Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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  • Tiger Woods alleged mistresses Jamie Jungers Interview- My Affair With Tiger

  • ImmiLosers
    01-15 01:54 PM
    Today is No BUY Day...

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  • Tiger Woods…Mistress list

  • my2cents
    10-21 02:41 PM
    Base Assumptions:
    EB2 ratio (Pre PERM) 30% Before PERM came, PD was almost current and nobody cared for EB3 or EB2
    EB3 ratio (Pre PERM) 70%
    EB2 ratio (Post PERM) 50% After PERM, retrogression, people jumped on take advantage on EB2
    EB3 ratio (Post PERM) 50%

    Dependant 2.1
    Indian National Ratio 60%

    Total Labor Calculations

    Approval Rate Total Comments Source
    Backlog 363000 60% 217800 Before Mar 2005
    PERM 171000 75% 128250 Mar 2005- Mar 07

    Total Labor (Approved) 217800 Pre PERM only
    Indian National 130680
    Total EB3 91476
    Total Eb2 39204

    Yearly allocation in % EB3 (total 485 applications) EB2 (total 485 Appl.) Total 485 Pending for Indian National
    2001 10 19210 8233 27443
    2002 20 38420 16466 54886
    2003 30 57630 24699 82328
    2004 35 67235 28815 96050
    2005 (Before march) 5 9605 4116 13721
    Mar 2005- Mar 2007 100% 80798 80798 161595
    Total EB pending for Indian 436023

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  • Alleged Tiger Woods mistress

  • StarSun
    02-07 08:31 AM
    One more thing, IV, please create a Facebook event for the Advocacy Days and post it on your page, that way I can send to all my friends.

    Thank you Goosetavo. Will have the adv event on IV facebook.

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  • tiger woods mistress list.

  • sanju_dba
    07-16 03:36 PM
    Pl send your template so that we can write to our senators/reps etc

    Well, I think every one should write in their own way, but here are few imp things i feel.
    -> sympathy point first ,How long you have been waiting
    -> how much +ve impact was from your contribution to this country ( employer )
    -> what are you
    -> how you can be helped.

    here is my cry...i have x'ed to mask some personal matter.

    Respected Sir,
    I am taking courage to write to you after a long wait of 7-8years legally. I have been working since last 9 years for a Dallas based small company ( xxx Inc) with revenue of around $xxx a year. My skills contributed this company to stay in competition with billion dollar companies ( xxx,xxx,xxx). My wife in similar field is serving xxx ( xxx ), Fort worth.
    We are highly skilled professionals from India, and have plans to contribute even more by establishing our own company and generate more income.
    Since last 10 years I have been paying my taxes,ssn,medicare without fail.
    Mine and my wife's Permanent residency process ( Green Card process ),EB3-India, is stuck since last 7.5years and with current pace it may take another 4years, a total of 11-12 years.
    I am not sure about the relief through CIR.
    During now thru CIR interim, I request you to instruct USCIS to apply the spill over of unused employment visas in the order of oldest priority date and not by the by category.
    Right now, the spill over benefit is helping the applicants who applied 3years after me.
    If 1) spill over order would have not changed 2years back and
    2) 245(i) applicants would have not clubbed into existing quota,
    my life would have been in order, and I would have not bothered you.
    Please help,
    I love America ( A country of Great People and Land )

    Let me know if i have send any wrong inline information!


    tiger woods mistress. Tiger Woods#39; Alleged Mistress
  • Tiger Woods#39; Alleged Mistress

  • sk123
    09-02 06:09 PM
    My PD is Mar-04, RD=14Aug07
    On USCIS status, it says.." On October 11, 2007, we received this I485..." .
    Processing time for TSC is Aug07.. Does this mean my case will not processed now?

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  • bugsbunny
    03-24 03:16 PM
    Speaking for myself, I'm not seeing the value.

    So...when I see them advocating for things that will make a difference, I might consider contributing at that time.

    JeffDG What is important to you and what would you like IV to be advocating for?

    I believe IV should take this very seriously
    I do believe all of IV's causes are good
    but i rarely see a vote on what IV plans to advocate for

    Perhaps having a list of issues displayed somewhere for all to see would be beneficial
    Regular polls would also be good
    When people see a cause that they truly care about being taken up...the contributions will automatically increase

    For a long time i was reluctant to contribute cause i had no idea what issues IV takes up when it plans Advocacy events

    Jeff contributing towards IV is like contributing to any non-profit, you can never be truly sure how and where your money will be utilized. As long as you share the same greater cause, it should not stop you from making atleast minimal contributions.


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  • Tiger woods Mistress Rachel

  • Kodi
    05-23 09:27 PM
    Mine took 6 months for perm labour from Atlanta. It is all luck again how fast it will be done.

    Is this EB2 or EB3? Is there a difference in the approval time if you're EB2 ROW?

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  • Tiger Woods#39; alleged first

  • zbd
    05-15 04:24 PM
    I'm trying to make decision to pick consular or Adj. status.
    Please, can somebody tell me the flow on Adj. status here.
    1-File 485.
    2. Finger Print notice (you said around 30 days)
    3.?? (medical??)
    4.?? (FBI??)

    and total approximate time for same center for all family.

    I really apreciate if you can also write your experience to compare Consular and Adj. status.



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  • Tiger Woods Mistress Jamie

  • dilber
    05-16 04:22 PM
    Cool this thing seems to be working I called everyone on the list and it takes just a few minutes Guys please call If we get these bills through we might have a shot. Loog at the first post in the thread we already have one of the member of the cacus as a co sponcer of the bills :)

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  • pictures Tiger Woods

  • santb1975
    04-08 12:11 PM
    The 50'th member to Join Team IV gets an Ipod Shuffle from me.


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  • Tiger Woods Mistresses to Hold

  • m306m
    01-15 11:01 AM
    I have renewed my passport and my wife's a couple of times in through Houston (That tell you how long I have been in the US without a GC). It typically takes them 3-4 weeks (Rush service is also offered). You can opt to pick up the passport in person as well. If you have been waiting very long for your new passport, call them up and speak with them. I have noticed that it help greatly if you speak with them in Hindi instead of English. Goodluck.

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  • Slightly NSFW. Cristina

  • looivy
    07-14 09:43 PM
    I truly believe, though IV's efforts can impact a little bit, they have to join other organizations to strengthen the efforts and results.

    As I said before, IV should step up for EB3-I/C/ROW cause since policies seem to be working in favor of other EBs (which is good) but EB3 is stuck..

    Here are some paths to consider.

    1. IV has established relationships with some key politicians through the advocacy days, may be that channel can work
    2. Allow interfiling with spouse
    3. Allow folks to file I-485 for an approved I-140 even if the dates are not current
    4. Have an endless EAD and AP (by endless I mean 5 years)
    5. Recapture (Tie it to a Zoe Lofgren or Feigngold will not sign Finance reform bill unless lost EB visas are recaptured). It will help EB2 folks as well. Give Feingold a call, he is voting no on Finance reform. May be he can kick in something for legal EB folks (similar to cornhusker) and may vote Yes and be the 60th vote.

    What I suggest you guys to do is build upon these ideas above rather than destroy it or be sarcastic about it.


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  • Tiger tiger woods mistress

  • nixstor
    02-06 03:53 PM
    I am jumping ahead of the situation here, but I just wanted to see what other members think/know. Assuming that the 90K visa recapture happens, It doesnt take too long for them to be used up in the current situation where there are a lot of people with labors and approved 140's (w/PERM). Not every one will have an oppurtunity to file for a new labor and file for 485. If DOS makes the PD's current / post Mar 2005, wouldn't it be unfair to people who labors are pending for 3 yrs. How does this work out in the previous recapture? HLG doesnt say about numbers being forwarded to the next year though.

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  • The Tiger Woods Mistress

  • ak_2006
    03-14 12:55 PM
    Please Participate in the EB3 poll. :) for only rest of the world....

    I voted in this wrongly as I am belongs to India....please take out one vote from 2006 PD


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  • A new Tiger Woods#39; mistress

  • kurtz_wolfgang
    09-02 12:47 PM
    Does CPO status on USCIS site mean 485 is approved? or is there some hidden processing going on, which can turn the tables??

    Just skeptical.

    btw, I forgot to mention. I thank the IV members for their invaluable guidance. Will continue being a regular member.

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  • Tiger Woods wanted by Ashley

  • Michael chertoff
    05-05 09:08 PM
    Congrats man Enjoy your freedom! :)

    did you really do all the paperwork yourself?
    sorry i can never tell when you are joking or being serious :p

    Yes sir even I did my F1 process from INDIA by myself.


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  • images Tiger Woods mistress

  • NolaIndian32
    04-16 01:45 PM
    The second reason is fund raising. I have a fundraising goal of 5$00 this year ans starting out early will give me a higher probablity of meeting my goal or exceeding it. I am going to be writing letters to my friends/ family to contribute towards IV as early as next week. I will see if I can raise atleast 150 to 200$ by doing that. I am going to organize a summer BBQ and have a cover charge or put a donation box at the BBQ. I will see how much I can raise doing that. My third event will be around November. I was planning on partnering with some friends and baking some pie's, puff pastry's, Cookies, kebobs and selling them at a local farmers maket on a saturday. Hopefully I will raise more than $500 doing all these. This should be a fun filled year for me.

    I want to emphasize on this posting by Santb1975. I know that several IV Members have put in a lot of hard work over several weekends for the past several months working on the letter writing campaign. This initiative, Team IV, is slightly different, and is centered around your personal fitness goals, and having fun. The fundraising goals for each Member are so nominal that about 2-3 events should get you to your targets easily. These events do not require more than 2-3 days of planning and execution combined. In the process, you are going to have some fun as well.

    All you need to do now, is sign up with Team IV. You can sustain or start your committment to fitness training and sign up for one of the Team IV or local events. The fundraising can start as late as August and you will have plenty of time to wrap it up by January 18, 2009.

    I am confident that several Team IV Members will exceed their initial goals of $300 or $500.

    This is a year long, fun filled, fitness oriented way to support IV!!

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  • franklin
    09-20 06:36 PM
    as for logiclife...he has had "enough of flowery protests"...i'll leave the rest to your imagination ;)

    I am actually very dissappointed with myself. In the post rally MC fluster, I had made a mental note to introduce Logiclife and then give him a flower. But I hear he strongly opposes measures such as this :)

    I had also promised to get Macaca on the stage and write with colorful Sharpies on his forehead.

    Its probably best I forgot both...

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  • chanduv23
    07-19 07:37 AM
    It is easy to hurt someone who is already hurt. Friends, I am with you all. I feel your pain.

    I would say - talk to pappu and other core and form a different channel in google groups or yahoogroups and organize yourselves first and collect more and more material needed for IV members and core to start working on these action items.

    Can someone stuck in backlog centers take this initiative and do it?

    05-23 01:57 PM
    I removed congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard from the list as she is now the co sponsor of all three bills

    07-14 10:31 AM
    Many are porting to EB2 from EB3, Hope that clears some traffic @EB3. I hope USCIS will equally distribute the spill over in year or two with help of IV and lawfirms.

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