Wednesday, August 31, 2011

cb750 cafe racer

cb750 cafe racer. 1972 CB750 Cafe Racer
  • 1972 CB750 Cafe Racer

  • jdylan
    Mar 13, 09:12 AM
    Is this an external drive in an enclosure..?

    Yes, here's the link.

    cb750 cafe racer. café racer special
  • café racer special

  • Thunderhawks
    Nov 24, 06:57 AM
    sorry...but her stuff is light years ahead of that old outdated sound.

    Haha, Kesha who?

    Comment again when you are 18, if she is still around in 6 years:-)

    Maybe the Beatles should have worn meat suits to please today's generation of ignorant , uneducated followers who like celebrities just for being famous.

    Just look at the sales numbers every year (not only on itunes) if that is your only measuring stick.

    Beatles win:-)

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  • Silverback CB750

  • Chrispy
    Sep 12, 02:17 PM
    So... damn... tempting

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  • Honda CB750 K2 cafe racer

  • Compile 'em all
    Jan 11, 05:02 PM
    No...I think the focus will be on the Macintosh at this year's MacWorld. Therefore I vote for #3. Imagine every new MacBook equipped with an AirPort card that can access AT&T's 3G network. No more searching for WiFi spots. You could access the Internet at fast speeds while cruising down the highway! Pretty cool. It would definitely catch the competition off guard.

    THis is one of the most ridiculous posts I have read on this thread. Sorry. So you want Apple to go around the world creating contracts with all mobile operators in the world, so you can use 3G FOR FREE???!! Which isn't even available everywhere??!!.

    cb750 cafe racer. Honda CB750 Café Racer
  • Honda CB750 Café Racer

  • Westside guy
    Aug 2, 11:12 PM
    Some of you should consider getting a smug-ectomy - this looks like a proof of concept more than anything else. Depending on exactly where the point of vulnerability is (which is not totally clear, perhaps intentionally) down the road this could have implications for built-in airport cards as well.

    A couple years ago a security researcher discovered an Internet Explorer exploit that took advantage of a jpeg vulnerability. For this exploit to work, a user had to drag the image from the browser and onto their desktop, so many people blew it off - I mean, who would be stupid enough to do that? Well, after a bit more time other hackers (please don't bother "correcting" that) figured out how to take advantage of this exploit with some specially crafted script that could leverage the vulnerability without actual user interaction required.

    I would agree that, at this moment, it's not a problem most Mac users need to worry about. But blowing it off completely is sophomoric at best.

    cb750 cafe racer. 1969 CB750 CAFE RACER
  • 1969 CB750 CAFE RACER

  • Keleko
    Mar 3, 08:35 PM (

    I may go back here sometime and try to find a better vantage point where the tree isn't in the shot.

    Actually, I like the tree. And yet I totally know what you mean by not wanting it in the shot.

    cb750 cafe racer. Honda CB750 F1 cafe racer
  • Honda CB750 F1 cafe racer

  • BRLawyer
    Sep 5, 06:26 AM
    For those looking for we know what that is already? :rolleyes:

    cb750 cafe racer. topic - Cb750 Cafe Racer
  • topic - Cb750 Cafe Racer

  • amin
    Sep 6, 08:42 AM
    Those are some really nice specs, I am sorry if this has been answered before but do we know what Core 2 Duo they are? Conroe or Merom :confused:

    The 1.83, 2.0, 2.16, and 2.33GHz clock speeds show that it is Merom, not Conroe. Conroe would be 1.86, 2.13 (2MB L2 cache), 2.40, 2.66 (4MB L2 cache), and 2.93 GHz (Core 2 Extreme)

    Since the 24" model is at least prosumer, it would have been nice to see that one get a Conroe (Extreme even).

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  • partyBoy
    Oct 16, 06:12 PM
    It's still there. It's just not shown in the picture.

    The iPhone first gen hasn't got a very good camera so I could not get it all on the pic.

    I said where did you "buy" not "put":confused:

    cb750 cafe racer. Honda CB 750 Cafe Racer
  • Honda CB 750 Cafe Racer

  • mooncaine
    Oct 16, 04:26 PM
    Yuck, don't share an earbud. They get a little earwax on 'em, and guess why the earwax is there? To catch bugs, germs, mites, and dust before it gets to your ears. I wouldn't want to share your earbud -- nothing personal -- and you sure ain't welcome to use mine.

    You want to share? Bring along some tiny headphones that don't stick into your ear -- remember those? Cheap as chips, so if you sit on 'em, no big loss. Let 'em sit at the bottom of your backpack til you need 'em.

    Or let her plug in to your iPod, but then you won't be able to hear at the same time.

    About Ballmer's choice of words: he's just trying to sound cool, and not sound like he spends all day in a suit, in an office with Windows machines, muted green cubicle walls, and a stinky fridge in the coffee room. "Squirt" is unintentional poetry -- Mac users share, but Windows users squirt? :D Steve, please, no more squirting on my network.

    cb750 cafe racer. 1972 CB750 Cafe Racer
  • 1972 CB750 Cafe Racer

  • ImNoSuperMan
    Mar 21, 01:25 PM
    Hey apple, My wife will say no too (as soon as you decide to launch it here) :D

    cb750 cafe racer. HONDA CB750 CAFE RACER

  • bboucher790
    Mar 18, 06:26 PM
    "All that hype for an MP3 player? Break-thru digital device? The Reality Distiortion Field� is starting to warp Steve's mind if he thinks for one second that this thing is gonna take off. "

    Haha.....Macrumors readers were SO wrong in that thread. It's quite hilarious, actually. Not only was it a breakthrough device, it completely changed the entire music industry! So much so, Bon Jovi was recently quoted "Steve Jobs killed the music business".

    cb750 cafe racer. 1969 Honda CB750
  • 1969 Honda CB750

  • danvdr
    Nov 7, 06:15 PM
    in order to continue their growth, they're have to get into even more niche markets, while expanding their mainstream markets.

    SZ--please explain. It seems that even a small increase in the mainstream would overshadow a large gain in niche markets. If Apple increases mainstream market share why do they need the niche markets?

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  • CB cafe racer conversions.

  • Unspeaked
    Nov 28, 10:07 AM
    There's no doubt Apple would pull some kind of neat marketing campaign to announce this deal to the world (assuming it goes through). The people questioning the value of that don't understand how iconic The Beatles are.

    Heck, even if not a single person downloads a Beatles track from the iTunes store, the fact that they're finally online, the media exposure that will produce (I've already seen several stories on it in the local news) and the fact that it could lead to things liked branded iPods make it worthwhile to promote in a marketing blitz.

    I agree with those that say "Come Together" isn't the right choice. "Revolution" would have been great, but as far as I'm concerned, Nike *owns* that track after their incredible use of it in the 80s (and I'm not a Nike fan!).

    I could see them being very coy and using a non-mainstream track such as "Tomorrow Never Knows" or something like that...

    cb750 cafe racer. Garage Company Customs CB750 Cafe Racer.
  • Garage Company Customs CB750 Cafe Racer.

  • SevenInchScrew
    Oct 1, 11:18 AM
    Gotta check this mode out, sounds like fun. I asked this before but its been awhile, has anyone beat it on legendary yet? I am going to go through it anyway but i was just wondering.
    I actually finished my Solo Legendary run last night. It was, quite possibly, the worst experience I've ever had in gaming. I could only take a level or two a day, and even then, they would each take me roughly 2 hours to complete. The final level last night actually took me 3.5 hours. I was taking it slow and deliberate, but still I died 23 times. It was about as far from fun as I could imagine. I mentioned this earlier in the thread, but I mean it even more now. I vehemently disagree with the way Bungie ups the "Difficulty" in this game. The way it seems to work to me goes like this...

    You start with Normal difficulty, where you and the enemies do a base level of damage, and have a base level of damage resistance. Upping this to Heroic means the enemies have more damage resistance, but also do more damage to you. When you up this to Legendary, it gets even worse. An 3 Sniper rounds won't drop the shields of some Elites, but at the same time, roughly 3-4 shots from a measly Plasma Pistol will drop your shields, leaving you completely vulnerable to any more attacks. This means that now, even a little pack of lowly Grunts can, and probably will, mess you up. Let alone when the game throws you, by yourself, into an area where there are 4-5 Skirmishers, 5-6 Grunts, and a group of Elite Rangers. Oh and just to make it "Harder" for you, here, take this Pistol with 24 rounds, and a worthless Assault Rifle that is only good in close quarters, but if you get that close, you will get just destroyed. :rolleyes:

    To me, it seems like many games that do this, are trying to add artificial "Difficulty" to a game to make up for a lack of actual AI challenge. In a perfect world, where the AI in games is remotely competent, game makers could just make the enemies react and interact in more challenging ways. But, since even in the AI in games still ranks as mentally incapacitated, so they have to resort to artificially challenging you by bending the rules of the game to make it "harder" to beat. This sucks, but is apparently the best we can get.

    cb750 cafe racer. 4 Sec - Honda Cb750 Cafe Racer
  • 4 Sec - Honda Cb750 Cafe Racer

  • techwarrior
    Nov 13, 11:54 AM
    Interesting...perhaps this developers whining got somebody's attention at Apple, 3.03 is available on App Store... very short list of enhancements... "Bug Fixes" and "Japanese/Chinese Localization".

    cb750 cafe racer. 1972 CB750 K2 cafe racer with
  • 1972 CB750 K2 cafe racer with

  • electric
    Apr 18, 01:13 AM
    Toys R' Us? I though they only sold video games!?

    They do

    cb750 cafe racer. Honda CB750 Café Racer by
  • Honda CB750 Café Racer by

  • Taz Mangus
    Apr 15, 01:19 PM
    Plenty of people buy Macs for the hardware. If I needed a laptop right now to run Windows and nothing else, then obviously I would have to check whether I am mentally capable of using Windows for any length of time without throwing the laptop out of the window, but once I've found the strength to do that, the 13" MBP or one of the MBAs are probably the least miserable way to run Windows.

    Of course, if you are praying every day that your laptop breaks down because you have to use Windows, then a MacBook is not for you.

    Even the reviewers have acknowledge that Windows runs better on Mac hardware due to the tight coupling between the hardware and the device drivers that Apple includes.

    cb750 cafe racer. vintage-honda-cb750-cafe-racer
  • vintage-honda-cb750-cafe-racer

  • moose.boy
    Aug 29, 02:35 PM
    Your windows installation will not hurt your OSX installation.
    They don't see eeach other, and windows is on a seperate partition.

    Stop calling people a moron if you don't know what you are talking about.

    Boot camp basically eliminated the need to ever buy a PC.
    It was an incredibly smart move.

    Windows may not be able to read or write to the mac partition, but it will still be there. There is nothing stopping a _really_ malicious virus from messing around with the partition table to bring the whole thing crashing down.

    IIRC It was because of the problem with viruses corrupting boot records that microsoft cludged their disk partitioning software FDISK to include the /MBR switch to allow it to wipe previously inaccessible boot records.

    However, for those people who just need windows for one or two programs, and who have the awareness to patch and lock it down correctly, then bootcamp is a good idea.

    Nov 13, 11:45 AM
    I'm seriously amazed that ANYONE is defending Apple here.


    fanboys will be fanboys

    Mar 28, 12:18 PM
    Radio Shack sucks. Anyone who tried to get an iPhone 4 from them can attest to this.

    Sep 12, 05:50 PM
    Greed on Apple's part might be the reason. I'm sure they will wait a few months after everyone has bought the 4GB in color, then announce 8GB iPod Nanos in color.

    That, or the middle size/price just sells way more than the pricier one. :rolleyes:

    Mar 10, 11:34 PM
    Cutting the Military is not for me ...

    Let's cut children school programs instead. That is the reality of the situation.

    May 5, 03:24 AM
    No thanks - 3D gives me headaches.

    Prolonged use gives everyone headaches. Fake 3D is a mind **** of the century.

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