Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • hiralal
    09-11 10:56 PM
    for reply.... as I said I am on EAD.....
    assuming you are serious about the house ..I can say this ..with your PD and category it makes more sense to rent a house for a year and then decide yourself.
    with a house you get lot of space, independence but with significantly high costs, maintenance and loss of mobility. plus you end up buying far away from your work family time is lost during weekdays.
    in apartments - you end up saving and investing more in retirement accounts, children education accounts etc etc ..but the flexibility is priceless...also greater chance of your kids making more friends in apartment parks / play dates etc.
    so renting a house is a good bet if you really really need space ....home prices will decline for many more months in most locations and will be stagnant for years when u take inflation into account ..

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  • hindu_king
    05-29 03:55 PM
    What are the chances of this bill getting passed? 10% or less? When is this bill going to be voted on? one good thing is Sen Kennedy is one of the co-sponsors and he's got some pull in the congress.

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  • nviren
    02-16 04:48 PM

    Good work guys.

    My contribution of $100 by paper check went out today.

    Weeks turned into months, months into years passively looking out to get GC thinking that you being an honest individual, contributor to the industry and economy and society here, you will get it soon.

    Then comes the bombshell of retrogression telling you to stick to your same job, employer and salary not for 2-3 years but something like 5-6 or more years, while away your most productive years of life waiting for GC uncertain and unable to get on with your normal life, unable to make major decisions of life.

    A flicker of hope was raised by the senate bill in dec 2005 that the wait will come to an end. But just so little of political support, lot of apathy and ignorance, and determined opposition by well funded anti-immigration lobbies killed that hope.

    Now one realises you are up against a solid, a very solid challenge. Only a focussed and organised action can overcome this challenge.

    The momentum of individual activity during nov-dec 2005 was very good. It will be needed again. But that activity alone did not get us the results. What is needed here is an organised and focussed efforts by committed people backed by good funding. That's the way America works.

    And this is what I see Immigration Voice doing. And it will need more members, money contribution and activism by the aspirants.

    Hence guys, contribute and spread the word. dig out your address books, send the mails, call your friends, colleagues and request them to join the effort.

    Few things I would like to mention:

    The immigration issue has gathered a good steam in US politics. Something will surely get done by the congress about the whole immigartion issue soon. Our issue is one part of it. If we miss this bus, this topic of immigration is not going to get hot for many more years.

    We are also up against formidable anti-immigration forces which conveniently mixes legal immigartion with illegal one.

    We are also up against a lot of ignorance and apathy on the part of politicians about legal immigration.

    The lobbying by corporates is our ally in this effort. They are one of the affected party because of retrogression.

    Few pro-legal-immigration members of congress are our allies in this effort.

    On the whole we, as a legal immigrant community, has good deal of work to do in a very short time in a do or die situation.

    Hence join Immigration Voice, contribute and give a call for action to your friends.

    I did that during the senate bill period. I will be doing it again.



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  • smisachu
    08-30 09:51 PM
    our immigration department told me that as per USCIS regulation they can not apply earlier than 6 month of expiry date


    No, I am positive. My H1 was expiring 9/21/2007. I applied on 01/05/2007. Received 3 year approval in April 2007.


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  • suriajay12
    01-14 11:40 AM
    I just filed, but I do not have patience to wait and watch every bulletin.. we have to do bring more attention to problem.

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  • WithoutGCAmigo
    06-18 10:52 AM
    Can't believe this happening


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  • cpolisetti
    04-26 04:40 PM
    Can we do something in Indian regional news papers? I know or two most popular online Telugu newspaper for skilled immigrants in US. Also has popular enough which might help different group of people to know about what IV is doing.

    It would be so great if our Chinese members told us more about this portal, and any others where we could get the word out.



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  • RDB
    08-03 07:13 PM
    I don't think there is any way of knowing if your case is pre-adjudicated. The only way you will come to know is if you receive an RFE or an interview appointment.

    Hi Friends, any comments on this ?


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  • ravise
    08-04 04:29 PM
    I thought u quoted from last month or previous. It is july 2008 bulliten.

    Hope fully some thing good will hapen for sep'09

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  • gapala
    02-15 02:26 PM
    If you really look at who is paying less and misusing the H1-B and L1 to manipulate the job market, its the big offshore companies who bring the less experienced folks from India/China and other asian countries into US. These biggies pay way too less (52 to 57K) to these folks than what the conultants who work for local consulting companies make.

    They apply for 1000's of H1B's and L1's showing the positions in US but 60% of the folks works back in their offshore centers in China or India with H1B/L1 stamped on their passport. Question is, if they applied for H1B / L1 based on an existing position in US and gets approved, why is that folks are still working in India or China center? Doesn't that mean they faked the position?

    When we consolidated the vendors and excluded all the local consulting companies to include only two of the big offshore companies, we have seen their consultants brought onsite leaving them after few months at our group to join local consulting companies for better pay.

    To me, they manipulate the job market displace americans much more than the local consulting companies.

    I truely hope CIS look deep into these manipulations and frauds as well.


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  • eb2waiter
    05-14 01:48 PM
    Quote by user somegchuh: "I think this is a very interesting topic. Neelima's story is about an American citizen of Indian origin. Since, she is an american she can choose to go to courts whereas we are non-immigrants with very few rights. If you are facing abuse at workplace the only solution for an H1B worker is to change jobs."

    Even if you are an immigrant but as long as you are subject to the law of UnitedStates you have every right to fight discrimination and other actions that you percieve are illegal. Even Illegal immigrants can do that. It is there in one of the ammendments.

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  • bkarnik
    11-08 09:35 AM
    The new Democratic committee chairmen in the House will likley be the following:
    Agriculture--Collin Peterson (MN)
    Appropriations--David Obey (WI)
    Energy & Water Subcommittee--Peter Visclosky (IN)
    Armed Services--Ike Skelton (MO)
    Armed Services Subcommittee on Strategic Forces--Silvestre Reyes (IN)
    Budget--John Spratt (SC)
    Energy and Commerce--John Dingell (MI)
    Education and the Workforce --George Miller (CA)Financial Services--Barney Frank (MA)
    Government Reform--Henry Waxman (CA)
    Homeland Security--Bennie Thompson (MS)
    Intelligence-- uncertain--either Jane Harman (CA), Alcee Hastings (FL) or Silvestre Reyes (TX)
    International Relations--Tom Lantos (CA)
    Judiciary--John Conyers (MI)
    Transportation--Jim Oberstar (MN)
    Ways and Means--Charlie Rangel (NY)


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  • mihird
    10-16 12:26 AM
    Everything from immigration to foreign policy to war to world relations etc. is done in the interest of capitalism, not in the interest of immigrants, citizens or other countries.

    This is a country where capitalism is practiced at its extreme....

    The drawbacks of capitalism are also seen here in their extremes....

    Exactly when people get into situations like what 'desibechara' described, the socialist healthcare system of Canada scores big way!

    Through my 3 year stay in Canada, I was made to pay 43% of my income as income tax - a lot of people around me would grumble about that, but I for once, have never felt bad about having to pay such high taxes in the interest of a socialist healthcare system...

    It gives such a peace of mind knowing that one never has to worry about getting medical attention all our life...irrespective of our job situation....stories of people having to sell their houses just to get proper medical treatment are just unheard of...

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  • PavanV
    10-09 08:18 PM
    From your profile,it seems that you are not a citizen neither a permanent resident, but Mr. Obama is "your" president ?, you need to greened first my friend before you can call him your president, until then Pratibha Patil is your president, and i dont think she won a Nobel prize, although i dont think she is any less deserving, heading the most populous and ancient democracy the world has ever known.
    Lastly, Congrats Obama, you da man.

    I am very thrilled at the news that our President has own the highest honor of this world.
    Hearty Congratulations Mr. President !!!!

    I and my family feel immensely proud that we are able to live in this country of freedom governed by a great leader like you.

    Mr President you are the symbol of hope not only for the citizens of USA but also for all of the immigrant community. You have raised our hopes that we will also be able to become a citizen of this great country soon. Your selection as the Nobel Peace Prize winner has strengthen this hope further. Sir, Please do not belie our hopes.

    Please revamp the current immigration rules and provide immidiate attention to the immigration reform. Sir, we all are looking up to you.

    Congratulations to you Mr President and Congratulations to all of the citizens and residents of USA.

    God Bless USA.


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  • CADude
    05-22 02:11 PM
    Luck is supreme with USCIS. :)
    If your lucky no date matters it will be approved any time

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  • gk_2000
    06-18 07:23 PM

    Here is new link (HR 2709, Jun 4):

    H.R. 2709: Reuniting Families Act ( (


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  • ps57002
    10-07 05:27 PM

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  • atul555
    06-10 02:56 PM
    for self protection.. I can Jackie Chan anyone's ass if they mess with me.. :D
    Yet if unemployment reaches 20-25%, I will need a glock.. or if the NWO opens up the fema camps ;)

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  • vinodp1978
    06-28 04:33 PM
    You can extend your H-1B. Why is EAD your only option?

    my labor has to be pending 365 days or have an 140 approved to extend. so if pp goes away for 140 then my only option to stay in status is EAD. Also I am not in IT so patni,tcs out of question.

    05-29 11:32 AM
    This whole spelling bee thing is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. By any standards, it is pure and simple torture to subject the kids to memorizing thousands of words and their stupid spellings. And what use is that? Have they never heard of something called SPELL-CHECK in Microsoft Word and other email services ?

    Or are they afraid that their kid will go to a job interview and someone might ask them to spell the word that no one on the planet ever uses and is only present in the Oxford Dictionary.

    Those who subject their kids to such a regimented, rigorous, scripted childhood are preparing a next generation of work-force that would only know how to follow the orders and accept directions.

    85 % of the fortune 500 CEOs are not MBAs. And the other 15% that have an MBA, only 3 of the 15 have done MBA from an IVY LEAGUE school.

    What that tells you is that too much education and scholarly childhood increases your job security, in that sense that you will never be unemployed, but it decreases the chances that you will be on the top or you will be a billionaire.

    The biggest prize goes NOT TO people who can follow directions and know everything, but who can GIVE directions and get things done.

    I tend to disagrees with your comments, firstly please dont call this a stupid event, as a lot of young students strive to win this competition. In order to lead you have to follow, I have come across some smart ass Indians who love to talk and give directions, but they miss whole chunk of substance in their directions. (I don't mean to target you or disrespect any one else up here).

    Your commments on parents motivating their childeren to strive for success in their lives, their is nothing wrong in that, would you rather have them go smoke dope and jerk around to waste their time? I am indian and proud to be, , above all proud that my parents pushed me to excel and do better with the opportunities granted to me.

    However it is some desi companies who brought in the trend of lying and faking to get thie ways. But believe me , they dont get much further in their lives. I am glad strict restrictions are imposed on these companies, and the type of consultants they bring on board.

    Is it fair that the person doing Masters from this country be put in the same boat as a fresh of boat from India?

    Good Luck!

    The famous quote is: You can only fool me once!

    01-25 12:58 PM
    contibuted $100 today thru paypal. its good that you added a link on this site. its much easier to pay.

    Thank You for your contribution us-alien. Every penny of the money you contributed will work for you. Would you like to take up the responsibility to educate your friends or other people you know may have pending GC applications. Request your friends to contribute and tell their friends.

    Thanks again,

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