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nikki reed and robert pattinson dating

images Nikki Reed and Robert nikki reed and robert pattinson dating. And is Rob dating Nikki?
  • And is Rob dating Nikki?

  • sankap
    07-06 12:58 PM
    As I understand, if we win the lawsuit, they will accept all 485 filed in July, no matter July 2 or 31. But they will process July 2 case first.
    In its note, the USCIS clearly says it would reject applications starting 7/2. So, how can it accept July applications--especially when many of them haven't been sent yet?

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  • jonty_11
    02-01 12:36 PM
    as per the law u can switch employers after 180 days from recipt of ur 485 application...unless the CBP wants to give u a hard time...he should not jerk u around on that....

    Take a print out of the AC21 yates memo (I think) with u.

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  • Robert Pattinson#39;s fans can#39;t

  • freedom_fighter
    07-02 09:51 AM
    I appreciate all the cowards, who gave me red, just because I'm talking about basic rights for all, including them and they are hell bent on finding the legal ways how not to raise your voice. They will wait decades and then kicked out, but wont raise there voice.

    Well thanks for the green as wel, for those , who really are willing to stand up for there rights.

    We are in this mess, because the majority of the stake holders are just scared to even stand up for themselves. But I ain't loosing hope.

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  • Robert Pattinson Stinks

  • rkay
    06-03 12:25 PM
    Then why do you want to stay here. Just move out.
    When did you start owning America ? Can I see the deed please ?


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  • newbie2020
    09-25 04:33 PM
    I would love to get involved with bunch of like minded people.....I have all the experience needed for starting and running a company. I have successully done thrice.....We have so many experienced folks who would love to start and run a company but lack the experience/knowledge of running one. it would be a good start to bring all such people to get together and pool our knowledge, skills, money and succeed.

    Let me know what do u guys think... We can discuss next course of action.

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  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen

  • hpandey
    05-02 11:17 AM
    Two of my friends relocated to India since the beginning of this year after spending 8-9 years and they had green cards too from 2004.

    These guys had good jobs with a good pay but options in India were just much better to ignore.

    Just food for thought for people who think that only in US can we make or break our life and careers. There are other places on Earth too where people live and be happy.


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  • a_to_z_gc
    03-17 02:24 PM

    Mine was similar experience like yours. I had one question:

    Similar to yours, they stamped the validity on my I-94 as well as the AP papers as one year from that date, which is somewhere in March 2009 whereas my AP expires in Spet 2008, so which takes precedence, the I-94 date in 2009 or the AP expiration date?


    No issues at all. I had to wait a little longer as I was referred to a special processing Q. They just looked at my passport and the two AP copies (nor I have shown them anything more myself) I received from USCIS. They stamped on both and returned me only one copy. I-94 issued for one year from the date of entry.

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  • GCplease
    10-24 09:35 AM
    I received my EAD last month. But no AP yet. However, i received an email from my lawyer today AP got rejected. The rejection letter is saying that I485 got approved that's why the I131 is rejected.....therefore, my lawyer is waiting for the I485 approval.....but my lawyer told me that I can expect my card soon.

    I don't know how to react. The online doesn't have any update about the I485 status yet. They received my application on July 2, 2007.

    Congratulations to Shimul99. Good for him.

    Did he have a aging out kid who filed for 485 along with him. I have heard thoses cases get prioritized.

    In any case, I am happy for him.


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  • Robert Pattinson amp; Nikki Reed

  • saileshdude
    02-23 04:19 PM
    Hi Shana

    If I understand your question correctly, then if you are using H1 then you need to be on payroll all the time. Does not matter whether or not using AC21. This applies even after 180 days of your AOS. If you use EAD then you can be without a job.

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  • McLuvin
    04-02 04:52 PM
    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I just think it�s a waste of time 'predicting'

    Anyways, don't you think we should behave a little better in public forums? (I'm referring to the language in your post)

    Well... I agree with you and please accept my apologies !!!


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  • dixie
    10-10 06:17 PM
    Remember, 245i cases were the NOT the same as the mexican illegal aliens that are being spoken of in relation to CIR .. lots of educated, legal H1-Bs lost their jobs (and their legal status) during the dot com burst of 2000 - 2002. Some of them stayed on even after going out of status, and then became eligible to file for GC under 245i.And needless to say, many more of those H1s came from India than mexico.
    Any clarifications why India EB3 is behind mexico?

    1. May be there are more Indians in 245(i) cases than mexicans.
    2. May be lots of Indians have applied 245(i) cases eventhough they are not illegal. I heard that this is possible and you can use this to any future employer.

    Any comments.

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  • GCSOON-Ihope
    10-10 04:22 PM
    Actually, the analysis of numbers and the "math" that you refer to was also done on the prediction threads. So it wasn't really all that useless.

    BTW, I am one of those others who are all over the prediction threads. I don't have a big problem with prediction threads. My PD is Dec 2004; so I do need some comic relief once in a while.

    You want some comic relief? About this one: a friend of mine (from England) applied at the same time as me. We both filed 485 in 08/2004 and our PD is 01/2002, meaning it is current since 09/01.
    We both did FP but he never did the physical (I did it in 05/2005).
    Guess what happened today? His wife (the dependent) just got her GC in the mail!!!! About his? No news!!! Anyway, I told him it was a complete aberration: how could a dependent get GC before the main applicant was approved?
    And how can you get approved when you haven't taken the physical (neither of them has done it yet)!!!
    What do you guys think of this?


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  • between Rob and Nikki?

  • gg_ny
    04-03 02:32 PM
    Hi Ragz4u,

    This is THE time to stop answering negative mails,and convincing chronic doubters. It definitely distracts. Maybe until the bills gets to voting on the Senate floor, we should all unilaterally stop spilling out our doubts and apprehensions on to the forum. Any serious chronic and obsessive doubters should write a PM to Ragz4u or any other internal contacts.

    Now, coming to more useful part: Many of the universities and research institutions employ chinese and Indian postdocs and researchers on H1. Many of them sponsor GCs via EB2 and rarely EB1. Although many members here in the forum are under EB3 (isn't it?), the retrogression affects both EB2 AND EB3. The catch is, these institutions come under (many of them if not most) a category called non-profit, no cap etc. Looks like they cannot, as institutions, lobby against retrogression. I personally tried to do this in my institution but I was turned away; also my institution is very small unlike for example: University of California schools, or University of Texas schools. In all these institutions, the affected researchers work for individual Nobel laureates, accomplished professors (both chinese and Indian origin AND native born Americans) who can support the efforts. That requires a nodal point for information exchange. One side, IV can do this and on the other end, there are somethings called: postdoctoral fellow associations in many universities.
    They are cataloged at:
    It will make more sense for an organization like IV trying to convince NPA to raise this issue than individuals like me. I have been in science for 14 years and I say from my experience.

    There are two renowned science journals that talk about career issues.

    The journal Science has a portal called NextWave that deals with career issues of scientists. They frequently write about many visa issues but they need to be dealing with a resource to write about retrogression etc.

    Another equally good portal belongs to Nature journal:

    Eveybody talks about retaining best talents back in US but there is no support heard from academic communites on this. So instead of answering
    chronic doubters, IV should try to reach out to these organizations.

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  • chanduv23
    04-13 02:45 PM
    IT and BPO outsourcing is also leading to Americanization of Indian youth and Indian youth are spending their high salaries on American products. In no time you will see American fast food chains, groceries, and many American MNCs cashing on a Americanized Indian crowd and neutralize ( and will eventually exceed the investments they make).

    This is the beginning of Americanization. Most of you will not understand what I say because you are here in US for a long time and being first generation immigrants (on a limbo) keep up with your tradition. Americanization is like a slow bleed. IT and BPO is investment. Returns will come in form of MNCs and businesses and finally benefit American economy.

    Just go back to India and look into the ITand BPO companies and lifestyles of people there. it will be 5 times higher than what we follow here as the Americanization is already induced.

    Bottomline, do not underestimate America. They know what they do.


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  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen

  • suresh.emails
    12-11 08:45 PM
    If you step in i will be with you. 100%

    I'm ready to step in. I live in D.C Area. I knew that, I alone cannot do any thing.

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  • Robert Pattinson And Whole

  • vdlrao
    02-15 02:56 PM
    The real problem has been the l1 visa..and ignorant americans do not know the difference and they think everything is h1b but it is the L1 which has caused wages to drop....

    Infact theres no limit on L1 quota like H1B.


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  • krishna.ahd
    02-19 10:04 AM

    While waiting for GC ( which may take several more yrs !!!) I want to go for Life Insurance, Since I am at age of about 40 its need to be done, though I have enough of that in India, not in US. In that regards I just started evaluating different options. Plesase share your comments and experiences during search of Life Insurance.

    (1) which is better to go for term life or whole life
    Term Life is better , agents will push for whole life as the commission are more
    You have to come to the term , till when you need life coverage, like your son graduating after 7 years or after 12 years you may not have financial liability towards kids etc

    (2) I started contacting agents (mainly desi) and they recommend Whole life ( if you can afford premium). They tell that it is ultimately result in Saving, Dividend etc. So my question is Does paying EXTRA PREMIUM ( i think it will be substantially high for whole life) RESULT in EQUIVALENT OF SAVINGS OR DIVIDENS? or just agents recommends that because they get more commissions with that?
    Yes they get more commission on whole life , basically you dont need , if at all you think then you can go for term life which offers extension after the initial period with same premium

    (3) I see lot of DESI agents in New york Life, So is it due to their speciallity in Indian Community market? Does they offer competative products?
    No clue

    (4) How to search of best rate for Whole or Term Life, Does Select qoute and Other such agencies are good to their promise of getting low cost? Does companys that we get through Select qoute give Insurance to NON-PERMANENT RESIDENTS like US
    Check these websites

    (5) Which reliable comanies offer Life insurance to non-greencard holders (menas H-1B holders)
    Some of the companies doesnt offer for Non GC ( not permanent resident) or offer with higher premium

    (6) please list websites that you thnik are good as per your experience while searching and evaluating different Life Insurance Options?
    Also have some information web site listed in 4

    thanks for your insput which will help several members like me.

    P.S subscribed monthly contibutions to IV and participating in its other faxing and email campaigns.

    Good Luck

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  • miththoo
    11-07 04:26 PM
    I have a trading account with IB, which I opened about 3 years ago. But now they need all trading account holders to provide their PAN information. They can not sell or purchase without that. My account is also in a suspended state becaus eof that(Good that I could not sell them,,, they are all about 3 times now :) )

    I've applied for PAN and asked IB to provide info on what I need to do to convert my regular account to an NRI account.

    Thanks but were you able to trade in Indian shares using that account after you came to USA ? I heard it's illegal to trade using the normal demat account in you are NRI from USA.

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  • wellwishergc
    01-18 08:10 AM
    I was trying to donate some additional money. Got an error. Please check the error. I have also urged my colleagues to contribute.

    09-15 09:49 AM

    Life is what you make it. No one force anyone to come to this country on VISA and work and be In GC line. Things happen in life. The way you are talking is as if whole world will collapse if you don’t get green card. No one would die because of that. Grow up and move on in life. This is just a minor obstacle in life. Smart intelligent people can make money and have a good life any where in the world. Probably you would face lot more challenge in life than this green card issue, which I am sure you will give your best to overcome. Don’t make this GC a big deal in your life. :)

    I mean the way we talk on these forums are as if all our careers along with our family life will be finished before we reach 30-32 if we don’t get green card. Come on man, so many people faced so many disasters from WW1-2 to flood to hurricanes where they lost everything and still moved on to do great things in life and here we are depressed because of this GC?

    Its very interesting to read about people’s different perspective about same thing we are all after.. lets ask ourselves.. honestly why we do want GC and I am sure we all would have multiple reasons for this in our subconscious but would not like to bring it to forefront because it would only undermine our own ability to fight it or make life more stressful.. but end of the day we all want this card.. for me I want it mainly for security and peace of mind…lets look at the different situations.. these might be extreme but we all might have thought about these situations atleast at some point in the recent past… .. and especially the people in the seventh year

    1. You are in your seventh year… and you loose you job….what is the first thought that comes to your mind.. I got to pack and leave .. pack your home of seven years and all your possessions you collected, in two suitcases of 50lbs each and leave…forget the Flat Screen TV,, forget all the electronics and the two cars you love ... just list them in craigslist …

    2. You have home which you bought with so much pride…what do you do? ..List it.. make a desperate sale in this falling market.. loose a ton of money and leave…and don't even talk about all the silk plants..floor lamps.. the furnishing,, they are for the yard sale on the Saturday..

    3. You have child whom you love and have plans for them.. love the school.. are an active member in the PTA … all of sudden what you do.. pull them out of school, move them from the only culture and the country they have known the only President they know is Bush and the only national anthem they have learnt is "The Star-Spangled Banner"…to another place where they don’t even understand the language forget the culture, national anthem etc..

    4. Think about your spouse.. they have adopted themselves to this lifestyle.. probably felt lonely when you moved here 7 years but now like it.. its time for them to move back…why because your don’t have a GC

    5. Forget the Golf and Tennis you enjoy so much here …it was all a very good dream..

    1. You are educated.. have a masters, have a professional degree.. but have been in the same position and department because of your long wait for GC, what happens… the fresh college graduate or the dumb blond who joined two years back and whom you taught how to log into the network is now your peer and you are still on the same desk doing the same job getting the 2% raise and working even more that you can keep you job..with a new dumb boss.. who thinks you are so dumb that you have been in the same job for so long time..
    2. All your batchmates are doing great..some of them are now sweating to be VP’s having risen by changing jobs …. You are still years away from that situation.. what do you do.. stop attending alumni meets and envy the mails in your yahoo groups from people..
    3. Seven years in US.. you have made your professional contacts.. and have a social network.. in which you invested your time and effort.. loose your job in the seventh year.. and all these contacts are nothing but an occasional international long distance call in future..

    Last but not the least… flight back home to your country is not going to be as smooth as the flight to US was seven years back.. back home look for a job..learn the whole new professional culture …and then set up a new home,,new school for kids….why because we could not get a GC.. which was not in our control.. and because some stupid insane guy sitting in cave 10K miles away decided to terrorize the people in America in 2001.. and make life difficult for all the people..including people in H1...

    We might all go back to our home country one day.. but the ride back home would be much more pleasant and happier of a choice we made and not because we did not get a GC…

    Good Luck and lets keep up the effort... :)

    08-11 01:01 PM
    PD = Date on which your labor application received.

    My 140 says it is the date on which my labor application received. i believe it is the case with all.

    Please contact USCIS to get that corrected.

    Can some one clarify if the PD is based on the day labor application was received or the day it was approved?

    My I140 states it as the day it was approved.

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