Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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  • craig1410
    Oct 18, 06:41 PM
    Here's my current setup. My camera isn't doing my cute little sidelights justice though...


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  • Zoolevation
    Mar 11, 05:30 PM
    What about the Macbook air? My creditcard can't wait anymore longer :p

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  • hazza.jockel
    Oct 9, 01:10 PM
    It would have been good to see Master Chief...

    Master Chief is in the game. You just have to know where to look ;)

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  • newamiga
    Sep 4, 01:57 PM
    Guys.. and I know this is a stretch. Remember the big uproar Jason O'Grady started with his fake stories of LCD screens from Apple around the NAB timeframe if memory serves. I suspect it was a typical O'Grady tactic to drive eyes to his site.. however if you think about it.. the 23" iMac with improved Front Row and VESA mount, could serve as this type of thing on a smaller scale obviously. It will not compete with my Mac Mini via DVI to a 50" DLP.. that just rocks.:D

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  • Master-D
    Mar 8, 05:31 PM (

    quite pretty for something awful?

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  • MacRumors
    Oct 15, 02:53 PM (

    With the 5th anniversary of the iPod, Newsweek spoke with Steve Jobs ( about the iPod, iTunes Store and Zune as a potential threat.

    According to Jobs, one major reason for the iPod's success was its relative simplicity:

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  • Evangelion
    Sep 14, 07:15 AM
    Except I would have to pay for the parts and the R&D...

    Well, you are already paying for color-screen, video-playback, photo-playback etc. etc. etc.. They seem to be adding features constantly, yet the price does not go up (more or less).

    If you wanted a barebones iPod, you would always have the Shuffle

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  • archurban
    Nov 8, 09:44 AM
    only 25% faster. well, I pass it. coreduo is still faster. it's still useful or my work. but I will get new MBP when mac os x Leopard will come with mac next year. :D

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  • Groovey
    Sep 12, 05:41 PM
    That's what I'm wondering. I have tons of music videos and now there is no listing of them for me to look through.
    Mine's in the movies-section.

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  • jholzner
    Nov 27, 09:43 AM
    Apple, you have that fixed in iTunes yet? I'd like to see the Cancel button actually work and also the ability to selectively rip or bypass any one song I want to on my disk.

    You can do that now. Put in a CD and deselect the check mark to the left for any song you don't want ripped. I do it all the time.

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  • �algiris
    May 5, 01:23 AM
    OP was hoping to be freed from being tied to one iTunes,

    That won't happen we all know that.

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  • A is jump
    Nov 27, 01:49 PM
    I don't think either of those albums exhibit that -- the first four British albums in stereo do, but they've never been available on CD in stereo, just mono. Rubber Soul has a few songs that don't work well in headphones (eg Girl) but Revolver is mixed well!

    Correction, They are ALL mixed well. the Separation was done on purpose, and frankly it is brilliant, and I dont find it Annoying in the slightest. (unless i am using one of those cassette adaptors in my car and it has developed a problem and only puts the left side through both speakers. yes, thats happened to me)

    I honestly can't wrap my head around anyone complaining about the way those were mixed. I wish more albums these days were recorded with more experimentation on this level. i would make a huge stink if anyone Remixed those albums, and I certainly wouldnt buy them. hey why not just re-record them? george and john are dead, but we could have clapton do georges parts, and john's son Sean do his! bet we could get it to sound "Better"

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  • NYC Russ
    Apr 12, 01:44 PM
    Is that 3rd picture laborers, or is it some kind of process management?

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  • aswitcher
    Sep 4, 06:13 PM
    So far I have yet to see an official confirmation from a reputable (read "not-rumour") web site.

    The "confirmations" flying around all seem to be the rumour sites referencing each other.

    Until I see iLounge or MacWorld get an invitation I won't be getting my hopes up for an secret-Apple-ninja-attack event.

    Whilst I agree I am more hopeful given the density and consistency of the rumours. But we have been let down before, so tonight and a week from now will have me glued to the Mac in anticipation.

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  • ampd
    Aug 3, 06:15 PM
    Will the keynote be streamed live?

    No, it will most likely be shown on apples sight 2 hours after its ending however MR will keep up with the details of the event.

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  • dakduel
    Mar 14, 11:48 PM
    heres mine for today

    my brothers skating shoes held together with some shoe glue

    i was playing a an adapter for some old minolta lenses

    this lens was a 50mm 1.4

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  • Stella
    Apr 17, 08:27 AM
    Doesn't matter where Apple sells its products. Better to make your products available everywhere than in just one or two specific stores. Remember: Not every city has an Apple store and can be quite a distance to the closest.

    Best Buy is an ideal place to sell iPads, since its a consumer electronics store.... Apple is a consumer electronics company ( these days ).

    BTW - Best Buy has been selling iPads for a long time, so only makes sense they sell iPad 2...

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  • quigleybc
    Sep 12, 03:28 PM
    Well, I love iTunes 7


    the get album art is SICK

    the album scroll view is SICK

    the gapless playback is well you get the idea!

    I love it!

    Just put it on my PC at work, and it's awesome

    I'm a little concerned about putting it on my Mac at home because of the massive 140 gig library that it will have to process...

    Hopefully it goes well,

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 8, 11:43 PM
    Awesome! So this means I can use my Plextor 16x burner in the second optical bay? Or will that not work with an Apple?Didn't I tell you yes yesterday? Just buy a copy of Toast 7 for full support. You can also run multiple copioes of Taost 7 on one Mac. I run up to 4 or 5 simultaneously sometimes on my Quad G5 writing DVD Images to multiple HDs.

    Dont Hurt Me
    Nov 8, 07:55 AM
    If only it had a graphics card. ;)
    More GMA 950 Oh well. Its clear from the many posts here many dont care if a Gpu cant draw everything. Nice CPU's though.

    Sep 12, 03:07 PM

    #1 Album Artwork. No more Google searches.
    #2 Gapless playback. Now i can playback my 70 minute prog rock albums as they were intended


    #1 Movies 640 by 480? No widescreen or animorphic? forget that! I haven't bought a 4x3 movie since 1998
    #2 Still can't burn it. I won't buy anything I can't burn an play in a DVD player. iTV could posibly change my mind. We'll see.
    If you'd read Apple's page, it notes that 640x480 could be different depending on the aspect ratio of the file. 640x is what I get from bittorrent normally, so it's not bad.

    crap freakboy
    Sep 6, 08:17 AM
    wooohoo first!

    er great...anyhoos...if I had the cash I'd get the 20".
    Shame you can't upgrade to the GT on the 20".
    Beats this aging Sawtooth anyday.

    Apr 17, 08:20 AM
    Apple does not have the best have a build quality better then everyone else. They have some very good computers, but their are companies who build much better computers you have no evidence to back up your statement. Macs use the same hardware as everyone else.

    This is one of the most accurate statements in recent times. Nothing but facts. Thank you.

    Aug 7, 10:48 PM
    Something tells me that core animation is going to be iPhoto for multi-touch. It reminds me a lot of the NYU video demo of multi touch interaction experiment photo editing tool. It would not surprise me at all if some feature use this soon.

    my 2 cents.

    his is pure speculation so dont read anything into it. I am just making a correlation between the look of the two softwares.

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