Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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  • gsc999
    02-02 03:11 PM
    Donated $500 today per my promise. Paypal ID #2863392354669581P

    Apologies for posting this update on the wrong thread couldn't find the right one.

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  • bskrishna
    05-09 11:25 AM
    While I agree with most of what you have said, some of this anxiety will be removed or minimized if USCIS has a published or documented way of going through with these approvals (like PD,RD,ND etc)instead of randomly choosing a case.

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  • vikki76
    09-01 04:02 PM
    I am green'ed today and got card production ordered mail. I am soooooooooooooo happy....

    Congrats..can you please update your data? Which service center? NSC or TSC? what your RD/ND date?

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  • dilbert_cal
    05-15 12:36 AM
    Thanks ksircar for replying to this thread. littly_willy - now you can spend the night deciding what to do :-) - do get some sleep too and pray the best for you.


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  • tonyHK12
    04-01 09:08 AM
    My wife and I went to DC in 2007, but we are not able to make it this time. We are giving you guys $200 to help somebody pay a for a flight. What's the best way to do it? Donating on the web site?

    Yes, if you want to give money, you can donate through the links in the website and make a one time donation.
    This is our contribution thread:

    This is our airmiles thread for travel and carpooling:

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  • apb
    07-11 08:05 PM
    Please refer to news below
    Based on this..
    1) USCIS cannot be holding the applications for too long.
    2) The receipt number would be faster now and we do not have to worry when huge number of application will go in WHEN they revert their July 2 bulletin.
    New Direct Filing Instructions for Certain USCIS Forms

    Petitioners and applicants are advised that new Direct Filing requirements come into effect July 30, 2007. USCIS says it will not reject cases filed in the prior filing location for 30 days after the new instructions go in to effect, that is, through August 29, 2007. This is true as long as the forms are accompanied by the proper filing fees and otherwise meet the filing requirements.

    Note that on and after August 29, 2007, USCIS will reject cases filed in the wrong locations.

    Direct filing will be implemented for the following forms: I-129F (Petition for Alien Fianc�(e)); Form I-131 (Application for Travel Document); I-140 (Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker); I-360 (Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant); I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status); I-765, Application for Employment Authorization); I-907 (Request for Premium Processing).

    USCIS says it will issue revised filing instructions shortly. Meanwhile, in order to help the public determine the proper direct filing location, USCIS has developed a series of filing charts and posted them on its web site at at the forms information page.

    The above affected forms filed with the new direct filing locations prior to July 30, 2007 will NOT be rejected.



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  • gauravster
    05-01 09:25 PM
    My perm application is still stuck in the Atlanta Processing Center.

    Applied: 28 Jun 2007
    Audit replied: 12 Oct 2007

    Have got no reply from them despite a query to DOL a few days back.


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  • gc_on_demand
    05-20 12:27 PM
    lets keep this thread on top....
    This shud be our focus for the next few days ./weeks until Iv Core says otherwise..Please FOCUS
    Call these congressmen/women

    Come on Folks CALL ASAP. GO IV GO >>>>


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  • coopheal
    04-09 09:40 PM
    I thought IV core is supposed to come out with action items (or lead - all they need to do is come out with an action thread and people will follow).
    if people were to follow all calls from ordinary members then 2 things would have happened IV would have been more dynamic (Since everyone is calling for action items) and people would be running in all directions.
    this is probably my last post ..what is frustrating is that whenever anyone asks genuine questions ..people just jump and attack.
    as for lobbying ...the maths is simple ..if IV is collecting around 10k (or less) every month ..then it will take 5 plus years to collect the money for any sensible lobbying ...

    You are talking as if you follow IV core to their word. People like you criticize IV but never do any useful contribution. You didn't even fill your profile. You haven't contributed even for FOIA and now saying the IV is collecting very less money. Are you insane??

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  • Goodintentions
    01-11 07:06 PM
    I agree with the contents of the post. Personally, I have been writing letters regularly to the Congressman, the Senators of my State and also to the President. In most cases I have received responses.

    Many of you may not find my observations interesting or you have also come across something similar. This is however for those of our friends who are yet to write to law makers!

    Following are some of the obesravtions which I would like to share:

    1. Letters posted (not emails) seem to be read and replied. (Ofcourse, most of us are now so much used to email that it is difficult to print and post, but I still think it is worth the effort)

    2. Unless the subject line refers to a "specific bill no." the answers are very generic. In fact many such responses are not relevant at all

    3. Whenever the letters have been to the point and within ONE PAGE, they seem to draw attention.

    4. I have tried to meet my Congressman for about 2 years, but in vain. However, over a period of time I have been able to develop some friendship with his immigration assistant. They are the people who prepare notes and present it to the Congressman

    5. Recently I got a response from one of the Senators on the S1085 bill. He is a Democrat and has stated that he is supportive of the bill and that it is currentlyundergoing "judicial review by the Senate". I really do not know what it means, though!

    5. Regarding CIR I got a clear letter from Mr McCain stating that unless the "borders are secure and sealed" CIR does not make any sense. I have once again written to Sen McCain that we are legal immigrants and would like to seek his support as well as thatof all Senators and Congressmen, from both parties. I am yet to get a response. Once I get a response I will share it with all of you

    6. I am no writing a 2 separate letters (one about the new bill about passing on Lottery Visas to EB) and also another about the fate of of HR 5882. I would also be writing the Congressman who has sponsored this "Lottery Visa" about the HR5882.

    The task is uphill and very difficult. We have no option but to try the beaten track. Many of us are here for more than a decade and the end is never so near. Time does not wait and we cannot board a time machine to get back in time! I am one such person who left UK and came here! Had I continued there I would have become a citizen 2 years back!

    Perhaps we can try the Gandian method of "mass satyagraha" which is a very peaceful means, to highlight our situation. We can do it in summer, may be in June / July and start working in this direction. Not sure how many will scoff at me, but perhaps it is worth the try.

    GOD BLESS all our friends who have been patiently waiting for ages!

    Best wishes!


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  • NolaIndian32
    04-13 12:18 PM
    Updated: Lets keep the recruitment going!!

    NolaIndian32 - 11 - Rec'd Membership Form - 11 - Welcome Packages delivered 4/9/08, 4/25/08, 5/10/08, 5/13/08, 5/18/08, 5/28/08, 6/2/08, 6/3/08
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    Winner - 1
    Texanmom � 2
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    amsgc -1 - Rec'd Membership Form - Welcome Package Mailed 5/3/08
    Arunmohan - 1
    Mirza30101980 - 2
    Nandakumar - 1 - Rec'd Membership Form - Welcome Package Mailed 5/10/08
    Mystery IV Member - 1

    Total Members: 33!!
    That is a potential $10,700 in fundraising already!!!

    C'mon IVians, lets get this number to 35!!

    Winners of GiveAways:
    20th Team IV Member - $20 reimbursement toward DC 10 Miler! - Swadeshi
    27th Member - $50 Membership Discount - Arunmohan
    50th Team IV Member - Free Ipod Shuffle - ???

    You can do it, Team IV can help! - Set a noble goal to support IV and improve or sustain a healthy lifestyle in the process.

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  • xela
    07-15 08:14 AM
    I don t give you red, but I am tired of your attitude. Guess what I have a masters degree, however in my field the jobs do not require one. Look again EB3 is not based on what peoaple have but what the job requires.

    Granted even in my field they prefer to hire Masters and yes after 10 years I am a manager and a leader in my field, none of that helps me converting to Eb2 if the general impression is that Bach suffices for this as well.

    Or maybe my lawyers are not as creative as yours. Either way stop trying to sound like you are so much better than EB3 people cus you are not. On the contrary I have yet to see you post something positive. Go back to bed and get some sleep maybe tomorrow you wont get up on the wrong side of bed, and finally have some more friendly attitude.

    Employment based immigration was created to invite bright minds from the world and also fill the needs of companies who could not find good skills in USA citizens. It was not created to give green cards immediately to everyone who applied for one. The system works based on priority given to the top minds first who are in EB1. Then they give to EB2. There are other categories like asylum or family based created for their specific purpose.

    If we are claiming to be best and the brightest having high skills and inventing then it is EB1 and EB2 mostly. By law EB3 is mostly for people who have Bachelor degree and hardly any experience in their field to claim as EB2. It does not matter you are masters from Harvard but by law, if your job requires just a bachelor degree then you are doing basic work at lower management. Legally EB3 have no case if they claim to be best and the brightest inventors. All doctors get EB2 or EB1. All managers with advanced degrees get EB2. All Scientists and PhD holders get EB1 and EB2. So EB3 is mostly people who are low skilled programmers, people in professions doing lower line work or people who despite having higher degrees are doing jobs that do not need advanced skills to be the brightest folks immigrating in USA. There are some exceptions of people who are screwed by their lawyers and employers by forcing them in EB3. These people should fight with their lawyers and employers or change their jobs to EB2. EB3 do not have a strong legal case to fight for EB3 if they claim to be best and the brightest. It is very humiliating but you like it or not EB3 is grouped with EB3 Other Workers that are waiters, janitors, construction workers, Farm workers etc.

    You can give more reds. It does not matter. But if we need to fight the system, we need to understand the system and look at our strategy to fight it.


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  • Michael chertoff
    05-04 07:35 AM
    You will understand later my brother. After you get the GC when you look back. You will say to yourself "Wow, I was being so small and petty minded: I was bashing up real people for a piece of plastic". That is the time we can meet and be friends

    Value of a "person" will be known when he is gone. But the worthlessness of material thing gets realized when it actually comes. Character of a person is truly tested during trying times. May you reminisce about it later and wonder why didn't you do better

    Good luck. And BTW I was not the guy who gave you red.

    About this message: It's not just for MC, but many,many more of you. Is it really important that you won the race in life, more than how people remember you? I am not "targeting" anyone in particular, just indulging myself with some philosophy. Peace.

    My Friend, I dont understand why you gave me this big reading class and what you do you want to say.

    get some rest buddy.


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  • Saralayar
    04-13 04:09 PM
    Please enlighten me - the one who proposed this idea and for those who supported this - Why do you think the concerned authorities or lawmakers would listen to you (us) and agree to making this happen? I believe Green Card gives us all the priviliges of the US citizenship except the voting rights. Besides the voting right, what are the significant differences between the two (Green Card vs. Citizenship) that would make a good case for asking for a faster citizenship program?
    GC is an extension of H1B issued for 10 years and gives freedom to change the employer. Citizenship is different and do not compare GC with Citizenship.


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  • dpp
    04-09 09:42 PM
    I think current mad rush is because of following reasons.

    1) Atlease 35K new H1s filed because of H4-H1 conversions. This is because of retrogression and H4s waited longtime to work and so they are desparate to work. We can eliminate this if we have I-485 filing provision without visa number availability provision of STRIVE act. These people deserve it until there no solutuon to Retrogression.

    2) 70K visas are filed by Offshoring/Outsouring firms firms. This is where the actual problem is. They won't send all of them whom they file. They will unnecessarily waste all these H1s after getting approvals. I know so many visas are wasted by Satyem, Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Accenture and all other offershoring/outsourcing firms every year.

    3) 15K-20K by US educated students. These are deserved to file.

    4) 10K - New H1s for real projects needed by clients. These are also deserve to file for H1.

    So, here the problem is Offshoring/Outsourcing firms who are abusing the law by filing and not sending all of them. I can definitely say 85% visas filed by these firms every year are wasted and they won't send all these employees whom they file. They are using this H1 as seat reservation in a bus/train. They only send very few and waste so many visas every year. In all these firms, i know so many employees are having H1 stamped and waiting to come here. But those companies selects very few and send them here. If at all we need any reform in H1B, then it is here by not allowing H1s from these Offshoring/Outsourcing firms. Then everybody will be happy. These firms can use only L1 for their company needs so that H1 won't be abused.

    Also, first point, we can solve by passing the curent version of STRIVE.

    So, we need to oppose this new H1B reform and make to sure that Congress passes STRIVE act provisions.

    Any thoughts from my friends?

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  • eb3retro
    07-13 01:12 PM
    let me take a guess - at the minimum - 2 years for your PD and 4-5 years for my PD.

    I am quite confused. My date is June 2002 first week .
    Not sure if it makes sense to Port to Eb2 , but big uknown is how long it would take PD to move up to June 2002.


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  • ss.varn
    05-05 08:55 AM
    MC, Congrats.
    I am fan of your's one liners. Enjoy my friend.

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  • neelu
    03-18 01:16 AM
    Members: 9,513
    Welcome to our newest member, rojaroja!

    Rojaroja and other recently joined members, welcome!

    Please continue this chain. As you will soon find out IV is doing a great lot to relieve us of retrogression. There are other uses to being an IV member that you can start reaping (like getting your questions answered).

    While we welcome you to use the services provided by IV, we request you to pass on the word and be active in increasing the membership of IV. Please help add atleast ONE member to IV by the end of the month.

    Needless to say, your financial contribution is of utmost importance too.

    Thank you.

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  • immigration1234
    05-13 03:00 PM
    We are still waiting for ours. Our priority date is June 18, 2006. Don't know what to do...

    01-12 08:15 PM
    Here are few clarification Nix. Not that I need to explain to you but for all peop here

    Pappu Thanks for your support

    I will post relevant ideas as we gather momentum

    My answers to your post are color coded in GREEN

    (1) I found a unique way to cope with the stress of our immigration nightmare.

    through Day trading??

    Dude Day trading is stressfull if you dont know what you are doing ?

    (2) It is not easy and it is not for the weak hearted but the rewards are wholesome and tremendous.

    (3) Now lets Play !!!!!

    Have you just tried to sell Day trading to IVians??

    Relax Nix Probably this post aint for you . Why the hell do I need to sell anything to you. I am sharing what I feel is a great way to channalise negative energies towards something useful.

    LMAO. I am sorry but I disagree that Day trading is an investment. Day trading is risky business and one needs plush amounts of cash as SIPC/SEC will not release the money on the same day. Don't even get me started on the margin accounts.

    It is risky FOR SURE . It is a s risky as much as Crossing road is risky for the blind

    People who can see can cross with ease provided they are not careless and have good judgement

    I agree with (2) and would also like to point out that the risks are also substantial. One can get addicted to day trading and I dont need to tell what addiction can do to any one.

    Nix people are addicted to VB too wht did they achieve.....Here atleast I am doing something progressive.

    It needs time during work hours. ie 9 30 am and 4 30 pm. A lot of people did day trading during the dot com boom and recently with FRE & FNM. We know the results.

    Well I am guessing your knowledge of day trading is limited to what Wikipedia has to offer. I work 9.00 5.00 Software engineer (no pun intented) And I make a decent 50-100 on the side .

    While you might have taken refuge in day trading for the stress immigration has caused, it can be a serious double whammy/nightmare if the calculations go wrong.

    Well Day traders that I have seen sucessful have NEVER EVER suggested to go all in. Play small play consistent

    All said, if you feel that there is enough money to be made and normal Joe Bloggs can cope up with the pressure, please share your thoughts in detail.

    I wanted to address this post first cause I want the notion that this is for my benefit to be outted. I have been here long and supported IV in all ways possible.

    03-17 09:06 PM
    Did you send email to ? I sent yesterday, today i got confirmation my passport has been received. What a relief!

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