Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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  • baleensavage
    Aug 29, 09:27 AM
    Who? for starters.

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  • Chosenbydestiny
    Nov 8, 07:57 AM
    Wow...I didn't expect this announcement to be so early in the month. So what is left for the MacWorld?

    Probably the touch screen video Ipod for starters.

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  • Warbrain
    Mar 28, 08:42 PM
    Apple is at the core a software company.

    No, Apple is a hardware company that develops the OS that runs on its hardware.

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  • ChrisA
    Aug 2, 05:32 PM
    The exploit is apparently in the device driver, and so its more of an issue with Atheros than with Apple.

    The drivers are part of the OS.

    Apple did not write all of the OS much of it comes from BSD UNIX and some more of it comes from CMU's Mach. Many (most?) of the hundreds of applications that ship with Mac OSX are Open Source that Apple did not write.

    We shouldn't care much about if Apple employees wrote the code or if they hired the job out of it the downloaded an Open Source application off the Internet. If the software has a problem it needs to be fixed.

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  • alent1234
    Nov 23, 03:31 PM
    In 40 years let's see how Justin Beiber and Lady Bla Bla are selling. Rock on Beatles!

    lady bla bla has some talent. you have to have some to get admitted to juliard and NYU. even madonna had a good musical education before she hit the clubs in the 1980's

    if you haven't seen this yet, it's lady bla bla a year or so before she hit it big

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  • aswitcher
    Jan 11, 05:36 PM
    Would they base MacWorld around something as simple as wireless this or that? It's got to be big, probably a new product. I'm still leaning towards the GPS thing. Garmin has already announced it will be at MacWorld with new software/product codenamed "Bobcat"

    Maybe it's a portable in-car computer system touch screen tablet with the works, how amazing would that be! GPS, mp3, video, phone, etc etc.

    I really want an Apple Watch. And I really want an Apple GPS unit that works really nicely with my Mac and google earth. Chuck in BT for live stuff and connectivity to Macs and iPhones.

    How many Apple Watches with GPS could they sell? My guess is millions.

    Apple has $15 Billion in Cash...and as a shareholder, (i'm not alone here) am a little upset that they're not doing anything with it. A billion or two won't kill them.

    Remember that the iphone is the most profitable product line that apple has. I think that they will continue this trend into the other products, however in order to do so, you must build the infrastructure. Apple will either buy out a current player in the wireless sector, or will slowly deploy their own network, slowly integrating existing products into it... convergence.

    Its not going to be a few Billion. Its going to be a lot more and require a huge huge expansion of their business because its a new game. Its not like making an iPod, its about entering a very competitive environment by buying an existing telco. One that I think they cant even use the current iPhone with and we have seen nothing new at the FCC.

    I think its clear Apple aren't going this way because there unique business model is to take a share of the profits.

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  • Retrograffica
    Jan 11, 02:45 PM
    You know, I hate to say this, but it has a striking resemblance to the "Vista" font. Granted, "vista" is more narrow. Scary, huh?

    This could be more of the same shrewd move they did with the Leopard menu bar, I know it's nasty but Apple are trying to get more PC users to switch and offering them something they are familiar with would help the transition

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  • IJ Reilly
    Aug 29, 11:04 AM
    Ok, I see your point. But when does the consumer stand up and say "I DON'T WANT WINDOWS ON MY COMPUTER" and force the Dells to load something else besides Windows. If the OS was so undesirable, the consumer would have been up in arms. Dell sells computers with Linux preloaded, but I don't see Linux making any dent in anyones armor.

    I'd sooner wait for hell to freeze over.

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 14, 10:06 AM
    I hope what this shows the PC makers is that it's not just a race to the bottom as far as price is concerned, but that people are willing to pay more for a device if it's built well and does a good job.

    Stop worrying about shaving that extra dollar off the price and providing the rock-bottom rickety low-cost PC that will fall apart in a few months; instead, go ahead and invest in computers with longer battery life, better build quality, and other useful features -- consumers are willing to pay for it.

    Agreed... I think many manufactures are in a self imposed trap to increase sales through discount pricing. But they also cram in the specs to impress, but the components are sub-grade and the longevity is not there.

    Case in point... a friend of mine is complaining about her desktop machine. It's about 2 and half years old and she's ready to replace it. Parts keep dying and performance degrades really fast.

    So, the reality in todays market is, you can buy a cheap PC and you're signing up for about 3 years of on and off problems, or you can buy a Mac and get 5+ years of almost flawless to flawless performance.

    The MBP I have now is almost 5 years old and has had no problems in that time. That in it's self has been worth every extra dime.

    But again... from a general consumer standpoint... people get some iDevice, they love it, get to know Apple, visit the stores and see the excitement and then they're hooked... they want more.

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  • yoak
    Apr 15, 09:27 AM
    Wow, we went a whole hour without this old one popping up again. I feel embarrassed for you.

    I don't know, to me Final Cut Suite was always a steal. The 'revolution' started over 10 years ago. Unfortunately, broadcasters still require HDCAM/SR deliveries so rentals aren't necessarily a thing of the past yet. I can't wait for the day we can just deliver a quicktime file.

    It�s nearer than you think, at least here. We were allowed to deliver 7*30min episodes as ProRes files on a hard drive to the main broadcaster here (NRK1 HD, the BBC equivalent) in Norway in January.
    First they wanted HDCAM, but we argued that we would just lose a couple of generations this way. We had used quite a bit of Gopro and CAnon 5D footage and we didn�t want that to go through too many unnecessary convertions.
    They agreed

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  • Lollypop
    Aug 29, 03:10 AM
    I'm well aware that the majority of people are going to get Vista when they buy new machines next year or so, but which of these versions are they going to get?

    Very likely home platinum, possibly professional if they are buying a expensive high end machine.

    MS has spread their lineup to thin, $500 for the ultimate every 5-10 years, I would rather got the apple route, $130 for the entire thing every few years and at least I feel continues advances than one big bang.

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  • treblah
    Aug 3, 05:20 PM
    Everything on that banner has been released/announced. THERE IS NOTHING NEW ONTHIS BANNER! :rolleyes:

    Where have you seen this before?

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  • yergnov
    Mar 25, 02:18 PM
    It's not that Apple isn't capable of coming up with a version of iOS that would run well on the 3G hardware. Of course they could if they wanted to. What it comes down to is Apple having to draw a line in the sand and phase out support at some point. They can't keep spending money to develop for it forever. The 3G is nearly 3 years old. I think it has served it's purpose well, and now it's time to let it retire in peace. It's worked a long time and is tired.

    Personally I am surprised anyone is holding on to older phones like that. There are such good deals to be found in selling old hardware that will allow you to upgrade every year if you want with little or no expense to do so. When the 3Gs came out, I sold my original iPhone online for $160, so the upgrade only cost me $40 plus tax. It was well worth it. And when iPhone 5 drops this summer, I will do the same thing. Not too shabby if you ask me.

    I totally agree. However, the 4.x was sold as a viable update to my phone, and my older iPod Touch was upgraded automatically. Had I known it would have rendered them quite useless, I would have not agreed to the upgrade. Also, there is no way (that I can tell) to downgrade to a previous IOS (I'm not overly geeky). I am not asking for on-going support, rather that the phone that I paid for works for its lifetime. It is Apple's fault for not providing a reasonable explanation of what the consequences would be or providing an alternative to that IOS.

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  • bloodycape
    Sep 6, 09:21 AM
    How does the NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 128MB compare to the ATI X1600? Is it faster, better, and or more reliable? I am assuming this is also underclocked?

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  • bassfingers
    Apr 2, 08:50 PM
    Opinions are good things huh....

    The nokia n8 may be a fugly symbian^3 abomination, but the sensor combined with the carl zeiss optics produces some really nice photos, even in low light.

    You can also use the hdmi out for flipping throuhg photos, and not just the fakin stupid slideshow like the hdmi adapter on the iphone4

    Yeah, why get the iphone when there are things out there that take better pictures... Like, cameras. Yep, not ever getting an iphone because digital cameras take better pictures

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  • Neuro
    Sep 12, 05:31 PM
    Gah!! This gapless playback thing is annoying me. I upgraded as soon as the keynote finished and it's still analysing my library (37825 songs). What's it even for?!

    Um, albums that don't have gaps in... Dj Mixes, live performances, soundtracks etc...

    It's actually an incredibly nice feature that millions of people have been waiting for.

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  • AxisOfBeagles
    Mar 8, 12:16 PM
    and yet another from this weekend's visit to Loreto ...

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  • yellow
    Aug 3, 05:32 PM
    I seriously doubt this is a major concern ATM for home users with secured wifi access points (and by that, I mean wifi APs that filter MAC addresses). In order for someone to use this exploit, they would undoubtedly have to be on your network..

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  • boss.king
    May 4, 11:35 PM
    Not interested in this. It's not really any more convenient to do this OTA. Just plug your phone in for 10 mins and install it in the evening. I could maybe see this working over Wi-Fi but for a lot of places this would destroy peoples data caps.

    Apple OC
    Mar 15, 03:57 PM
    What's illogical about it?

    Why should we subsidize the defense industry, a multi-multi-billion dollar expense to our government, merely to maintain some jobs?

    Please show me the evidence that demonstrates that is a positive investment for our country.

    show me, show me? ... if you can not see the value for the economy in the people that work in and around the Military ... from Mom and Pop stores to direct suppliers to the Military? ... and your solution is ...

    I'd suggest that those who's careers are based on maintaining our military can file for unemployment and search the want ads just like everybody else.

    like I said ... good thing you are not part of the decision process. :cool:

    Sep 12, 05:24 PM
    It's a real pity the black one has to be 8GB. Why can't we have all the colours or have it white?

    Greed on Apple's part might be the reason. I'm sure they will wait a few months after everyone has bought the 4GB in color, then announce 8GB iPod Nanos in color.

    Mar 21, 05:17 PM
    After using our ipad-2 since the 17th, we are pretty sure we are going to return it and get an Airbook 11" to go with our pro machines at home. We just can't get anything like simple productive tasks done on it without some form of rain dance, hoop jump session. I cant even email a photo with a file name to a client to comp in a layout, pretty laughable actually.

    Maybe in a few years when Apple figures out there are actually people out there who do more than game or waste time on Facebook....

    Sep 12, 05:02 PM
    Even though iTunes says that 5g ipods are up to date software version 1.2 is in there...

    You must restore the ipod and it will restore using software update 1.2

    note that this does NOT give search function, but it does provide compatability for games and the newly released 640x480 movies/videos


    Apr 27, 06:01 PM
    What I want to know is how gun crime correlates to poverty regardless of race.

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