Wednesday, August 31, 2011

modded xbox 360 controller

modded xbox 360 controller. Pink-Xbox-360-Controller
  • Pink-Xbox-360-Controller

  • eji
    Jul 24, 09:16 AM
    I like the dictionary idea. But aren't we getting into the realm of the tablet/PDA now?

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  • The Xbox 360 wireless

  • fishkorp
    Mar 28, 08:24 PM
    This sucks. I was going to buy my ticket when I got home from work. By the time I got home, it was already sold out.

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  • Xbox 360 Controller Modded for

  • generik
    Aug 31, 06:00 AM
    I don't know if I should give this a postive or negative. Either way, I hate Microsoft.

    It is good news, at 400 buckeroos people will go "Wa!!" and look at the price tag of a Mac Mini, figuring Macs are not so expensive after all.

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  • modded xbox 360 controller.

  • sushi
    Sep 13, 11:28 AM
    Whats the point in the 8 gig when you can get so much more capacity for only �20 more?!
    Seems fairly bizarre really, you'd have to really like little black things to bother surely!

    anyone getting one care to explain your rationale?
    This is very simple to answer.

    I want a solid state player that is small and lightweight and don't need the larger capacity of the regular iPod, nor do I want to lug around such a huge iPod -- relatively speaking.

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  • modded xbox 360 controller.

  • LarryC
    Apr 2, 09:25 PM
    And yet again, people are falling for the MP myth.

    Let's see the quality of these photos and video, then we'll talk.

    Mp Myth. Is that the same as Steve's old favorite, The megahertz myth:D

    Sorry, I just thought that would be funny.

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  • Modded Xbox 360 Controller.

  • Gen
    Mar 28, 08:16 PM
    And yet, no new iPhone will be present ... I predict a lot of attending hearts will be broken!

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  • VictoriaStudent
    Dec 5, 04:34 PM
    Who are the Beatles?

    I listened to some previews in iTunes and it just sounds like some old, dusty kind of annoying quasi-hippy stuff.

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  • modded xbox 360 controller.

  • MassMacFan
    Mar 29, 08:53 AM
    Directed a friend to the Great Barrington store in western MA this morning. Store had a total of 6 units. He was the only one there at 9am opening and picked up a black 16gb wifi. Salesperson tried selling extras (including an 1st gen ipad cover, lol) but none were required.

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  • modded xbox 360 controller.

  • Eso
    Mar 30, 05:11 PM
    Why wasn't I surprised it was you who gave this answer...


    You aren't very good at this. Consequently, I'm sure I must explain why:

    You consistently post unsubstantiated claims of which you know nothing about, often in direct opposition to demonstrable facts, such as this one (, this one (, this one (, and this one ( As such, it's not surprising when you post a reply that follows the same theme: denying the existence of anything that negatively portrays the products or services you are personally invested in.

    It's a pattern born from the same insecurity that would cause one to name himself after said product.

    Your attempt at trolling me doesn't even make sense because the referenced posts don't have any similarities.

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  • Old Muley
    Mar 28, 01:11 PM
    "You've got questions, we've got blank stares."

    My local RS doesn't even sell basic electronic components like resistors anymore. Probably not a bad thing since they were ridiculously when compared to vendors like Digikey.

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  • The controller uses the Xbox

  • the editor
    Apr 11, 04:04 PM

    So here we have a bunch of guys complaining that Adobe likes to take your money and that its overpriced and what not...pretty weird since i don't see you guys making complaints when Apple is making you pay twice sometimes 3 times the price of what hardware is actually worth...especially in the Mac Pro department....nobody complains when Apple is giving you crap outdated 2009 video cards in 2010 -2011 computers while expecting you to pay as much in 2011 as you would in 2009.

    Just saying that Apple probably has the biggest hypocritical user base of all user bases...always criticizing something but never Apple because Apple is the best wright...this could be the case in the past but these days the only thing Apple is great at is releasing poorly build and full of error machines.

    on the Adobe thing, just go ahead and download it already and download a nice album for whilst your working, maybe a movie to relax in the evening if the price is to high, have fun getting stuff for free lives expensive enough as it is...everybody here probably did some pirating but hey lets all act as if we are 100% legit LOL, its not as if Adobe's CEO is going to starve from hunger...besides that i'm totally pro piracy :eek: yup...why should the arrogant west be the only ones whom have access to good about the talented guys/ poor country's whom hardly have enough money to buy food...why shouldn't they be allowed to use the software, watch new movies, listen to nice tunes...prices should be fair, as long as prices ain't fair there can't be fairplay in the game

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  • Shin3r
    Nov 2, 07:36 PM
    I'm on the fence about the whole iPhone Flash debacle. I believe Apple is not adding flash to try and get standards changed. They have a habit of doing this type of thing. In fact, I think they tried it with MMS by replacing it with email. However, consumers thought different, and now we have MMS.

    I agree Flash is terribly inefficient, but has been around a long time. That being said, there are those times when being able to use a flash website would be convenient. It's not really hurting me though, so time will tell what they do.

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  • Modded Xbox Controller

  • 3N16MA
    Nov 23, 09:11 PM
    All this proves is that Beatles fans like to waste their money repurchasing music they already own just because it's available in a new format. I bet that most of the albums and individual songs sold were purchased by people who already own that album/song.

    Or perhaps a new generation of fans bought the music.

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  • new Elite-based Xbox 360

  • iminimac
    Sep 12, 02:34 PM
    you can classify movies as tv shows and music videos now
    apple-I will bring up information and then go video and you can choose what you want the file is

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  • Kar98
    May 4, 11:18 PM
    Uh, isn't the world in 3D? I mean, we do see in three dimensions, correct? Is this a clever way of saying you are blind?

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  • One hand 360 controller

  • DavidLeblond
    May 4, 11:00 PM
    Or only has one eye ;)

    Thanks for getting it. :) No, I have 2 eyes but I have an eye condition known as Duane's syndrome. My eyes aren't perfectly aligned with each other so my brain doesn't process both images together as a 3D image. Basically my brain only processes the image out of one eye at a time (usually my right eye unless I tell it otherwise)

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  • modded xbox 360 controller.

  • AHDuke99
    Mar 25, 05:36 PM
    Does this fix the graphical glitches? Like the apps not opening smoothly? I swear iOS 4.3 feels jumpy and unpolished compared to 4.2.1.

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  • modding xbox 360. the Xbox 360

  • Kolind
    Nov 8, 07:46 AM
    Isn't the RAM the same? Unless they are putting single chips in as opposed to double to make store bought upgrades simpler.

    Looks the same to me now that I see the detailed specs - I was just quoting from Yahoo before...

    modded xbox 360 controller.

  • JackRoch
    Apr 3, 02:47 PM
    You are limited by the focal length, which is dictated by the thickness of the device. There is no magic way around this.

    Which is probably what they thought when they were designing the first SLRs.
    Until someone had the brainwave of sticking in an extra lens element to accommodate the mirror.

    Sep 6, 08:51 AM
    See this - the price of the spec I want in US Dollars, when converted to British Pounds, is...�1337!

    Truly a message to poor gamers who cannot afford the Mac Pro...

    Mar 11, 03:50 PM
    In regards to 9 to 5 post i saw someone comment that it was on macrumors hmepage

    but when i looked it wasnt

    one of my friends tweeted the headline about possible mbp rumors i guess before it went down

    what happened?:confused:

    It was judged to be a hoax, just like all the MBP rumors so far.

    Sep 12, 01:55 PM
    Time to give it the ultimate seemless playback test, Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon":)

    Apr 11, 05:53 AM
    Wouldn't be surprised if the high costs are due to the pirates ripping them off.

    Apple should've bought Adobe a long time ago.

    Apr 2, 12:27 PM
    Yes more megapixel isn't everything and Apple proved it with their 5MP camera compared to those 8MP camera on other phones.

    BUT don't forget that Apple will not just upgrade to 8MP but the lens also!

    With a better lens and more MP the iPhone 5 camera quality will really shine!

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