Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monmouth County Map

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  • gcformeornot
    04-25 07:05 AM
    Are these docs sufficient for EAD paper renewal?

    -I765 completed form
    -2 photos
    -copies of previous EAD's (front and back)
    -I485 receipt copy

    Anything to be written in pencil on the back of photos?


    Name and A# to be written on back of the photos. I always use Fine tip permanent pen than pencil.
    I would also fill form I-1145.

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  • leonqiu
    12-26 06:34 PM
    I added the IV link to which has a very popular Chinese immigration forum. Hope it can draw more members to IV.

    Happy holidays and good luck to my fellow members!!

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  • RLNY122004
    02-02 02:48 PM
    I contributed $25 today.
    Paypal Receipt Number: 2219-5554-0313-6720

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  • Lasantha
    05-01 02:52 PM
    Good luck man!!! Hope everyone will get good news this month!!!!

    Yay! I'm current ... now all I need is A LOT OF LUCK!

    Good luck in this new month everybody :)


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  • Monmouth County, New Jersey

  • AirWaterandGC
    05-01 10:29 AM
    I have not heard from anyone. Please respond if you have any idea about the above.

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  • sale monmouth county map

  • clockwork
    07-11 07:15 PM
    Extra Long and tedious? Is it any short and swift right now?
    My pd is June 2003, what do you expect me to do? Wait 5 more years?

    I agree with you, it cannot much longer than what it is now. And also, 2008 is election period and new regime may handle it differently.


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  • srinivasa
    04-19 10:03 AM

    My wife have H1B approved in 2005.Her stamping was refused on 226(g) section.She came to u.s.a on H4.Now her employer has applied for premium H4 to H1 transfer for her.

    We didnot hear anything from them.It is already 2 weeks.

    If it goes through.Does she need to go back for stamping to start working.

    How the things will be?

    How long the process will take (transfer)

    If the attorney can help me in this,it is really great and appreicable


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  • Marphad
    04-08 02:53 PM
    I need to go to some place where I can spit out my frustration. This is just not done. Completely unfair.


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  • dbmurali
    09-03 03:08 PM
    Approval mail sent on Sep 2, 2009 and card Production Ordered on Sep 3,2009.

    My Application Details:
    PD: 12/09/2004
    RD: 08/08/2007
    ND: 09/12/2007

    Wish you all good luck.

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  • niuniuxin2006
    05-02 10:49 AM
    if you look at the data at carefully, you won't get that conclusion--india EB2 is not the only victim!

    Perm is not based on nationality. All people with their perm audit are the victim of slowing Atlanta!

    We need to unite as many people as we could so that Atlanta could hear our voice!


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  • The Monmouth County Education

  • babu123
    04-17 02:31 PM
    Can you please let me know , CURRENTLY how long labor thru perm is taking to get approved.
    Earlier it used to get approved in few days.
    I am looking at how much time it is taking currently to get approved.
    Awaiting for responses.

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  • sledge_hammer
    04-09 10:22 AM
    My apologies for replying to a posting from like a million years ago :-)

    But, I really do not understand why you have to knock Saralayar like that in your reply. What has he said that is so offensive or disgusting?

    I really see no problem with his/her post, he was just asking the IV community if his issue can be addressed or not. Its up to the community as a whole to decide what to do with it.

    Relax, the sky is not falling down on you!

    I am surprised, but are you really a member of the "high skilled" community or are you just faking it to be on this forum?
    I don't think you should embarrass your self or your profession, though we do not know your identity.


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  • fide_champ
    05-15 07:37 AM
    Hi, Did somebody take advantage of the new rule of H1-H4 decoupling where one can use the time spent in H4 in H1? or can somebody confirm that this rule is in place and a law ? Please let me know.

    my wife worked for 31/2 years on H1/L1 before changing status to H4. After 4 years on H4, she recently got a job and he H1 was approved in 2 days under premium processing. So the decoupling rule is effective.

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  • Totoro
    03-21 09:19 AM
    WOW!!.. whats a response.. Keep going..
    At the same time, keep trying yourselves also by whatever means possible. Totoro is trying so hard for us, and even if we have five guys like this with such contacts, yet the efforts are not sufficient. We must also help ourselves by our individual efforts like writing to etc.. Lets not put all the 6 pages of ideas in just one basket. Since there is difference between eggs and ideas, duplicate the ideas and put them in other ways also, apart from just here.

    Thanks for your efforts.
    We all missed one point. Can you please update your profile.
    Are Canadians also backlogged in this mess.
    And you said "As some of you know...." . Were you try in these lines before too.

    Canadians don't have as many problems as Indians, but a broken system doesn't work for anyone. I know of Canadians who are also very frustrated with the system, myself included.


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  • vshar
    04-08 03:38 PM
    EB3 Unavailable - If this does not make you donate to IV's cause....
    EB2 No Movement - If this does not make you donate to IV's cause....

    Country does not will be the same for all.

    Please donate to IV for representation of an "UNAVAILABLE" community, by visiting

    "An IV for a physically weak person gives them strength to get back up,
    An IV for an EB backlogged community gives them strength to fight back for their rights."

    I don't have clear picture on what IV is planning to do now except that FOIA drive. I request the core team to inform all IV members explicitly about their plan. I guess there will be more donations than they expect.

    suggestion: while sending emails that there is a reply to your post, they should also add the actions they have been/ or planning to take.

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  • Saralayar
    08-22 05:23 PM
    Wish the people in power also like this and also make this a law.
    Bump... Keep this thread alive again...


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  • tawlibann
    06-28 11:28 AM
    I don�t buy the argument that only India and China produce the brightest people who are willing to work here in U.S. There are just as many people from Europe and the rest of the world who are just as qualified and who would want to work in the U.S. The problem starts with the H1-B visas, where most of them are taken by these Indian IT consulting companies. Correct me if I�m wrong, but I don�t think these IT companies hire non-Indian workers. There are many qualified people from the rest of the world who are willing to work here in U.S, but can�t because the majority of the H1-B visas is going to Indians and Chinese nationals. Perhaps, there should be a per-country quota at the H1-B level. I don�t think there is anything wrong with the current country quota; if some countries don�t use their quotas then these quotas roll into the countries that have higher demand.

    I second that. As long as there is widespread abuse -- large numbers of Indian body-shops and consulting companies that import people by the thousands -- and as long as that skews the numbers, there should also be checks and balances -- per-country limits. Per-country limits and diversity argument are a good way to restore the balance and offset for the abuse.

    I'm really tired of hearing people saying that diversity is for FB or for DV visa. What make FB immigration a better candidate for diversity?!? Absolutely nothing. The law provides for diversity in ALL immigration categories -- EB, FB, DV, etc., and there is nothing discriminatory about it. The discrimination comes from companies that abuse the system, import thousands of consulting workers with 3-year degrees who don't really have jobs but sit on the bench for 8-10 months at a time (something that's explicitly disallowed by H-1B law), and then apply for I-140/I-485 going through an unending sequence of RFE's, NOIDs, MTR's, etc. and slowing the system to a crawl. Now these people want the whole world to suffer with them by "distributing" the pain. Why?

    If somebody takes care of this abuse, the remaining really qualified Indian/Chinese workers who really deserve to be here will find that they won't need a separate category because there won't be any severe backlogs for their countries.

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  • anilsal
    09-20 12:21 AM
    waldenpond,gsc999, needhelp, chandu123, nixstor, paskal, *************MACACA**********, drona, eager2immi,logiclife,pappu, Mr.Postman(PDakwala/CA), texanmom.

    Missed: tikka, libra, english_august(not present at the rally)

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  • indian111
    05-04 03:13 PM
    E-filed EAD on 24th April.
    Supporting documents received on Apr 28th.
    Received EAD receipt on April 30.
    Last year I remember receing the receipt and biometric appt letter together.
    Has anyone who efiled for EAD renewal this year have received biometrics appointment?
    Please let me know.


    01-10 06:00 PM
    Besides no one is going to listen to us unless we maintain a long term relationship with many lawmakers by meeting them regularly all across the country. only then will they listen to us as representatives of IV and introduce Bills like this and co-sponsor and vote for it. It also has to do with building relations and trust.
    Thats the only way to get them to pass Bills for us.
    This is a process that can take months of work to get a Bill introduced and get enough people to vote for it.
    Just calling them at the last minute and saying 'lets push for this' or 'why is IV not acting' is not going to do much help without the previous step.
    This is an ongoing process that needs to to be done over a long period and its about getting enough votes in house and senate 216+60 to pass. that is how we ensure close to 300 lawmakers will vote for our cause.

    rightly said!

    05-02 02:42 PM

    Please pas this to as many friends as possible whoever is suffering because of Atlanta Processing Center.

    Thanks for adding the info

    Hopefully we will see more people info by next week.

    hellomms - Plan for the next steps.

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