Sunday, September 4, 2011

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cherry tree blossoming. cherry tree blossoming. cherry
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  • SevenInchScrew
    Apr 21, 11:41 AM
    I got a chance to shoot a BMW Z4. I'm having a hard time editing the photos as the black just looks "crushed"? I'm not sure how to explain what I'm trying to say but I critique my photos a lot so basically I think this photo sucks but the owner thinks its good.


    What do you guys think?
    I get what you're saying. Deep, dark black, with no metallic flake in it is probably very hard to photograph well. It masks a lot of the subtle lines of the car (which a Z4 has a lot of) that would normally show with lighter, more reflective colors. I like the shot, but I do see what you are bugged with.

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  • cherry tree blossom art.

  • ChrisA
    Nov 29, 12:12 PM
    What Apple needs to do is establish the "normal" rights a user gets when they buy a video. Of course every Disney film will come with the normal, default rights. Then if another studio wants to sell a video with different rights attached iTunes should clearly label the video in big red letters as being "crippled with restrictive usage rights" Then a pop-up dialog box should appear that explains this and asks "Do you really want this crap are would you prefer we mailed you the DVD copy" Finally after reading the warning label and clicking yes in the pop up you can download the film.

    In my opinion the whole argument is moot. The video quality is so low I would never buy it.

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  • vvswarup
    Mar 25, 11:50 AM
    Missed their chance when Apple didn't approve the improved Google maps app the first time it was available. Now it has improved even more while has done nothing, and I'm sure Google has withdrawn the app now that they are doing their own phone OS.

    Come on Apple - give us a nice surprise.

    What you seem to be referring to is Google Voice. Google never developed turn-by-turn directions for iOS, and I don't think they plan to develop it. Google Maps gives Android a big competitive advantage, so I don't think Google is every going to port it over to iOS.

    Apple bought out Placebase and a couple of other mapping companies. It's time Apple put them to use and get away from as many of Google's services/apps as possible.

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  • LegendKillerUK
    Apr 13, 09:49 AM
    I'm still on my 3G, I don't know how long it's going to last.

    Same here. Would have upgraded but had to move half way across the world for a year. I was looking forward to getting back in August to have missed the initial rush for this damn thing. :mad:


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  • JAT
    Apr 7, 12:02 PM
    That's 10 times the MONTHLY limit for a lot of people in the world.

    Just be happy.

    The USA is spoiled rotten.
    So...your premise is that the USA has....??good?? internet service? Compared to other places? Are you comparing to that island of cannibals in the Thailand area? Cause, I don't think they care. Americans may be spoiled rotten, but not on this item.
    I hope they release one for the Verizon iPhone...
    I was just about to post as the first V user, guess I'm #3. Something would be nice. I'm waiting on my JB decision, partly for 4.3.x.

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  • glocke12
    May 4, 06:54 PM
    If the US signs the United Nations Convention Against Torture, and then admits using "enhanced interrogation" methods as part of its policy in the "War on Terror", then there is a double standard. We are either advocates of torture, or we are not.

    Until advocates of "enhanced interrogation" grow a pair and start calling it torture, which is what it is, there is no point in even having a discussion on the subject.

    Ok, I'll go first. E.I. = torture, and where is the line to hook electrodes up to KSM's balls?


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  • Hansr
    Apr 4, 05:27 AM
    That is not connected to Windows on Mac so this is the wrong category. But to answer the question just drag the Office folder to the Dock on the right hand side of the Application/Folder break.

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  • puckhead193
    Mar 6, 10:30 PM
    Also second, Adium X (, which is so much better than Adium was... best multi protocol IM software I've found so far...

    Whats the difference between adium and adium X... :confused:


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  • jakljiri
    Apr 3, 12:40 PM
    I have bought new battery (original apple) and after full charging it can�t work on battery power. Powerbook shut down directly with disconecting of power cord. The same ocurs with older battery still working in other PB. New battery work normaly in other PB.


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  • b-rad g
    Feb 10, 11:37 AM
    I'm still on an older Family 850 plan for $50.99 and it's not showing up. Is it because you have to be on a current 700+ Family Plan? If so, I don't think it would do me any good as the 700 plan cost more than the 850 I'm on now.


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  • Hissori
    Feb 12, 01:44 AM
    What is this place?

    This is Hong Kong.

    Judging from this picture, looks like a fancy restaurant in a hotel in the Tsim Tsa Tsui district.

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  • njl
    Oct 9, 04:35 PM
    i have to reply again:

    i'm really liking this app!! it's super fast and i love the fact that i can choose from a list of my friends to send an @ to multiple peeps (like bandmates, project members, etc.)

    the only thing that seems VERY slow is the initial linking to the phones addy app...

    is everyone having the same problem with that? when i hit the addy card on someone's profile, it takes about 20-30 seconds until it transfers to the iphone's addy app.


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  • thelordnyax
    May 31, 04:03 AM
    Why does this forum still exist?

    iphone 3G Launch Meetups...not happenning anymore

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  • MacRumors
    May 2, 03:51 PM (


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  • AndrewR23
    Mar 27, 02:25 PM
    Not once in the description does it say that is the picture you are getting. eBay allows the use of stock photos (which in most cases look nothing like what is actually being sold) for sellers to describe their item, obviously you are too remedial to realize that obvious fact as well. I have done this multiple times, all of which ended in success. eBay auctions are legally binding contracts with the description as the stipulations. I suggest you take a basic course in law or political philosophy and maybe you won't sound like such a jackass when you get proved wrong.

    So one more question for you, if you are so sure I will lose, why don't you just buy it to prove a point to me? Don't you want me to lose money shipping it to you to make me learn a lesson? Don't you want to be able to leave negative feedback on my account at no cost to you (since you're sure you will get a refund and eBay will side with you)? Seems like a pretty good opportunity for you chap. Good luck. :)

    I'm smarter than you in every way, just let it go kiddo. ;)

    Heres what he said back to me when i messaged him.

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  • partyBoy
    Sep 3, 11:01 PM
    Nice, another back seat mod.



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  • tick1
    Sep 2, 07:33 PM
    New Iphone user, Please Help, Iphone 3GS can not restore any ipsw, Error 3194.
    Iphone ver.3.1.2 (jailbreak) bootRom?

    After WiFi stop recognized network, I choose to reset Iphone network?
    After Iphone reset, I tried run with blackra1n version RC3,
    From that time I can not restore any IPSW files. It gave an Error 3194 or see below log messages.

    2010-08-25 08:15:09.134 [2952:ca8]: restore library built Jun 8 2010 at 18:17:31
    2010-08-25 08:15:09.134 [2952:ca8]: iTunes: iTunes
    2010-08-25 08:15:09.134 [2952:ca8]: iTunes: Software payload version: 7E18 (option key)
    2010-08-25 08:15:09.165 [2952:ffc]: iTunes: Specifying UOI boot image
    2010-08-25 08:15:09.165 [2952:ffc]: requested restore behavior: Erase
    2010-08-25 08:15:09.181 [2952:ffc]: amai: AMAuthInstallPlatformCreateDataFromFileURL: can't resolve file
    2010-08-25 08:15:57.837 [2952:ffc]: amai: tss_submit_job: error from server=94 (This device isn't eligible for the requested build.)
    2010-08-25 08:15:57.837 [2952:ffc]: amai: kAMAuthInstallRequestCacheLocalizedTssError: cached server error text: (3194) This device isn't eligible for the requested build.
    2010-08-25 08:15:57.837 [2952:ffc]: amai: AMAuthInstallRequestSendSync: failed tss submission: This device isn't eligible for the requested build.
    2010-08-25 08:15:57.837 [2952:ffc]: amai: AMAuthInstallBundlePersonalizePartial: server request error: This device isn't eligible for the requested build.
    2010-08-25 08:15:57.837 [2952:ffc]: failed to personalize the restore bundle: This device isn't eligible for the requested build.
    2010-08-25 08:15:57.837 [2952:ffc]: AMRAuthInstallDeletePersonalizedBundle
    2010-08-25 08:15:58.024 [2952:ffc]: removed personalized bundle
    2010-08-25 08:15:58.024 [2952:ffc]: AMRecoveryModeDeviceCopyAuthInstallPreflightOptions: failed to personalize bundle
    2010-08-25 08:15:58.509 [2952:ca8]: iTunes: Restore error 3194
    2010-08-25 08:15:58.509 [2952:ca8]: AMRAuthInstallGetLocalizedStringForServerError: no cached text for tss error code 3194

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  • MacBytes
    Apr 13, 04:37 AM (

    Category: 3rd Party Software
    Link: Firefox 1.1 beta slated for May (

    Posted on (
    Approved by arn

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  • mdntcallr
    Oct 6, 05:37 AM
    safari needs a little work on it. Right now I prefer Firefox because of the tabbed window function and even more so because i can add search engines within the same window, such as google, yahoo, amazon, ebay, IMDB and webster dictionary.

    the ease of use, and the fact that my Yahoo Toolbar makes it easy to share my very same bookmarks among several computers.

    May 4, 05:48 PM
    Maybach Exelero

    Dec 8, 04:23 PM
    Mine as of today.

    InterfaceLift link:

    Feb 19, 03:44 PM
    try restarting your computer then trying again. I had that problem once and a restart fixed it.

    Feb 11, 09:47 AM
    It's only available for Family Talk plans of $69.99+, which appears to be the 1400 mins plan.

    Just one note - it's available for the 700-minute plan too. Odd quirk (about all providers, not just AT&T) is that they advertise family plans for 2 lines but in all their billing systems it's billed at one line + one additional line. So in their system the 700-minute plan is $59 plus one additional $10 line to make their advertised $69.

    3 friends plus myself share a family plan..3 iPhones and 1 Messaging Phone. Just saw this pop up in the account manager when I went to pay my bill. We have the 700-minute family plan with the $30 unlimited texting already. The 4th that we added 3 weeks ago calls alot more than the rest of us do; but mostly to mobiles. This new 'free' addition to the plans is excellent, and will allow our shared 700 minutes to be plenty.

    For people saying the $30 (for family plans) is a lot, split the cost among 4 people and it's only $7.50 per person. Cheaper than even prepaid phones. Split it among 5 (might be adding a 5th friend in a couple weeks) and it's only $6. Good deal considering on our last bill (3 of us) we used 6700 texts and 104 picture messages total, so the free mobile calling is wonderful addition.

    Jan 11, 04:33 PM
    Yea the last one was ridiculous, and crazy overpriced for what it was -the 4cyl was quoted around $30,000 and didn't have automatic *anything*, the seats felt like park benches, and it didn't have any of the nice interior features the 6cyl that cost 35+ did.

    It had cool trunk hinges and tail lights, though. And that 2.0T is a neat engine (I'm sad they are launching the 2011 with a 2.5.. wtf?!)

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