Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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  • Saralayar
    04-10 01:33 PM
    This is a thread that has no relevance to IV or the community that is suffering from retrogression, especially if you are a EB candidate from India & China. We need some energy devoted to the following:

    1. Multi year EAD/AP
    2. Recapture wasted visa numbers
    3. Eliminate counting dependents on the Adjustment application from numerical limitations
    4. Do away with country limits
    If we can hit the target with even ONE of the demands above we have a won a battle with the larger war on looming in on us and that is successfully surviving the GC tumultuous journey.

    Every discussion on the forum should concentrate on solving one of the issues above and the concept of citizenship after 5/10/15 is total nonsense.
    There is no harm in adding this also as the fifth item along with the existing 4 items. :D

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  • masterji
    08-02 03:45 PM
    Just opened a SR this morning. Will now go down through my list:
    1. Will file Ombusman
    2. Will contact Congressman
    3. Will go for Infopass

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  • royus77
    06-28 07:20 AM
    �Update on Rejection of June �Other Worker� Adjustment Applications and What This Means for July�.

    I am manily concerned as USICS rejected the 485 petitions for "Other Worker s" last june ,they can also do the same now if they received huge number of applications ( 40K) in the first few days .

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  • sunny1000
    05-19 06:54 PM
    Done calling the congressmen's offices. Left messages for the remaining members of the CHC. Let's keep calling and hope that some thing good comes from the collective effort.
    To all IV members, please keep the phonelines going. Our strength lies in the numbers and the momentum generated by the phone call initiative.

    Thanks for calling.


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  • gc_kaavaali
    07-30 09:47 AM
    Same for me too!!! i got second e-mail today also. I got another e-mail on july 14th with same content. My EAD expires in 15 days and i am on EAD. I don't know What the hell is going on. I e-filed on May 8th.

    same for me too !! first I thought that this was because I had opened a service request ..but now it seems this happened for everyone ..does this mean -- the previous production of card data was lost ?? I hope there is no FP again and hopefully all will get 2 year cards !!

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  • vikra007
    04-08 06:42 PM
    I will try to explain the process it takes to get qualified for EB1C.

    You will need to be outside USA for an year working as an Executive or manager. Come back to USA in that role. So the appropriate visa will be L1A. Most Indian companies require atleast 5-6 years of experience before they look at your resume for a manager. Most of the managers now a days get fired if their targets are not met in couple of quarters. So staying in that position for couple of years it self is a big deal. Now they need to prove the candiate valid for L1A position. Face a visa interview and come here and start working. Even if the same company is sponsering the L1A. Compaines usually wait for an year or two before they file I140. This application wll rot in CIS queue for long enough before they get a decision and GC.

    This is the actual process.. If some company works in an apartment in India with one man show and tries to get an L1A, I am not sure if they will get through and get a VISA??? It is quite common that we have more EB1Cs becos, the number of Desi companies have grown. So if you think you are experienced and want to give a shot, try it. These kind of complaints in a longer run will bite us by delaying the applications and building backlogs..

    I think it has become a standard process after any visa bulletin. We try to fight on EB2/EB3 or India vs. ROW or AP in India vs. rest of India. This time it happened to be EB1 vs. rest of EB..

    The system is already screwed.. Lets not add more delays.. If we want to complain, lets complain about the root cause of the problem.. i.e. CIS wasted visas that caused these backlogs..
    Just ask your self a question, if you were given GC tomorrow will you care who comes next or how one comes here??? Atleast I won't. There is a whole department paid to do this job..
    Since there are so many sympathizers for genuine phds not getting EB1 approved, is there any way we can support HR 1791 bill presented by Senator Flake?

    this bill is already introduced and it can get approved easily if we can call for support. This would free up some EB quota for EB2/3.


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  • vskp
    05-01 02:24 PM
    1) Applied Date - 20-June-2007
    2) Audit Date - 23-October-2007
    3) Audit Reply Date - 8-November-2007
    4) Category - EB3
    5) Center - Sleeping Atlanta

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  • susie
    05-08 02:28 AM
    There is hope for many children who were denied CSPA and will need to file a motion to reopen case, here is full text.

    I am seeking advice on this new memo in relation to my sons law suit

    I dare say son children will still not be protected under these revised guidlines and ask you all sign and support


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  • ashutrip
    06-14 11:35 AM
    LC stuck in DBEC......I submitted my final documents end of May and hoping to get my LC certified end of this month (fingers crossed).
    Dude my labor was filed in march I do not have it approved as yet!

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  • lvaka
    08-14 10:30 AM
    Will go for infopass on 28th Aug and will carry the USCIS memo dated June 12th 2008 with me.I will insist them to give me their reply in writing (as a letter), I plan to talk with their superior if they do not provide in writing.

    So frustrated with this mess.

    Hey, I am still left with 5 more days for my 90 day period. Would you suggest me to go ahead and take the Info pass?? Am not sure, does the info pass schedule has a waiting period too?


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  • PD_Dec2002
    05-15 01:39 PM
    I am looking for advice on the strategy for filing the third phase since the PDs for my wife and me have become current. My PD is Feb 2003 (EB2) and my wife's is June 2003 (EB3). My wife and I are on 8-th yr H-1B extensions with approved I-140s. Which strategy makes sense and are they even valid? The objective is to go with a risk-free strategy that gets us the GC in the quickest manner.

    1. I apply for I-485 (AOS) using my PD, with my wife as dependent. And my wife applies for I-485 (AOS) using her PD, with me as dependent.
    2. I apply for I-485 (AOS) using my PD, with my wife as dependent. And my wife applies for Consular Processing using her PD, with me as dependent. OR vice versa.
    3. Any other option?


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  • p.guptapost
    06-04 09:34 AM

    We paper filed thru about company attorney in May 1st week from Texas. Till now no receipt received.
    Is there any way I can call USCIS to check status without receipt number in hand? Can they track it via SSN or alien no?

    Pl. let me know.


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  • indianabacklog
    10-12 07:37 AM
    Your letter nor the proposed drft amendment to CSPA does not talk about the children of parents who applied their GC under employment based category and got stuck in the Labor Card approval stage for years and when labor got approved and I140 also got approved then again stuck due to Visa retrogression. We must include injustice being done to these children and should ask for retrospective amendment to CSPA to provide relief.

    If you are in Illinois are you near enough to try and meet with Richard Durbin, he professes to caring about the children of illegal immigrants. Maybe he needs to put a face to a situation of the forgotten children of legal employment based adjustees to push him into realizing they even exist and he does them an injustice with his DREAM act.

    I am a parent of an aged out child. It sucks, quite frankly. Never sure what to say to him when this issue is discussed. I would be happy to become more active on this issue.

    How many of us are on this site, does anyone know. Each of us trying to work individually is not going to be as effective as a joint effort.

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  • jsb
    09-01 07:18 PM
    Is the day over already????

    Inshkrish you have two RDs I mean you are July 2 filer how come your RD is in Aug, ND is in October so technically you are out of the processing window (but are you???)

    My PD is close to you....but no movement ..........

    Congrats to all those who got green today....the world is at your feet....enjoy it while you can...


    There is nothing like processing window. What each center reports is their status. If you see page where processing dates are reported, they say if your receipt notice date is prior to date reported you can contact them. This suggests that they believe all cases upto the published dates have been processed. This does not mean that they are not permitted to work on cases after the published date. In fact they may have been working way beyond the published dates.


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  • andy garcia
    06-29 02:51 PM
    This is taken from: AFM 23.4 Presumption of Lawful Admission and Creation of Record under 8 CFR 101 (|AFM&s_fieldSearch=foliodestination|Chapter 23.5&s_type=all&hash=0-0-0-570)

    (5) Procedure for Ordering a Visa Number from the DOS.
    Visa numbers are requested by USCIS offices directly from the Visa Control Office of the DOS. The request is only to be made after:

    � The applicant has been interviewed and found to be eligible for AOS(or, for cases adjudicated at a service center, simply found to be eligible for AOS); and

    � The requestor has verified that the current VB indicates that a visa number is available for the country and classification involved, and that the current bulletin has not been superseded by an advisory from the Visa Control Office.

    The DOS has guaranteed to USCIS that so long as the current visa bulletin and any superseding advisories indicate that a number is available, a number will be assigned.

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  • GC_Applicant
    02-26 01:20 AM
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    Is there a reason why you choose e-mini as opposed to etf's or stocks. BTW, I am not knowledgeable on e-mini. I couldn't even find the symbol in TdA. Looking at your chart, it seems you trade full time ??

    Can you explain what are the three average that you have on the chart and theire durations

    Today's chart for SP&500 Mini (3 minute chart)

    Disclaimer: Information/Educational use only and should not be onstructed as an offer to buy or sell any securities. Trading is very risky and is not for everyone.


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  • boldm28
    04-09 02:40 PM
    Indians including me (I am still on h1b thanks to retrogression completed 9 yrs in the US ) have this chalta hai attitude

    and if it is not effecting me i dont care and dont want to know about it

    for US Masters/Degree holders

    they fall prey to the so called " DESI consulting companies " just as a last option and the moment they get a good offer they jump and also attending a US/Masters degree program for 2 yrs cant be a justification for "GOOD COMM SKILLS" I have seen MS guys talkin in vernac accent and I have no way of telling who is on h1b or a MS person "

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  • ram112
    09-03 05:07 AM

    I got greened today, surprisingly. Could anyone let me know what are the good numbers to reach a human in USCIS, hopefully with less wait time. I wanted to check with them what address they have on file. I filed an address change in JUne but I am not sure if they have it right in their systems. Also, is there a way to get this information without calling them.

    Thanks a lot ..

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  • silverstone
    01-21 11:51 AM
    In addition to 4 earlier contributions

    Michael chertoff
    02-25 07:58 PM
    Hotel near capitol hill. We will post it soon. But all our meetings are in this area.

    I am not registered but will be there with atleast 10+ friends.


    12-19 10:54 PM
    Instead of bumping it with a " /\/\/\/\/\/\ " , I agree... I wrote a little philosophy there, looks like you did not like it.
    Hopefully , we will be able to prioritize it with other members every then and now, to grow our membership to magic 10,000.
    I placed that smiley to was good theory.Nothing much to read into it.
    If that smiley has troubled you..i am sorry.

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