Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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  • Eberth
    10-23 09:41 PM
    yeah, i just bought it, and it has a lot of great stuff, and i'd love kirupa to have a swift v3 section :D

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  • mach1343
    12-15 05:22 PM
    I have to work 20 hrs per week part time apart from my full time 40hrs per week. Since I am not working 35 hrs per week as you said does this mean my GC process will have a effect?

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  • Becks
    03-29 05:30 PM
    They would have verified PIMS while giving your wife the H4. But they will again verify with PIMS as one of the steps to issue the H1 visa. I dont think they will bypass it.

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  • mhathi
    08-26 02:37 PM
    Sounds like you already have a lawyer, follow their advice. It looks like the RFE is to ensure that you are directly working for the sponsoring company. A letter to that effect from your supervisor should suffice in this regard. I doubt this has anything to do with the OPT/e-Verify stuff you mentioned.

    However, I am not a lawyer, so I would suggest follow your/company lawyer's advice.


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  • crystal
    07-12 10:31 PM
    You get SS after you cross 55 or 58 I think. How knows by then they might bring some law to stop the SS for outsiders.
    There is a archive thread on this already.Read it dear h1bs.
    the only reason i'm staying here is to complete the 10 years of social security payments. leaving now would be foolish. this green card business is just a carrot to get endlessly humiliated.

    does anyone have any knowledge of non-citizens claiming social security in india?

    as per the SS, indian citizens who have contributed >= 10 years can claim SS payments in india.

    has anyone actually seen this happen?

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  • razis123
    05-28 01:48 PM
    If you are actually using the EAD you cannot work in the interim though. Just an FYI
    how will the uscis know that during the interim period my work is authorized and not mistake it saying the EAD is expired and does an RFE?


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  • Macaca
    09-07 02:41 PM
    There exist
    very wise
    very silent
    IV members

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  • sukhyani
    06-23 01:04 PM
    IF dates stay current THEN
    I-485 processing is FIFO based on receipt date of I-485
    I-485 processing is FIFO based on PD
    END IF


    Man you need to go help USCIS write a good program that helps them become efficient. I am still struggling with the idea that they lose thousands of Visa numbers every year just because of their inefficiency.


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  • sideeque
    02-05 09:58 PM
    I tried it. They might wont ask new approval notice. You should show that and get the expiry date in I-94 as same as your latest I-797 Approval notice.

    You don't need to stamp visa as its not expired.....

    Have a nice trip to India.

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  • casper21
    11-07 07:42 PM
    Hi All,
    I have a situation where I can not find proper information and would like to ask all the experts in this column.
    I'm on H1B visa and have valid visa till Dec 2011. We are about to file I 140. My PD is current and I would like to do the concurrent filling. But I need to visit my home country next month for important engagement. And do not have time to get AP before I travel. I appreciate if you can find answers to my questions.

    - Can I reenter to USA on valid H1B visa when my I485 is pending (without AP)?
    - If so, Do I need to go for another visa stamping in my home country? (I have a valid visa, but was stamped in Mexico) & Will there be any issues for I485 application?

    Thank you!


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  • sumanitha
    06-14 07:45 AM

    Can I file 485 on my own. My 140 is approved.

    If so, what is the procedure.


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  • number30
    11-06 01:55 AM
    I moved to a new company and yet to receive my I-797 approved from INS. My old company visa is valid till May 2010. If they have not revoked it can i still travel out of country and come back?

    What will they ask me in port of entry?


    You will show your stamping from old Company and H1 approval from the new company. POE will issue you a I-94 with expiry date from the New company H1 approval.

    But if you are travelling with spouse on the H4 he/she will get I-94 according to his/her passport stamping. So may have renew earlier then you.


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  • d123
    09-25 11:40 AM
    inputs are valuable..

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  • ebizash
    02-19 10:49 AM
    As far as I know you did not engage in any unauthorized employment since your school's office issued you CPT (Pre-graduation equivalent of OPT issued by USCIS post-graduation). Most F-1 students engage in CPT related internships so you are fine there.

    For 1099-Misc, I am not 100% sure but my gut feeling is that you should be fine as long as you paid your due taxes. I know a few people who got 1099-Misc while in F-1 status (read Amway guys) but their total amounts on 1099-Misc were more in the range of below $100 as opposed to a few 1000s as I would imagine yours is.


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  • martinvisalaw
    07-03 12:39 PM
    The clear language of the regulation says that you must be in valid H status when leaving in order to return in that status. Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to your wife.

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  • justin150377
    09-19 07:12 PM
    How about working on an EAD in a part-time job while working full-time on your h1 sponsored job? I assume the h1 will not become invalid in this case because EAD is being used for the part time job.


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  • immmj
    01-11 02:31 PM
    BTW, my wife is out of US right. She came here and went back half year ago with visitor visa.

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  • deeru
    04-02 12:37 PM
    Hi All,

    Can we get temporary EAD by taking Info Pass? Anybody has experienced this recently...please advise.

    more details :

    My EAD Renewal application receive date is 03/16/2009...I got FT Job offer , but don't have any EAD in is not willing to transfer H1..I did paper filing...any idea how long its going to take to get the EAD in hand..

    thanks in advance..

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  • chintu25
    12-13 03:16 PM

    05-15 10:15 AM
    I realize the miscommunication on my part so I apologize to my previous post that i didnt understand the reply.
    I meant to ask if the primary applicant my spouse can take the extended leave on child care that is sanctioned by the employer .As a dependent I am aware that I can be without a job.
    EB3 PD is Feb 2005
    I 140 approved filed 02/2006
    I485 07/2007
    RFE for EVL April 2009 submitted

    11-25 11:58 AM
    As far as I know since you have already been counted towards the cap once because of H1b approval for Company A(nonymous), you can get another non excempt H1b again in the next 6 years.
    Dont you feel that you may be abusing the H1b by doing this? Anyways, like its always suggested, talk to an attorney.

    I have a approved H1b from company A. Company A also shared a copy of approval. I was never counted under H1b cap before this approval. If I now decide not to join company A and assuming company A will not cancel H1b, can I use this H1b to join another company B later using H1b transfer…???? I am presently on cap except H1b and need a cap subject H1b in order to move to any private firm. So approval from company A matters a lot to me.

    Has anyone done this…????

    Thanks in advance...

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