Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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  • MeraNoAayega
    01-20 09:44 PM

    What is the current processing time for Labor? I heard it is taking very long like 8 to 10 months? Is this true or is this based on processing center? If so which processing center takes how long?


    No one knows.

    1. Currently there is only one processing center - Atlanta...
    2. DOL (OFLC) does not publish labor processing dates...

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  • satishbsk
    07-17 08:09 PM
    July 2nd all will be in same boat.

    Congratulations for guys who got labor approved in these 15 days.

    Contributed $280 so far

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  • ArkBird
    07-05 03:47 AM
    Your EB2 application will be new application so your EAD won't become invalid.

    if someone with a PD of before July 2007 that is with EAD, ports to EB 2, will they lose their EAD card/status??

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  • gapala
    02-02 10:28 AM
    "Charak says (In Sanskrit): Rinam Kritwa Ghritam Piwet ..."

    I remember, some one mentioned to me about this same stuff. Centuries old charwak philosophy "Just do it kind of mentality" which led to hippy culture in 1960. Its seems to be making a come back :)

    Its borrow or steal but live happily :)

    Good points by the way. All this shows that we have to prepare for long years as this economic and social conditions are expected to last atleast until 2011 as per economic experts.


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  • baleraosreedhar
    08-06 07:15 AM
    Apllied on : June 9( Spouse and Me)
    Notice Date : June 10
    FP : 2 July
    Soft Luds on I140 on 7/13
    Soft luds on I140/Old H1's/I 485 on 7/30
    AP approved on 7/31( still no card production ordered status)

    Eagerly waiting for EAD.

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  • fingerscrossed
    05-02 12:41 PM
    1) Applied Date - September 2007
    2) Audit Date - October 2007
    3) Audit Reply Date - November 16 2007
    4) Category - EB2
    5) Center - Atlanta


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  • PlainSpeak
    01-12 01:41 PM
    1. Bill applies to anyone who got their degree in preceding 5 years or resided legally since graduating (even greater than 5 years) will be eligible under this bill.
    2. Many ROW EB2 and EB3 will get visa number from the 55K if they have advanced degree here. That means more spillover.
    3. Many EB2I/C forks will get visa number from the 55K if they have advanced degree here. That means more spillover.
    4. There are going to be more Indian and Chinese apply for EB2? Not that easy any more. The DOL is tougher than before on PERM application. I don't believe there are going to be 55K more new EB2 applicants each year. No matter whether there is additional 55k, people are always trying to applying for Eb2 if there can. As we don't see that many new EB2 now, I don't believe we will get that many new Eb2 later either. Plus, the bill does not say the 55K visa will only go to EB2.
    5. What else can we do then? It is already very tough to push this bill through. Should we modify the bill by saying that just simply applying the 55K to everyone, no matter if he/she has advanced degree? I am perfectly OK with that if the IV core think it is a better idea. Personally, I think that would make this bill even more difficult. :
    I respectfully diagree with you regarding your point 4
    Perm may have got tougher but EB2 applications are still being filed. Along with that there are still students coming to US from india to do MS and they are alos going to apply in EB2 (I know i am generalizing but tell me if you are about to start ur GC process will you agree for EB3 knowing how the situation is currentlY for EB3)
    Regarding your point 5
    Yes that would make perfect sense logically but wil not happen because don't you know that persons who did MS in US are the elite. They are the best minds and make the most money and add the most to the US economy while guys who are working in US are are well lets just say not usefull to the economy and just taking free money. So looking at this issue from US side it makes sense to explicitly provide these 55 k visas to only US educated persons so that they can add more to the ecomony. And lest sface it who cares for guys who just work here but are not educated here.

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  • samswas
    05-04 08:23 AM
    Not everyone is getting approved. I am still waiting.

    I'm also still waiting. I don't know why but everybody getting emails at the same time, around 10 - 11 PM EST. It was not used to be like this before. We used to see approvals during the day also last year. They must have changed the way how their notification system works


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  • user1205
    04-11 12:41 PM
    The dates will keep moving and I bet you will be current in the June bulletin.

    This is the selfish part of me speaking but I hope they don't become current but move to April 2008 or something similar.
    If EB3 ROW is current then that opens up the numbers to EB3 India and China and we saw last year that India alone got 17K approvals so that cuts from the number of ROW approvals.
    Again ... it's the selfish part of me ... in a perfect world, nobody would have to wait this long or make these claculations ...
    I'm happy for all the people that get that "card ordered" email but I so hope to get one for myself!!!!

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  • puskeygadha
    05-24 08:07 AM
    Hi snathan

    My case was motion to reopen and it has been not looked at for
    7 months. how do i sign and send this letter. I have the case number.

    Also the letter does not specifically mention audit cases directly.

    Please let us know how to sign and send this letter.


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  • snathan
    04-01 01:18 PM

    I don't understand why this event is on week day. I am sure if it will be on Saturday or Sunday then you will see thousands of people participated in this event.


    Senator and congressmen's office is not open on week ends...

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  • my2cents
    06-28 03:17 PM
    For EB3 Folks with PD's in early - 2003- there are close to 8742 applicants in front of you That is a wait of 5 more years.

    For EB3 Folks with PD's in mid 2003 and later - There are 14583 applicants in line before you- That is a wait of 10-12 more years.

    Now the only way forward will be to lobby with IV for a legislative fix. Apart from that there is just no option, the sooner people realise that and help IV with advocacy, the better results we will get.

    I am quite confused. My date is June 2002 first week .
    Not sure if it makes sense to Port to Eb2 , but big uknown is how long it would take PD to move up to June 2002.


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  • NolaIndian32
    09-01 12:18 PM
    Congrats to all those who have received their approvals. Do you get a "Card Production Ordered" email or "Welcome" email or both?

    My attorney got an e-mail, i haven't gotten an e-mail yet. But i checked my online case status, which says card production ordered, should have card in 30 days time. My atty said that they are having some trouble right now with card production, so maybe that is why it says 30 days instead of 10 business days as it did in the past.

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  • gc28262
    09-04 09:37 AM
    It seems sun didn't rise from the east or has it....the miracle has happened....

    Congrats on your approval !
    Enjoy the freedom :)


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  • illinois_alum
    08-03 12:53 PM
    However my wife's status says
    "On August 2, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later."
    Do you know what does it mean?:confused:

    It means that your wife is approved as well...but don't know why different languages and text for both of you. But nothing to worry about it...

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  • lincoln
    01-17 10:17 PM
    I have followed the activity at this site for a few weeks now. The Indian community in the US is probably the most well to do and educated of all the minorities. Yet history repeats itself. Most are more concerned about esoteric subjects, nuclear treaties etc than the plight of the people here from their own country. If all the Indian community naturalized or not would stand up for this cause, people would listen. They would be forced to. But as always divided we fall. Somehow once this dash for permanent residence is over for people, they not only lose sight of their own struggle but also of the thousands of others involved. How many members on this site are actually green card holders or citizens?

    I do hope that everyone here endeavors to contribute with the same vigor ever after he or she has obtained his permanent residence. Immigration will always be a struggle and all should be united for the people who will come and face this daunting task over the years.

    I live in Virginia and I have meet many of these so-called “Indian American” organizations who claim to be active in DC. None of these orgs of “established” Indian-Americans (IA) wants to help on green card delay issue. “established” IAs and their so-called active “Indian American” orgs are totally useless. Most IAs, who contribute to these orgs, make their contribution because these IA orgs get them opportunities for photo-ops with lawmakers or people of influence; and these IAs are happy with just their pictures with some Senator or congressman. These guys then probably show these pictures to their family and friends to give an impression that they are well connected and powerful. These people, some of them are doctors, do not want anything to do with our issue. Yes, nuclear issue draws their attention as it “sounds” like an “important” issue and makes them look more “important”, working on an “important” issue. And their contribution to Indian-American orgs is simply a hogg wash, just to get an opportunity for some useless pictures. I have seen these people and these orgs operate very closely and none of these so called “Indian-American” orgs and these established Indian-Americans is of any use at all. I was also told by another fellow that some of these Indian Orgs in DC are front for their businesses. We are dealing with selfish idiotic egoistic XXXXXXXX…. So rnanchal, you are right, these Indian Americans are a “big force”…. but only to click their digital cameras to take pictures with the lawmakers. This “big force” has repeatedly refused to help on green card delay issue.

    Totally agree with the philosophy of IV that if we have to do something, we have to organize to fix our own problems. I live in Virginia and had a few opportunities to attend events on the Hill. With what I have seen, I can tell you that we can organize and make a massive difference in this debate. And it would be not just foolish, but totally irrational to depend on anybody (including so called “Indian American” orgs in DC) to work on the issue of green card delays.

    Just signed-up for $50/month subscription



    lincoln, Please do not use any profanity. Please be civil and make use of non-offensive language to express your opinion.


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  • gbof
    05-21 06:30 AM
    CPO on 5/10 but no card yet...

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  • bestia
    07-17 10:23 PM
    Guys, I still don't understand those who keep complaining and complaining about "unfairness" of the system. I feel you, those who are stuck somewhere... and I'm happy for those who can apply, even those who came in 2007. So what? Wishing bad for others is a bad karma... (I started getting into buddist things lately).

    And about fairness.. Is it fair that some people are coming here by just winning the lottery? I'm working with one guy from Ukraine, he came several months ago, sitting with his GC next to me, looking at me having NO IDEA what i'm talking about. Is it fair? No.

    Is it fair that hundreds of thousands come here and get documents by pretending to be "refugees"? You know how to get your documents through asylum? - Simple: just come up with a story (be gay, anti-communist, jehova-witness, whatever...), then you have ONE interview with officer and THAT'S IT!!! After a year you have GC. Half of LA is like that. I know a lot of dudes came a lot later after me, applying for citizenships now. Telling me that I'm stupid that went through that ridiculous way.

    I could become illegale in 1999 and get advantage of Clintons LIFE act. Many did who have citizenships now. Stupid of me? Maybe. Fair? No.

    Is this all fair? No... Everybody has his/her way.

    I'm proposing to make it more fair. Let's just propose mass deportation of American citizens. Make one big immigration line - then it will be fair.

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  • paskal
    09-20 09:52 PM
    It was great meeting and working with everyone especiallyJay,Aman,Himanshu,Vandana,Prateek,Nilli, Vandana,Mark,Tamsen,Puneet (yes- I am being nice to you inspite of the lawyer jokes u crack at my expense!!!),Anil,Sanjeev,Rajesh,Macacaa(yes I was a bit too hard on you:)but it was all in good spirit) and ofcourse my friend Meenal. I just want to thank a few volunteers who worked on lobby day meetings with me but could not attend the lobby day or the rally day-Fora,Vasu and Payal. We are all so glad the lobby day meetings and the Rally went well. It really shows what we can do when we all get together. Kudos to IV and its members!


    hey... for the record i did not crack a single lawyer joke...honestly!!!!!!
    on second thoughts i might have wondered if you would sue the city for your parking tickets :p

    thank you you for all that work, the car rides, even the tom tom
    it was great! hope you got home without anyone else's bags in tow :D

    05-16 07:46 PM
    Hi, lets each get 1 American / Permanent Resident friend/coworker get to call at least 1 person from this list. Granted, they might not be as vested to call all of them. But each call counts. Please have them call at least 1 person. This should take less than 1 minute and if needed, dial from your phone and give it to them :).
    Please, consider doing this. I know it is hard. I know it can be uncomfortable. Ask your immediate manager. Ask your coworker. Ask your brother. Ask your graduate TA. Ask your advisor. Ask anyone. Just get those calls out there. This really is about asking them to help you so that you can live a 'normal' life in a free democracy that is less than free for you. Please. Consider asking at least 1 person to call 1 person on this list.

    Its not as hard as you might think.


    04-13 12:55 AM
    Bring it on :p. I am on round 32 of Turbokick's. Six and half years of practice and I love it.

    Just for Fun ... Take it easy. Great to have you on the team

    I have been swimming and strength training for quite some time now and have started kettle bells and Taek Won Do this year. I do see a lot of women working out. All I am saying is that these forums have a lower proportion of females.......pure statistics.
    And yes; there are a lot of females working out and the ones who do take up martial arts are more serious than the guys. However the most common excuse cited by the ones who hesitate to take up running/walking, is security. I am trying to get the ones who are not working out to get out; the ones who are; have a lot of tenacity.

    .............BTW, be nice to me. By the time you come to DC to run the race, I might have my brown belt :)

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