Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gambrel Barn Plans

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    09-03 04:28 PM
    Status changed to "Approval Notice Sent" today for my wife's Application. My GC was approved in August 2008. Did not receive any emails from the system.

    PD: OCT 2004
    RD: July 2 2007

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  • bkarnik
    12-14 10:37 AM
    I had a friend who tried to register but the website wouldn't because he has yet to file his LC, can someone confirm this? otherwise I will personally help my friend if he is making any mistake.

    He is forwarding to his Chinese friends to spread the word..


    What your friend can do is enter the tentative month he thinks his LC is going to be filed. He can always update his user profile once the LC is actually filed. I would however request all members who are introducing others to request them to enter a valid email that they access frequently. IV is not in the business of selling emails or sending junk mail. But valid and regularly accessed emails are a vital tool in getting members involved when a significant push is needed.

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  • vaishali
    05-01 05:59 PM
    Same with me, waiting for almost more than 5 months.

    Atlanta PERM applied Nov 27 2007.
    Audit Recieved Dec 2007,
    Audit Replied Jan 16, 2008.
    No Response till now.

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  • eb3retro
    04-08 03:43 PM
    Hope you had a nice vacation. :p

    Couldn't resist. Please follow the FOIA thread that is in red.
    10,000 was collected and 2500$ advance was sent out to USCIS. Now we wait to hear back from them.

    may be USCIS will now issue bulletins every month for the next 5 years to tell us when we can expect that report. :eek::eek:


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  • alien007
    03-24 02:00 PM
    As another member said, please display the list of all members who paid.
    Also, to all the registered members in IV, why dont we send an email as a gentle reminder?
    The email can also include the list of members who donated/pledged to attend the event. That might motivate others to contribute atleast financially?

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  • TheOmbudsman
    06-19 10:34 AM
    I think a lawsuit on this would be appropriate.
    Is IV considering that on our behalf ? I would be willing to donate money for this specific purpose, if this is started.

    I also hate loosing SS Taxes. I mean we dont have any

    security in this country. We get 60 days to pack up if we loose our jobs and then they collect SS taxes from us. This is insane and a gross abuse of people on H1B. I think we are equally to blame to continue taking the abuse as the abusers. I fully support the clause that Green Card/Naturalization is a priveldge and not a right, but robbing me out of my money is not. I do support filing a lawsuit against this fully. I am sure if we pull one years worth of our SS taxes, then we can pay for this suit. We might win or loose but least we will have peace of mind that we faught for the right cause.


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  • indian111
    05-04 03:13 PM
    E-filed EAD on 24th April.
    Supporting documents received on Apr 28th.
    Received EAD receipt on April 30.
    Last year I remember receing the receipt and biometric appt letter together.
    Has anyone who efiled for EAD renewal this year have received biometrics appointment?
    Please let me know.


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  • JazzByTheBay
    07-11 11:59 PM
    I had a somewhat similar epiphany little while ago and started a new thread... and got laughed at.... but the more you think about it the more this sequence of events comes across as a plausible and logical explanation of what may have happened.

    It would be interesting to watch if and how the agencies respond to Congresswoman Lofgren's letter and if any new and more interesting details about this whole mess reveal themselves.

    Where's an investigative reporter when you need one.... is Bob Woodward listening? :)

    BTW, loved the Post's coverage - perhaps the best amongst all I've read so far.


    So is it possible that the following was USCIS' plan all along in a bid to (1) force applicants to pay the higher fees and (2) reduce the number of applications they would receive. So let's try and see where USCIS or DOS acually broke the law. BTW, the following is pure speculation on my part.

    1. DOS makes all categories current in the visa bulletin dated June 12.
    2. This screws up USCIS's plans. So they have to force the DOS to issue a revision before July 1st.
    3. USCIS frantically starts requesting visa numbers. Even for 485s with pending FBI checks.
    4. Come July 2nd, USCIS still hasn't used up all the 60,000 or so numbers, but still informs DOS that all visa numbers have been exhausted.
    5. DOS publishes a revised visa bulletin dated July 02 where everthing becomes unavailable.
    6. USCIS acts on DOS revised visa bulletin and decides to reject all I-485s filed on July 02 and beyond.
    7. July 05 onwards, USCIS starts returning the numbers to DOS. This could be for applications that have pending FBI checks.
    8. DOS now decides to use some caution before issuing August bulletin. They will probably not make all categories current, but will probably shift them by a few months based on June bulletin.
    9. USCIS now gets all new applications with higher fees and a reduced number of applications.

    Please add to this sequence of events if you think I missed anything.

    IMHO, USCIS broke the law in #4. And DOS broke the law in #5 if it was aware that visa numbers were still being issued as of July 02.



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  • illusions
    04-01 11:03 AM
    Not necessarily. Remember JULY 2nd.
    July 2nd has to be cleared before July 7th!
    gc4me, i had made a mistake, i was looking at the "Application Mailed" date instead of the PD, and got all excited.... i have since edited my response.

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  • justAnotherFile
    08-05 10:20 PM
    Magic email today evening 7:45 PM PST for me and my spouse. Good luck to all waiting.. Hang in there its coming soon!


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  • sps1
    07-23 12:15 PM
    I am currently in 6th year of my H1 Visa. I had applied for labor certification (Atlanta center) in Dec 2006. In May 2007 I got the denial and my attorney requested for review/appeal. In case if they deny it again, then i need to re-apply. Since i am in 6th year of H1 and if I re-apply do I get the H1 extension? Please help.

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  • santb1975
    04-15 01:51 PM
    you should definately not get a ear/headache . That is not good. We should talk about this. Are you walking at a moderate pace?. Did you start out too fast?. you should always start out slow. you can start at the same pace you walk from your car to your office. That was what I did 7 years ago. See if you can walk for 30 mins at the same pace you normally walk from your car to your office or even try for just 20 mins. Do not worry about speed at this time. We will gradually build you up from walking 20 mins to walking 45 minutes at a Moderate pace. I can work with you personally on this if it is ok with you. I have helped a few people with their health and wellness goals over the past 5 years. That is my favorite hobby actually

    guys.. 30 minutes is a LOT.. I think I walked a little more than a mile. Feels good, but I think I'm getting a ear/head ache because of all that blood pounding in there.

    I'll "run mouse" for the rest of the day :)


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  • masterji
    08-03 02:42 PM
    Ha ha ha ha :D:D:D:D
    "masterji", your and my case are almost identical. I am also EB2I with PD in Nov 2005 filed at NSC. I also called USCIS and opened an SR yesterday. I also received "Card Production Ordered" for me and "Decision" for my wife today with the exact same text as yours. Are you my lost twin? :D:D:D

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  • imm_pro
    05-15 02:30 PM
    Called all of them..left few Voice messages of them encouraged me to call my local district rep. first, which i already did..i also gave my contact deatils to couple of them..hope it is ok...they said they will send me a letter..dont know for what ?


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  • looivy
    02-02 03:22 PM
    Pappu, thanks for the initiative. I will contribute.

    I also have another suggestion. Why don't we also do a targeted campaign at partnering with corporate HRs to push for EB relief. Many corporate HRs are aware of the EB2 and EB3 retro pains. These corps rely on EB2 and EB3 folks for innovation and technology. Corporations have a lot of power in pushing legislation. I am just suggesting to try other channels as well. Corporates being just one.

    Here is a list of some major corporations in the Midwest to start with. Others can add to the list from midwest and other geographies.

    Company Mail address
    All State 2775 Sanders Road, Northbrook, IL 60062
    State Farm State Farm Insurance, One State Farm Plaza, Bloomington, IL 61710
    Kraft Three Lakes Drive, Northfield, IL 60093
    Walgreens 200 Wilmot Road, Deerfield, IL 60015
    Abbott Labs 100 Abbott Park Road. Abbott Park, Illinois 60064-3500
    Caterpillar 100 North East Adams Street, Peoria, Illinois USA 61629
    Motorola 600 North U.S. Highway 45, Libertyville, Illinois 60048 USA
    Eli Lilly Lilly Corporate Center, Indianapolis, Indiana 46285

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  • pitha
    02-02 09:14 AM
    There is a laundry list of things which are all good. Unfortunately I dont see anything realted to the ability to file 485 when priority date is not current.

    I guess it does not matter since this never passed. I can only hope that this does not become a trend and 485 measure is forgotten

    I apologize for this mistake to everyone .....I changed the header to reflect my error.


    I may be completely wrong but this is what I see on

    Appended to the Minimum wage bill was SA187 which amends SA112 sponsored by John Kerry and consponsored by Sununu, Snowe, Landrieu and Lieberman.

    Senate Amendment SA 187 seems to have passed with unanimous consent. This is what it apparently contains among a lot of other stuff... Please correct me if I am wrong.




    (b) Employment-Based Immigrants.--Section 201(d) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1151(d)) is amended to read as follows:

    ``(d) Worldwide Level of Employment-Based Immigrants.--The worldwide level of employment-based immigrants under this subsection for a fiscal year is equal to the sum of--

    ``(1) 290,000;

    ``(2) the difference between the maximum number of visas authorized to be issued under this subsection during the previous fiscal year and the number of visas issued during the previous fiscal year; and

    ``(3) the difference between--

    ``(A) the maximum number of visas authorized to be issued under this subsection during fiscal years 2001 through 2005 and the number of visa numbers issued under this subsection during those years; and

    ``(B) the number of visas described in subparagraph (A) that were issued after fiscal year 2005.''.


    Section 202(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1152(a)) is amended--

    (1) in paragraph (2)--

    (A) by striking ``, (4), and (5)'' and inserting ``and (4)''; and

    (B) by striking ``7 percent (in the case of a single foreign state) or 2 percent'' and inserting ``10 percent (in the case of a single foreign state) or 5 percent''; and

    (2) by striking paragraph (5).


    (b) Preference Allocation for Employment-Based Immigrants.--Section 203(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1153(b)) is amended--

    (1) in paragraph (1), by striking ``28.6 percent'' and inserting ``20 percent'';

    (2) in paragraph (2)(A), by striking ``28.6 percent'' and inserting ``20 percent'';

    (3) in paragraph (3)(A)--

    (A) by striking ``28.6 percent'' and inserting ``35 percent''; and

    (B) by striking clause (iii);

    (4) by striking paragraph (4);

    (5) by redesignating paragraph (5) as paragraph (4);

    (6) in paragraph (4)(A), as redesignated, by striking ``7.1 percent'' and inserting ``5 percent'';

    (7) by inserting after paragraph (4), as redesignated, the following:



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  • akhilmahajan
    08-11 03:28 PM
    Any one on the same situation?.

    Veda, did you FAX your request or used the customer reps to expedite your EAD application.

    Was it expedited to TSC or NSC.

    girlfriend As before, the plans and Gambrel Barn Plans. Free Gambrel Roof Shed Plans
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  • gapala
    01-26 11:23 AM

    Also note that in general Economy goes through a cycle of Expansion->Boom->Correction (Does not always leads to recession)->May lead to recession.

    Any other market also follows this trend too. Depending on the type market that you are looking at, the length of growth cycles also vary. Investment market growth cycle is estimated to be 3 to 5 years. Where as Realty and infrastructure cycle is believed to take 15 to 18 years to reach the peak from the floor price. Remember the prices of the houses are not yet reached 2004 level. Based on this the home prices are expected to hit the floor by end of 2009 to Q1 2010. This will be another 10% to 15% correction based on prices as of now.

    But also understand that it is not going to go up as soon as it hit the floor.. it will remain in that level atleast for 2 to 3 years until the supply is exhosted and demand increases, This time, people even predict to hold straight for 5 years before it start to expand slowly as there are too many homes in the market. Given the job losses and credit freeze, and 20% down, affordability becomes an issue for an average american. It is expected to slowly peak by 12 lengthy years before it goes south for a correction again.

    If you are planning to hold on to your house for atleast next 5 to 7 years to break even (not to make profit), you can plan to buy it by Q4 2009 to Q1 2010. You can even wait until 2012 to buy house during its expansion period as it will possibly go up or hold straight but not go down as it does today.

    There are lots of statistics out there with realtors which are truely misleading and based only on few factors which impact housing market. As soon as you walk in, they will start bragging about the stuff which really does not add any value to your home. Do not fall prey to these kind of marketing. Do your research and consider all personal, economic, political and geographical factors to see if they are at saturation before you decide to buy vs. rent. I know folks who are stuck with 500K mortgage for a house now worth 370K. They have done what ever they could to lower the monthly EMI by refinancing etc. But it only reduces the interest they still owe that much.

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  • chintu25
    01-15 11:08 PM

    do u work from home or monitor this from office , how do u manage with work.
    give some more strategy insights.

    Hi Bitu,

    I run my filters in the night and then in the morning for pre .

    You can put in a conditional order and let it work...........but it is better if you moitor it .


    Tip If your spouse/uncle/aunty/teen kid are at home they can put in the plays for you ..

    TDM offer trade alerts that you can configure and it will send u a SMS

    08-04 10:06 AM
    67 days for me as well (difference is mine in Paper based).
    Still waiting, I will wait for 3 more days, else try to do SR request as suggested.( I need to figure out how to open a SR, though)

    Can we open a Service Request before 90 days?
    Has anyone done that.

    I am thinking of trying to call TSC again and see if i can somehow get a chance to talk to the IO, so they can shed some more light on our cases.

    What do you guys suggest?

    GO IV GO.

    01-18 04:04 PM
    I signed up yesterday!

    Good work! on the efforts to end this immigration nightmare.

    One quick suggestion: Use the video marketing on Youtube/Google to stress your message effectively. I feel the message is even more effective if some one speaks to you than typing a long reply on the thread.

    It's already done, please visit the home page.

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