Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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javier bardem penelope cruz. Javier Bardem And Penelope
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  • notjustjay
    Aug 31, 09:56 AM
    it's not all that expensive considering Apple has release three OS upgrades since XP came out at least. If you add those together it is more expensive than Vista. That's how you have to look at it

    But (as has probably been said already) you don't HAVE to buy every upgrade.

    I paid for an OS upgrade once, from Jaguar to Panther. I'm still debating whether to buy Tiger. I might just skip the Tiger generation and go directly to Leopard.

    javier bardem penelope cruz. Javier Bardem and Penelope
  • Javier Bardem and Penelope

  • Mammoth
    Aug 4, 02:48 AM
    Apple can conquer any resolution problems. The only thing they can't fix is how much people bitch.
    Print that on a t-shirt and watch the PC fanboys cry. :D

    javier bardem penelope cruz. Penelope Cruz and Javier
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  • shawnce
    Aug 3, 09:13 PM
    I'm not downloading a sh script to my mac. lol

    It contains...

    #! /bin/sh
    echo -n "Finding channel and signal strength....."
    sleep 1
    echo "DONE!!"
    echo -n "Preparing shellcode."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    echo "Adding connection information for remote client."
    echo -n "Sending attack"
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo "."
    echo "Waiting for response"
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    sleep 1
    echo -n "."
    echo "Got Shell"
    #Note, requires public key files on remote machine to connect without password
    ssh bad@ 'ls'
    ssh bad@

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  • Michaelgtrusa
    Apr 12, 12:52 PM
    Manufacturing build wealth, generate revenue and helps a nation defend itself in time of war, we have shipped most of that overseas. So what happens when we have to go to war on a world scale? The U.S has been protecting Taiwan for several years and what have the done for the U.S? Nothing!

    javier bardem penelope cruz. Javier Bardem and Penelope
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  • iGary
    Sep 6, 08:56 AM
    Wow, this is great news, I'm impressed - I never saw a 24" iMac in the cards!

    And, since it's Merom, this makes the likelihood of seeing a Conroe minitower even better - after all, Apple has to stick the Conroe chip in something, right? ;) :D As it stands now, since Merom is technically the "mobile chip", Apple has 5 mobile solutions (2 mobile MB/MBPs, 3 not-so-mobile iMacs) and a workstation solution (Mac Pro), so where is the desktop solution? :p :cool:

    Workstations sit on desktops. :p :D

    javier bardem penelope cruz. Penelope Cruz amp; Javier Bardem
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  • drlunanerd
    Sep 6, 08:25 AM
    1920 x 1200

    Why 1394b at 800 Mbps when eSATA at 3000 Gbps is available?



    javier bardem penelope cruz. Penelope Cruz and Javier
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  • Treq
    Nov 4, 11:53 PM
    Yeah!!! You forgot the part about world peace and end of hunger....

    Yeah!!! You against the world! I suppose you also write to fashion magazines, complaining that all their models have perfect, skinny bodies....

    But all kidding aside, without Flash, you must be having a pretty poor and limited web experience. Or, you just hang out on the Apple site.... :D

    So, let me get this straight.
    You are for:
    Sloppy code, anorexia, bulimia, and famine.

    And you are against:
    Apple and world peace.

    Good choice.

    javier bardem penelope cruz. Penelope Cruz and Javier
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  • Yebot
    Mar 18, 01:54 PM
    I'd like to seen an 128 GB iPod Touch before they sunset the Classic.

    javier bardem penelope cruz. Penelope Cruz and Javier
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  • guffman
    Aug 4, 11:46 AM
    Is WWDC being shown in Apple Stores? I don't see any info on the pages.

    No its not. There will be live text coverage on MR, and their will be a video of the keynote on apple's site within a couple hours after it ends.

    javier bardem penelope cruz. Javier Bardem and Penelope
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  • Lone Deranger
    Jan 11, 03:37 PM
    Isn't it obvious?? :D

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  • Vantage Point
    Mar 11, 03:59 PM
    Remember, it's still just a rumor.

    I will be amazed if it is tomorrow and relieved if it is Tuesday 16th.

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

    javier bardem penelope cruz. Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem
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  • yellow
    Aug 9, 10:55 AM
    Why did they use a 3rd party USB wireless card then?

    Do we really need to rehash all this?

    What they put forth as a hack is fishy. There's a lot of missing information.
    They could have hung it off a bar of soap with linux installed on it and done the same exploit. Because they hate soap and think linux is for girls.

    It's just FUDtardery.

    javier bardem penelope cruz. Javier Bardem. Cruz, 35
  • Javier Bardem. Cruz, 35

  • FF_productions
    Aug 3, 06:31 PM
    Yeah, is it possible to *watch* keynote as it happens, cause I don't wanna miss t, I wanna feel the suspense, or at leas thow long after Keynote will we know details?






    javier bardem penelope cruz. Penelope Cruz and Javier
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  • Chosenbydestiny
    Nov 8, 07:54 AM
    this is more of a facelift than a product change

    expect lots of these from apple now that they're Intel Powered.

    (which is no bad thing)

    Yeah I have no problem with it at all, I was going to buy a new macbook regardless because I wanted the previous model anyway. Just heard there was a cooler processor upgrade coming and well, it's here! Except now I have to change my mind and buy the middle priced one instead of the starting priced one because of the much better bargain, damn it.

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  • emotion
    Nov 8, 08:05 AM
    It's only �20 more now than a same-spec white one. Cheaper than before I think.

    I was just about to post this. The UK store appears down for me at the moment. This is based on the edu price (the UK edu store is up for me).

    I'm teetering the edge of buying the black one. If that price was for a 1x1GB memory config I'd be a lot more tempted.

    I think I can wait until the MBP 13.3 that will be announced in January (alongside the touchscreen ipod). :D

    javier bardem penelope cruz. Penelope Cruz and Javier
  • Penelope Cruz and Javier

  • 2ms
    Mar 15, 12:51 PM
    I was really thinking about an iMac, but I'm considering a Sony Vaio laptop with an IPS monitor from a 3rd party. I'll definitely wait to see what Apple comes out with this week, though.

    Whenever anyone posts on here that they're thinking of going Windows, a lot of people either shout TROLL! or say: fine, goodbye.

    I still feel like it's a shame to leave Macs behind. Still, again I have to say that Windows 7 offers a lot more to the Mac-learned creative community than any other version from Microsoft.**

    **Other than maybe Windows 2000 pro in its heyday... nice solid system that got out of your way.

    Really? I have Windows 7 on desktop and find it to be the same crap as Vista but with a new theme pack. Other than the slightly different appearance it seams essentially exactly the same (ie the worst Windows since M.E.).

    javier bardem penelope cruz. Javier Bardem Penelope Cruz
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  • LastLine
    Sep 6, 09:16 AM
    Interestingly the formerly complete Mac family now has a new member in the form of the 24� iMac. Be interesting to see how 'complete' the Macbook family was now...

    javier bardem penelope cruz. Penelope Cruz and Javier
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  • robbieduncan
    Nov 8, 08:51 AM
    it seems that there is no longer an option for the "matte" screen, only the glossy one.

    That option NEVER existed for MacBooks, only for MacBook Pros.

    javier bardem penelope cruz. Javier Bardem and Penelope
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  • RebootD
    Apr 11, 10:23 PM
    Good points. In any other profession, say a carpenter, you buy the tools before you make anything but you also have to have talent as a baseline.

    Pretty sure people supporting illegally obtaining them wouldn't support said carpenter from walking into a Home Depot and walking out with $3k in power tools because "Hey, he is just getting started!".

    No, I'm saying this completely fake but probable guy isn't doing well enough with his full time job (which is as a graphic artist), so he's doing a little freelance work to get to a point where he can afford his various monthly payments. It's a break even thing, and there's not much left over, if any... theoretically.

    Sort of, but his comment about how anyone can learn these apps was incorrect. I was saying you need to have some talent to start with, and once you do, use of the apps CAN increase your design skills - once you start to realize the things you can do with the tools at hand.

    Mar 22, 10:41 AM
    Everyone is waiting eagerly and there have been a lot of rumours on Apple�s next generation iPad named as Apple iPad 2.:):):):mad:

    Mar 25, 04:14 PM
    if you only use it for phone calls and text then it's no problem but if you play a game or surf the web then it may get problematic to achieve a battery life that long

    Not at all. I surf, call, text and game - not 3D games but Angry Birds (naturally). 24 hours easily, 36 on lighter days.

    What helps is the off-peak synching - you can set it to stay online during certain times and not others, so between 12am and 6am it only checks for email every 2 hours, the data connection shuts off otherwise. That helps save a chunk of battery power.

    Nov 1, 07:47 AM
    Yeap, they drilled a hole in the center of the macbook and added a screw.

    Mine had a screw there when it was brand new.

    Apr 11, 12:29 PM
    Biggest advantage I can see would be adding and removing seats on a month-by-month basis based on business needs. For example, imagine your business suddenly picks up for a couple of months, and need an extra license for a contractor or other temporary worker you bring on.

    You're right, though, in that if you miscalculate, you may end up paying more for a temporary license than you would for a permanent one.

    This. For agencies who hire temporary designers paying $129 for a month's liscense is a great idea. (Rather than have to purchase a full copy at retail).

    I'm not getting it because I'm not paying $549 to go from CS5 MC to 5.5. It's a cash grab and I can live without the new features. I always wait until the next FULL update.

    Sep 4, 10:09 AM
    Whats a guess on price for a fully loaded 23' Imac ?

    Unless it contains features that are superior to the 20" iMac (i.e. faster processor, dual hard drives, more ram slots, better video card options), I'd hope for a 2099 release price (or a 100-dollar drop on all iMacs, and a 1999 price).

    Didn't they do this last year too?

    In september they had an event for the itunes phone, and nanos. then in october they had another event for the 5g ipod and the imac?

    Yup - although that phone was crapper...

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