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  • sac-r-ten
    06-03 09:12 AM
    For all those who commented in negative.
    1. Its posted in Interesting topics section. GC, E2/E3 predictions,H1B extension etc is not the only thing left in life.
    2. Spelling is a logical/creative thing. Its not cramming words from dictionary. Its an art too. Ever heard of phonetics.

    have a nice day.

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  • immi_twinges
    07-20 03:45 PM
    Don't worry about this bill being rejected. I am pretty sure one way or the other they need to increase the EB visa number soon, else definetely USCIS will be in big trouble with thousands of applications sitting there for them, now having said that USCIS will find a way to get some bill which will have EB visa count increased passed in congress, so untill then cheer up and complete your filing.:) :) :)

    Do you mean just wait and hope for better....just wondering...

    I dont understand Hillary
    She recently announced in her campaign that she will increase the H1B visas
    She also made a statement that she will try for more benefits for permanent residents.

    She does not want to support only the people who are in the process of immigration???

    Whats up with that.

    May be she is afraid of Lou Dobbs...Recently he has been criticizing her for her Indian ties

    or may be she is pro Rich Indian Americans ... this might sound ridiculous but her voting ney is crazy

    They always comment about us stealing the middle class jobs...tell me one case where they don't prefer US citizen over immigrant.
    I have been interviewing for couple of companies ...the first question they ask is ...Are you US citizen 2nd question r u Permanent resident
    Then we are sorry.

    Companies do not prefer US citizens over Immigrants...I don't know where this misconception comes in to play...
    There was a guy in our office who used to complain about Chineese and Indians stealing jobs...Believe he is a big slacker ..he recently got fired...people like him form these programmers guilds.

    We do not work for less and we are not paid less...may be they deduct our Gc expenses but not much

    Why is there a misconception about us?

    Lets get this thought out of these bone heads

    We are not middle class job stealers...We are the building blocks of a strong middle class

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  • h1techSlave
    01-23 01:02 PM
    With your 485 application packet, you need to attach proof of your 140 application.

    You can switch to EAD after you get EAD (which may or may not happen within 6 months of applying for 485 and EAD). 6 months after you apply for 485, you can switch employer with out negative consequences to your 485.

    Disclaimer: Any thing and every thing related to USCIS is like gambling.

    I hope they do that ..
    Can i apply for 485..with 140 pending? and then switch to EAD after 6 months?

    I will be completing my 9 yrs for H1 in Jan 2010...;)

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  • eb3_nepa
    06-28 02:12 PM
    This is wrong. EAD can be issued when both of the following conditions MUST meet:

    I140 has been approved
    I485 application is 180 days old


    You become eligible to file for the EAD/AP THE day you become eligible for AND actually file for I-485.

    HOWEVER your 180 day calendar Begins ONLY WHEN Your I-140 has been approved AND your I-485 application has been pending for 180 days. That after 180 such days can you change ur job and ur application for Permanent Residency is NO longer dependant on the employer through whom you filed your GC.

    Guys PLEASE do not give advice authoritatively unless you know what you are talking about.


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  • Raju
    02-24 11:37 AM
    Dear friends,

    We are in immediate need of funds for that very purpose. We are seriously low on gas right now, for the journey ahead that we are only just starting on. We have only raised $30,000 in the last 50 days; even more alarming, fund raising has gone down drastically in the last 2 weeks. At our current burn rate, we will be out of money in a month or so, just when we expect the bills to come up for discussion on the Senate floors. As you can expect and appreciate, there is a cost for achieving anything politically. IV has already demonstrated a great deal of leadership and persistence to work on retrogression relief and labor backlog elimination. Many IV members will start making trips to DC in the coming weeks to meet lawmakers at the hill. We need your help NOW!

    Members that have not yet contribute money, please do so TODAY! And members that have already contributed please consider another contribution. We need all hands on deck. Also pass on the message of the immediate need of funds to your friends.

    If you have questions, as always, please send a note to

    This is my third post regarding this topic. I have made my contibution and urged all my friends to do the same. [B]Can we sell some add space[B]. If we can have more broad immigartion related topics like proceesing times, more people visit and we can probably sell some add space

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  • elaiyam
    05-25 01:59 PM
    Just I have created a google online campaign. (I am planning to run it for the next 5 days as my contribution)

    EB Based Greencard Seekers
    Advocacy Days in D.C. on June 7th &
    8th. Just show up and support. - Home (

    (linked to

    I need more crative title / text. Please reply here or PM me with your ideas.


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  • coopheal
    12-17 10:52 AM
    Fact is you can always make smaller contribution using pay pal or make $100 one time contribution in every few months.

    You have no intension to make contribution, so just try to find excuses for not contributing.

    Might be thinking �it not my fault�. only if IV lowers contribution amount�. You can keep thinking this and make yourself happy.

    I shall say please don't repeat the same thing over and over again. ... if it doesn't work it doesn't.... yes... i will leave this forum soon, if things remain naggingly same.

    And please remember it's bottom up that works here not top-down.

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  • javadeveloper
    12-31 04:34 PM
    I feel comfortable with these words "Nature Bless everyone" ,Not with the words like "God Bless everyone".

    May be As a Hindu I'll start visualizing Shiva/Vishnu/brahma/Rama/Krishna etc.. when someone says "GOD" .For Christians they may start visualizing Jesus and Allah for Muslims.

    Here are the Google's Image search results for




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  • VivekAhuja
    06-30 02:12 PM
    Even though Freedom_fighter's intentions are right, the intelligence is too low. Did he/she suddenly wake up and think 'WOW, I HAVE AN IDEA THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. 600 million legal immigrants have not thought of this but I did?????".

    The judge will dismiss such a case at the start by saying "please produce the culprit who put a gun to your head and told you to come to this country".

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  • seeker
    05-24 08:16 AM
    Bad for consulting companies (no H1B; may lose job)

    Bad for physicians (no H1B for medical residents; no provisions for NIW...terrible)

    Bad for H1b transfers and extensions (severe restrictive provisions on H1B)

    AC 21 repealed (disastrous)

    Bad for pending I 140 .... left in limbo

    Bad for pending LC .... left in complete limbo

    Bad for retrogressed.... backlog will increase phenomenally 'cos of decreased visa numbers

    This bill is a massive attack on us; we should put all our efforts to oppose and kill the bill. There is little chance that we can get amendments to reverse the potential damage that this bill can do... that is disaster for us.


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  • sachuin23
    04-19 03:03 PM
    Background on the President's Meeting with Senior Administration Officials and Stakeholders on Immigration | The White House (

    Strengthen economic competiveness by creating a legal immigration system that meets our diverse needs: Our immigration laws should encourage high-skilled individuals we train in our world-class institutions of higher education to stay in the United States and create jobs, stop punishing innocent young people for their parents� actions by denying children the chance to earn an education or join the military so they can earn higher wages and generate more tax revenues, provide farmers a legal way to hire the workers they rely on, and should respect families following the rules.

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  • gk_2000
    03-09 03:15 PM
    Not to spark a fight or anything, but I would like to congratulate all the EB3I's who became current since Jan.. great going! We are at April 02!


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  • paskal
    04-09 05:30 PM
    as i said earlier it gets a bit much
    but the thread does not mention a country
    merely talks of leaving- and that's free will aint it!
    now individuals will discuss it based on their own experience, and fortunately or unfortunately the majority here belong to one country, it really should not offend you, although once again i repeat, i do not think it is ideal.
    being so sensitive is easy here, bet you have much thicker skin at work in in your neighborhood. please show tolerance in your comments, that's all i asked. you can point out the same think politely, or gently refer to the irrelevance of the discussion which is clear anyway to most people. not a lot of contributors to the thread you may note....

    oh and by the way- when threads like this are shut down, people scream free speech. everyone will dislike something when there are 10,000 people. please chill out. live and let live.

    as for the plenty of people that won't come here- sounds to me like they forgot what the real problem is. just my humble opinion, but anyone that won't help with fighting this crisis because of petty trite reasons like "some threads are so country centric" would have been of no stinking use here anyway but to whine and complain. as it is barely 200-300 people bother with anything concrete.

    you on the other hand friend, i happily assume are better than that.
    please please ignore this silly thread and get on with what's important.
    i'm going to...won't see me posting again.

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  • dilipb
    06-24 11:29 AM
    My views:

    I have not heard of any case, where they rejected an application because the "payable to" name was an issue.

    We need an expert who knows how check processing works between 2 physical people, in our case, we people and USCIS and then later between the 2 banks, in our case, our banks and USCIS's bank.

    Another example: My company accepts checks under a full name and also if paid using an abbreviated name. But thats because we have told our bank to accept such checks.

    USCIS must have also done the same thing, they must have informed their banks too. All they are trying to do is TRAIN all people in the US, to write checks to only 1 name which is "US department of homeland security", because thats their umbrella organisation. It will take people some time to learn about the new change. But they wont reject applications because of that, unless there is a big difference. I am sure they will accept checks if you say "USCIS" or its full form. Money is going, finally, to the same place.

    Most important bottom line : If they plan to reject applications if check names were not accurate, they are legally supposed to write that in the instructions that they will do so. If they themselves are confused they will issue an RFE or something and request you to send a proper check.


    So people stop panicking. Dont worry.
    Give your self 1-2 weeks and keep checking bank and call USCIS.

    Bottom line for people who are yet to file : DO EXACTLY AS WRITTEN in the INSTRUCTIONS. IF you lose concentration and dont do things correctly, these tensions arise. FIND TIME AND READ READ READ.

    Sorry if I sound rude.


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  • tikka
    07-06 12:46 PM
    maybe you can help with other action items?
    you have motivated many folks and we could use help on the contribution fund, media drive, diggs etc

    Thank you

    Is there any Specific date, I mean when AILF is filing the case...USCIS is announced they are gonna reject the applications..but did they rejected any single application?? We will come to know after 4 or 5 weeks abt our applications (As per USCIS rep)....I think there must be some time limit to file a case...and we dont have a base to file a case until they reject it.

    Finally they dont reject application nor they will accept it...

    Guys send flowers with all your comments on JULY 10TH...we may get media and political atten...

    this is just my 2 cents.


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  • vinodmp
    02-12 04:10 AM
    Which service center processed your I-140 ? For Eb2 cases, USCIS ( especially NSC) doesn't accept a combination of degree and experience. They require a single 4 year degree.

    You should not completely give up on this. Get a good lawyer, a good education evaluator and try to save the case.

    I140 was approved by NSC


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  • maximus777
    08-10 08:05 PM
    Let me take a stab at it:

    EB2 I - June 2006, EB2 C - Dec 2006
    EB3 I/C - Dec 2003

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  • spicy_guy
    10-15 03:41 PM
    Me too !! My ticket were for Nov 3 and i am waiting for the last 54 days ..just requested USICS to expediate the AP based on financial loss ...
    You need to hurry up, if not already. They don't care a dime if you loose your money / tickets / travel. But just need to show them a sense of urgency. Thats all we can do.

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  • sunny1000
    02-01 04:48 PM
    Sent a Money Order for $50 yesterday. Thx to everyone for their efforts.:D

    08-05 02:32 PM
    I was under the same impression that it was FP that triggered the name check. But this is what the lawyer told them that their names were struck in NC and that is why they never got FP and now that NC is over they received FP notices. The interesting part is that within 3 weeks of FP one person got a notice that his application has been sent to USCISlocal office for further processing which I assume means interview notice in few days.

    How does a lawyer know if u r stuck in namecheck? Unless you go to infopass you may not know.

    In reality, the app was just taken up for processing - the IO figured that FP has not yet been done and sent notice and during the course of processing the app, decided to send it for interview.

    02-28 07:15 PM
    If the amnesty bill passes, you are better off pointing immigration violation and perhaps tearing you passport and claiming being illegal

    Before you tear up passport just remember that you were fingerprinted/ photoed multiple times before coming here and they can easily retrieve your records. Also if you change your names your degrees/experience will be worthless. Be careful while throwing out such comments.

    Is GC worth becoming illegal? If nothing works then leave it on fate and go back. India is not a worthless country. It gives huge oppurtunities. Sometimes I think that if westerners can go there and make money then there should be something wrong with me that I am so scared to go back.

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