Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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  • 10dulkar
    08-15 05:18 PM
    Expected news for EB3 folks

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  • belmontboy
    05-23 05:56 PM
    Why we dont like gultis ? - eCharcha.Com (

    This link might help you understand the different definitions.

    get out of your stereotyped moronic attitude.

    If Indians cannot respect fellow Indians, how do you expect to be respected by others in this country??

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  • Naveen
    04-07 08:12 AM
    Well said! I came back first week of Feb 09 and no issues. Just usual jibber-jabber.

    Rumor, rumor, and more rumors. We Indians get a kick out of this stuff, dont we? This actually happened with me couple of weeks ago.

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  • imh1b
    08-11 12:06 PM

    All EB3 Is are coming forward. Thats a good thing.

    But do we have:
    - A leader to lead this effort
    - Agenda to follow
    - Specific Goals
    - Action Items
    - Immediate Goals

    Without these we are not going anywhere. But just wasting our time on top of our already surmounting frustration.

    I have answered in a funny way

    But do we have:
    - A leader to lead this effort: None. But actually everyone.
    - Agenda to follow : Everyone has one. But the single common agenda is to blame IV for EB3 dates not moving forward.
    - Specific Goals : Everyone has one
    - Action Items : EB3 should get all spillover and EB2 should not get it
    - Immediate Goals: EB3 should get all spillover and EB2 should not get it

    I see nobody serious but everyone wants some one else to help.

    Here is my big idea. We should ask Bill Gates and Sonia Gandhi to help us. Instead of working on spillover for 500 visas, how about get these people to help us. They can help change INA with their contacts.


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  • thescadaman
    06-11 09:44 AM

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  • arsh007
    02-13 10:27 AM
    First off, you are looking for a bodyshop. A consulting shop. You would be the consultant if you are hired they would be the consulting firm.

    There is a website called (Desi Crunch) that as reviews of most of Indian Consulting shops. Reviews are posted by individuals themselves so they would be reliable.

    Other than that you can look on and search the name of the firm you are planning to join to check if there are any bad reviews.

    You have to be prepared to handle your job as a consultant and your job in handling your employer. There would be struggle every step of the way. Basics like giving paperwork tied to Immigration like H1, 140, labor is a big task. Mostly they dont want to share even xerox copies so that it becomes almost impossible for you to either switch jobs or retain priority dates. Expect to work at a much lower rate than what you would get as a permenant employee directly working for an American company. Expect to move across the country every few months from project to project, unless you are really really in demand and can get projects in city for longer times. Do not expect moving expenses. You are on your own. Whenever you quit, expect to miss your last 1 or 2 paychecks. They will come up with some excuse not to pay you. If you quit and if there is any bad blood between you and your employer, do not expect any letter of experience that you can use for future EB2 or EB3 Greencard petitions. They wont give you that. If they hire the Immigration lawyer, you will most likely never talk to the lawyer directly. It will be thru your employer only. And information will be presented to you in a way that makes you feel in bad shape and more dependent on the employer. "Your labor is in trouble". "there is an inquiry on your H1, 140". "Lawyer needs another 5,000 to respond to your inquiry or RFE which we would be more than happy to deduct from your paycheck".

    If you want to go thru all this, then yes, desi consulting firms would work for you.

    Granted that most desi companies follow the business practices described above. However there are some who are really professional, incorporate good business practices and ethics. However not every job or company is perfect. For example consider the following:

    1. Large US American Consulting companies (the so called direct vendors) treat you well, have less project travel, pay you on time, provide good benefits and have good business processes. However when the market goes south and you end up with no project for a prolonged period of time then a layoff is imminent. You loose the time invested in GC processing with the company and have to start from scratch. On the contrary a desi company is aware of the immigration dependencies and limitations of H1 holders and firing or layoff of an employee is the last item on their last.

    2. US Direct employer is pretty much the same as the direct vendors.

    The best option would be to check with friends and networking contacts about a particular desi company before joining. Another suggestion would be to research sites like for additional information.


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  • abstractvision
    03-19 12:07 AM
    Nixstor did explained his actions and I concur... Controversial handles should be banned... Handle "TALIBAN" was banned and same member opened new handle "TAWLIBANN" saying his name is Tawlibann Foggs...

    Anyway we should close this issue.. I do find tawlibann's posts decent and non-offensive.. Only thing is we need to practice some respect to the communitity when chosing a handle... Its just not this.. there could be potentially other offensive handles.. So I'd say there should be a step/check in registration process to monitor/regulate handles... You won't like any handle offending your religious beliefs, dis-respecting your nation or humanity itself...

    Just my 2 cents... We should stop this discussion and focus on immigration issues...
    Trying to understand why Mr. Foggs was singled out...

    May be obscene name: Humm ..much better than existing F---GC,fuckadothead, chumki, chumma, xxxx, coolhokie, ussexy, saksibaby, funkycatspangky, faaltoo and plenty ..check the member list.
    May be obscene posts: No...his posts were very decent. He pleaded his case very politely. Never lost his cool even after being banned without being told.
    May be meaning of Taliban is wrong: No, It means..someone who is seeking religious knowledge. Nothing wrong in it.
    May be bad relation with US: Humm, US may not have good relations now, that was not the case earlier in late eighties and early nineties...not too far back..;)
    May be having political cause: What about existing handles like FREE_KASHMIR, us-alien...etc
    May be reference to terrorism: Having a same name "AbstractVision" as a terrorist organization somewhere in remote part of the world doesnot make me a terrorist.
    May be religious name: Humm...not like existing jaihanuman, saibaba,saint.. .etc
    May be country specific: Hum...Jai_Hind, JisDeshMeinGangaBehthiHai etc.. more than 500 handles have meaning related to India and in Hindi, Tamil etc
    May be phone call was not received by proper person: Humm..did someone tell him to expect a call..;) Being a member doesnot to be glued to phone 24 hrs waiting for someone to call. A private message with time would have been the right way.
    May be phone no. was fake: I had my previous cell number in my profile that I used 2 years back. I corrected this evening after this interesting post. I wasn't red flagged.
    May be handle name was a distraction: If handle names are distractions, I wonder how far can we offense. We have got bigger problems to deal with.
    May be incorrect details: Why would I put my correct details on the internet. Didn't someone educate me about Identity theft..;)
    May be user was unaware of unpublished nomenclature: That sounds like the case. May be admins would like to publish the pool of words they are comfortable with and that may not be distraction.

    No offense, but without letting the guy know beforehand is definitely not up to the mark. Give this guy a break.... . Lets not apply any rules retroactively....more than 80% of the handle names are ridiculous and does not seem to be coming from intelligent folks and people with exceptional abilities.

    I agree we should respect other members and names should be decent..but I do not agree that names can be regulated by forum administrators with no set rules of engagement many languages in the decent meaning in one country/language can be offensive somewhere else.

    What wonders me is that SO MANY easily understood obscene words in memberlist as handle were allowed by admin (F---GC,fuckadothead,xxxx,ussexy etc ) and 'Taliban' got hit by a 800 pound gurilla..;) banned....

    I am looking forward to a REAL issue discussion and get over this handle issue. Lets move on...

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  • realizeit
    10-17 03:25 PM
    This is a very important effort, I guess.

    I believe, this will help all of us to understand where we all stand. I will try to send this request as soon as possible.


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  • Dhundhun
    07-12 08:06 PM
    i believe the argument that this sudden jump was made to help eb2 china is pure hogwash

    I think so.

    Unless USCIS took all the pains to compile all EB2 qualified doculements and then to find out on what day China and India EB2 numbers become equal.

    It is hard to comprehend.

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  • ArunAntonio
    08-17 05:33 PM
    Please vote -- >


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  • RNGC
    09-19 04:36 PM
    Million thanks to IV's superior organization. I am glad that my friends and I attended this event. It's just a little sad to see the local news channels reported the small protests by illegal immigrants in the Prince William County in MD but not our well-organized rally. Many people passing by us still think we are undocumented. I fully support the ideas from other members that we should highlight "LEGAL" everywhere.

    I am suprised too!!! I just saw couple news agencies covering this rally....IV organisers did a great job in pulling this one....

    but I am just curious to know why there was very little TV coverage for this event.....

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  • mariner5555
    02-14 06:31 AM
    There is no divide and rule policy by US as giving H1 does not mean that you have to file for Immigration, It is the choice of the person to get immigrated to US and US has set some policies by quota system. If you don't like it then no one is forcing you to stay back (US will say that if u sue USCIS).

    Thought to chip in my 2 cents as you are showing similarities of british raj and US. First of all it was the fault of the kings in India during that time who were not united enough to kick them out.

    EB2 -INDIA
    N Cal Chapter maybe there is no divide and rule - but definitely when they thought of country limits - they must have debated and come to conclusion that there should not be domination from one country (as one country people can become powerful - demand more etc) .so in a way it is divide. but in this age - country limits dont make sense. the problem is laws dont change easily.


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  • alias
    06-10 02:20 PM
    Even with EAD there is a problem finding jobs today. Employers sometimes do not call you after you tell them you have EAD. If they are going to make Immigration difficult for legals do you really think having EAD or not having EAD will really count? Nobody will give job for fear of lot of legal paper work, lawyer cost and complicated rules associated with layoffs. After TARP it was tough to get jobs in financial sector even if there was no TARP restriction for that position.

    Don't you guys get it?

    why are you digressing from the topic in this thread? let's put aside the EAD discussion for some other time :)

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  • kartikiran
    04-09 03:44 PM
    Hey Pappu,
    What do you conclude of this? Their has to be some rational reason behind them not moving EB2I, it is hard to grasp that they are still working on 2004-2005 PD's. Is their something we can do bring them in more transparency.

    I believe earlier they screwed up and now they are on apposite extreme end, scrutinizing every element.

    On the same note, Kumarc123, it is hard to see them working with 2001 EB3-India category for more than 5 years. 245(i) or not...still 5 about that.

    Anyway, my point is let us leave predictions. USCIS gave their predictions way back in their Jan 2010 bulletin. Maybe we all should stick with what dates they gave us than we trying to predict.

    Now another venting, more calculations, more uproar everything will continue for 1 more week from our members...:rolleyes:


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  • mjadala
    09-10 05:35 PM
    The link isnt working for me too.

    I hope things work in favor with this bill today, but if not, we must ask for Citizenship instead of Greencards. Anyone with me.,

    We have all waited for 5-10 year and there are many who got it in one year and then Citizenship in 6-8 years from the day they got their GCs. That was the normal timeframe. But due to their inefficiency, we are waiting this much time. NOT our fault. Now dont you guys think we must ask for Citizenship.. I thought my case was too stressful, came 99, applied 04, waiting for 485 now, but I have seen so many many stories of ohter guys also here who suffered more. I feel we must ask them Citizenship. If we get, great, else atleast we end up with GC.
    Anybody with me,


    Came in 98; applied in 04, waiting.

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  • gc_on_demand
    02-12 02:47 PM
    Waste of time : So many people and so many minutes.

    Waste of space on site : IV lost some space because of this thread.

    Marketing gain : That immi business So many people visited their site when they came on IV and saw this sizzling thread about visa wastage.

    Decide yourself who won and who lost...


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  • kpchal2
    07-18 09:52 AM
    hi all, in the same boat too. mine was filed on july 2nd and there is a fedex confirmation about it. i did not hear from any one i know about these rejections or returns until i saw gregs blog. can any one shed a light if they know some one who got a reject. also can you please let me know if there is any way we can find out from uscis or from any one relevant about our application. it is too much of a hassle already and dont want to add more delays to this already cumbersome and sleepless process

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  • vine93
    10-23 06:05 PM

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  • 485Mbe4001
    07-28 03:55 PM
    true to each his/her own, we can decide if we want to read the thread or not

    simple the same token..this could be a form of self expression too..

    I am reading about 16th century stuff here in this thread.

    Let us go back to 10,000 B.C or further back (ice age or if possible even before).

    Was there any gods (known to us) then (any religion for that matter)?

    Gods came in to existence with human civilization. Initially as an answer to all things that were 'unknown' to human beings and then later as a 'tool' to insist discipline (in their own understanding as to what discipline is) among human beings.

    We talk about Iran, Iraq, afghanistan wars, bomb blasts in India, poverty in places like somalia and in all of these INCIDENTS millions of innocents died/die. What are/were the 'Gods' doing? Can They not stop this from happening?
    They won't. Because these are started by human beings and unless we stop it won't stop. Now don't direct me to a book or a PDF. Answer me straight.

    Human beings are the most cruel/selfish creatures on earth. We are animals - well worse than them - social animals. This thread does not make any sense.

    We are talking about our 'beliefs' here and that is decided by so many factors. Million people will have million different beliefs.

    02-18 08:25 PM
    I dont think it will be passed. They included so many things initially. After discussion they will drop the thing one after another.

    There are two sections related to us.

    If this bill passed then it will create one grand huge backlog for all countries and for all category of immigration. WHY?? Because for Title V they will ask for proof and then again finger printing for FBI check and I dont know home many paper work. If they simply increase the GC #s it will work for us. We already have completed the paper work and standing in Q.


    this is such a waste if it passes. I am sure there will be another application like (I-420). Another Q you will have to stand in and wait...wait...wait...

    09-17 08:28 PM
    Goldman Sachs is next. Then WaMu + there will be bank runs. It doesn't look good. We will probably see car makers in line. Home builders will be next. Dell, HP is laying off. We are totally sc----d. We have no hope of GC. We will be lucky to hold on to our jobs.:(

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