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Curvature Of The Earth

images curvature of the earth. Curvature Of The Earth. see the curvature of Earth
  • see the curvature of Earth

  • mhaxpayne
    05-01 02:04 PM
    PERM Filed: 12/17/2007
    Audit date: 03/21/2008
    PERM Audit Replied: 04/17/2008
    EB2 Atlanta Wait and see....

    wallpaper see the curvature of Earth Curvature Of The Earth. curvature of the earth.
  • curvature of the earth.

  • satyasrd
    01-12 11:16 AM
    I am not really sure how this will help people in the queue ?!? The people waiting forever and in need of most help are ones from 2002, 03 etc. This provision gives away GC's to recent grads (some who may not have even applied for GC yet !) while so many from a decade ago desperately have to wait for infinity.

    This Bill will help ALL people, not only the people who have an advanced degree from US!. With the addtion 55k, the people who have an advanced degree will get the green card immediately. Then, they will be out of the queue. Then all the existing anual visa quato will be allocated to the guys who don't have the advanced degree. This is a great bill for all EB forks. If this bill can be passed, the EB2 will be current . and EB3 will be current in two years. some people just didn't get it.

    Curvature Of The Earth. and the curvature of earth
  • and the curvature of earth

  • yawl
    06-29 04:38 PM
    yes, it is from AILA, very likely to be true:

    AILA National
    Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 3:31 PM
    Subject: Update on July Visa Availability

    We are hearing from multiple sources that, on Monday or Tuesday of next week
    , State Department plans to issue a revised Visa Bulletin for July 2007.
    This revised Bulletin would retrogress some or all of the employment-based
    categories, very likely to the point of unavailable. Reports from AILA
    members about unusual levels and types of activities by USCIS indicate a
    particular push to adjudicate employment-based adjustments currently in the
    pipeline so as to exhaust visa numbers for fiscal year 2007.

    This follows the actions of USCIS in June, when it began rejecting EB-3 "
    Other Worker" adjustment applications even though the Visa Bulletin showed
    an October 2001 cut-off date, on the basis that the "Other Worker" numbers
    for the year had been exhausted.

    For more information on this situation, see InfoNet document #07062770:

    More information to follow as it becomes available.

    2011 curvature of the earth. Curvature Of The Earth. CURVATURE OF THE EARTH

  • jdsouza
    11-04 01:03 PM
    [QUOTE=tonyHK12;2057939]Well it is against the law to employ illegals and this is enforced strictly, so we can forget about tax deduction at source, SS, etc. It will be minuscule. These so called publications are from their supporters which they have numerous of.
    Sure to what extent do you expect a small company to go to check if the person were legal or illegal.

    I am aware of that well publicized stunt. Do you know we have only 800K farm workers and 1.5 million farm workers were granted amnesty in 1986?
    The only way to get cheap labor is with short term foreign contract labor, amnesty will never work, they have to return anyway.
    The farmer will stop working in the farm, the day he gets his GC. Lets not compare an educated american. A citizen with no schooling would take the job at the right wage.
    Nor really true. I have disagree with you here. Labor for agri jobs was documented (and quoted) even by Bush when he was pushing for Comprehensive Immigration reform in 2007. The number 1.5 million that you quote includes families and children of those granted amnesty. Its part of keeping the family unit together.

    There is no proof that the new bill will reduce costs at all! It will take many years to realize it anyway. Reform was needed but not at this moment when there were bigger issues that needed fixing in 6-12 months.
    In the long run it will. The issue was that people could not afford to pay their healthcare insurance premiums. Those of us who are lucky to have high paying jobs and good employers can very look down on the folks that don't have healthcare. However, health care is now a human right declared by United Nations in Dec 1948. In the US, the largest developed nation, there are millions who cannot get healthcare (only emergency care). Even if this healthcare doesn't reduce it drastically in the short term, it will stem the rising costs eventually. That is the long term projection at least. Think about how much cheaper prescription drugs are in Canada when compared to the US.

    I think that "what we are debating here is "what is better for the US". You and I can contribute to the SS and Medicare system that we are not allowed to draw from until we have greencards or become naturalized citizens. The illegals you mention are in the same boat. The point that I am making is that the anti-immigration lobby sees all immigrants in a single light. If we try to divide ourselves away from the low-skilled we are not going to get anywhere. Immigration in general touches a number issues - civil and human rights, economics, etc.. By trying to distance ourselves from any of these issues, we are in fact make it more difficult for ourselves. For the record, I do want a green card, I want a fair system. I don't believe in treating one person different from another because of their background or the kind of work they perform. (that's just to give some perspective regarding my views on the issue). Thanks for listening!


    Curvature Of The Earth. CURVATURE OF THE EARTH

  • santb1975
    04-15 01:28 PM

    I have decided to " run mouse" for half an hour daily..:p.

    Curvature Of The Earth. the curvature of the earth
  • the curvature of the earth

  • texasdesi
    05-28 12:12 PM

    Now that the amendmendts from Senate side have been defeated, what is the latest from House? Do we keep calling CHC members or we have another plan of action? I think the front page needs to be updated.


    Curvature Of The Earth. curvature of the Earth, as
  • curvature of the Earth, as

  • WillIBLucky
    02-02 09:01 AM
    Thomas does say about the amendment. It was included in minimum wage bill that has passed in senate.

    Even this amendment S. Amd 187 was agreed to in senate. So I believe if the minimum wage billed has been passed then same goes with the amendments too. So we can still hope and not that this was hoax.

    2010 and the curvature of earth Curvature Of The Earth. curvature of the earth.
  • curvature of the earth.

  • mhathi
    07-21 01:38 PM
    Filing date: May 21st 2008
    Receipt Date: May 21st 2008
    FP Date: 6/11/08
    LUD 06/06/08
    LUD 07/22/08
    CPO: 08/18/08 :D
    Approval Notice Sent: 08/20/08:D:D


    Curvature Of The Earth. The Curvature of the Earth
  • The Curvature of the Earth

  • preetianu
    02-02 08:46 AM
    credit goes to out Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) "waitnwatch" for this ride ...good job :D :D

    hair CURVATURE OF THE EARTH Curvature Of The Earth. the curvature of the Earth
  • the curvature of the Earth

  • realizeit
    05-15 12:49 PM
    It would be great if IV moderators can setup an automated WebFax to all these Congressmen (in CHC) that all members of IV can utilize. I am waiting for a feature like that.

    We should use a standard template with a standard message which will get appended with the contact information of the IV member who sends that.

    Also, pass whatever cost for this feature to the IV member who is sending the fax. You can count two adults from my family who are ready to pay for such an effort.

    Only if we setup something like that, we could achieve responses in massive numbers. We need to make sure that the effort from an individual IV member remains minimal even if it costs 20-40 dollars. That way, we can increase the number of fax submissions.

    Waiting to see such a facility. Please let me know, how I can help with this effort.

    One time Contribution: 100
    Recurring Contribution: 50


    Curvature Of The Earth. A curvature is an arch.
  • A curvature is an arch.

  • immigc06
    06-01 03:12 PM
    I applied on 4/19. No response yet. Mine is expiring in end of July.
    I have mailed my application to Dallas Lock box on 5/10, received on 5/11. My checks are not cashed yet and no reply on status of the application.

    hot CURVATURE OF THE EARTH Curvature Of The Earth. the curvature of the earth
  • the curvature of the earth

  • danlupas
    05-16 05:35 PM
    Is there a way for the biometric appointment notification to go to the lawer because I might have to travel and not be home to receive the letter ?


    house the curvature of the earth Curvature Of The Earth. curvature of the earth
  • curvature of the earth

  • amitjoey
    07-11 05:52 PM
    Now that we have the people aware through Flowers, we can go for the big kill.
    Advertize in Newspapers in D.C., State capitals or National newspapers
    We can contribute to IV and IV can advertize.
    Half page ad with facts, events and Rep. Lofgren letter.
    Nothing works better than mass media awareness
    What do you think IV?

    The best thing to do right now: At the cost of repeating myself, bear with me.
    I believe this is going to work: Write letters and post them to your senators. Senate is in session, and all its going to take is a little spark.

    In the past, we have sent emails and webfaxes to senators only to get canned- pre typed responses.
    Recently, I have realised that senators favour written letters, posted (with postage stamp) especially if it comes from constituents from their state. Same with house reps. I have talked to my senator's staff and they have advised me to write a letter.
    The staff member said, letters are always read, and responded. Senator will send an inquiry to the appropriate agency. This will create an impact, all of us should write letters.

    tattoo the curvature of the earth Curvature Of The Earth. curvature to the earth on
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  • EkAurAaya
    10-12 04:13 PM
    Let me start saying that I am not 'stats guru' either.

    My simple way of looking at it is the way it happened in June-July 2007. Why did they open the gates? To use up the VISA numbers for the FY.

    What can they do to do the same this year? Open it again (may not make it current but to the extent they can use 140000 by Sep 30 2008).

    As most 485 applications will notbe processed for another 6-9 months (among Jun-Aug filers), dates will move forward (may become current as well) and whoever has their 485, name check processed will get their GC besides all pending at CP.

    They definitely do not have 140000 processed, name-check-completed 485 applications at hand. Hence dates will move.

    I dont think the dates will become current anytime soon (we are talking years now) reason being... they have more information now then had earlier this year (they now know exactly how many and what year PD's)...


    pictures curvature of the Earth, as Curvature Of The Earth. Speed of flat earth moving
  • Speed of flat earth moving

  • santb1975
    04-06 08:31 PM
    NolaIndian - Thanks for all the work you have done to turn your Initial Idea from a couple of months ago into a real project. you are awesome. we need volunteers like you.

    dresses the curvature of the earth Curvature Of The Earth. curvature of the earth,
  • curvature of the earth,

  • mirage
    05-15 09:45 PM
    I guess instead of wasting our time to educate the opponents we should spend our energy to gather support of Neutral members


    makeup The Curvature of the Earth Curvature Of The Earth. the curvature of the earth
  • the curvature of the earth

  • bindas74
    06-15 11:55 PM

    I am planning to start a new petition in EB2 and use my EB3 2003 PD.
    What I gather from here is that the EB2 PERM has almost 100% chance of getting audited due to the current economy.
    I am planning the EB2 with a different employer.
    I have the following questions:
    1) Since I am going with a different employer can I use a different ODot code than what was used when filing my EB3 labor in RIR? ( I am guessing the codes differ slightly from the old labor certification days anyways)
    2) What would happen if by bad luck my new PERM gets denied? Will my old EB3 petition continue to be valid?

    Any advise is greatly appreciated.

    girlfriend curvature to the earth on Curvature Of The Earth. curvature of the Earth#39;s
  • curvature of the Earth#39;s

  • tnite
    08-18 04:15 PM
    What is going to be the next step? Do we get the card or we need to wait for Approval Notice sent email and after that we get the card.

    If anybody can let me know, that will be great........

    GO IV GO

    it doesnt matter whether you get the approval notice or not. The card is the most important thing.
    The card usually takes anywhere from 3-5 days

    hairstyles A curvature is an arch. Curvature Of The Earth. The earth#39;s curvature can be
  • The earth#39;s curvature can be

  • pointlesswait
    04-07 02:11 PM
    "IV Professional Network" is a great idea... are you thinking inthe line of NetIP???
    for that should we not think of new sister website! with a link provided on thru IV website!

    01-12 07:07 PM
    Not probabaly but 100 % confirmed that i have never been a donor.
    So that means you know nothing about how IV works, no point in arguing about something you don't know anything about. You can rather spend time on figuring how cows fly.
    Its quite strange and selfish that you couldn't even think of sparing $25 for an organization working for immigrants in 4 years. Many of our senior members are in EB3.

    Now my questions is why do big companies in USA donate to any party. They do that because they believe that when that party come to power the goverment will be positive towards that specific business.

    Nobody is selling anything to you. This is not a political party. If you can't support IV, its only you who is going to be the loser, no one else.

    10-05 10:00 PM
    USCIS Application and Receipting Update - As of October 5, 2007 D&vgnextchannel=54519c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    Not much progress over last week for NSC but TSC moved by 8 days.

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