Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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  • nat23
    02-01 09:38 PM
    English Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He meant "your rumour really stirred up everyone"...some thing to that effect

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  • masterji
    08-03 12:56 PM
    Thanks man (or woman, whoever you are). Good to know this.
    It means that your wife is approved as well...but don't know why different languages and text for both of you. But nothing to worry about it...

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  • gclongwaytogo
    09-01 11:11 PM
    Dont know how long its gonna take....I will be pissed off if it happens like sep 2008...:mad:

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  • Macaca
    06-29 03:18 PM
    � The requestor has verified that the current VB indicates that a visa number is available for the country and classification involved, and that the current bulletin has not been superseded by an advisory from the Visa Control Office.

    Thanks Andy for something authentic. What is VCO advisory? Does this advisory reset dates in VB?


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  • tonyHK12
    11-08 01:58 PM
    reminder, please call your local Senators, Congress men/women and inform them about your problems with the EB backlog. Also request them to support/sponsor legislative change for our cause in lame duck that lasts until end of 2010. Note who the outgoing law makers are:

    1. Increase in annual Visa numbers for EB2, EB3 and removal of per-country limit
    2. recapture of unused Visas from previous years
    3. Reduction in EB I-485 wait time from the current 5-10+ years with legislative changes

    relevant Bills currently in sub-commitee pending queue S.1085 for Visa recapture

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  • tdasara
    07-30 09:29 AM
    So much for increase in fee and supposed increase in efficiency!

    May be double the fee justifies 'card production ordered' alert twice....


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  • Kodi
    05-08 10:31 AM
    I guess I could ask them to file at the Chicago office then?

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  • BECsufferer
    09-01 11:59 AM
    This is reality, my friend. There are multiple approvals showing up already on other sites.

    What matters is "had my approval and even better GC arrived?" . The answer is No, yet. So let's keep the hype down and remember we all have long and will continue, but hopefully our kismat will change. But till than ...

    Peace out!


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  • swarnapuri
    05-16 01:09 PM
    My PD is not current... but based on the text in the current Visa Bulletin, I might be able to apply within next 3-6 month.

    Would it be an issue if I get the following documentation now itself :

    1) Birth Certificate and affidavit
    2) Medical Exam


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  • bharol
    01-24 09:57 PM
    I refuse to get caughtup in the consumerism. Why a family of 3 or 4 needs 2000 sqft of living area? The quality of living is not the top most priority for me. What I need is more important. When I am happy with a small car, why should I go buy a SUV?
    Instead of paying 2000$ a month for mortgage for a big house which would consume most of my time as well, I can pay 1200$ month in rent , use the money to have some flexibility in what I want to do and use the extra time to read a book.
    One thing I noticed is people will just keep running in circles regardless of how much they make . They have expenses in proportion to their incomes and they are in a way slaves of their lifestyles.

    Slumdog has an illusion that "Quality of life" comes if you buy and live in a big house.

    Peace of mind is biggest part of having a good quality of life.
    You can RENT a place and have excellent quality of life.


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  • GC_Applicant
    08-05 11:01 AM
    E-Filled EAD/AP at TSC around 10 May.

    EAD - Approved around second seek of June
    EAD - Card production ordered email received around, second week of June, Late July (twice)
    EAD - Card for 1 year validity :-( finally received on 5 Aug 08

    AP - RFI on Photo. Still pending.

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  • amitjoey
    01-04 01:03 PM
    Welcome to our newest member, "vithals"


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  • eastindia
    09-29 07:55 AM
    I agree, this is the way politics works most of the time. lobby for votes, etc.

    But isn't it also their job to do what is in the best interest of the Nation. Everything isn't decided by lobbies.

    Maybe we're approaching this the wrong way, in trying to build competing lobby. it needs a new approach. Congress should be convinced in a different way.

    Lobby is for optional, nice to have things, which will not be generally missed if they fail.
    Legal immigration is none of these and is almost mandatory. Imagine losing for eg. 200K EB3s. another 50K doctors.

    Doctors are EB2 and EB1.
    They are not EB3

    Even Physical therapists are EB2.

    EB3 are low level/entry level programmers or skilled workers with with undergraduate degree or diploma degree holders that use education evaluation service to prove that their diploma is equivalent to an undergraduate degree.

    Now some of you will say you have masters degree and still are EB3. It does not matter if you have a undergraduate degree from IIT or Harvard and have MBA from Harvard. If your job needs only undergraduate degree your master degrees are useless. You are working in a wrong job and overqualified for your job. You should look for another job that needs your american masters degree. Some will say that their lawyer filed in EB3 even though they qualify for EB2. Now that is also a wrong excuse. If your lawyer and HR screwed you, it is your fault that you could not stand up to them. It is not USCIS fault.

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  • gondalguru
    09-02 02:46 PM
    I talked to NSC (using POJ method) and got hold of IO (I am pretty sure it was not the call center representative). He told me that my file is pre-adjudicated and it is on the way to Agent's office for final review. I think that many files are stored at off-site location and are brought back as needed / pd becomes current etc.

    He said that all he can do is to wish good luck. I asked him if I will get GC this month or no? He replied that it all depends on how many visa number will be given to them by state department.

    It's only day 2 but I feel that they are approving what ever file they have on their hands on. Feels like I will miss this boat too.


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  • sparky_jones
    07-22 02:35 PM
    EAD (Self & Spouse) e-filed at TSC: June 4
    FP Done: June 27
    LUDs: June 29
    No further updates...

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  • Michael chertoff
    05-04 07:19 PM
    MC, I enjoy reading your posts, which, very often, are terse one-liners.
    IMHO, you should have your CPO email before end of May. once you get it, don't go away, stay with us, here, on IV.

    Thanks dummgelauft for your kindness. we need more people like you who are so kind and nice in this damn world .

    You will get it soon too my friend. may be faster because you are a donor.



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  • gchopes
    01-13 10:48 AM
    What form does your brokerage firm send you at the end of the year? Is it a 1099-INT form that records your profits for the year? What if it were a loss. Do you still get a 1099-INT.

    An H1B working for a single employer will have only one W-2 but he / she may have different 1099-INTs from savings accounts / trading firms etc for filing taxes. This should be ok, correct?

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  • voicerj
    05-09 11:14 AM
    Definitely agree with herd mentality and haste, but can't blame them also. What if the dates go back again next month. So its a catch-22.

    good luck to everyone.

    What i am trying to say here is firstly reaching congressman should not be on the first day itself which some of the folks are doing, atleast wait for a a couple of weeks. and then regarding opening SR i would say atleast wait for around a week or 10 days at the minimum if you are scared of dates moving back. And yes i am not pointing fingers at any individual so don't take it personally "gc_on_demand"

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  • amitkhare77
    06-11 08:06 AM
    CPO mail for my EAD application on 06/09/2010. it took total 3 weeks. wife's application status "Initial review"
    Paper filed EAD renewal at TX USPS lockbox delivered on 5/13/2010. Check cashed 5/19/2010. received receipt on 5/24/2010. soft LUD on 5/25/2010, current status - "Initial review"

    07-30 10:56 AM
    I called them and they say now it was a hurricane issue. Texas was not working for few days.
    Ahh - now we know. If it is not GOD, it must be Dolly :)

    07-14 12:46 PM
    coopheal ,
    I have been contributing. Even for the latest Capitol Hill effort I did call my friends and they did contribute. I have the numbers. I myself contributed 100$. I would have spent at least 8 hours making calls and making my friends contribute $. I never gave up on that. But still I do not get enough motivation to keep this doing. I have collected around 200$ at my work for meeting the lawmakers effort but returned the money to individuals. I am sure it would have ended up helping EB2.


    I participated in IV lobby day. Myself along with other IV members presented the talking points to lawmakers. One thing I can say for sure is those materials didn't have a single line for EB2 alone. IV's strategy is to strive for common solutions which would benefit every one.

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