Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ipod touch 4g

ipod touch 4g. ipod touch 4g unboxing
  • ipod touch 4g unboxing

  • Taz Mangus
    Apr 15, 01:19 PM
    Plenty of people buy Macs for the hardware. If I needed a laptop right now to run Windows and nothing else, then obviously I would have to check whether I am mentally capable of using Windows for any length of time without throwing the laptop out of the window, but once I've found the strength to do that, the 13" MBP or one of the MBAs are probably the least miserable way to run Windows.

    Of course, if you are praying every day that your laptop breaks down because you have to use Windows, then a MacBook is not for you.

    Even the reviewers have acknowledge that Windows runs better on Mac hardware due to the tight coupling between the hardware and the device drivers that Apple includes.

    ipod touch 4g. Apple iPod Touch 4G
  • Apple iPod Touch 4G

  • nitropowered
    Mar 28, 09:04 PM
    I would rather Apple do iPhone5 right then be pressured to release it at the typical release cycle.

    Give me 4" screen, NFC, dual core A9 and a gig of ram. LTE is not a huge deal since it will probably not be deployed widespread.

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  • ipod-touch-4g-keypad

  • lowbatteries
    Apr 14, 11:02 AM
    Remember, Apple and Dell get their batteries from the same manufacturer. ;)

    Same manufacturer does not mean the same battery. Apple designed their battery from scratch, no other computer manufacturer uses the same battery as Apple. I'm floored at how fast it charges, how long it lasts, and how little charge its lost (its at 90% after 9 months and 172 cycles).

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  • scottness
    Jul 18, 06:47 PM
    This is a good example of why a tabletop iMac just won't work. The "touching plane" is probably a foot off the surface of the table/desk upon which the computer sits. Which means if your current desk is at a good and proper height for your chair, you're either going to have to sit a foot higher or lower your desk a foot to keep that optimum reach. Doing either of these means your desk is now a foot too low. If you have a pad of paper there, or a cup of coffee, anything- it's going to be a nightmare to keep getting it.

    This may work if you built a special table for it and used it standing up, like a kiosk. But then it would only really be useful for goofing off briefly, and not doing anything serious. Who is going to stand for several hours continuously to use the computer?

    Touchscreen iMac to me really just sounds like spec-lust and not a practical reality.

    An ergonomic nightmare. My body hurts just thinking about it.

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  • j763
    Oct 12, 04:28 AM
    Current situation:
    Software: Macs are pretty good
    Hardware: pssh... you've got to be kidding!

    Situation as of MWSF03:
    Software: Macs are great
    Hardware: Kind of OK... just.

    Situation as of MWNY03:
    Software: Macs are fan-f:eek:ing-tastic
    Hardware: Macs rock!!!

    this isn't just made up... i've got some very reliable info

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  • AP_piano295
    Jul 23, 10:07 AM
    next ipod to cure cancer

    ipod touch 4g. Apple iPod touch 4G
  • Apple iPod touch 4G

  • Chundles
    Sep 6, 08:26 AM
    Anyone else notice that the low end iMac (1.83 Ghz) now has the 950 chipset for a graphics card?

    That's just a Core 2 Duo updated version of the iMac that replaced the eMac earlier this year. It was initially only for sale to educational institutions.

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  • Tommyg117
    Jul 23, 08:05 PM
    This option would be cool. I wouldn't really use it much, but I guess it is nice to know it is available. I read a lot, but I really enjoy books rather than ebooks. They make a nice collection.

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  • CorvusCamenarum
    Apr 26, 04:21 AM
    Is it that the welfare system in Sweden, or for that matter the US, isn't enough to adequately shift the strictures of poverty?

    Good post, BTW.

    Thanks for that. I actually spent some time debating whether or not to post it, as posts of that sort typically run afoul of the race police who'd rather smugly slap that label on someone rather than have an intelligent discussion.

    I really don't think throwing more money/services at the problem is going to accomplish anything, which is what Sweden seems to be doing, albeit not in a direct way. We've been taking a similar course in education for longer than I've been alive, yet the achievement gap remains (it was in another thread here where I posted that in the US, blacks typically underperform relative to whites by about 1σ).

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  • ender land
    Apr 27, 10:08 AM
    Finally, I would reiterate that it is not at all racist to take note of, accept, or reasonably comment on these facts. As I've said earlier, to properly combat the problem, one must first understand it. Denouncing the messengers as racist because their conclusions are unpopular will accomplish nothing except perpetuate the problem at hand.

    This may be true, but at the same time, the sort of information you present - if true - does lay the framework for some very racist policies (only hiring white people b/c of intelligence, etc).

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  • Roller
    Aug 8, 07:55 AM
    Steve looks unhealthy. He's not as sharp as he used to be. His keynotes were flawless. He stuttered several times, forgot what he was saying in mid sentence, and handed a considerable amount of the keynote to other people. Steve was a control freak in past WWDC keynotes.

    I think he may be in not-so-good health. But I've said that before.

    I had the same reaction... he almost looked gaunt. I just compared shots of Steve yesterday with his appearance at the January Macworld Expo, and there's a noticeable difference. Plus, the tag team approach to demoing Leopard's features made it seem as if he needed time to rest in between the parts of his presentation.

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  • chillywilly
    Sep 12, 02:36 PM
    you can classify movies as tv shows and music videos now
    apple-I will bring up information and then go video and you can choose what you want the file is
    I noticed this as well. Very nice to see it working without having to use Lostify (which never worked for me under iTunes 6).

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  • Apple#39;s New iPod Touch 4G:

  • Chaszmyr
    Sep 4, 07:54 AM
    I just cancelled my MacBook+iPod-order... The folks at Apple couldn't say if the back to school-offer would still be valid if I switched iPods so I'm placing a new order on Tuesday so I can save 200 bucks on the iPod :)

    When new products are released, the existing promotional deals don't always apply to them.

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  • macchiato2009
    May 5, 05:01 AM
    IMHO, 3D is the crappiest piece of technology since a long time...

    3D movies are blurrier than regular HD non-3D movies, they give headaches

    and 3D on the new portable Nintendo 3DS is kind of lame

    i really don't want Apple to fall into this kind of ****** trend, just because it's a trend

    it seems to me that manufacturers are not giving the choice of the consumer anymore: what if people don't want 3D devices ?

    we will probably lose 1 or 2 years during which companies will lose money because their products will be failures until they'll start to understand they should probe the market before releasing unwanted piece of crap/tech

    i will probably buy the ipad 2 soon, because if the rumor comes true, then i will totally deny the ipad 3(D)

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  • padmasana
    Sep 12, 04:54 PM
    I'm thrilled with the new gapless playback feature.
    It's so nice to have all my Grateful Dead shows play seemlessly!
    Kinda funny -- even before I had tried the new iTunes, I ordered the 8 gig Nano with the inscription:

    the music
    never stops

    now it's truer than ever.

    2.16 2gb 15" Macbook Pro; 4gb black Nano (now at the Apple hospital)
    550 ti Powerbook

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  • aaronious
    Oct 16, 02:10 PM
    Jobs' brilliance shines through in this interview. Keep the hits coming Steve!

    He's so good, he makes their "killer" feature, wireless sharing, sound dork-tastic!

    All the while making listenign together sexy as hell.

    You go girl!

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  • toddybody
    Mar 28, 01:37 PM
    I can't believe they are going to start to sell the ipad2 at radio shack, and they haven't improved on my ship date of 4 to 5 weeks. You would think that they would take care of the ones that allready paid full price for theirs. I guess they need the interest that they are getting by holding on to everyones pre-paid orders through their own apple store.:(:(

    They dont charge you till it ships:) But I Jive with your sentiments dude...I say rewards the folks who've already placed orders

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  • Solver
    Aug 8, 02:46 PM
    Did you notice that their were two cameras attached to the Mac screen?

    Is this be the beginning of 3D iChat, photos and movies?

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  • Al Coholic
    May 5, 10:34 AM
    3D is so 2010-ish.

    Holograms people... we want holograms.

    Mar 29, 12:43 AM
    We aren't waging a war, merely dropping tons of bombs

    May 5, 03:36 AM
    Awesome "no glases" technology. This must be healthy...


    Nov 25, 10:12 AM
    No. All the music on iTunes is now DRM free as standard.

    weird. mostly everything i bought doesnt play elsewhere and I bought it all after april '09

    Apr 2, 03:11 PM
    If you're out, you'd rather pull out your iPad then a phone or camera to take a picture? Really?

    Well my phone does not have a camera and I may not be carrying a camera at the time.

    If an event occurs, then I will use whatever I have to hand at that moment.
    If I happen to be carrying my DSLR then I would use that, if I happen to have the iPad in my hands then I would use that.

    Again, I see no reason to select a worse device other than marketing.

    In the same way, in the old days, your car may not have a stereo, but the deluxe model had a stereo. Despite it only being $20 on a $5000 car.

    It was just done for marketing.

    Or course, if a nice camera added an inch to the back, or $100 to the device then of course, there is a reason not to.

    Mar 20, 09:59 PM
    Maybe all these rumors of a "squashed iphone 5 mini" are really leaks of the next gen ipod classic? That type of form factor makes more sense considering the way things are headed. Touch screens and all.

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