Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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  • philr5150
    Mar 25, 04:15 PM
    Do you switch it on?

    Of course, or I wouldn't get 36 hours would I? :confused:

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  • morespce54
    Jul 24, 03:39 PM
    The current iPod is 4.1 x 2.4 inches. A mass market paperback -- which ain't big -- is roughy 7.1 x 4.3 inches, which is almost twice as large as an iPod. Most eBook devices are the size of a mass market paperback or larger. Portable DVD/DVR players are also typically larger than the iPod enclosure. I am all for a wide format iPod where the screen is the thing, but I'm not sure I want to read a book (or watch movies) on it if it's going to be the same size as the current iPod enclosure.

    ...but then, I wouldn't want to listen to my music on a paperback size device... :rolleyes:

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  • topmounter
    Mar 25, 01:07 PM
    Update of the beast!

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  • Paix247
    Jan 11, 01:46 PM
    perhaps the new ultra-portable will not need a power cord.

    I remember a patent application from a while back . . .

    True, I remember that. More reasons to hope for my new slim Macbook! yay!

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  • azentropy
    Apr 14, 06:34 PM
    That's not true though is it?

    Not even close... see my post above.

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  • Warbrain
    Nov 7, 07:06 AM
    Your link is infected with the trojan virus offiz -- beware really is. Weird.

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  • Squonk
    Nov 7, 09:44 AM
    Maybe they won't be 100% compliant, but unless something earth shattering happens before 802.11n is finalized, I'd expect that many draft-n products could be made compatible with equipment using the the final standard, with little more than a firmware change.

    And wasn't 802.11g still in the draft stage when it was introduced in the AirPort Extreme? (Extreme was introduced on January 7, but 802.11g was not ratified until June 2003.)

    That is something I've been wondering - what is the approval process like for these standards? Specifically, why does this take so long for approval?

    I think its great that Apple is putting the pre-N capable hardware in to the iMac's, MP and MBP already just awaiting a pre-N capable base station to make it fly. Oooh - maybe they will intro this in November to have a sale on one for Black Friday? Steve, how about it?

    Certainly the pre-n stuff will be turned on in January for the iTV intro. Here's a thought - so will there be MB and MM update prior to iTV so that the entire line will have pre-n hardware and be capable of communicating to the iTV at full tilt speeds? I'm guessing so!

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  • asphalt-proof
    Sep 4, 09:34 AM
    That's HOT (figuratively and literally)!! I think the only way you could pull that off is with an external tuner, just like laptops have an external power supply.
    Does a TV tuner add THAT much heat? Plus, with 23" of real estate to play with I would think that they could find a way to keep the heat down

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  • Therbo
    Mar 25, 02:42 PM
    I highly doubt 4.4 will be a CMDA only version. If you think about it, the 4.3.1 update hits currently i'm guessing around 90% of iPhone 4. So obviously there is more rush to get 90% of iPhone 4s updated compared to 5%.

    I would think Apple prefer to keep their GSM model supported more. Because of the hugely larger user base.

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  • Apoptosis
    Nov 8, 04:27 AM
    If I go to the Australain Apple Store the delivery time for a Black MacBook is 3-5 days.

    If I go to configure and upgrade it to 1Gb RAM the delivery time falls to 2-4 days!!!

    Ecplain that to me all you rumo(u)r experts:confused:

    Looks like someone at apple didn't think things all the way through correctly :p

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  • farmboy
    Jan 11, 05:02 PM
    Hey everyone, I'd just thought you'd like to know that I'm loaded too. I have 901 shares of Apple....and I would have lost close to $18000 last week when the stock dropped, but fortunately it's only 5% of my portfolio. That and some prescient shorting mitigated my downside risk. So yeah, how about that new MacPro?

    until you sell. It's just a value.

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  • mdntcallr
    Aug 24, 01:21 PM
    Heh, after checking all of my batteries are fine. darn! (or good)

    was sort of hoping to get a free update on the battery. but to be honest. would be a waste of time, as i will probably buy one of the new macbook pro's soon.

    whenever the new models are released.

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  • BC2009
    Apr 13, 03:55 PM
    If it's shipping in June, even June 30, how can it not be near final form? I mean when a developer tells me s/w is "nowhere near final form" I'm thinking early beta at best. But 2.5 months from release (assume June 30) shouldn't it be in the bug testing phases and everything else locked up?

    Coming from a software developer, it is very likely they are doing a concurrent development model whereby they integrate features from different source branches into the main branch one at a time. During this process you periodically "reverse integrate" the main branch into your feature branch to ensure your feature branch is functioning properly. When you complete a feature branch that has the latest main branch features integrated, you test the build within the feature branch, ensure it works, and then integrate into the main branch to make the new feature available to the other feature branches.

    If the "missing" features are relatively orthogonal to one another then it is very likely that when this "main branch" was built in February, that testing of the missing features was already well underway on separate builds within each feature branch. However, you don't integrate into the main branch until you believe the feature branch is bug free.

    So if they have major other things to integrate into the main release branch, then they should have all at been at about 98% code-completion in the February time frame, but still undergoing quality testing and bug-fix iterations. There is no way they are slapping new things on at the last minute other than fixes to defects they find.

    My bet is that the "missing features" are tied to other things they don't want to announce yet because it might reveal some of their strategy in other areas (i.e.: things like integration with iOS 5, cloud services, or iTunes or whatever -- who knows). There is obviously something they are holding back that Apple seems to feel is a big deal.

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  • kockgunner
    Mar 18, 08:48 PM
    My first iPod was a first gen iPod touch. I've never owned a Classic, but I still feel partial to these things. I've played with my cousin's and I like how you can feel the hard drive spin when you skip a song. It makes the electronic feel much more personal and 'alive', although I always get the impression the hard drive will break any time.

    If one were to buy a classic now would you be able to make a lot of money later on?

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  • citizenzen
    Mar 11, 04:22 PM
    Again, the military is inextricable from the economy.

    So the military is too big to fail?

    Not only is that bullsh**t, but it is the wet dream of conservatives: build up the military and infiltrate the economy to a point that it can't be cut.

    To those opposed to doing drastic cuts.....what do you plan to do to deal with the hundreds of millions affected if the country goes bankrupt?

    As jknight said, prop up defense contractors all you want. But what are you going to do when the country goes the way of the Soviet Union?

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  • R.Perez
    Mar 10, 11:00 PM
    This shows you clearly don't understand how the military funds are used.

    The troops cost $152.4 Billion....out of the $685.1 Billion 2010 military budget (which I don't think accounts for the massive CIA and so called "black budget).

    Cutting military funding doesn't mean eliminating troops.

    Yup, most of the waste is for military technology and planes like the raptor that were built for cold-war style fighting. That era is dead. No offense intended, but that poster clearly has NO IDEA what the US uses its ridiculously large military budget for.

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  • jobberwacky
    Oct 27, 01:58 PM
    Perhaps you've never been burned by one. I have.
    The classic was of course iTunes 2.1, which sent one's personal files to /dev/null. Yes, all of them. And no, the Apple-paid recovery attempt wasn't successful.

    Yes, I did have an update of the night before, but not of research data of that day.

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  • Peace
    Jan 11, 05:15 PM
    If you look at the picture of the iPhone poster, it seems to have a couple of subtle differences compared to my iPhone:

    Maybe I'm just suffering from pre macworld hallucinations, but that certainly looks different to my iPhone...

    Subtle ?? That's not the current iPhone interface when in a call.

    It's blaring right at you.look at that iPhone.It shows the blue area at the top.Go make a call and see how it looks.

    This is a new iPhone or creative license.

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  • AgentElliot007
    Mar 25, 05:22 PM
    Great. iPad 2 stuck in recovery mode with 1013 error. Updated an iPad 1 on another computer (same hardware) with no problems. Not cool...

    Mar 18, 07:03 PM
    I wonder how computers and smartphones would look now if there was never an iPod. Apple might not ever have taken the leap and make the iPhone or the iPad. Cell phones might all be running windows mobile version 7 that would look just like winMo 6. We might not have an Android OS, or if we did, it might look totally different. Tablets might still look like they did in 2004. Microsoft might have rested on its laurels and never made Win7 as good as it is.

    Apr 18, 05:52 AM
    Why is this on the front page? It's like saying that WalMart is now selling a junk tablet. Except this article says that Toys R Us and Best Buy is now selling iPads. This isn't front page news.

    I have to disagree, but I'm on board with you about the front page news. I have to admit I was upset with that silly "jared guy" (or whatever his name was) standing in line for his ipad 2. How in the world is this news?

    [BB Code: soapbox] It seems like so much of 'entertainment' or 'news' these days is giving 15 minutes of fame to those doing the things that most people have no interest in doing or even care about. Like, standing in line for 5 days for an iphone. Really? Who cares? I hope to never see front page "news" about some person standing in line to buy a luxury item while others in the world can't find a job...are buried under an pick[/soapbox]

    At least this post has merit in that it tells those interested in buying where they can now get the ipad.

    Mar 11, 02:45 PM
    I have money ready. I hope they have the new MBP at store tomorrow.

    Apr 13, 04:54 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    If you think about it, it's not all too surprising that some of these "professionals" are getting so worked up and sulky over this release. The notion that "pro editing" can belong to just about anyone, rather than an exclusive circle of elites, poses an existential crisis. Apple's re-thinking of editing is also a re-thinking of what it means to be "professional". The announcement sheds light on a future in which their "advanced", learned techniques are no longer advantageous. The "industry pros" are facing the plight of impending impotence. It's not something anyone would really openly admit, but I think they're feeling a bit naked, stripped of their status.

    Who can blame them for being pissy?

    Wonderful post! So the more "professional" editors we see getting "pissy" means the opposite of what one might think.

    You mean i can't add unlimited tracks as i need to make my timelines look so complex that my clients quiver in the awesomeness of my brilliance.

    Mar 28, 12:14 PM
    There are still more than 500 Radio Shack's left? Can't believe they're not out of business yet lol! If it's anything like the iP4 launch, expect them to get 2-3 iPads a week.

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