Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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  • yagw
    08-03 01:04 AM
    U seem to be an old tiger on this forum...:) Enjoy ur green. Greened on the first day itself. What else can u ask for? I'm not sure how many sleepless nites I'll hv to go thru this month :(. But I'm positive that I'll get it this month...

    Just curious. Did u get ur "magic" email in the nite OR was it sometime during working hours?

    hey buddy, whats your pd?

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  • coopheal
    04-09 08:26 AM
    Our problem is like a bus, stuck and needs a push. You may think "what will a single push from just me, do". I may think the same too. So we both and all who think alike will not do anything.

    Instead. Do whatever u can. Here pushing the bus is doing your part.. write to media, reps, whoever you think.. I know many people out there who do this, I am one of them very dedicatedly doing it.. but these efforts are not sufficient. Dont wait for anyone to come and help you.
    Again, you must be a fool to wake up suddenly NOW, and not in the last 5-7 months. There is nothing to hope for, with 2000 or 3000 cases approved every year. Simple mathematics.
    I can imagine there are 90% folks who gave up, do nothing.. Dont do that.. even if its a small effort, yet do it. And tell us what you did.. That will motivate us, and I may do better.

    Nobody is saying you to push alone. You can start working collectively under IV's umbrella. So before you start cribbing here research/read what others have been doing. Become part of IV. Start contributing time and money to IV for your own GC.

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  • user1205
    05-01 02:44 PM
    Yay! I'm current ... now all I need is A LOT OF LUCK!

    Good luck in this new month everybody :)

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  • gc_chahiye
    06-29 05:28 PM
    Also one unusual acitivity of USCIS has been to suspend premium processing of I-140 for the month of July. That to me suggests that they are preparing for the deluge of I-485s.

    they could be planning to agressively process all old cases. May not want to touch new ones.


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  • Green.Tech
    05-16 08:37 PM
    Called and left messages with all but one. One of the Rep's phone kept ringing and the voice mail never kicked in...

    Great job IV! Hope we all succeed!

    Have a good weekend all!

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  • raj3078
    06-19 09:27 AM
    I have paid SSN for many years now even I have received a letter about 3 months back stating I am eligible for cetain Social Security benefits .. and how many points I have accumulated so far.

    Every month I pay this amount towards SSN. After paying SSN for many years, I still stand no privillege of early Green card, I am still stuck in Green card process.

    I am sure there will be many people like me.

    I also hate loosing SS Taxes. I mean we dont have any security in this country. We get 60 days to pack up if we loose our jobs and then they collect SS taxes from us. This is insane and a gross abuse of people on H1B. I think we are equally to blame to continue taking the abuse as the abusers. I fully support the clause that Green Card/Naturalization is a priveldge and not a right, but robbing me out of my money is not. I do support filing a lawsuit against this fully. I am sure if we pull one years worth of our SS taxes, then we can pay for this suit. We might win or loose but least we will have peace of mind that we faught for the right cause.


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  • snathan
    03-22 10:46 AM
    Thanks for responding., we appreciate it.
    Good that you took it in the right spirit. All the efforts you are trying for us are inline with what even I wanted to do, but dont have as much access as you do. Search the forums with my id and you will see for yourself. To my knowledge there are very few who can do what you are doing. I wish Moderators and IV Core endorse your efforts in the form of a campaign and you will see much more participation. Look at the other drive they are doing for create a fund of $10000.00 If they endorse you (thats we) will get response in that order. Can you please ask Aman to do that, and that way we will have more voice.

    I am not sure if most of you guys even remember what my group said. We WILL contribute even $3500 and more, if there is a campaign for EB2 and EB3 and for guys waiting 5-10 years . Not sure why most of you, even senior guys(by join date, and not by # of posts) just rememer the $3500 part all the time with my name :) but miss what we said. Go n read it again.And if Core endorses does effort, I will not be surprised if there will be contribution from as much as 5000 members each of $100 on avg= $500,000. No kidding, thats the pain EB3 is facing.. Anyone to disagree??.

    Gantuteli is real or fake.. similarly. Did you put all your details EXACTLY.. You know the answer.. Be little practical and have some profile that is like yours atleast.
    Where were you before Jan 09..Didnt hear about IV before??.Flower campaign that hit the news.. You appear to be very emotional, with very less maturity.. Nothing personal, anyone here sees it.. check them yourself with a mature friend.I know you will post 1000 posts in the next 1 month. Tell me the secret how you get that much time(I am begging for few extra hrs in last 1 month), but only in case you have a job. Else we know.
    And I said I will contribute $50 to FOIA campaign last week but did not send it yet. I will do it today. This is not in response to you Q reg contribution.. If you noticed, no one responds to your posts.
    Did you create any new thread with some ideas, good or bad... Please respond to this last line, for sure..and if so, can you give me that link..

    May I ask you and your fake friends...what you have contributed so far...You people are just empty gas. No one is having all the links by birth. Atleast stop wasting others' time with your useless and idiotic questions.

    I really request you stop this postings...Its deviating from thr original issue.

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  • mbartosik
    10-31 05:28 PM
    Susie, I can say quite strongly that IV's agenda is quite officially
    "H1B quota is not an issue that we wish to take any sides on".

    We are trying to reduce the backlogs as a primary goal.

    The main aim is to reduce the backlogs which will also reduce the age out problem, but not fix for those already aged out. Believe me, even if this was the only issue on the agenda, it is hard enough to get this done.

    If we don't fix the backlogs then age out will be irrelevant. Let's imagine that H1B quota is increased, and EB3 ROW never becomes current because of more H1B ROW newbies. Then EB3 India will never get any spill over. In this case new India EB3 applications could easily have a 25 year wait, by which time the primary petitioner will have retired invalidating the whole application. Thus you can see that increasing H1B quota works against us (although the official position is no position).

    I am considering computer modeling this, because I think that the a 25 year wait is very possible with the current scheme (making age out easier to push maybe).

    If there is an opportunity to provide ago out protection without risking the main aim then I think that it will be taken. First we need a seat at the negotiating table.

    Until we get a seat at the table we have the trade off between raising age out complicates things, and raising age out keeps it personal. There has been some debate over the, I think that the professionals recommend "keep it simple".

    My position on this is to raise the age out and other family issues like US citizen children being forced to leave because their parents are. But only raise it with those law makers it will clearly be received well with, and not be a distraction.

    There are other issues worthy of targeting, but they too complicate things, and risk us not getting a seat at the table. For example banning consulting. This could force many to leave, including their children, through not fault of their own. I think that consulting should at very least be grandfathered, and have some other exceptions. But again pushing that would be a distraction.

    As I said, if we get a seat at the table, this issue has a chance.

    We are currently working on getting that seat.


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  • DianaSteve
    05-16 12:11 AM
    It's better to apply for 485 after getting the H4 stamp. Once you leave the country it is considered abandoning the green card application. So you may have trouble getting a visa stamp. I may be wrong. So once you get your H4 stamp then you can come in with a valid H4. If you are planning to travel only in July why not file 485 and Advance parole then you can travel with Advance Parole as a backup. It's just my opinion.

    My husband's I-140 will be approved in few days and our PD is current right now. Once the I-140 is approved we are planning to file for I-485 the sooner possible. The main reason is for me to apply or EAD so that I could work. You should also consider that I am travelling on July/august and of course I will require a visa appointment at the consulate to stamp my H-4.

    My questions are:

    1- Is it safe to apply (once the I-140 is approved) before leaving U.S. For I-485 and EAD together?

    2- What documents are required to file for EAD besides what is already being sent with the I-485?

    3- What are the potential problems in leaving the country in July with an I-485 (with or without EAD, please tell me in both cases) submitted, and having a visa appointment at the consulate abroad in August to renew my h4 that expires in NOv 2007? Should I wait and apply for I-485 or EAD until Sept 2007?

    In short: Could anyone please advise regarding the risks of filing in June the I-485, travel in July, have a consulate appointment abroad in August to stamp the H-4 visa that expires in Nov 2007 ? Should I wait until I come back? Much appreciated any replies.

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  • needhelp!
    09-20 10:47 AM
    Great, I did see you. Lets catch up at the next rally ;)

    Hi Niloufer,

    Both my husband and I wore bright green T-shirts and were pushing a pink stroller...:D

    Somebody in the rally in fact remarked that our green T-shirts matched the idea of getting green cards...;)

    Here's the link to some of our pix at the rally...:) 7

    I was hoping to meet you but in all the rush and excitement, missed you...but I'm glad to see you in the other pix...your daughter is just too cute!!:)

    take care,


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  • LOL123
    08-13 12:13 PM
    You cannot work unless you have the physical card in your shows loong wait times for the physical card to come in after the card production has been ordered.

    People who filed in April/May are still waiting and GOD only knows when the wait is goign to be over.

    I will say lucky are those folks, who have got their EAD's approved. Atleast they dont have to worry about not working.

    I hope things work out for everyone.

    GO IV GO.

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  • H1B-GC
    08-04 10:50 AM

    Received email this morning that my Green Card was approved - Self and Spouse.

    Case Center : TSC.

    Thanks everybody and IV and wish everyone good luck on their approval !!


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  • Suva
    06-28 05:17 PM
    I think your calculation is wrong. If there are 8742 applications then it should take less than 3 years not 5 years. In the 2nd case for 14583 applications the wait would be around 5 years instead of 10-12 years. This is due to the fact that every year around 3000 visas go to EB3 category. Though this is a long wait too so either way we need legislative fix for all the cases.

    For EB3 Folks with PD's in early - 2003- there are close to 8742 applicants in front of you That is a wait of 5 more years.

    For EB3 Folks with PD's in mid 2003 and later - There are 14583 applicants in line before you- That is a wait of 10-12 more years.

    Now the only way forward will be to lobby with IV for a legislative fix. Apart from that there is just no option, the sooner people realise that and help IV with advocacy, the better results we will get.

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  • vidyasree26
    06-15 03:36 PM
    I had submitted my entry visa application form to Travisa ,Houston on May 24th.
    I honestly dont know why it took them 5 days to submit it to the consulate. they submitted it on May 28th.
    I tried several times to contact the consulate. Everyday I am on hold for atleast 30 -45 min and the phone automatically gets cut.
    When I contacted Travisa last week , the lady told me it would take another 5 days.
    Today, when I spoke to the agent, she was so rude and told me that if the visa was getting delayed, I should as well cancel my trip. she also indicated that it may take another week for it to process.
    I wish somebody talk to these travisa agents at Houston and get things done faster.
    One more thing, whenever I call they all they put me on hold for 10 minutes before they even answer.
    If these agents had submitted my application on the same day it was received or atleast the next day, perhaps my processing time wouldn't have been delayed so much.
    My cousin's friend applied for the visa at Travisa Washington Dc and they submitted the application the same day and he got the visa within 5 days.
    I wouldnt be able to take my trip this time as I dont know when I will be getting my visa.


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  • Green_Always
    01-23 09:57 PM
    GA I have posted the transcripts on the blogs section .... We will try and do another chat session on some weekend again

    If you dont mind can you pls give me the url for that.

    Thank you, yes pls let me know in advance when is our next session like.

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  • GCNirvana007
    09-03 11:03 AM
    CPO email means the auto generated email from CRIS site, due to the settings done or anything else?

    Who the heck knows :p


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  • RandyK
    05-09 12:06 PM

    Can you tell me when NVC mailed the packet to you (is there a post mark date) ?

    I have been waiting for my packet since April 25th and still nothing. NVC told me that they mailed it on the 25th.


    My PD is 19th June EB3 ROW

    I just got sent a packet from NVC to ask to confirm my layers details and my current address. Im hoping the June VB will put me in the current section...?

    just gotta wait and see i guess.

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  • flresident
    05-03 02:10 PM
    I am also current right now. I have seen some approvals on other trackers. But few not many.

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  • ps57002
    05-16 07:26 PM
    I left messages for all... I will try calling again during office hours on Monday to get a live person...

    07-19 10:26 PM
    USCIS has already made everything 'U', starting with August and this year's quota is finished. Also now they have a little advantage that everyone who can file I-485 will file it. They now have all the applications and all the numbers to calculate for next few years.

    Don't you guys think that the USCIS will probably keep on moving the dates by as much only to accomodate the quota numbers.

    Also, BEC has targetted Sep '07 to clear all labor backlogs and new I-485 approvals won't start before Oct '07. Older PDs will (as they always had) have golden value.

    Once bitten twice shy, USCIS will not make the mistake of making dates 'C' in a long time.

    2006-07 filers have intermittent releif of EADs which BEC or pre-PERMs never dreamt of :) (that includes me)

    This is what looks logical and this will do justice to all.

    01-31 05:41 PM
    r2i ing end of Feb 2011. But, will contribute financially though.

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