Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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  • Kimbie
    Oct 13, 03:15 PM
    If you're getting the rid of the Dell monitor, as long as it's still in working condition, let me know� I'm interested :D


    Yeah its still in good working order, only got the 24" Samsung to replace my other 2001FP as I dropped it


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  • Pegamush
    May 5, 05:19 AM
    ok that seems nice, but..

    where's the bluetooth syncing?
    it's four years people were asking for bluetooth syncing...
    what's the problem with it? i don't want to unplug the cable from behind the bed, plug it to the computer just to upload my calendar, music, contacts.
    ..oh, ok, i've got it. maybe they just want me to subscribe to mobileMe.

    i'm sick of castrated technology, i'd like to use them at their full possibilities.

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  • cvaldes
    Mar 28, 10:14 PM
    But there are larger venues available, so it is certainly possible to limit the number of attendees by choosing a venue that is too small.
    There are far greater costs/concessions in utilizing those larger venues.

    Moscone Center is the best and largest facility in the SF Bay Area for Apple's needs. It's not like Apple is going to rent out the Oakland Coliseum and spread out a thousand chairs and tables on the football field.

    Going out of town increases the costs enormously: moving equipment and people. Airline flights, per diem meals, hotel rooms, taxis, rental cars, etc. Forgot a couple of boxes of marketing collateral? Moscone Center: have someone drive it up 280. Elsewhere: buy full-fare airline ticket for employee.

    What does it cost Apple to send an engineer to Moscone Center? Employee gets to expense lunch, write off transportation (heck, half of these engineers probably live in SF - they can just take BART or Muni to the event). Let's say $30 a day.

    What does it cost to send an engineer to the L.A. Convention Center or Vegas? Long-term parking at airport, airline flight, $200 hotel, arbitrary $75 per diem meals, rental car/taxi, etc. Could easily end up at $400 per day per person.

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  • smeager
    Aug 8, 09:18 AM
    I haven't heard anything about Xcode 2.4 anywhere apart from here. are you sure about it? i really don't think it has been released. been checking as much as i can everywhere, and i've seen nothing. might be getting it mixed up with Xcode 3.0 that's going to be in Leopard? maybe?

    Cya (

    They do have a download image on their site but it dosen't lead to anything. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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  • Gasu E.
    Apr 12, 01:55 PM
    I have been told a number of times that in reality wages do not make any significant different to actual product cost.

    It's simple to understand really.

    If you have 1 guy who is standing, running a high tech machine that's turning out say 100 items per hour and those items are worth $20 each.

    So that's $2000 per hour this unit (man and machine) are creating.

    If you pay the guy $1 for this hour, or $20 for this hour. Yes, one it being paid 20 times as much as the other. But in reality, this cost it very little when put against the value of the items that are being created during this time period.

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  • wvuwhat
    Oct 25, 10:43 PM
    Wow nice! That's a slick screen clock you have. What's it called?

    I really hope you're being funny. You're a much more active member than I, but it's "fliquo.". Someone even has a sig stating something like, "the screensaver is fliquo, the answer is always fliquo."

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  • Bregalad
    Sep 12, 02:12 PM
    While many people are looking for Apple to integrate a radio tuner into the iPod it isn't going to happen.

    I would prefer the option to grab a quick weather forecast, news headline or actually hear a song I don't own once in a while, but that's not the iPod way. The iPod is all about your content not someone else's.

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  • drlunanerd
    Nov 8, 08:23 AM
    Yeah the benefit for C2D is the bigger cache size mostly. That's only available on 2GHz and up AFAIK.

    I'd still rather have the new potentially bug fixed hardware though.

    ...and 64 bit, and better SIMD processing etc. Recent MacWorld benchmarks show the same clockspeed C2D 28% faster than the CD in iTunes encoding. That sold it to me.

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  • MacAddict1978
    Mar 29, 03:09 PM
    Apparently, Blu-ray doesn't function seamlessly yet. :rolleyes::D

    You mean like how Jobs said that e-readers were DOA because "People don't read anymore?"

    They are bound to appear sooner or later.

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  • MacRumors
    Nov 23, 02:47 PM (

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  • WildCowboy
    Aug 2, 10:24 PM
    Where exactly is this video? :confused:

    Here (

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  • MrMoore
    Nov 24, 09:47 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148a Safari/6533.18.5)

    The Beatles are now in iTunes?!?

    I did not know that!!


    Not bad for a group that broke up 40 years ago.

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  • p0intblank
    Sep 22, 02:01 PM
    Target is better anyway. :)

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 11, 05:34 PM
    Fivepoint? Hello? You posted the rhetoric from the gentleman from Kentucky, but haven't actually described how and what you did on the little budget game.

    Looks like he pulled a fivepoint again. Start thread, argue a bit, run away, repeat.

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  • hobo.hopkins
    Mar 28, 12:49 PM
    Because getting your iToy within eye sight of a 300 Lb round-belly hillbilly or 400 Lb woman in pink stretch pants and camel toe does not make for the best experience.

    I just thought I would let you know that you could still purchase an iPad at any of the other stores; just because RadioShack sells it as well does not mean that you have to purchase from them. Would you rather they didn't sell it at RadioShack or Walmart at all? Why wouldn't you want people who don't live near any of the other stores to have a nearby store from which to purchase Apple products?

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  • Chundles
    Sep 14, 07:47 AM
    does anyone know exactly how much thinner the new nanos are? im sure it is just a few centimeters, if not millimeters but i am still curious.

    A few centimetres?!? The nano's less than a centimetre thick.

    I think it went from 0.65cm to 0.61cm. 6.5mm to 6.1mm

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  • vienna
    Sep 22, 12:58 PM
    It's not like they are just going to stop selling DVD's from certain studios. People who want to buy a DVD that Walmart doesn't stock will just go to Best Buy or buy them from Amazon.

    I don't see how Walmart has much bargining power here without shooting themselves in the foot.

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  • slb
    Oct 26, 06:03 PM
    So, it looks like Apple is trying to fix the problem by keeping the MacBook cooler, thus preventing the heat sink from expanding enough to come into contact with the cable. A simple, elegant solution, except it will likely cause increased fan use and decreased battery life, but these are minor inconveniences compared to random shutdown.

    I don't think this is what is happening, because Apple has increased fan frequency before, and it didn't prevent the issue. The KB page claims that this update "resolves the issue," which is pretty definitive wording, so I suspect the firmware's sensor monitoring behavior has changed in some way that ignores the short-circuit. I'd love to have more information from those technically-minded enough to find out.

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  • slinger1968
    Aug 31, 03:29 PM
    It is good news, at 400 buckeroos people will go "Wa!!" and look at the price tag of a Mac Mini, figuring Macs are not so expensive after all.How is it good news?

    General consumers aren't going to buy a $400 retail version of windows Vista. They will wait to get the new OS untill they purchase a new machine and Vista will be included (or an available upgrade) at an oem price level.

    This retail pricing of Vista is about the same as the retail price of XP. But who cares, the vast majority of people don't buy windows retail.

    Mar 25, 01:44 PM
    That's ok that Verizon iPhone isn't getting love. It gives a chance to get all the bugs out for us :D:apple:

    Oct 15, 09:20 PM
    Thx for info, I'm about to switch and gotta know that in case crap happens. lol :rolleyes:

    i asked the same thing when i bought my forst mac @ an apple store about a year ago. the dude told me to ask him when it comes up.

    it hasn't.

    Apr 25, 09:51 PM
    1) Prejduice- BS. Plenty of successful blacks out there. The race card is officially invalid.

    Just because some are successful does not mean all can be. There is plenty of racism still around in most countries, and yes it does effect the less off more than those that are well off.

    2) Poverty- Yes, but why is the question? How is it that other races don't have such a huge poverty issue when living in western countries, but so many blacks can't get themselves out of it

    Because Blacks are not all the same. You cant lump people of one race all in one group and expect them to all to have the same results. There is a history in the US of racism that still effects many black Americans. Many black Americans can't afford to go to college for example. Poverty is a vicious cycle that preys on its self.

    3) Access to societal goods- How so? They're not exactly in concentration camps.

    Poverty - look up computer ownership by race. Look up access to books, education, nutritional information etc by race.

    Apr 11, 01:51 PM
    Is it that you do not want to allow independent action? Where then is free will? Where are other faiths? Does the giving of alms by Muslims count for nothing, too?

    I'm sorry skunk, but I'm not quite sure how to explain it any better than I already have. As I stated above, free will is an essential aspect of what the Bible reveals about our relationship with God. I don't follow where you think I've indicated that there is no room for the allowance of independent action.

    As for all human actions that could be considered altruistic, good, sacrificial, etc. (including the actions of other faiths), like I said in my previous post:

    On a human level these actions are noble and sacrificial and I applaud them. However, on a spiritual level, I must recognize that scripture teaches us that our "good deeds" are worthless if our heart is not right with God.

    Please understand, this doesn't mean that the positive results of these actions are meaningless. For example, giving food to the homeless is a sacrificial act that does help people in need, but it will in no way earn you "points" with God. The Bible does not teach a theology of works. It's not about what you do, it's about your relationship with Christ.

    Aug 3, 02:21 PM

    Also see:

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