Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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  • ZoomZoomZoom
    Sep 6, 08:58 AM
    Does anyone know how the 7300GT compares to the X1600? I am leaning towards the 20" to replace my 17" rev. A iMacG5, but would upgrade to the 24" is the GPU is a big bump.

    Apple has it benchmarked. It is a large jump.

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  • dbhays
    Aug 24, 06:50 PM
    my battery is one of the one's that needs replaced, but the website won't take the serial number (verified by someone at apple) and tech support is clogged for the day, so hopefully sometime later this week i can get a battery sent to me. anyway, if anyone else goes there and has the 5 digit number in the range but it won't take your serial number be sure to call apple because it could be a website error.

    That's what happend to me. Called Apple support. They were great. The lady I spoke with said that there were errors happening on the website, but she was able to get it through by changing my serial number. She said she was using the recall website.

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  • gekko513
    Aug 2, 05:37 PM
    So what happens when the owner of the MacBook closes the computer?
    The computer goes to sleep, I suppose. If the attacker has installed something like a rootkit on the computer before that, the MacBook will still be compromised when it wakes up.

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  • pdxflint
    Mar 8, 06:23 AM
    One of the Mac screen savers will do mosaics of photos from a folder... it's kind of cool to watch them zoom out into a mosaic, but can get hypnotic... ;)

    Mine for today... from last summer's archives, since I've been somewhat dormant the last couple of weeks or so... (
    D300, 17-55f/2.8 @ 55mm, f/3.5, 1/640, ISO200

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  • bearcatrp
    Apr 14, 09:53 AM
    I find the timeline in the current iMovie harder to work than some of the older versions. now.

    Are you aware you can change the timeline to look like imovie6 HD? My biggest gripe about iMovie 11 is no third party plugins. iMovie 6 can use them though. I'm hoping the next FCE (if there will be one) has the same power as FCP. Yeah, it will be dumbed down but I want a semi pro editor for home use.

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  • pounce
    Mar 28, 11:52 AM
    couldn't get one today at the apple store in Atlanta, best buy, or target. would love to be able to pick one up already.

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  • treblah
    Aug 4, 11:11 AM
    I think this thread has started to become unraveled. It's a freaking banner with somewhat arbitrarily picked/placed Apple products and software people! It's cool that we got to see Apple's welcome banner, isn't that enough?

    But wait, now that you mention it....where the hell is the iPod Radio Remote? :rolleyes:

    Hahahaha. :)

    Welcome to your first WWDC on MacRumors.

    Just wait until Sunday night/Monday morning! ;)

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  • deconai
    Aug 3, 12:06 PM
    People keep mentioning this.. does anyone have a link to the add that specifically challenges hackers?
    No, not a direct challenge. I'm sorry, I was using hyperbole to drive a point home. Apple's not obscure anymore. Even though they control a small portion of the total PC market, I'm seeing more Apple commercials on TV and online than I ever have. They're extremely high visibility now.

    And as for the hacker challenge, many believe that the new commercials present a "smug" image of Apple, and one of the commercials specifically touches on the nonexistence of Mac viruses. Now I realize that this is not exactly an open invitation to challenge the OSX 20-ton gorilla, but to some hackers, this does indeed make Apple a target.

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  • cwh812
    Sep 13, 08:49 AM
    New Nanos are available at the 5th Ave. store in New York. I picked up the black 8GB this morning. Also, they are giving the educational discount on them. Perhaps they only disabled it online.

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  • thejedipunk
    Aug 4, 03:41 AM
    Also why is a cup of tea/coffee up there? There is a small 3rd party prog that uses the icon, I'm just wondering why its up there... perhaps to promote the use of Macs in coffee shops =)

    That's the Mac style logo for Sun's Java. Been in use for a while now.

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  • PowerGamerX
    Oct 12, 04:49 PM
    Curious to know what is your idea of an extra-ordinary Mac Setup?

    He still has to buy and stuff Steve Job's head so he can put it over his fire place.

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  • Bobjob186
    Nov 6, 11:27 PM
    Would you buy a CD MB the day the C2D comes out for $700

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  • saving107
    Mar 25, 01:11 PM
    He didn't mean the Mac OS; he meant an app he bought from the App Store that was 4GB.

    I'm pretty sure he was referring to apps purchased in the Mac AppStore, not the OS itself.

    ah, I mis-read the post.

    my apologies.

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  • DsurioN
    Jan 11, 02:24 PM
    Apple is purchasing the 700 mhz range to offer free wireless iTunes in all of its products across North America!

    Made me think of the Beatles as well..

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  • MattDell
    Sep 6, 10:08 AM
    Forgive me if this isn't new, but I just noticed that you can order the BT keyboard and mighty mouse as a package for $60 ($54 edu discount). Given that the BT MM alone is $69, this is a great deal.
    Where do you see this?

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  • Plecky
    Sep 4, 11:07 PM
    I think Apple has really reached a fork in the road when it comes to the iPod.

    Do they really want to start selling these things as vidoe players, not just music players that play video? If so, everyone knows they need a bigger screen and that is going to run up the price of the iPod.

    So they have a choice:
    (1) Introduce a true video iPod and ask more for it.
    (2) Drop in bigger HDs into the current line.

    The introduction of movie rentals might be a testing ground to see if people are really buying the idea. So if the iVideo Store (?) does well, this might indicate that people really want true, big scree video iPods. If it does so-so that might tell Apple that they should just keep the iPod primarilly a music player and the vidoe playback be an extra feature.

    If they do introduce a more expensive, full screen iPod, they need a cheap[er], higher capacity only-music player too. This is where the Nano comes in. They need to be sure they have a good, well built, atractive line of Nanos for their customers that do not want to take the plunge to the video side.

    The introduction of a new Nano and a video store but not a 6G iPod might indicate that they are stilling trying to decide which direction to take the 6G. I would say that if they do introduce the video store and a new Nano on the 12th a new iPod will be out before Christmas (no later that Thanksgiving, late November).

    All this is based on the assumption that a true video iPod would cost more than the current line. I make this assumption based on the fact that they need bigger hard drives, bigger screens, and better battery. All these improvements are bound to increase the price.

    I believe they'll just up the storage this time around. Then maybe in another year (or whenver most reasonable) they'll release a TRUE iPod video, and as for battery life - by this point would it be unreasonable to have a 16-32 GB flash-based iPod's? Sure that might be stepping on the nano's ground, but it would increase battery life and I'm sure they could offer a thicker HDD based model with 120 GB or something outrageous for those who need/want the storage, even if it means having a twice as thick iPod or something... I've read that it's possible that flash will drop to prices that a 32 GB iPod in a year isn't too unbelievable. Seeing that the Nano should double from 4-8 Gig's year over year, I would imagine another double 8-16 isn't too farfetched, and 32 a possibility at a higher price point.

    Then again maybe increasing the ram or whatever chip that gives the 60 gig 5G iPod better battery life then the 30 gig may be enough in and of itself. But I have no idea... Just some thoughts though, rumor on friends.

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  • Skika
    Mar 25, 12:14 PM
    Is it for ipad also? I currently have my macbook in for repair, could i update in with my friend's pc who has itunes in the meantime?

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  • joeboy_45101
    Sep 6, 09:05 AM
    I can't decide whether I want the 17" or the 20". What do you all suggest? :D

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  • jaxstate
    Aug 29, 09:11 AM
    Haha, I wouldn't dare. I use mine for work, and getting a company in trouble for using hacked OSs is a no no.
    Yeah...I'm already dowloading latest version of Limewire and BitTorrent only for that..:D

    Oct 10, 01:13 PM
    This is my new setup, I am still playing around with it (

    It is kinda dark but I like it dark^^

    I also can't stand wood I don't know why, but that is just a personal preference ;)

    When its daylight again I'll try taking another picture if there is interest

    Sep 6, 09:26 AM
    See this - the price of the spec I want in US Dollars, when converted to British Pounds, is...�1337!
    :D I like that!

    I love Intel's naming scheme right now, how there's the Core 2 Duo for the desktop, and the...Core 2 Duo for notebooks...which are the same, but slightly different...and they both follow on from the Core Solo and Duo...which aren't actually Core processors...*headexplodes*

    Bring on Merom MBP's! Then get them preloaded with Leopard before the end of February so I can still get it all before I graduate and get edu discount! :D

    Mar 28, 12:25 PM
    Try, that should help you locate one in your area.

    Milo helped me find 2 iPads at a Best Buy in my local area. Unfortunately, the site has shown 'sold out' everywhere for the last few days.

    Nov 7, 06:08 PM
    This thread has, to the best of my knowledge, managed to stay tablet free up until now...thanks for contaminating a great thread with pie in the sky. :D
    hehe, i just want a tablet, with translusant ipod like edges...lemme dream a little bit, ok?

    in all seriousness though, they've 2 notebook lines, and 3 screen sizes. in order to continue their growth, they've to get into even more niche markets, while expanding their mainstream markets.

    Manic Mouse
    Sep 6, 07:41 AM
    Merom. Boo.

    Well I won't be getting one of these iMacs. Merom and rubbish graphics cards. Great.

    Where's my tower, Apple!?

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