Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • inthehole
    08-22 02:40 PM
    I am working on EAD and current one is expiring on Sep 26. I got an RFE for photos and it was received on Aug 7th.

    I called last week Aug 15th and requested to expedite the process. I got an email two days back saying that my request was accepted and will get the decision within 14 days.

    I been trying to get the infopass appoinment since past 2 weeks but so far I havn't been able to get any appointments.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed and waiting.

    Can I go to a different city to get an infopass appoinment ?.

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  • carpediem
    04-08 12:38 AM
    According to this article on the Wall Street Journal (

    "Each year, 85,000 H-1B visas are granted for foreigners with advanced skills and education, and last year, 163,000 petitions were filed in the first five days after applications were accepted. The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation estimates that as of Sept. 30, 2006, 500,040 residents of the U.S. and 59,915 individuals living abroad were waiting for employment-based visas. Many would buy homes if their immigration conditions were settled."

    This is probably all countries put together. Have we had any luck with getting more details from the senators or congressmen?

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  • ravi.shah
    04-19 08:19 AM
    Somebody knew already....

    Obama to hold meeting on immigration reform | AP Texas News | - Houston Chronicle (

    Thanks for the link, planets !
    Tarikh pe tarikh, tarikh pe tarikh........... :(

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  • gcnirvana
    06-18 12:36 PM
    I agree that EAD renewals will take longer than usual because of our sheer volume. And there is no interim EAD. Do you guys think its safer to be on H1B (mine is valid till 2010) rather than EAD/AP?


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  • willwin
    06-12 01:55 PM
    Outlook is very very grim without a bill from what I understand. EB3 India is going to be in a hole and EB3 PDs that are 2006 and later have a really long wait time ahead that they are not imagining. We are all hopeful by nature and look forward to visa bulletins with a positive attitude but such PD folks may be disappointed month after month for several years. For EB2 India it is important to know number of ported cases. EB3ROW folks also need to worry now. Their journey may not be that smooth due to spillover rules and high demand. We need to get data via FOIA to make a better guesstimate. Without such data we will hear various theories, predictions and interpretations from various websites and blogs that may not be always true.

    You definitely have better resources to know things but I hate to disagree on what you said.

    You said, it is going to be tough for EB2 I (and i guess C too). You also said EB3 ROW need to worry as well. Obviously, per you, EB3 I and C are out of question. so where are the 140K numbers going to go next year???

    Are you saying that EB1 and EB2 ROW are going to consume 140 K minus restricted quoto of retrogressed countries? It is hard to believe.

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  • gc_lover
    01-12 01:07 PM
    I want to contribute and ready to send check. Where should I mail the check?


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  • NKR
    01-15 11:41 AM
    Sanju, I agree. One of the news papers went a step further and their headline read "Satyam's employee shot dead in US". Shameless people, they are trying to cash in on this incident by linking with another sensational incident...

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  • gc28262
    02-15 04:30 PM
    Dude, just because you don't see the word "some" in my post, don't tell me that i am generalizing.

    I do make a clear distinction between good players and bad apples. If you cannot understand, let me know I will put it in simple words!!! Doh!!!

    I don't see that "some" word either in the title or the content of the thread. The point is you are trying to color all companies in the bad light for your own satisfaction. I guess you work for one of the direct companies.

    Coming to the point, be more sensible when you post new threads and messages on the forum. Please refer to the following thread for posting guidelines.

    Let us keep IV as I and V ( for everyone)


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  • pappu
    02-10 04:53 PM

    Target 1000

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  • waiting4gc02
    06-19 08:24 AM
    Just checked the AP and EAD dates are back within the 90 day limit at all centers.

    No Panic..!!!!


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  • chanduv23
    10-03 10:15 AM

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  • go_guy123
    09-13 03:08 PM
    I have just kept GC out of the equation for anything I do in my life. Buying a house was a personal choice and I could afford one - so just went ahead and did it. If I have to leave the country for good due to some immigration related bs, my lender can suck it up :D

    You cannot keep GC out of equation when GC/non-GC decides your ability to get unemployment benefits, choice of jobs and many more aspects of your life.

    If you leave the country, you lose the equity on the house. I don't know when you bought
    the house. In the post credit bubble period, the lender will make sure you have enough equity that they are secure and you have skin in the game.


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  • gcseeker2002
    12-06 12:02 PM
    I am probably waiting for the longest here for EAD, my app received on July 2nd at NCS. Called numerous times, sent form 7001, emailed senators twice, 3 infopass appointments, still no progress. I submitted expedite request based on humanitarian grounds last week, have been calling daily to check status of expedite and still remains pending. My case now pending about 157 days. Anything more that I need to do ?
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ bump ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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  • deba
    07-09 12:01 PM
    What do you mean by working? Is this just your idea or you have some information on the effects of this campaign?


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  • MerciesOfInjustices
    03-01 11:23 PM
    If I had my green card today, I would surely be making at least 15K more in my salary per annum repeat per annum.

    If not all, many of you are in the similar situation.

    My $200 contribution is just 1.33% of that lost opportunity per annum. If I take into consideration the 4 years of wait, it comes to 0.33%.

    Almost anybody who is in US for 5 years on H1B can buy an nice little home. (Bay area is bit more cruel).

    Last year I could have bought a home for say 500K. It would have surely appreciated by 50K. But because of the uncertainty of GC, I can not. That's a loss of opportunity of 50K.

    My $200 contribution is just 0.4% of that another lost opportunity.

    Now you know why I support this effort.

    Most of you and your friends are in a situation similar as mine.
    I urge you to become aware, make them aware and support this effort, which has a potential to minimize those lost financial opportunities, with your wallet.


    Great way to put it!
    Hope you can post it at the other Forum where a lot of people do not seem to get it!

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  • pappu
    01-14 03:33 PM

    With limited information, it was the best I could do :)

    What is your take on all these bills.. I am sure you have much more info. Do you see any hope of EB relief in 2009?
    There is growing pessimism in EB community.

    We have some rough plans for 2009.
    We need to wait for some time to see how immigration bill becomes a priority. We anticipate some more placeholder bills that will make a statement. However in the end, there will have to be a bi-partisan effort and strong will to write a CIR. I feel economy will take priority initially but they will have to look at immigration sooner than later. Admin fixes is another possibility we see. While the EB2 India and China are now getting direct benefit from horizontal spillovers, in 2009 we need to meet again with the administration and make a good case about EB3 India, China and EB3ROW backlogs. The problem seems to be increasing due to limited visas per year. This is the reason dates have not been moving. Several Other small items for admin fixes are also in brainstorming stage. Like We want to address processing delays on all applications for all categories, do something to protect the rights of immigrants, etc.

    We also want to involve more members who got their greencards or immigrants who are now citizens on IV. We want suggestions from members how we can do that and get their support for this cause.

    I am sure with the new initiatives you will love Immigrationvoice more and want to come to IV everyday.

    At your end, please try to spread the word about IV. We can be successful in all our initiatives only if we can get more participation. Thus we need to get more EB India, china and ROW members in the IV fold. This must be our top priority early this year before we launch our big campaigns.

    We look to members reading this post to help us reach out to their friends and introduce IV to them. We have well meaning intentions for everyone in every category and country and want to help and bring relief. It is important that we come together on IV and make a united effort to end our common immigration problems.


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  • looivy
    01-30 10:43 PM

    This is for a broader discussion.

    Is it possible to move from Tech Consulting to Strategy Consulting or from Tech Consulting to Finance (I-Banking, Trading, Coporate Finance) related jobs on AC21. Non-availability of visa numbers should not be a roadblock to somebody's career aspirations.


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  • thamizhan
    07-19 09:49 AM
    Let us poll here only for Nebraska Service Center 02-July filers and find stats to estimate the timeline

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  • thomachan72
    05-29 07:20 AM
    I found this interesting comment from a blog. It has been posted by an H.R. representative who has access to H1B and GC users' records. The points raised are indeed valid and they seem to have a 'case' against us. I do not by any means want to undermine our efforts but it does provide a perspective from the 'citizens' perspective.

    The bill would also drastically increase the number of H-1B visas issued to foreign professional workers. As a Human Resources representative, I see first hand how the H-1B visa and employment based green card programs actually work together to drive U.S. white collar workers from their jobs and even from their careers. To begin with, there is virtually nothing in the law that prevents employers from hiring H-1Bers for open positions even if qualified Americans are available and willing to do the work. Americans are routinely laid off and replaced with lower paid H-1Bers also. In these cases, Americans have practically no legal recourse available under current law. H-1B is also a dual intent visa, so an employer may sponsor an H-1Ber for an EB green card for legal permanent resident status. When a company seeks to sponsor a foreign worker for an EB green card, they are required by law to demonstrate a good faith effort to recruit Americans first. This process is called labor certification. But employers routinely game the labor certification process for green card sponsorship to defraud even well qualified citizen job applicants in favor of low wage foreigners. They use fake job ads and/or bad faith interviews of American citizens to convince the federal government that they tried to find American workers first. These practices are common in high tech and even in some non-tech industries, but HR people are told to keep quiet about it or lose their jobs.

    I would be in favor of a program that issues a small number of self-sponsoring green cards for truly innovative foreign nationals on a competitive basis. But very few of the H-1Bers or green card applicants that I have seen in 10+ years even come close to being truly innovative. Most are just practitioners with skills that are actually quite common among the domestic workforce. The only thing special about these foreigners is that they will work for substantially less than Americans in order to have a chance to become legal permanent residents. Thus they are used by management to sweeten corporate balance sheets.

    The prevailing wage regulations are supposed to insure that foreign nationals are paid the same as their American counterparts in the same job functions, but these regulations are so riddled with loopholes that they are a bad joke.

    Since my work allows me to have access to salary records, I can tell you that the labor cost savings for H-1Bers and green card applicants is substantially greater than the costs of filing the applications with the government.

    Citizens should demand that both the H-1B and employment based green card programs be abolished in their current form.

    My point is if we check our credentials, how many of us are 'true' innovators? I know I am not, I am an expert in what I do and am an asset to my company but I haven't filed any patents or publications which would be the true requirement for this country. My skills are indeed readily available in domestic workers as well. Could that be the reason for the backlog in EB-3 and none in EB-1? So do we need to do a reality check here? Just wondering if this could be the reason why we're getting a raw deal. Could it be that 'highly skilled' is not enough but 'genius' and 'highly skilled' is what's required here? Just a thought.
    Dont blame you for being concerned after reading this post. We at IV dont disagree that there are a few instances where infact below average skilled people are employed on H1bs. However, look around a little, talk to fellow foreigners (Indians/others) whom you meet somewhere and you will realize that they dont just supply cheap labor OK. They are indeed very qualified for the job they are put into. I know for example the job that I do CAN be done by an american citizen without any problem (if he /she is trained) but the fact is that, there is NOBODY around. REALLY there is nobody around. Now reg software, many of my software friends are highly talented individuals (not inovative in the sense you mean) without whom the industry will COLLAPSE and your HR person will have nobody to hire because he/she will have to go home. Remember also the fact that IT industry is now at a slowly developing phase and they need people to work for lower wages and cant survive to fill in all slots with the american worker who will want more money for lesser work time and that proves the HR persons point--work for lesser money (THAT INFACT IS THE MAJOR REQ FOR IT INDUSTRY AT PRESENT)

    08-27 10:45 PM
    Expectation is itself on July 2nd courier based Apps were around 20000+ but ofcourse after 2nd the no. of applications significantly reduced hope for the best

    I am on the same boat, my application was also received 9:01 AM Fedex signed by R.Mickels. I am not sure what the hell is goin's all messed up..:mad:

    09-05 01:55 PM
    Recently I returned after a one month trip to India. At DC airport the CBP secondary inspection officer grilled us rough. First he called my wife and asked why did we leave US. She told that since my parents are old and not in good health we visited them. Then he started asking for documents proving it. And told us that without documents he won't let us enter. He went on to say that AP is only on humanitarian basis and unless CBP officer is satisfied with proof they cannot allow AP holder to enter. Finally after convincing him for another 30 min he let us in.
    This was a really shocking experience. Are employment based GC's AP supposed to be treated like humanitarian AP? or was the CBP officer over reacting? Gurus please throw some light.

    Tough Luck for you. I entered thro AP yesterday in chicago. Guess what the officer did not even talk a single word. He saw the document stamped and let me in. all it took was 5 minutes.

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