can't keep up!

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  • iliketyla
    Mar 28, 03:17 PM
    This is America, and that person DOES NOT NEED TO JUSTIFY HERSELF TO YOU! If that V10 Excursion ever gets in an accident with your "95+ MPG" car, it will illustrate one very good reason to drive an Excursion, and you will not survive. Even with a five star crash rating, these newer lighter cars are death traps when fitted against large SUVs, these crash ratings do not take into account the advantage created by additional weight. Also, if your considering CO2 as "pollution", are you aware of the fact that only 0.28% of all greenhouse gasses are from human activity ? Not 28%, but 0.28%, the rest is mainly water vapor. With all of the resources that the world is throwing at reducing CO2 emissions we could actually do something useful instead like end world hunger. What we are doing to reduce CO2 is kind of like pissing into the ocean to warm it up, maybe it makes you better but it will not work. Enjoy that "95MPG" golf cart you drive.

    Haha, I'll also enjoy my $35/month full coverage and $7/week gas allowance.

    I haven't done the research myself so I can't refute your points about greenhouse gases, but I can say that our dependence on foreign oil has caused a multitude of problems in this country and I don't think anyone would argue with that.

    Oh and by the way, if you eliminate the V10 Excursion from the equation, there's nothing for my 95MPG vehicle to get in a crash with now is there? We live in a nation of excess and it's shortsighted and narrow-minded people like you that are the reason for these problems being perpetuated throughout generations.

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  • MacRumors
    Nov 12, 01:49 PM (

    TechCrunch reported yesterday ( that Joe Hewitt, the developer behind the popular Facebook iPhone application, has resigned from the project over his dissatisfaction with the "gatekeeper" model of Apple's App Store review process. In response to a request for comment from TechCrunch, Hewitt explained his views:My decision to stop iPhone development has had everything to do with Apple�s policies. I respect their right to manage their platform however they want, however I am philosophically opposed to the existence of their review process. I am very concerned that they are setting a horrible precedent for other software platforms, and soon gatekeepers will start infesting the lives of every software developer.

    The web is still unrestricted and free, and so I am returning to my roots as a web developer. In the long term, I would like to be able to say that I helped to make the web the best mobile platform available, rather than being part of the transition to a world where every developer must go through a middleman to get their software in the hands of users.�Hewitt remains employed at Facebook, but declined to discuss his new role in the company.

    Apple has received significant criticism over apparently inconsistent review standards and impersonal communications that have left developers frustrated with the process. Hewitt's comments reveal, however, that his dissatisfaction extends beyond the simple mechanics of the process to the overall model used by Apple, clearly showing his preference for an open system unfettered by reviewers deciding what may and may not be included on the iPhone platform.

    Article Link: Facebook iPhone Application Developer Quits Over Apple's Review Process (

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  • ClarkeB
    Sep 12, 02:38 PM
    Why can't I use the alternate views when I'm just playing the music off of my iPod? I never ever use the library because my iPod is always plugged in (and usually I just drag stuff from Finder into my iPod, cutting out the middleman of the Library). What a disappointment!

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  • Manic Mouse
    Nov 7, 06:23 AM
    Would this be out of the question for the two MBs?

    1.83Ghz 2.0Ghz C2D
    512Mb 1Gb RAM
    60Gb 80Gb HDD
    GMA950 X1400

    At least the option for a dedicated GPU would be awesome, and since the MBP's would have faster CPUs and significantly faster GPUs I don't see how it would make that much of a difference... Light gaming is NOT "Pro" usage, no matter what Apple would try to tell us.

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  • mirus82
    Nov 7, 09:11 AM
    Starting now european Apple Stores (UK, Germany, France & Italy) gives all MBs shipping in 3 days. Update soon but not today :(

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  • Sydde
    Mar 11, 06:27 PM
    Would you like to hear what former president Eisenhower had to say on the issue?

    Actually, that is what those links go to :)

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  • Chupa Chupa
    May 5, 07:09 AM
    Honestly, if the iPad 3 has 3D anything then it will have jumped the shark. The only time Apple has done that in the Jobs II era is when it put polka dots and tie dye designs on the iMac. But that was also a time when Apple was far less in control of its destiny. I can't see Apple resorting to 3D gimmicks, at least at this stage of the iPad when there is so much to improve.

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  • ozone1
    Mar 25, 04:08 PM
    I just downloaded the update, it told me something failed and I need to restore my iPhone. I am on try 3 and it is still failing every time it tries to restore. It's giving me error code 1013. I would stay away from this update for at least a day or two until others give feedback. It doesn't seem to be that critical of an update anyways.

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  • r1dePrkCty
    May 4, 09:43 PM
    man i wish 3D would just disappear...

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  • NT1440
    Mar 30, 08:09 PM
    American foreign policy has indeed come up quite short in the foresight department. However, Khadahphee (or however it gets spelt) rose to power with no real assistance from other countries and has only been supported indirectly, through people buying oil. The only support Libya gets from the US is indirect, from irresponsible excess in oil consumption that keeps the prices up for everyone.

    You'd be right except for our military ties to Libya.

    Seems we've played a significant role in arming Libya in recent history, though not nearly as much as European nations.

    Aug 2, 09:34 PM
    bad news. I better tell my girlfriend. How many macbooks does this affect? All of them?
    None, it would seem.

    Mar 12, 07:14 PM
    And that is fine, but from a practical standpoint, as I said, you must figure out how to deal with localized economic distress caused by cuts in the military. You also have to deal with the fact that the military controls access to some really impressive weaponry. Take these two things together, the prospect of sudden poverty and ghost towns and the prospect of a bunch of rather testosterone-amped cowboys having their guns taken away, to me that looks like a recipe for major disaster and probably the reason the Pentagon's budget is so difficult to rein in.

    I certainly have no problem with the idea of wasting a whole lot less money on "defense". I just think the realities of such cuts need to be looked at from the big-picture perspective.

    So, in this situation, would the Military Complex be called an entitlement program, as much of it exists solely to keep people from starving or going homeless? Because that's what it sounds like to me when you talk about it like this.

    Sep 12, 07:14 PM
    I wanted a silver 8GB one. Now I'm torn :(

    EDIT: Made up my mind. 4GB silver and the extra �40 in my pocket. Besides, silver'll look better in my Bose SoundDock :)

    Anyone know if the black is... comepletely black? if not I will go Silver 4gig.

    Nov 9, 10:24 AM
    Why does Apple have to do something about it? Haven't they given Adobe all the info (specs, requirements and restrictions) that they need to make a flash player for the iPhone? If Adobe can't do it within those parameters, then it's on them.

    It's on Apple. It's about the $$$. They want to sell you video, and not have you watching it for free on some other site.

    (And it could also be part of the original plan with AT&T, whose network really couldn't handle all that video traffic at the start, and probably still can't.

    And QT will never be the video standard, because it allows you to save the content. Flash-video sites don't want you saving the video content.

    Mar 18, 06:12 PM
    Reception to the original iPod launch was mixed. Our own forum responses ( are interesting to look back on, 10 years later.

    Interesting indeed! Several forum members where asking for further development of Newton instead... a device that could possibly do everything digital... optical out... and so on. And here we go, only then year after we have these portable iDevices, so no need the iPod anymore. But I can operate the iPod without the need of looking at it, thanks to the scroll-weel, a truly revolutionary and easy to operate interface, yet to be really replaced (more like irreplaceable) by the touch one.

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