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  • mrfoof82
    Nov 19, 02:14 PM
    TJ Maxx isn't selling them at a loss. TJ Maxx however is diluting the perceived value of the iPad. That's something all manufacturers -- not just Apple -- look to protect.

    It's exactly why Amazon forces you to put some things in your cart to see the price. Amazon can't advertise a product below Price X, according to their agreement with the manufacturer. If they did, Amazon would be diluting the perceived market value of the product, which would force other resellers to follow suit. This forces the market price lower, and then resellers start putting pressure on the manufacturer to lower THEIR price (to resellers) so the retailers/resellers can maintain healthier margins.

    It turns into a race towards the bottom, where a product gets commoditized. Manufacturers try to avoid that at all costs, because they only have a few products where they can sell at a high-margin or premium, for so long, before competition creates a pressure to drive the price down.

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  • TMay
    Nov 11, 10:33 AM
    Given the length of the original message and the terseness of Jobs' reply, it suggests that either he doesn't give a crap, or the iPad's virtual keyboard is a bit pants to type on.

    All of his email responses are terse. Verbose is a bad thing if you are an executive, and frankly, people should strive for terse in business anyway.

    Reminds me of an anecdote that I read of Tim Cook. In a meeting of Apple managers, he explained that there was a problem in one of the Chinese assemblies houses. A few minutes later, he looked at the engineer/manager and asked "Why are you still here?".

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  • d0hutch
    Dec 27, 10:10 AM
    Had an amazing Christmas:

    Samsung - 46" Class / 1080p / 120Hz / LCD HDTV

    Init� - TV Stand

    13" MacBook Pro Unibody Early 2010 - From my girlfriend, originally got an 11" Air, but I wasnt a huge fan of it based on price and capabilities. She gave this to me a couple of weeks early.

    Also got some Arkansas Razorback hoodies/tshirts, Best Buy giftcards, Cash, and various other clothes/video games.

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  • s.hasan546
    Apr 12, 01:29 PM
    Bought a AEBS last month. I upgraded from a Linksys G router. My house is around 4-5 thousand sq. ft. Before with my linksys router it reached the master bedroom fine. (Router is located in the opposite corner of the house on the 1st floor). Now i barely get 1 bar or sometimes nothing. Anything i can do besides buying an airport express? I thought these N routers had more range; etc.


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  • Doctor Q
    Dec 15, 08:31 PM
    Sorry, as a new member, you do not have enough posts to use our Marketplace, where you can ask to buy/sell/trade/give/get Mac items.

    Please review our FAQ (in the toolbar above) and join in the various discussions in our forums. You'll make friends and get a lot of good information (and interesting opinions).

    If you came to MacRumors only hoping to get a free computer, I'm sorry but we can't help you.

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Apr 11, 10:45 AM
    $118,00? Really? I am floored that anyone would pay even half that for that car.
    Given his location, I'm guessing (hoping) that is $118k Brazilian.


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  • MacNut
    Nov 11, 12:09 PM
    WRONG! FCP is definitely not the industry standard. It gained a lot of traction in market share from Avid but has since regressed its gains over the last several years.A lot of people seem to be ditching FCP because of the bugs and moving back to Premier. I think the ability to work seamlessly between Adobe products is a big advantage as well.

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  • bizzle
    Oct 7, 02:45 PM


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  • TSE
    Jun 28, 10:39 PM
    I have a first generation working shuffle if you are interested. PM me. :)

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  • John.B
    Apr 11, 12:22 AM
    Are you able to only download the fixes? Otherwise it is a 600mb plus patch
    It's a complete replacement of the iOS binaries and Apple-supplied apps.

    I think I pointed this out earlier, but if you look back at the recent WP7 update fiasco where a bunch of Samsung hardware got bricked by the update, you'll understand why a patch might not be a great idea. Esp. given the number of jailbroken iPhones and iPads out there, that don't have the base OS that a patch might expect...


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  • *LTD*
    Apr 27, 04:56 PM
    Why does it take a media storm for Apple to open up on an issue ? It would be so much better if they more forthcoming and frank before an issue snowballs.

    Because it was never an issue. It turned out to be a misunderstanding, however, largely because a certain segment of the consumer population isn't very smart and can't understand they're really not important enough for Apple to be interested about when they visit Target or get milk.

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  • AoWolf
    Oct 5, 05:01 PM
    Excellent sounding. I must admit I like vistas tab system (clicking the box to make a new tab. Not that there is a problem with a ?T but I sometimes I want to click.


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  • Lacero
    Feb 15, 10:05 AM
    This thread getting out of hand and off-course, me thinks.

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  • longofest
    Jan 26, 03:35 PM
    I noticed that we have an abundance of Quicktime Stubs: (redirects to QuickTime 7)

    So yeah, that's ridiculous. 1 and 2 don't even really have much of importance.

    My proposal: keep only and merge the content.


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  • jsw
    Feb 12, 02:42 PM
    This is great. I like the addition of European blood into the Moderator folk to help with additional time zones.
    Nermal might be a bit offended by that. ;)

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  • thejadedmonkey
    Nov 20, 10:35 AM
    I'm certain TJ MAXX ran this by their legal team...

    If they are willing to sell the product at a $100 loss, that's their choice. You may not have a warranty, etc, because they aren't "authorized" by Apple as a price-controlled reseller, but that doesn't mean it's illegal for them to sell it.

    I sold my iPad on craigslist at a loss. I'm not authorized to do that and Steve doesn't care.

    Completely false. You most certainly have the right to sell your iPad on craigslist, thanks to the first sale doctrine.

    I wonder if Costco was starting to get a few iPads from Apple when they decided that Apple wasn't playing fair, and just sold them at cost to Marshall's.


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  • mesogreat
    Apr 15, 10:50 PM
    I've been meaning to update my apple tv 2 and iPad to the latest jailbreaks. Come to find out i can't. Every time i go to hit shift + restore to open a restore file in iTunes it doesn't work any more. Did itunes disable this function in the latest itunes update. Im not sure what it could be. I am using a windows keyboard on a Mac but it worked all the other times i did it. i even tried to dfu my iPad and do a restore and had no luck. I went to my pc and it worked fine. The problem is i have to do the ipad on the mac because all my synced stuff is on that iTunes.

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  • NWI73
    Feb 11, 01:42 PM
    I simply want to keep my voice plan the same and choose the new M2M. The M2M feature shows up under our family unlimited messaging thus I was assuming and hoping the voice plan rollover mins would remain unchanged.

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  • MacBytes
    Jan 8, 04:20 PM
    Category: Mac Websites
    Link: Yazsoft cries fowl against VersionTracker. What do you think? (

    Posted on (

    Approved by arn

    Jul 25, 05:35 PM
    OooooOOOh my yes! Never played 3rd Strike either. Can't wait!

    Jul 26, 06:49 PM
    ok i have a powerbook will i be able to get this in here..will i have to buy an external one that i plug in this or take my drive out and put that in?

    Oct 16, 02:36 PM
    I was hoping the new web version would have a spam filter or domain blocker but I don't see it mentioned in the ad.

    .Mac webmail seems to be down again.
    Could the update finally be happening??

    Apr 11, 10:49 AM
    Just cant find 10.5 for less that �90 odd (US$160) :mad: :( :eek:

    Just sent you a private message about an extra single-licence copy I have.

    Wilshire Court
    Apr 9, 04:18 PM
    Does XCode or interface builder include a grid object or data grid object? Are there any third-party developers who offer those objects?


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