Monday, September 5, 2011

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  • burnt
    06-23 08:19 PM
    Gurus, help needed urgently - I had mailed my I-765 on Saturday via express delivery to the Texas Service Center as I live in NJ. The address I sent it to was
    Texas Service Center
    P.O Box 851041
    Mesquite, TX 75185-1041

    I checked my USPS tracking status, and it says the following

    We attempted to deliver your item at 10:33 AM on June 23, 2008 in MESQUITE, TX 75185 and a notice was left. A second delivery attempt will be made. If unsuccessful, we will hold it for five business days and then it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

    Has this happened with anyone else? I cross checked the address and its correct. So what should be done in this case?

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  • ksrk
    03-04 04:37 PM
    Topics at this forum range from H1B to visitor visa to citizenship to EB-based GC and sometimes even family-based GC sponsorship.
    Agreed that quite a bit of discussion happens on issues related to EB. When you spend over half your waking hours at work, and EB-based immigration affects not just your status in this country, but your job, your finances, and pretty much your entire life, it is not surprising that so many posts relate to EB-based immigration.
    And I haven't even mentioned the zillion forms and stages of EB-based immigration compared to others...

    At the end of the day, you are welcome to post a thread on any issue you care about (relating to immigration) and like previous replies suggest, the mission of the organization is quite clear.

    Hi guys,
    this is my first post, so please bear with me ..How can a novice know that this forum is for EB category ? small suggestion to iv team, a small iv admin fix...

    can typing take us all to "" or" ? (eg. takes you to In that way eventually everybody will know its a eb immigration voice and no other legal immigrants forums..

    Sr members, please share your views on this topic..


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  • sandeepk_c
    05-27 03:23 PM

    Please let me know how we are planning to send the case numbers and who is collecting the case numbers?


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  • doggy
    10-26 01:40 AM
    I'm just curious. How will the driver read "No right turn on red"? There is no sign for that.


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  • gotgc?
    08-13 10:49 AM

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  • techbuyer77
    06-12 08:21 PM
    my lawyer said it was ok as long as I go back to work for them uon approval. GC is for future job, not current, according to USCIS Director memo.
    The problem is my previous employer is not doing well due to economy :(
    so I might not have a job upon approval
    Please do not imply I am doing something illegal, because it is not that way.


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  • vinabath
    07-02 03:18 PM
    USCIS taught me a lesson about life.

    Never go by rules. Find shortcuts.

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  • richi121175
    01-08 05:59 PM
    One of my colleague did withdraw his PF in an exactly same situation (not in TCS though), and you can definitely file 10C and 19 directly with the PF office without involving your employer. PF administration is now much more efficient and strictly works on behalf of employees, not employers. Even if any PF amount is not deposited by the company, PF has started taking immidiate actions against them.

    thanks for the response.

    Iam also looking for somebody who has managed to withdraw from TCS PF..similar to my case


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  • GCInThisLife
    07-18 05:14 PM
    I have some more docs about 485 standard op process, AC21 relief, 485 interview waiver, filing guidelines for EB based immigration petition etc.. but not able to upload. they do fall under max size limits.. Any hints..

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  • sparky_jones
    02-18 04:15 PM
    I have my first GC interview next month. I had a DUI few years back that I forgot to mention in the 485 app as I thought this was a traffic related offense. I want to know what are my options now? My lawyer suggests I file for some kind of waiver and suggests I take an attorney with me to the interview. She also asked me to get court certified copies of the conviction and that I completed all the required tasks assigned by the court.
    Is this going to affect my GC in anyway? I need some guidance here.

    Did the interview request from USCIS specifically mention the DUI?

    Here's some information that might help you understand your situation better:

    I think it's not the prior DUI conviction, but the failure to disclose the prior DUI conviction that poses a potential problem. However, this is not something that cannot be taken care of with the help of an experienced attorney. There are numerous folks who have found themselves in a similar situation and have gone on to successfully get their GC. I agree with the advice provided by the gentleman above.


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  • BraveMadMan
    07-17 11:55 PM
    Totally agree. Let's relax for a few days, and then move on to tackle the issues

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  • sreedhar
    02-25 01:25 PM
    Thanks for sending the information..and one more thing is there any road test?

    Just ask yourself some questions & read some IMP information before apply for DL in USA.

    1) You said you have International DL.

    Do you know the driving…?
    How confident are you in driving…?

    Apologies for asking this question to you. Because one of my friend’s family had a bad experience with International DL. My friend wife brought International DL and went to DMV in Colorado and the Colorado state people issue the DL without having Road Test. They just took Paper Test. But she doesn’t know how to drive the car. And when she learn driving in Wal-Mart parking lot she met with the accident (Thank god no human effected in that accident. just $2000 for repairs)

    2) Are you willing to spend at least 3 hours driving classes from Driving School…?
    Better to spend some $$$ on Driving school, Even you are perfect in driving in your country.

    3) Are you looking for MVA who do not offer Road Test on International DL…?

    Do not consider the people advices like “Go there…MVA people kind of liberal in some Driving mistakes”. You know…DL is not a Green Card or some immigration benefit that you should get it immediately. You should at least 99.99% perfect in driving particularly in Highway in USA. Otherwise you and other people will be in big jeopardy while you drive the car.

    Hope this gives you a better picture on DL in USA.



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  • Green.Tech
    03-12 05:56 PM
    If you are looking for career change PT MBA is not a good option,you can do PT MBA if you are typically further along in career, often on track for advancement to senior management and you need to balance heavy course load in addition to work and family. I'll be graduating this May from Wharton (Executive MBA) I'm already started getting lucrative offers from consulting firms but unfortuately my I-140 is still pending

    So, will the new jobs "change" your job description to render AC-21 ineffective (similar or same category job etc.)?

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  • sunny26
    02-14 05:51 PM
    Because u r in Chennai You can contact Belview travels. I always use to book ticket thr them. They give good rates. They accept check or u can transfer to belview ICICI account. Very proffessional. If u need details send PM. I can give u phone number and gmail id so u can chat with them


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  • H1bslave
    10-23 01:36 PM
    Please check you PM.

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  • wandmaker
    11-07 03:15 PM
    Go online and file AR11 right away, by giving out your pending case numbers you can update the address. After an hour or so, call USCIS customer service and verify whether the address has updated or not; also ask them to resend the card to your new address. You will receive a address change confirmation letter at your new address.


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  • tabletpc
    08-24 03:05 PM
    "Unconfirmed reports say that PP for EB3 will be introduced before PP for EB2. True?"...

    Won't be surprised though..!!!. Y don't they just swap the available visa dates of EB1 and Eb3...????

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  • gc_chahiye
    10-26 03:43 PM
    My Lawyer is saying that we cannot apply for AP without a valid reason and a valid paper such as someone is sick or wedding with a proof.

    Is this true?


    PD Feb 2004 - EB3 - India
    I140 Approved - May 2007
    EAD Approved - Oct 3
    EAD recd Oct 10
    H1B Status Valid - 2010.

    I had the same concerns on reading the instructions on the I-131 pplication form for the AP.

    On page 2:

    "Advance parole is an extraordinary measure used sparingly to bring an otherwise inadmissible alien to the United States or a temporary period of time due to a compelling emergency."

    And later on page 4 section III B 1 they go on to say:

    You may apply if you have an adjustment of status application pending and you seek to travel abroad for emergent personal or bona fide business reasons

    However on confirming with my lawyer this is not really enforced by USCIS. You can request an AP without submitting proofs of personal emergency or a bonafide business reason, and USCIS will grant you an AP.

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  • nhfirefighter13
    December 31st, 2004, 05:11 PM
    Nice work. I definately like the second shot better with the red bulbs. You could try to rig up a "tent" over and around the sides of the shot with white sheets and put some lights shining thru that. That would give you a bit more consistency and cut down on the specular highlights a bit (although they are not bad by any means in either of these shots.

    Another option would be to go for a really slow shutter speed and use a flashlight to "paint" the glasses. This sort of thing takes a lot of practice but I've seen some excellent shots done by this method.

    11-11 11:56 AM
    Almond, even i used to think "so close and yet so far". but now have understood, i was never close to begin with...:(
    it is better to accept the reality than trying to live with fool's gold like i did for about 2-3 years...
    So close and yet so damn far.

    09-11 04:50 PM
    EB3 RoW is 3rd biggest group... so not everybody is Indian after all!
    Just j/k, :p

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