Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • Macaca
    04-12 07:15 PM
    From Kluge Pledges $400 Million To Columbia for Student Aid (, Thursday, April 12, 2007

    John W. Kluge, who launched his media empire with an investment in a Washington-area radio station, has pledged $400 million from his estate to Columbia University.

    The promised gift, one of the largest ever from an individual to a university, will be used exclusively for student financial aid.

    Kluge, 92, an immigrant from Germany who graduated from Columbia 70 years ago, served in the military and went into business in the 1940s. He was president and chairman of Metromedia Inc., overseeing a collection of television stations and various businesses including the Harlem Globetrotters. He lived large: In the 1980s, Washington Post articles described his property near Charlottesville, with a golf course designed by Arnold Palmer, a disco and pheasant hunting.

    And he donated, giving money to places such as the University of Virginia and the Library of Congress. He had given more than $110 million to Columbia. He turned over his 7,000-acre Charlottesville estate to the University of Virginia.

    His gift is the largest for student aid at an institution, said John Lippincott, president of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education.

    As college tuition continues to outpace the rising cost of living, some schools have put increasing emphasis on finding ways to make education more affordable. Last year, Columbia announced that students from families earning less than $50,000 a year would get grants, not loans, to cover costs; several other schools have begun similar programs.

    At a ceremony yesterday in New York to announce the gift, Kluge said that he wanted to ensure that Columbia remained a place for the best and the brightest -- and that, because its endowment was not nearly as large as many peer institutions, the university would require that support.

    Philanthropy to higher education has been doubling every decade, Lippincott said. "We're now at about $28 billion a year."

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  • nixstor
    07-04 03:25 PM
    To reflect the discussion.

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  • s_r_e_e
    08-22 03:36 PM
    Well, I don't think I am at the end of line of 300,000 people. There must be lots and lots of people whose priority date is after April 2004 might have filed. This includes 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

    So I think 3 years is intelligent guess. But who knows I am just trying to make myself happy and trying to stay positive.

    Also remeber there is a big number of LC BACKLOG cases, all with PD prior to 2005, that will be cleared by end of next month and would get to apply AOS some time soon.

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  • niklshah
    08-24 08:28 PM
    can some one pls list the documents which we need to sent for renewal of AP and do we need to sent photographs too with the application?


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  • raju123
    04-09 02:04 PM
    How many people are ready to appear to media with statement
    "Yes, we are tired with endless wait of employment based green card and going back to back home"

    I'd say, we've waited enough(6-12 years). I know we are all chasing the american dream (perhaps it is just a dream), we should just make peace and move back. Thank you congress, america for giving ppl (from so called 3rd world nations) like us the chance to come and serve this great nation.

    mind you.. dont forget to take back your $$$

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  • venetian
    01-04 07:56 PM

    Thanks for the sequence, it is helpful.

    Hello Everybody,

    I know many of us are frustrated because of EAD delay. I am one of them and today I called up USCIS.

    Here is the sequence.
    1) 1 800 375 5283
    2) 1,2,2,6,1 receipt notice# 1,3,4
    3) you will have to wait for 10 to 15 minutes and one of the officer will come online for you.......


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  • gcseeker2002
    12-10 04:54 PM
    Is the use of EAD possible from 180 days after Receipt date or notice date ? I just crossed the 160 day mark, but I still dont have EAD. Can I use the requirement to use EAD(like a pending job offer) as a reason for Emergency to expedite my EAD, the uscis folks want some real reason to expedite the EAD application.
    Folks, please suggest to my question.

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  • shimul99
    10-23 09:27 PM
    Hello ,
    We got the EB3 part but still dont know about your PD...when was your Labor Applied?

    feb 06


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  • rockstart
    08-05 03:06 PM
    How does a lawyer know if u r stuck in namecheck? Unless you go to infopass you may not know.

    In reality, the app was just taken up for processing - the IO figured that FP has not yet been done and sent notice and during the course of processing the app, decided to send it for interview.

    Perhaps u r right. Lawyer might have just made up that story to get him off his back. The guy was pretty annoyed at not getting FP notice. He went for infopass twice and all they did was sent a FP request to CIS (told him they were doing that) but nothing happened.

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  • byeusa
    07-11 09:25 AM
    thank you, USINPAC. Scamsters.!


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  • kss
    01-17 09:03 AM
    Did my part. Made a donation of $121.00 and encourage others in the similar situation to do the same to help us get out of this misery.
    Keep up the good work.

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  • senthil
    02-23 01:45 AM
    ARR - great inspiration


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  • Bpositive
    09-05 01:52 PM
    you should possibly also carry a copy of the AP application. At least my application clearly stated that travel was for business/personal reasons...

    I am sorry you had a bad experience...possibly because of the officer's ignorance...worth a complaint...maybe you can draft something with your lawyer....don't just ignore such bad behavior...

    I have travelled on AP and didn't have any problems..although the officer stamped a wrong date (one day earlier) on my about incompetence

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  • Cheran
    04-08 02:39 PM
    Going back might be a good call. But the truth is, no matter how much money you got, how secured you are, the bottom-line is that the call has to come from the individual.

    I will share my concern. I was 23 when I moved here and I already spent 10 years of prime life here in this country. After finishing my college, I worked in India for a year and half, and as any young adult I grew up thinking one day, I will change the way life operates in India. There is a system which operates India. It is powerful, normal human like you and I cannot overcome the system. People like Gandhi could, they are willing to sacrifice them self for the best of others. Or you could if you are like our current politicians who know how to work the system. People like lallu, Jaya, Karunanidhi, Naidu etc, they grew up as a part of the system. For them even when killing someone, they might not feel the remorse. But you and I cannot even bribe without feeling bad, which is good. But the question is how long can you sustain that? I am not 23 anymore; Now, I know what responsibility is all about. I have 2 kids; I don’t know whether I am hard enough to fight the system at this current stage of my life.

    There is a famous quote, which states that there is a breaking point for every human, once we are pushed beyond that point, your action does not originate from your brain. In other words you will become part of the system.

    For me this is the main concern. When I talk to people here who wants to go back, they say that they will buy a house in some close community and they will live a happy life inside. For me that’s a fools dream. You cannot shut off from others, may be for a month or two, soon you have to face the real world.

    So the answer for your question lie in this question. How are you going to handle the system in India? I do not believe that things will change. May be in 25 years; Not anytime soon. So until then you have to live a life where in you have to adjust to the system.

    I do not have an answer to the question. How will I manage the day to day life? If you know the answer let me know

    - ;)


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  • tooclose
    08-12 05:32 PM
    How long does the IO usually take to review 485 cases (assuming that the case has been pre-adjtd.) ? Gurus...pls post your thoughts

    Gurus... do you know how long this takes usually ?

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  • shimul99
    10-23 09:11 PM
    I received my EAD last month. But no AP yet. However, i received an email from my lawyer today AP got rejected. The rejection letter is saying that I485 got approved that's why the I131 is rejected.....therefore, my lawyer is waiting for the I485 approval.....but my lawyer told me that I can expect my card soon.

    I don't know how to react. The online doesn't have any update about the I485 status yet. They received my application on July 2, 2007.


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  • chanduv23
    10-11 04:23 PM

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  • fittan
    07-14 12:23 PM
    NewYork Life

    Few things to add:

    1) You need to determine sufficient coverage. If you have a mortgage and children, $500K is the minimum. A 30 year term non-smoker age 35+ should be about $350/year. You usually get a discount if you buy a policy for your wife too. If you try to purchase a whole life for $500K coverage, the premium will be ridiculous...probably $1500 to $2K/year.

    2) I always remind myself of the KISS rule (Keep it simple stupid). If you want protection buy term insurance, if you want to save/invest buy stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc. Don't try to mix them.

    3) To protect your familiy, think of the 3 areas: Death, disability and illness. Dying is the easy die, your family gets a lump sum. The worst is that you DON'T die, but have a terminal illness (e.g. cancer), have no job and then incur substantial medical bills. Remember to cover all areas.


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  • willwin
    06-12 11:48 AM
    This is my thought process (also referred by Ron G):

    July 2007 brought in approximately 500K 485 cases.

    We do not know how many cases were pending as of June 2007.

    Fiscal year 2007-2008 USCIS used over 140K EB VISA numbers (I think it was around 155K).
    Fiscal year 2008-2009 USCIS will use atleast 140K EB VISA numbers

    so, 500K - 300K = 200K.

    Assuming USICS approval rate is 85%; 75K of 500K are denied.

    200K - 75K = 125K EB cases pending from the July 2007 cases.

    Additions: from all current categories - may be 25 K in 2 years?

    So, 150 K plus whatever that was pending as of June 2007.

    So next fiscal year, 2009 if USCIS uses the quota 140 K, most or all of the 2007 filings will be cleared. If not EB3 I, definitely EB2 I and C, EB3 ROW will be cleared.

    Depending on new filings, EB3 I might retrogress but retrogression might come within 3-4 years instead of current 8 years.

    I strongly believe, beginning Jan 2010, dates for EB2 (I and C) will move forward heaps and bounds followed by EB3 ROW.

    04-14 08:43 PM
    In the state of Mass delivery is covered by the State provided you show you don't have insurance. Millions of single moms are delivering and many are teenagers and many are w/o any insurance. Delivery is considered an emergency and you will be covered. Keep your spirits up and bear the always gets darkest before you see light again.

    All the best

    Sorry to hear about you .
    CORBA is the way to go . Find another Desi employer who can give you a similar job on EAd and take leave after a week . Get Insurance from your husband employer asap . Not only desi , every employer is taking advantage of the situation ....

    12-30 09:58 PM
    Thanks SGP. Did I read this correctly ? you switched in 9th yr of h1 ? was ur I-485 pending or did u have EAD to change ? I just have I-140 approved. so if I change to a new job now, can the new employer use this old I-140 for extensions ? can new employer ask USCIS to port old priority date ?

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