Monday, September 5, 2011

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  • 0815
    Apr 13, 11:41 AM
    This time last year Mr. Powell left his iPhone 4 in a bar.

    Maybe they just learned a lesson and don't do field tests with people that have a history of drinking beer in bars while testing the phone.

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  • JaSuS
    Apr 7, 11:13 AM
    I Will Still Jailbreak Apple....don't waste your time!:)

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  • pearhouse
    Feb 5, 02:04 PM
    I have a grid of thumbnail images on my HTML page. When you click on an image, the background fades and a larger version of that chosen image pops up for better viewing. However, it pops up BEHIND the horizontal Menu Machine links. This menu bar stretches across the top of the page just under the main banner.

    How can I fix it so the inflated image isn't obscured by the menu bar?

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  • tj2001
    Aug 22, 03:43 PM
    After scanning the code it was a unnecessary rowspan that was in the td.
    Sorry and thank you.


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  • Mattie Num Nums
    Apr 20, 03:29 PM
    iOS World Frustration Index suddenly dropped to bottom. Numbers finally start to matter again. Once they add Macs, Mac Pros, Mac Minis, refurb resales etc. to the list (when they run iOS) - it will be time to declare victory :D

    Victory? Apple is at war?

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  • peterparker
    Aug 1, 10:51 AM
    I believe the .Mac iDisk only supports WebDAV.


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  • SevenInchScrew
    Apr 19, 11:28 PM
    ^^^ Really? I think as usual it looks like a booring American car....
    Eh, normally I would agree with you, but I can't deny Chevy this one. It is a good looking car, imo. Like Quagmire was saying, in the "Normal" family sedan market, bland and boring is par for the course. This new Malibu, at least on its exterior and interior looks, seems to be a nice change from that norm.

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  • zen.state
    Apr 5, 02:18 AM
    It was the RAM!!! Huge thanks for the suggestions 666sheep, zen.state and chrismacguy.

    Its now a dual 867 with 256mb of ram :(

    2gb should arrive soon though!!!!

    Good stuff. Did you set the firmware on both cards to 5.1.3? Thats what the FirmTek support agent suggested as I quoted above. Having the wrong firmware can seem fine at first but you can get data corruption that way.

    It's very imprtant you put the proper 5.1.3 on each card also as I gave to the separate links above. You don't seem to be mentioning this so I just want to be sure you understand how important it is.


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  • Grakkle
    Nov 21, 10:52 AM
    I think Scott C. was a chatbot! Or maybe not... but his replies certainly don't sound like a real person.

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  • Hertzog
    Apr 13, 07:41 PM
    I also use Roboform on my PC, but it looks like they have gone to a subscription only system - for PC's as well as iPads. I'm planning to stay with Roboform for the PC (but not update to the subscription version), and use something else for the iPad (still haven't decided what).


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  • Intarweb
    May 3, 01:13 PM
    Whenever I get a new voicemail, or at least most of the time, old deleted voicemails appear in the new window. Anybody else have this issue or know what the hell is going on?

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  • reubs
    Oct 16, 09:43 AM
    Still searching for that perfect Mail icon for Halloween. This is a new WP, though.


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  • WildCowboy
    Dec 16, 04:23 PM
    Nice idea, but you can't really read the text. It's probably clear to most people what you're doing, but the font and size of the "Mac Rumors" isn't clear enough.

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  • ddrueckhammer
    Sep 27, 09:24 AM
    I now use GMail for Mail and use Picasa for photo hosting. It has great iPhoto intergartion and the premium service is like 20 bucks a year.

    Wow! I didn't know about Picasa web albums. It does integrate with iPhoto great and 1000 pictures on the web for free sounds good to me! So now this is what my Google Services page looks like:

    Google Calandar (Better in every way than .Mac's calandar, if it can be synched with iCal in Leopard I will be so happy)
    Gmail .Mac mail probably is on parity with it now with this update but sadly Google gives you much more space for free! (The ads are very minimal)
    Picasa Web Albums Awesome! Just awesome.
    Google Spreadsheets/Writely These have room to grow but are really handy in a pinch. I can't wait until they have a basic set of productivity apps Writely etc. online for free and not in beta. They aren't office killers but most people don't use 90% of the features of Office anyway.

    I stopped using Backup because it didn't work when I needed it to and besides the iDisk is much too small to backup anything but personal information. I use SuperDuper now with an external but will use Time Machine and an external with Leopard. I am using godaddy for my domain name and will probably use them as my host for my iWeb page next year when my account dies. Apple seriously needs to take a clue from google and offer the same kinds of apps at a much reduced price.


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  • Dimwhit
    Apr 30, 08:59 PM
    Is iCloud really $4.5 million better than MobileMe?

    For a company that profited several billion? Yeah, probably. :)

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  • W1MRK
    Apr 16, 05:20 PM
    Heres mine for April

    Might I ask where you found this picture please ?


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  • amacgenius
    Oct 23, 04:24 AM

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  • spikedscott
    Dec 26, 01:49 PM
    I received a new case for my iPhone,
    new hoodie,
    gloves the work on touch screens (bit too big for my hands though)
    more RAM for my macbook as one of the old sticks corrupted,
    massive pile of sweets,
    lucky charms,
    lots of spongebob, toy story and muppet stuff (I am a child at heart :p)
    �25 iTune giftcard,
    Blur for xbox 360,
    plus money from my parents.

    What I bought:

    Steiff bear for Mum
    Digital camera for Dad
    Kimono for brother 1
    T-shirt for brother 2

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  • mrsir2009
    Apr 6, 01:10 PM
    Only in this one:

    Is that the car from back to the future? Those movies were great :)

    Dec 16, 06:23 AM
    if you just install it ,it will upgrade your system and not erase it

    Oct 9, 10:10 PM
    Its a nice app, but way overrated.

    I think so too. I find that Twitterrific is a more polished better looking app than Tweetie 2.0 - I have buyers remorse.

    Dec 25, 10:00 AM
    I've already been given these

    New Hockey Skates...

    Gaming PC Components....

    And Both Together...

    Flying Lessons And New Passport...

    Merry Christmas :D
    My son's CCM Crazy Lite's :) They freak'n ROCK...:D

    Mar 27, 08:50 PM
    Its really him. Just got this message

    LOL Age has nothing to do with knowledge and/or wisdom. I will challenge your ability to reason any day you want and I will win. I love making a mockery of elderly people who think they're intelligent. :P

    Thanks for the forum topic lol I'm laughing so hard...

    - stratocasterdan

    edit. I hope 27 isnt elderly otherwise I'm old!

    LOL. Yeah that proves it's him. I'm CIA, I know these things.

    Oct 6, 03:27 AM
    Draggable tabs is really good news. I like the way things are being gradually improved too. I think Leopard could be a pretty polished OS when we see it.

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