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  • appas123
    08-04 05:02 PM
    I would suggest taking an infopass appointment and also contact your congressman. No guarantees but those are two options so why not try both.
    Forgot to mention that I am still awaiting a reply to the SR.

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  • Saralayar
    07-13 04:08 PM
    GCPerm, Good answers. I commend you for that.

    Otherwise, I sincerely believe even after I get my green card, we should focus on resolving this green card backlog mess and if we can get green card holders and US Citizens to support this cause it woule be better.

    Maybe you are not able to relate to what EB3 candidates go through. Yes it is a choice we made to wait in this country. A lot of EB3 people qualify for EB2 based on their qualifications and experience but were put into EB3 due to company's choice or attorney's mistake.

    But no person should be made to wait for an answer of whether their application is going to be approved for 8-10 years.

    The pre-adjudication in my opinion is a farce as it was more done to get their(USCIS) inventory calculated properly than ensuring the person is clear from all angles. Because, I know of about 5 people who are in EB2 who are sent RFE's now, after their dates have become current. They were supposedly pre-adjudicated as per the IO during the interview at the local office. some of them were fingerprints, some of them just to verify whether the husband and wife are still married etc.

    Coming back to my point, there are EB3 applicants now who have a priority date of 2006, 2008 2009 etc. Can we accept a process which asks people to wait for 20 years to get a Yay or Nay for their application is the question. I think it is unacceptable. I believe more green card holders and US Citizens who are deciding to put their roots in USA should help the country to better the legal immigration system first before anything else.

    Regarding citizenship as I mentioned before if you think you will not bail out after starting a campaign, then go ahead and lead it.
    Let us not criticise any one further and look for very efficient way of presenting this to the right people.We welcome more ideas from other members then we will consilidate them and decide how we go with this.

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  • reddysn
    05-23 07:55 PM
    Yes . Employers/lawers can check status.

    Does anybody know any link that gives online status of PERM labor ? I heard that there is one for employers but not for employee.

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  • illinois_alum
    08-03 12:53 PM
    However my wife's status says
    "On August 2, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later."
    Do you know what does it mean?:confused:

    It means that your wife is approved as well...but don't know why different languages and text for both of you. But nothing to worry about it...


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  • CSPAmom
    08-15 04:13 AM
    Thank you, Krishnam70. I will join the group and post my questions there.

    Good luck!

    This is one group where lot of advocacy happens for Family based GC.

    you may also want to get some advise/action points from there

    - good luck

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  • dskhabra
    05-17 12:06 PM
    You should get EAD once 485 is filed even if PD is not current.


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  • pappu
    05-13 07:12 PM
    Congratulations.Hi Everyone

    Finally i got the email saying card production ordered on May 10th. My priority date is Ju26th 2006 , EB2. Thank You IV , Aman , Anu, Himanshu, Gopal and all other IVans for the help and most importently Aman for forming IV and giving us a forum to congregate and fight for our cause.

    I am donor member since 1.5 yrs, was a member of advocacy day event last year. This april i could not take part because of a family emergency back home. IV has helped me immencely both informationwise and also psychologically during days of regression.

    I will continue to be DONOR member in the future as well. I hope that will help other IVans.

    I wish you all best of luck in your wait.


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  • gc4me
    06-27 12:35 PM
    For me the agony is endless. My deshi employer did not provide me the EVL in time though I was able to file in JUNE. They gave it to me after JULY 20th when I stopped sending timesheets.

    I am personally not a big supporter of elimination of country quota. Don�t get me wrong. I fully share and understand the endless pain is being gone through by EB3 Indians/Chinese community. Increasing # of EB visa will ease some of their pain.

    For an example there are 1000 IT processionals from India wants to come to US with H1/L1/B1. There are ample companies (say 50) owned by Indian and those 1000 IT professionals have enough opportunities to come to US.
    On the other hand, for an example, from Ukraine, there are 100 IT professionals are trying to migrate to US with H1/L1/B1 but there are few to none companies (say 1 ) owned by Ukrainians and those 100 IT professionals have few to none opportunity to come to US.
    My point is, there are more IT Indians in US do not validate removal of country quota.
    Others should get a fair chance � NO MONOPOLY is desirable.

    Also New Jersey has too may Indians living, may be one day, there can be revolution, and they might ask for a separate country. I am kidding here.

    We are really missing the boat..till Oct'08 FY09 starts..:(

    waiting became routine..

    PD:EB3 India Oct,2001


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  • susie
    06-22 10:41 PM
    by monday there will be a total of 3 federal lawsuits filed on CSPA Section 203(h)(3).

    * Baughman & Wang on May 21, 2008
    United States District Court
    Northern District of California

    * Reeves & Associates on June 20, 2008
    United States District Court
    Central District of California

    * Law Offices of Shusterman on Monday (June 23, 2008)
    United States District Court
    Central District of California

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  • Harutium
    06-13 08:25 AM
    I am also completely in same thought.
    I am planning to pack at the end of August,if nothing passes (S2611 like) in HOUSE.
    Why waiting untill August?
    Pack'ngo now!;)


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  • pappusheth
    08-05 11:56 AM
    I'm in the similar situation as indian111.

    I filed for my wife's EAD in the late May (e-file TSC).
    Receipt date is May 29th.
    Soft LUD on June 6th
    FP done on June 21st

    no updates, no changes after that. there is no LUD after FP. It's been 66 days since filed. Does any one know if I can take Infopass appointement before I complete 90 days of pending status and see what's going on? Or do I have to wait until 90 days are complete? any experiences?


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  • Arjun
    05-16 07:22 PM
    after filing for I-485 on Jun 1. Also filing for EAD for self and 3 family members. EB3 Nov 2001. H1B stamped in visa valid till Oct 2008.

    Do I need to wait for Receipt of Filing?

    Cancellations charges ( USD 200 per ticket - 4 tickets) and new tickets (difference of 300 per ticket - 4 tickets) will cost a lot. Anyone else in similar situations? Anyone know something? Anything?

    YES, I am. Exactly same situation and did a lot of research. There is a good new for you man.

    As far as I know, you can file for AOS and leave. Make sure when your application get's to USCIS you are here in US, after that you are free to go. You do not need to wait for the reciept. It takes weeks to get the reciept. When you come back you enter US using your valid H1-B/H4 and it does not effect your AOS application.

    check out this if you have not done it already and confirm with your attorney: , click on "breaking new and scroll down to "05/15/2007: June Immigrant Visa Opportunity During Vacation Season" ;)

    -- Good Luck


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  • sanjayc
    06-30 03:10 PM
    I applied for renewal and it was with additional fee for Tatkal, So i paid $155 ( 90 + 45 + 20 ). Recd passport in 8 days by Fedex.

    Applied on : 6/4
    Recd New Passport : 6/13

    Last time i did not do Tatkal for my wife's passport and then we did not get it even after 2 months, we had to go to Houston personally and request those babus there, then they charged extra 90 anyway and sent passport in 3 days after that.

    You will be amazed, they never pick phone or even if you go there personally, presumably it is too difficult for them to find your file.

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  • gc_chahiye
    10-05 04:59 PM
    For that one of these two should happen. Eb3 should move forward and Eb2 should retrogress.

    Or EB2 stays and EB3 alone moves forward.

    Or EB3 stays and EB2 has to retrogress so much (to 2001)!

    I guess chance for 1st and 2nd option are high. And, this would answer Ramba's question how EB3 for India would get approval for PD 2003. There are very few 2001 PDs left (per me). Relatively more 2002 and most of 2001 and 2002 are pending due to name check else they would have got their GC during July and USCIS would not have returned VISA numbers back to DOS nor some numbers would have finally got wasted (FY2007).

    So next PD would be 2003 (and there are very few 2003 filings that were filed before June 2007).

    why would EB2 retrogress to before 2003? It was at 2003 for a long time (8 months?). The only people still with PD of EB2 2002 are the ones just getting out of BEC, there cant be too many of them...


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  • webm
    04-17 09:39 AM
    Enjoy the freedom of having GC...!!!:) after a long everyone...

    EB3-I PD Oct 1st,2001
    485 RD:June 25th,2007 (TSC)
    Waiting continues....

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  • GCBy3000
    06-17 05:58 PM
    This is just a misuse of H1. They should bring up a new law stating the H1 will automatically get cancelled if the beneficiary does not get employed in three months. With this, the real demand for H1 could be estimated easily.

    The speed in which h1 FOR MS in USA shows that there is not that much demand to H1s. Only around 7500 was filled. The H1 Cap 65000 was reached for because Indian companies were rushing to make it before H1 cap is reached. One has to analyse how much is going to be used really. They will use need basis and won't cancel if not used. So increasing to 110k will be enough to meet the real demand but then also Cap will be reached in another 2 months because consulting companies process h1 first and find the job for them later. But Real demand can be analysed in other way. Because of Rushing thro H1s lot of companies which are having Real job demand(Companies like Intel Microsoft) could not hire. H1s for US MS degree holders solved the issue Partialy. May be if the increase that quota to 40k then demand will be enough.


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  • StuckInTheMuck
    07-30 08:52 AM
    Something funny seems to be going on with the TSC EAD processing dept. I got my second "Card Production Ordered" email today, saying new card has been ordered on July 29. This followed the earlier email 13 days ago, which said the new card was ordered July 17! Did anyone else have similar experience?

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  • onemaveric
    07-24 02:48 PM
    i will call them up and post my experience here.


    Please dont forget to post the information after your conversation with the local SSN office. My wife is on the same boat too.

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  • susie
    06-22 10:42 PM

    Posted on: 6/20/2008


    Los Angeles � Reeves & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation filed a class action lawsuit today in the U.S. District Court, Central District CA, Case Number SACV08-688 JVX (SHx) on behalf of tens of thousands of immigrant families whose adult children have been wrongfully denied of visas. Attorneys for the families are seeking to compel the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (�USCIS�) to act in accordance with the provision of Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) that enables children to reunite with their families more quickly.

    Prior to CSPA children who reached the age of 21 were no longer eligible to obtain an immigrant visa with the rest of their family. These children became known as �age-outs.� However, Congress enacted Section 3 of CSPA, codified as INA � 203(h)(3), to keep children together with their parents. Specifically, this provision allowed children to automatically convert the visa petition and retain the original filing date � known as the priority date � after the child had aged out. As such, an aged-out child, who is a derivative beneficiary of the visa petition of his parent, can reunite with their family faster by utilizing their parent�s earlier priority date. As of today, USCIS has not only failed to comply with INA � 203(h)(3), but has also failed to promulgate regulations or issue policy memorandum regarding this provision of law.

    �This case affects tens of thousands of immigrant families,� said Robert L. Reeves, founder and Managing Attorney of Reeves & Associates, APLC. �A child abroad who aged-out is eligible under CSPA for an immigrant visa, and if the child is in the United States, he or she will be able to adjust to legal resident status,� explained Mr. Reeves.

    The class action lawsuit presents two different classes of aggrieved individuals. Nancy Miller, a partner with Reeves & Associates and co-counsel, describes the two classes as �those who filed petitions with requests for retention of the parent�s original priority date whose petitions were denied and those who have received no response at all to their requests for retention of the original priority date.� In both cases parents remain separated from their children.

    Although USCIS has granted some visa petitions and permitted retention of the earlier priority dates pursuant to INA � 203(h)(3) to some, there appears to be no uniform policy from USCIS as a whole. Jeremiah Johnson, a partner with Reeves & Associates and co-counsel, said �the lack of any regulations or even policy memorandum has lead to arbitrary and inconsistent decision-making affecting thousands on a global level.� Joyce Komanapalli, an associate with Reeves & Associates and co-counsel, added �USCIS�s refusal to issue visa petitions with the original priority date is at odds with the language, structure, history and purpose of the Child Status Protection Act.�

    �It is incomprehensible why USCIS would deny these requests given the plain language of the statute and the Congressional history of CSPA.� said Mr. Reeves.

    The class action lawsuit is seeking to compel USCIS to properly adjudicate all cases filed under CSPA, or INA � 203(h)(3), and comply with the requirements of retaining the parent�s original priority date in subsequent petitions filed by the parent.

    09-01 09:45 PM
    GC Atlast!!!

    Rec'd Card Production Ordered e-mail for me and my son.:) Did not recieve one for my wife yet...

    Thanks to IV for all the support!!!

    Om Ganeshay Namah!

    Hamare liye bhi pray kar dena yaar. Translation: Please pray for us also.

    04-10 08:51 PM

    How come no one in your company B asked you whether you are married or not and whether or not you need H4 filed for you spouse. Same thing about company C. Either of these companies' HR or immigration lawyer should have asked you about dependents and spouse?

    I dont know but even the smallest of consulting companies dont make this kind of mistake and they would remind you if you forget. My company's lawyer is quite lazy and slow but even his paralegal asked all the right questions and got all documents needed and didnt forget stuff when filing for various things.

    whn i filed my transfer with company wife had not come to USA and my lawyer didnt tell me tht after she comes here i shud file for her xtension also..
    Whn i was transferred to Comp. C..thats whn the lawyer pointed out my wife's i 94 was expired which shud not have happened..

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