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  • amitjoey
    12-19 03:41 PM
    We have reached 40%. To reach 50% we need $6000 more. If more people can contribute, we can reach this in no time.

    The core and a lot of serious members have already contributed.

    There are 2 mind sets of people on this forum:
    1) I have contributed $500+ , I do not need to contribute $20 more, In anycase what is my
    $20 going to do?.
    2) I have never contributed, but I am ashamed of making my first contribution of only $20.
    (Although that is what I am comfortable doing at this time.)

    Both the above mindsets are wrong because If we have 7000+ members, out of which say 1000 have already contributed, that leaves us with 6000 members. If 6000 members contribute $1 each, we are at $ 6000 - 50% met.
    Now all are not going to do it.
    So you see $20 is still a good amount to start.

    For the future, we definately need more members. So the add a member campaign is very important.

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  • bowbow
    08-04 02:19 PM

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  • eastindia
    09-29 10:40 AM
    The point is to get a Bill created eventually and have a campaign. We have to start somewhere.

    You are talking about bringing a bill:

    How many congressman and Senators have you met till now ?

    You want to bring a bill without lobbying. So tell your plans. Let us all see.

    You created your new ID, started a thread and you think that is a good start. I need to see something real in an idea than believing in your idea.

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  • imv116
    05-11 11:15 PM
    Mr. Respected,
    I have no respect for anyone who cant respect others. I suggest you grow up. I dont care for your GC or whatever when you dont acknowledge others

    You quoted my post, but what you wrote doesn't make any sense! What's respect others? What is acknowledging others? Are you on pills?


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  • spicy_guy
    07-11 11:23 PM
    Having said that, this will be the right time to purse this agenda...Many of the folks suggested, counting date for citizenship from I-485 receipt date or I-140 receipt date. If you google 'Backdate GC', we can see that many other folks in murthy, rajiv khanna forums are also talking about this. So, we might have enough members to pursue this further. Many of us have been here close to 10 years (Me from 2000 on F1, OPT, H1B etc). Its only fair to have some of those years counted towards citizenship.

    Pappu, IV leadership,

    Please let us know how to proceed further on this...

    Yes, I like this one too and posted about this a few times. We can take this agenda forward. I think we'll have a lot of supporters...

    This might already be in IV's agenda. Pappu? Can you shed some light in this matter?

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  • tonyHK12
    10-04 10:41 AM
    I have been trying to find the latest CIR thread by Pappu (where he talks about it being introduced) from last week (or the week before ?!) but was unable to locate it.

    Here it is


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  • lutherpraveen
    01-18 12:44 PM
    Well I am one of those guys who visits immigrationvoice almost on a daily basis and benefit a lot, but never bothered to even think about making a contribution.
    The reason behind this is not so much a matter of not wanting to contribute, but just a preconceived notion of "What difference can my contribution make".
    Your post is certainly an eye opener.
    We complain so much about the lack of a quick turnaround for our issues, yet expect someone else to work to resolve the problem, while shamelessly hoping to benefit from the resolution with zero participation in the efforts.
    Sorry IV, for my past indifference. I have started my monthly $20 contribution and hope to increase it in the near future.

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  • sumanitha
    01-15 11:09 AM
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  • illusions
    05-09 03:32 PM
    No movement for us EB-3 ROW... this sucks... sigh just have to wait another month now and see what will happen.

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  • NolaIndian32
    04-16 01:45 PM
    The second reason is fund raising. I have a fundraising goal of 5$00 this year ans starting out early will give me a higher probablity of meeting my goal or exceeding it. I am going to be writing letters to my friends/ family to contribute towards IV as early as next week. I will see if I can raise atleast 150 to 200$ by doing that. I am going to organize a summer BBQ and have a cover charge or put a donation box at the BBQ. I will see how much I can raise doing that. My third event will be around November. I was planning on partnering with some friends and baking some pie's, puff pastry's, Cookies, kebobs and selling them at a local farmers maket on a saturday. Hopefully I will raise more than $500 doing all these. This should be a fun filled year for me.

    I want to emphasize on this posting by Santb1975. I know that several IV Members have put in a lot of hard work over several weekends for the past several months working on the letter writing campaign. This initiative, Team IV, is slightly different, and is centered around your personal fitness goals, and having fun. The fundraising goals for each Member are so nominal that about 2-3 events should get you to your targets easily. These events do not require more than 2-3 days of planning and execution combined. In the process, you are going to have some fun as well.

    All you need to do now, is sign up with Team IV. You can sustain or start your committment to fitness training and sign up for one of the Team IV or local events. The fundraising can start as late as August and you will have plenty of time to wrap it up by January 18, 2009.

    I am confident that several Team IV Members will exceed their initial goals of $300 or $500.

    This is a year long, fun filled, fitness oriented way to support IV!!


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  • MeraNaamJoker
    08-05 05:35 PM
    Keep us posted.

    I spoke with IO on 3rd, initiated SR on 4th, initiated congressional request today i.e. 5th. My Infopass is on 11th. Will complete 10 years in US on 13th. Birthday few days after that. So I guess something should work...ROFL...

    PD: December 2005.

    Arae mere pyaara bhaai,

    I am completing 10 years in GC process in September 22, 2010.:cool:

    How about that?

    Before the first application gets to process, I left the company and joined another company. The GC which I am waiting for since then was filed by the second company. They filed it on EB3 eventhough I was eligible for EB2 for "easier processing". At that time both EB2 and EB3 were current. And it remained the same way till I got my labor approved the very same month it went into retrogression. Since then I am waiting.

    By the way, my first company sold the labor they filed for me for $15K dollars to another guy. He got his GC in 2005 and just 2 months back he became an US Citizen.

    That is a long story told short....

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  • billu
    03-29 09:26 AM
    I've mailed my application on 3/16 and received by Houston office on 3/18 as per fedex tracking..

    I sent an email to on friday and got the response that my application was not registered in their system..

    Is there some waiting time to register the application in the system?? I'll send another mail after 2 days..hopefully it will be registered by then..

    did u e-mail them this week?Is ur application registered in their system....I mailed mine on 25th and it was delivered on 26th and I am wondering when it would be in their system???


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  • rangaswamy
    05-08 12:42 PM
    Greened on may 2nd, received card by Priority mail yesterday.

    Everything looks so beautiful and green now :P

    Thank You IV! I will continue to support in what ever means i can

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  • spi_50us
    03-20 03:56 PM
    1) Visa recapture
    2) Eliminate country cap
    3) Eliminate applicants with graduate degrees from annual cap

    Item 3 may not help a lot of applicants directly, but it will free up visa numbers in the annual cap.


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  • NolaIndian32
    04-10 12:38 PM
    I am happy to report that within the first 4 days of this campaign we have already hit a potential fundraising total of $3,500!!!

    We need to keep this campaign moving forward, we need IVians to support this cause! Our goal by end of Year 1 is $45,000!!! We need your support to make this initiative a success.

    Lets get IV's name out on the national stage by showing our presence at these events. Imagine the impact we will have when they see Team IV walker/runners in Immigration Voice T Shirts at the finish line of all the three walking/running events we have picked and at several other local events as well.

    Go IV, Go Team IV!!:)

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  • preetianu
    02-01 09:21 PM
    This is our state

    360 view.


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  • chandarc
    07-16 02:06 PM
    Thankyou , Just wrote my cry!

    I have sent my cry to my senators and representative.

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  • gc_on_demand
    05-04 08:00 AM
    People from EB2 India June are getting approval left and right with in 3 days of months which is good sign. What does that mean ? DOS prediction for porting is not as high as they thought.

    If porting was high then people from EB3 who ported should get more and more approval than people who are in EB2. We will not see any movement in June may be week or two but in July I think we will reach end of 2006. Aug and Sep is DOS's call.

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  • sgujjari
    02-01 08:00 PM
    SFO took exactly 5 business days, incl. the day they received and the day they dispatched.

    sent by mail.

    only 2 photos needed.

    notarized only the cover letter and affidavit to add spouse's name.

    their website is perfect. don't need to read/talk to anything/one else. > Passport

    perfect 10.

    :D funny thing happened with desi Notary.. Jay Leno stuff.. :D

    Asked him to notarize the affidavit to add spouse's name.

    he wrote.. i hereby notarize.. 'AFFIDAVIT FOR ADDITIONAL SPOUSE'.

    ADDITIONAL !!?? :D :D

    i was thinking... i have one.. i'm good.. no thank you..

    1. Fully completed & signed Application Form, printed from your website (4 Pages).
    2 recent photographs - 1 pasted on the first page & 1 stapled on the last page.
    2. 1 Money Order of $40 for passport fee.
    3. Original old/current passport ####### (36 pages).
    4. Copies of first five & last two pages and VISA page from current Passport (6 pgs).
    5. Self-addressed USPS Express Mail Envelope for passport return.
    6. Proof of work authorization (2 pages):
    i) Copy of I-797 and
    ii) Copy of EAD.
    7. Proof of legal status (2 pgs) :
    i) Copy of H1B VISA &
    ii) Copy of I-485 Receipt.
    8. Proof of residence(4 pgs):
    i) Rental Agreement and
    ii) Landline Telephone Bill.
    9. For wife�s name inclusion:
    i) Copies of first five & last two pages from my wife�s Passport (6 pgs)
    ii) Copy of Marriage certificate,
    iii) Copy of Marriage Photos (2 pgs)
    iv) Affidavit signed by both of us.

    only couple of things i didn't follow in the website instructions are..

    1) Didn't include wife's original passport.
    2) Didn't get two witnesses to sign the affidavit to add spouse's name
    and no wedding card copy.

    Hello Sir,

    Was your passport issued in India?I have applied for my passport renewal and it was issued in Visakhapatnam. I urgently need my new passport to travel to india..


    02-02 08:22 AM
    moderators please close this thread....

    05-15 10:48 AM
    Hello friends,
    My birth certificate has the following information
    date of birth, Mothers name, fathers name, place of birth. It does not have my name and i am from India. Is it ok.. or should i get one with name.

    My PD is not current but i am getting ready with all the documents, just in case it gets current.

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