Friday, September 2, 2011

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  • diptam
    05-08 09:53 PM
    That's the point.

    I was denied ever $1 stimulus payment for 1 joint filer (spouse) being ITIN holder and from the way things are going it would not happen by 2008 either. If not $1500 why they denied even $1500- $600(for the ITIN filer) = $900 ? Why shouldn't i get at least $900 ....??

    I wrote to her around 9:30 EST - dont know if she is done by now. I have given my cell phone number as well in the email. I can write and talk as much as possible against this 'ridiculuous' and 'unfair' mandate/rule :mad:

    And what about immigrants who have paid taxes for many years but may not be able to get SSN by the end of 2008. That's the whole point. The issue is with the way eligibility for stimulus package is defined.

    If you qualify for stimulus check, it doesn't mean that there is no issue. Hope you understand.

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  • zerosine
    06-25 01:33 AM
    Hi, I hope this is the correct forum. I entered the US on an Australian passport with a tourist visa issued in London in Nov 94. After 6 months my lawyer got me a business visa extension for 6 months.

    Long story short I overstayed and lost both passport and I 94 and the lawyer who had the copies of the docs no longer has the records. I married a US citizen in 2006 and had a child and would like to adjust my status, however I cannot prove legal entry.

    Is there anyway to find records of either my original visa, I-94 or extension so I can file the rest of the paperwork?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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  • klpd4dc
    08-20 01:44 PM

    I'm trying to understand if it is a general practice of USCIS to specify an A# on the FP notice. My FP notice has an A# that starts with USCIS A# A08xxxxxxx. I wonder if this means that a visa number has been assigned to my case. If not, is it merely another case or alien number? I found the following at and am not sure what the A# stands for. Also, any idea why the priority date field is empty on my FP notice?

    There actually are four separate types of A#. You can tell them apart by the number of digits and the first digit. The first kind is an eight-digit A#. These are manually assigned at local offices. If you have one of these numbers, simply treated it as if it was "0" plus the number. Nine-digit A#'s that start with the digit 1 are used for employment authorization cards, usually related to students. Nine-digit A#'s that start with the digit 3 are used for fingerprint tracking of V visa applicants. All other nine-digit A#'s (these actually always start with a 0) are permanent A#'s and remain permanently with you for life.

    Therefore, the rule is: if you are asked for an A# and have one, always give this A#, regardless of whether it starts with a 0, 1 or 3. If you have both a 0-A# and a 1-A# or a 3-A#, then use the one that starts with a 0.

    My PD for EB3 was current in the June 2007 bulletin and I applied for AOS on 06/28.

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  • shar533
    04-30 12:38 PM
    Gator, I wish I could answer that part.While I was doing research on AVR on this forum and other Google results, I think I did read somewhere that using AVR might affect adversly on AP application.
    You know, 1 thing I did b4 going out was to go on CBP official website, went to Ask a Question and asked my question. I got reply same day from an official Chris. I printed that question and answer page and took with me, just in case. But everything was fine.


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  • eb3_nepa
    02-24 04:41 PM
    Everyone, any idea where Sunil Joshi is these days? Havent seen a post from him in a while. Is his handle different?

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  • lxz2011
    12-19 01:25 PM
    Thank you for replying.

    I believe when I was young I entered with family visit visa, then I re-entered the country using a re entry visa. I assume both has expired for awhile now, although my I 94 doesn't state an expiration date, it stats "ans or status" Could you explain what that means?


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  • sandy_anand
    03-08 02:23 PM
    Congratulations! Please continue to donate to IV.

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  • walking_dude
    11-13 10:26 AM
    Congrats Texas on reaching 100. Hope you guys reach 1000 soon.


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  • roseball
    07-27 12:43 AM
    I am on 9th Year H1 extension and my H1 will expire in end of September 2009.My Labor got approved in 2007 So, I filed I140 and I-485 concurrently. But My I-140 got denied which filed with concurrent then Lawyer appealed as Motion to Reopen the I-140 which got denied and lawyer filed another I-140 as a brand new.

    So there are 2 I-140's with the USCIS.

    Recently I got intended to Deny like ability to pay query with the Second I-140 case, then lawyer answered the query and filed in premium this one got denied after a week.

    Again, First I-140 which lawyer did Motion to Reopen this one also denied from the USCIS but the lawyer appealed this one.

    Infact I recently travelled to india and came back on Advance Parole before all this denial happend.

    Now, I filed my H1B extension , What will happen to the H1 extension ?

    and What is my status now?

    Can I tranfer my H1 and file the labor entirely new with the new company eventhough I am in the 9th year extension?

    Any help would appreciate


    Though you entered US on AP, since you are continuing working for the same employer on H1, you are still considered to be maintaining H1 status. Your H1 extension will probably get approved (assuming you submitted all supporting docs required for H1) for 1 yr based on your pending I-140 appeal. Your H1 extension will still be valid for its duration even if your appeal gets rejected after you get the H1 approval. So you can continue working for the same employer till H1 expires.

    Regarding moving to a new employer and starting the GC process from scratch..You will have to find a new employer and transfer your H1 while your I-140 appeal is still in process. You will get the extension for 1 yr. Then you will have to get your PERM and I-140 approved before your H1 from the new employer expires, so you can get it extended for 3 yrs based on I-140 approval....You should consult an experienced attorney on your plan of action as time is critical for you..Good luck.

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  • GCwaitforever
    06-15 09:26 AM
    You can send your story to I am typing up mine as we speak. ;)


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  • anilsal
    02-18 12:28 PM
    like the 2nd FP notices have been sent to EB3-I folks from 2002 and 2003 batch.

    Just a guess.

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  • veni001
    08-26 04:09 PM

    I looking for porting my approved EB3 labor and 140 to EB2. Here are my details:

    My qualification: Diploma in electronics and communication Engg in India
    (3 years diploma after 10th)

    Years of experience: Since 1991 in IT (About 20 YRs)

    Green card process: EB3 Approved labor and 140.

    Situation: When I contacted one of the university in USA they informed me that I can
    do the Masters instead of BS online degree.

    My question1: Will I be eligible to file my EB2 if I do Masters without doing BS?

    My question 2: Is MS from International Technological University (http://www.ITU.EDU) is accepted bu USCIS for Immigration purpose?

    Thanks in advance

    3-yr diploma is considered equivalent to US High-school diploma( 12th grade) and how can one get MS without bachelor's degree? and remember in most cased USCIS require you to show 4-year US equivalent bachelor degree even for EB3


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  • alexmat01
    01-13 01:43 PM
    Thanks for the advice on that.
    Could you let me know if "recession and the lack of jobs in US" would be a good enough reason to delay the stamping ? Apparently the job offer on which the visa was applied in 2007 dried out in 2008 and can that be stated or would the embassy question if the job offer was not a stable one , why did one apply for the visa ?

    Also could you let me know what is an amended petition with new start date and new salary offer.Would this be the same as a new petition or would this be faster and cheaper than a new petition.Pls let me know

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  • sunilmn
    08-22 10:09 PM
    I have your request to join, we are indeed very active.
    My sincere apologies at not getting back to you so far- will redress that asap!

    Welcome...we are delighted to have you with us.....:)

    Hello I live in plymouth and I would like to join with you guys for DC.Could you please give me more details.


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  • ajju
    08-13 12:44 AM
    This means clouds are flooded with GC's and they are dropping to earth drop by drop.

    loved the song.. heard so many times.. without knowing the detailed meaning :-)

    I think we all gather here for dancing munna bhai style.. and we'll find our individual reason soon :-)

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  • vjkypally
    01-24 12:48 PM
    Yeh you guys are right, almost everyone is doing it. Don't know whats up with her.....


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  • vin
    11-05 02:57 PM
    Usually, USCIS comes close to a grinding halt during the holiday season. People who see some progress in their applications during this period should consider themselves lucky. I would say people shouldn't bother too much until beginning of next year and should enjoy the holidays without any undue stress or tension.

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  • WeldonSprings
    05-18 06:51 PM
    This lawsuit is about the 140000 visas been given out each year and in years 2008 and 2009.

    There have been many people who received GCs in 2008 and 2009 in EB2 without regard to Priority number. Check Visa Bulletins from August 2008 and September 2008. People from 2006 were given GCs over 2004 and there was total chaos.

    This lawsuit is to bring justice to the last three years of absolute anarchy.

    This lawsuit is to bring in line how this 140000 number is distributed. How does processing of I-485s take place in USCIS.

    I think Indian EB3 will join shortly.


    This is a very positive development. Chinese are suing based on EB3 China visas used in 2008 & 2009 which were 2058 and 1077 respectively. Which are far less than 2500 that the law actually allows without spillover. This is awesome. Go Chinese friends!

    Pappu sir,

    Do we (EB3I) know the number of applicants who were approved green card from EB3 I in the last three years? I suspect that the same would have happened here too. We need to also follow (Law) suit.

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  • raysaikat
    05-27 05:53 PM
    My parents visited here in US last year. Unfortunately my mother got high fever and admitted in hospital giving me bill of 30000$.

    Insurance company denied my claims as pre existing condition. I tried several ways to convince insurance company but all in vain.

    I negotiated with hospital to pay 15000 and paid off hospital bill.

    I also got a doctor bill later and that went to collections. I didnt pay doctor bill (500 dollars) till today.

    Does this 500 dollar collection notice will effect my mothers next visit?
    If I pay now does it matter anyway?
    Is there any chance of deportation?

    Please advice...

    Not paying the $500 is bad for your credit history. However, they should have no effect on your immigration --- AFAIK, the only thing they check if you were ever on public assistance ...

    11-18 12:07 PM
    You will not know until I-140 is filed as the preference category is requested on I-140 and not on the PERM.


    Yesterday i have received I-140 notice from my advocate and it is containg the below info.Can someone help me out is it for EB2 or EB3.

    Notice Type : Premium Processing Receipt notice

    Amount Received : $ 1475.00
    Section : Mem of profession w/adv deg,or of exceptn'l ability
    Sec .203(b)(2)

    Can some one please helpme out in this regard.

    Thanks in Advance,

    02-18 12:14 AM
    I suspect there may be a backdoor to it

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