Saturday, July 2, 2011

times of osama bin laden

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  • AZ_GC
    08-22 06:44 PM
    Here is what i think ........USCIS works and approves according to RD till 140/485 approval. After this they hand over the case to DOS for visa issuance who work according to PD when allocating visa numbers. Correct me if i am wrong.

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  • Honda
    04-15 02:28 PM
    Yesterday, I was told by the client that my project is going to end by this month end i.e Apr 30. Actually it was supposed to go for the next 2 years. I am currently in the project working for the project. They said the lay off was becoz of budget issues. But I see I am the only one that is target in this lay-off. I am working with the same client for the past 3 years. The lay off news was really shocking and devastating.
    I am currently 9 months pregnant. As the client did that to me, I thought that atleast I might have some options with my current employer. My employer is a desi consultancy. I never been on Bench for single day for the Past 6 years ( Day 1 that I entered into US to till now).
    When I spoke to my employer today he gave me a termination letter stating that my project end date will be my last date with them. It was more shocking. I will be on maternity leave anytime in month of may depending on the delivery. I don't see any possible options that any client can take me into project when I am in 9th month of pregnancy.
    As my husband is doing consulting, I filed the green card thru this employer, 485 is pending more than 180 days, 140 approved in EB2 category. We paid all the attorney fees and filing fees from our pocket. We spent nearly $10,000 for the GC process. My husband was on bench for the past 2 months. He got a job on EAD which is going to start next week.
    1. I see that my employer is terminating me immediately because he can avoid maternity expenses. I told him that I will take 3 months FMLA for unpaid maternity leave from Apr 30th. And look for the Job immediately after delivery and get into the Job. But still he is telling he won't provide me that time. Maintaining the status is very important for me as me and my husband depends on the EAD.
    2.My medical insurance is with my employer, If I get laid off in this critical situation, I won't be having insurance. We can't afford the delivery expenses without insurance.
    3. Even though my husband will get insurance with the new company, We are not sure that company will cover the pre-existing pregnancy that is in final stages.
    4. And also not sure that the insurance will be under the network of OBG/YN and the hospital I registered for delivery. His job is in different state but he will find out the options once he starts his job next week.
    5. Does anyone think that my employer is discriminating the law? He is terminating me immediately becoz I am pregnant.
    I am not sure whether he is doing the right thing but the situation I am in is the worst situation I ever expected of. Its lot of stress on me and my baby. We are unable to sleep for hour with all the tensions ahead. My husband's job is dependent on my valid status. If something screw up we both be in very bad situation. I really don't want any one in my situation.
    Please help me, if any one know any options where I can maintain my status during the pregnancy and maternity leave, Please tell me.

    Sorry to hear your situation. Please let me know right now which state you are? i have some options to tell you.

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  • gc4sk
    08-27 11:42 AM
    Hi rbkrao,
    Did you show them original receipt notice or photo copy? Was there problem in getting the renewal?


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  • chanduv23
    10-04 05:07 PM
    Your Commitment is Amazing !
    I hope people from NJ/NY members will join me to support you

    Thanks !

    Yes, things have improved now in the chapter - we have extremely dedicated members - and we are all buddies - there is a new energy in this chapter.

    The Tri State area has a huge potential and we must tap it.

    Thanks for your support. Please help me bump this thread :)

    If 50+ people make it to Maya - we will ask the manager to give 3 for 1 happy hour :)


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  • logiclife
    07-09 01:07 PM
    Would you please elaborate if the flower campaign has hit any mainstream media like CNN, Fox etc?? Or just the TOI and other small covers? I just want to know how famous this has become.. Thanks.

    I wouldnt make such a big request just for attention from TOI. Please trust me we will get attention if we manage to send a few hundred flowers. I am not exaggerating. And I am talking about bigger US media outlets. And I am also not speculating. I am 100% sure. Please send the flowers as per these directions from IV core. (


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  • abc1125
    08-10 11:01 PM
    Would be interesting to see the analysis on this one. Seems like they moved it to a date they are confident of handling. Good and bad, I guess.


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  • casinoroyale
    06-21 10:38 AM
    Can someone clarify my original question please?

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  • immidude
    06-28 02:12 PM
    i need big help with my 140 filed in Premium Processing
    and i did not get my receipt to file 485
    applied it on Jun 20 2007 (this month)
    any way i can get some copy of the receipt to file 485?


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  • johnamit
    07-09 02:38 PM
    Sent yesterday, it will reach July 10th. This is only positive hope left now. Folks please send more flowers. Thanks

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  • bsbawa10
    10-26 02:52 AM
    Yes, it is one of those random lotteries with some sequence in it :-)


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  • neel_gump
    07-19 03:51 PM
    My friend posted his 485 on June 17th and he got a receipt date of July 14th. At this rate, I am thinking I am thinking atleast 3months for July2nd filers..

    So, October 2nd-Gandhi Jayanthi (Birthdate) seems to be more realistic..

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  • saileshdude
    07-09 10:32 PM
    Can anyone recommend attorney who are good in AC21 and I-485 Motion To Reopen cases. Who is better, muthy or Oh law firm, or Ron Gotcher ? I am confused as to whose services I should take knowing that my I-140 will be revoked and if I have to file MTR.


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  • jsb
    01-15 03:37 PM
    I don't think this is true. As a CSR, case is assigned to you, not you choose the case. I think it's the same way to IOs. PD current cases will be assigned to IO, not IO looks into paper mountains to find case to adjust....

    Yes, you are right. Cases are assigned (not picked), which is done in order they were physically received at the center they are being assigned at. If PD is not current, case is put aside and next file is considered. Due to huge filings in July'07, resultant chaos, and shuffling cases around between centers before entering them in the system, if your file is way below in line (eventhough you deligently made sure to have it with USCIS on July 2, AND your PD is current), no one is going to look at your file, until your turn (in order of final data entry) reaches.

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  • small2006
    08-27 10:38 AM
    And they say why Albert Pinto "Plassey" is an angry man?

    My current H1 is expiring soon. My 3 year H1 extension is pending. I had receipt notice but NJ DMV at Wayne refused to accept that. My current License is valid only till the middle of the next month.
    Any body in the same boat? What shall I do?

    Try Trenton.


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  • vin13
    01-14 12:48 PM
    If this is true,
    Come to US as a student
    M.S. - 2 years
    PhD - 3 years
    Total 5 yearsGet green card before even using OPT :D

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  • rajsand
    09-26 01:07 PM
    Now, lets think whats that thing proving our legality..
    I797 (H1 Petition)
    Lets make a template of it (it should be the same color and pattern but with different font) and remove all the vital information. (name, ssn etc.. ) and make a generic one. Lets download .. sign it by many and send it to them and Print it there on BOLD "Change our status and give us our residency soon"...
    this way we prove that we are LEGALS and we will create publicity


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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    10-22 12:45 PM
    While this question may sound redundant, I want to make an honest attempt to understand it. How does creating media awareness translate into making politicians understand the complicated issues suffered by legal immigrants? Further do they give any weightage to the fact that the stories are in the media and therefore they need attention?

    I am biased towards the opinion that we might have already run enough media stories. I believe that the real fight now is to convince the politicians to do something about it. Propaganda and lobbying is the only thing that works with politicians in this country. And you have to choose a medium that politicians directly refer to. Meeting politicians and their representatives in person is most effective I believe. With due respect to your views, Pappu, can we discuss some of these questions?

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  • newuser
    09-22 04:05 PM
    Called the last 10 no's.

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  • nc14
    09-22 04:16 PM
    Let's give it our best shot folks. Please do this for yourself.

    Called all, irrespective of support for this bill.

    In Tamil, there is a proverb.

    " Try to move the mountain by hair. If it succeeds , we moved the mountain.
    If not , only .... ".

    Keep calling friends. Just throw the stones. Don't worry about the results.

    08-11 04:34 AM
    the actual March '09 bulletin is 4428.

    Visa Bulletin March 2009 (

    they also link to official site (which doesn't exist yet) :

    Not only they got info but non-existent links too?

    Pederson Immigration Law Group, P.C. - Visa Bulletin (


    Per google 4427 is march 09 bulletin ? search (

    But again this date is in sync with the date someone reported from some other site, so guess that's it. :-(

    09-13 02:50 AM
    And, would you mind explaining why would ROW get affected? If they were current all along, all the ROW candidates must have already filed, even before july fiasco, right? So, just exactly how do they get affected?

    Sorry for the outburst, but I sometimes get tired of people just throwing out speculations :eek: as if they are stating facts. So, back up your statement with logic.

    Um... ROW has been retrogressed for some time too (at least EB3), so there is no need to "wait for it to get affected" - wait for that to become current before significant change in other areas of chargeability. But I've been waiting for that for years too.

    You could wait, or you could come to DC and help us to get it changed!

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