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  • coolpal
    04-02 12:23 PM
    You can apply for H1 transfer now.. but you'll more than likely get a RFE for paystubs.. and if you can provide them (and depending on your job, client letter etc.,) you are good.
    If you old company cancels your h1, you are still good if you applied for transfer before that...

    The only risk might be that you might get approval without I-94 if your old I-94 expired already, which is not true in your case I assume..

    Btw, this is a public forum, you can expect responses, but no one is paid or obliged to do so... so URGENT responses should not be expected here... for such cases, you better pay for a lawyer.

    cheers.. and good luck.

    pal :)

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  • looneytunezez
    11-02 12:19 PM
    Thanks...but i agree with your paralegal friend.......there is no logic to it all.
    logic and law are not usually on "friendly" terms....
    i guess the argument is that one who hasn't filed, cannot be counted.... and you cannot file until you are current.... so no backlog exists .... so non-filers (due to PD) do not exist and hence there is no "official" classification for them i guess.

    I know what looneytunezez says is logical, however, a friend of mine who is a paralegal in a big immigration law firm says otherwise (something similar to what blacktongue says) - don't know what to make of it, hence the post..

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  • sangmami
    09-20 11:16 AM
    I know that many of us have this travel q in mind about after 485 appl it risk free to travel after ur 485 app(ofcourse after u get the receipt notice)but without advance parole if u have ur h1b stamped .
    2...shud there be any issue at the poe regarding absent ap with pending i 485 appl?
    3..can some1 be denied entry based on the above facts>?

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  • venky08
    06-13 11:00 PM
    As usual to complicate decision making.... :mad:

    Today PD (aug 2006 / EB3) is now current :) and I have my I 140 approved.

    I also have another job offer which looks great. :confused: But they will start GC only after 3-4 months!

    Should I just stick on to my current job and ride it out for 6 months to get EAD?

    When does one get EAD 3 months after filing 485 or after 6?
    Also if the dates retrogress, will 485 get approved? or Should the date remain current till 485 gets approved?

    A bird in the hand is better than two in the is upto you...


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  • cheers2all
    05-22 01:49 PM
    Hi Smrryl,

    Was your stamping successful at Matamoros?


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  • maverick_joe
    05-07 01:13 PM
    you should be able to find it from your labor

    Can any one help me in getting information on Onet Code?Is there any website has that information?



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  • MTsoul
    04-03 01:15 PM ( 55054820 ( (805) 984-4166 (888) 287-0699
    You've got your own 800 numbers! That's so kool!

    Okay, this is a bit off topic, but where did you get those? :p:

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  • desi chala usa
    08-26 12:35 PM
    My PD is current since I filed the case, after waiting for almost 8 months I opened the S.R and got the letter back explaining...."We are actively working on your case, however your case under extended background check…blah..blah..blah…"


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  • go_guy123
    01-14 04:49 AM
    If you do get the F-1 visa, then you likely would not face any difficulty at the airport. However, F-1 visa requires non-immigration intent, which would be very difficult, if not impossible, for you to prove. Unfortunately, even J-1 visa requires you to prove non-immigration intent. So if you go outside USA, very likely you will not be able to get back. Therefore, I believe that traveling in your state is not advisable; you should stay put until your children's father is in a position to marry you. Then you can obtain the fiancee visa (K-1) and travel abroad.

    depending on the country of citizenship J1 waiver is also needed

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  • pani_6
    04-30 11:49 AM
    This site has been a hope for lot of us in dark tunnel..sometimes the only hope..From couple years now...
    Thank you immi-law for all you efforts...!:)

    Time for gratitude ...


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  • neeidd
    07-15 12:20 PM
    I have nov 2004 PD. I have the same problem. USCIS received my app on aug 3rd. But notice date is oct 11. From , i see that these dates doesnt matter as long as your PD is current. So, i didnt bother to contact USCIS.
    Thanks for the response, leoindiano


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  • smuggymba
    09-28 11:59 AM
    Check this out -

    I posted this and Elaine (an attorney) helped me out. This might apply to you as well. No need for stamping.


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  • NKR
    10-21 08:32 PM
    With the risk of this news being branded too India specific, i am posting this...

    go to for live webcast of chandrayaan launch. the launch is scheduled to be at 8.50 PM ET

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  • thakkarbhav
    02-08 09:43 AM
    Yes. Perm Resi Card is your green card. You need H1B OR EAD OR GC/Citizenship to work.

    Once you become citizen then you do not need GC. You will get US passport which is good enough for work/Travel.

    GC is like super user so you can work for any employer in the USA.

    I am surprised with your knowledge about GC but it is better to know sooner than later. Regards.


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  • greenflowers
    05-20 09:21 PM
    I am on my 2nd phase of H1B visa which is valid until 2012.
    I want to quit my job and go back to my home country.
    How long after I quit my job do I get to stay here to wrap up and ship my stuff??
    Does that jeopardize my status? I plan to be here for about 30 days after quitting my job. WOuld that be ok? or is it overstaying?

    If I ever need to apply for a tourist visa in future will this jeopardize my chances of getting a visa then?

    Thank you!

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  • raghaone
    07-17 11:13 PM
    Dear friends,

    Please be careful of corrupt attorneys and employers selling same labor to multiple candidates and making money by filing concurrent cases. I am happy that the substitution labor is dead which kills corruption by employers and attorneys. This is one of my bitter experiences with substitute labor.


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  • corleone
    11-02 10:32 AM
    RD 8/16
    ND 10/13
    FP ASC 11/17

    No EAD yet.

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  • Becks
    03-29 05:30 PM
    They would have verified PIMS while giving your wife the H4. But they will again verify with PIMS as one of the steps to issue the H1 visa. I dont think they will bypass it.

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  • learning01
    04-06 01:33 PM
    bill (# S......), will come into this S.Amdt of Specter. See my post here elsewhere in IV (
    Everyone these are the provisions in the original Hagel bill. We're not sure whether they will be there in the new one or not.

    06-19 12:28 PM
    I guess it gives you an idea how efficiently they work

    02-25 07:47 PM
    Once a I140 is filed without the I485 one has to wait for I140 approval before being eigible for filing I485

    Can you post any supporting documentation for this?


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