Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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  • j751
    10-24 01:41 PM
    BTW what does Murthy charge?

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  • rdx0
    01-09 10:57 PM
    Yes, you can file for multiple visa simultaneously. Your I-9 may determine where you landed at last.
    People have no jobs and you are talking about several offers;)

    Thanks. I know H1B visa can be applied through multiple employers at the same time ... what I was wondering that can it be applied by the second employer after the expiry of my I-94 ?? Because I have heard that one of the criteria for filing for extension is that it must be filed b4 the expiry of I-94, and that concerns me...

    and, no, buddy, i don't have multiple job offers, the 1st company is simply a staffing company with which I would be filing just so that i don't go 'out of status' b4 i get the job with the 2nd company ... i'll be paying the fees from my pocket... I have good chances that i will get that job but not certain... i wish i had several offers... i am just trying to figure out what my options are here...

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  • saxx
    01-11 08:23 AM
    Thats ****ing amazing dude.

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  • jgh_res
    06-22 11:28 AM
    What do you think? Any guesses?

    Along with the data you entered?? :confused:


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  • ivar
    04-29 09:43 AM
    when u file for the new 140..u are supposed to send in theold approved 140 and request for porting.. thats how my attorney did..

    finally i got the 140 from my employer..and my date was ported its all good.

    Happy to know that you got your I-140 approved with old priority date. Is there any link or formal document which suggest that we can file new I-140 along with a copy of old I-140 to retain older priority date. My attorney doesn't agree to this, he says that we need to get the new I-140 approved first and than file for porting the date seperately. If there is any link or document which can suggest that we can file new I-140 with copy of older approved I-140 it will be of great help. I appreciate your reply to my post.

    Thank you.

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  • malaGCPahije
    08-11 11:05 AM
    trueguy has a poll started for period from 2001 to 2004 and I have started this for 2005-2008.

    The limitation is that we can have maximum of 10 entries in a polling!!!

    Not sure if the core have more options.

    Trueguy's poll ends at "before Jan2004". Your poll starts from Jan 2005. I am Nov 2004 and do not fit in either :-).


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  • ohguy
    02-12 10:06 PM
    Yesterday I got emails that both me and my wife's 485 were transferred to TSC from NSC although I am staying in Ohio which comes under NSC. It could be the load balancing I think. I hope it's good cos TSC is much faster to process 485 applications. Mine is EB2 March 2006.

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  • anzerraja
    07-20 03:17 AM
    Lately the members of IV have come to know that Aman Kapoor, the co-founder of IV has sold his house and spent around $64000/- towards the administrative costs of IV. This too was brought to our attention from a regular member like you and me, without which this would not have come to our knowledge at all.

    So some of the members have taken an initiative to reimburse Aman and other core IV team members with the expenses they have incurred so far towards the administrative costs of IV. Note that the time they have spent and the sufferings cannot be compensated. Let us do the least by atleast compensating the money. Please do not donate directly to IV funds.

    There is a funding drive in this other thread towards reimbursing the administrative costs of IV.

    Could you please pledge an amount ?


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  • puskeygadha
    06-04 09:49 AM
    it will take 5-6 months from now atleast

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  • ar
    02-04 06:07 PM
    I don't think your design skills are quite good enough yet to be starting a studio. No offense but I think you'd be better off with a bit more practice before you step out in to the world of the design industry.

    Who were you talking about


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  • kumar1
    09-22 12:22 PM
    Yes, You Green Card would evaporate after 3 months. Do not take 50% cut!

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  • meridiani.planum
    11-26 01:21 PM
    Perhaps I am missing something. I thought you could get an extension beyond six years only if:
    1. Your labor was pending for more than 360 days OR
    2. Your I-140 was approved

    I did not know that you could get an extension if:
    Your labor was approved and your I-140 was still pending.

    My understanding is that the USCIS came out with the I-140 premium processing only to address the above scenario. Perhaps someone who has dealt with this first hand can enlighthen us.

    you can get an H1 extension if your LC is approved and I-140 is pending as long as the LC is>365 days. ie. for that 365 day rule LC has to be approved OR pending, its state does not matter. It just needs to be old enough.

    USCIS is now doing premium processing of I-140 for people whose LC is <365 days old at the point their H1 runs out. THere is no other way than an approved I-140 for these people to get an extension.


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  • rajeever
    02-27 12:33 PM

    My name is Rajeev. I�m working as a senior technology consultant (Senior Business Analyst and Senior Quality Assurance) with a top IT consulting and service company.


    My H1-B visa and 1-94 are expiring on July 06th 2009 (almost 4 months from now) and final 6 year H1-B time is ending on May 2011.

    I spoke with the HR manager of my company to renew my H1-B visa four times in last couple of months but every time she says that there is of integration going on (Actually, my company was acquired by another company and right now integration is going process is going on). However, I spoke with the immigration department of my company and they told me that since integration process is under way, however this integration process will not effect the renewal of H1-B process, company will deal it in the same way it was dealing before. I explained this thing to my Manager on Tuesday but again, she was not convinced and want to speak with the her immigration contacts and advised me to wait and didn�t gave me a date when she is going to get back to me ( I don�t know what is going on in her mind).

    So far, I�ve not applied for Green card, actually, last September, I submitted all the paper work to my Manager (till Dec 2008, I was employed with the consulting division of my company and afterward, I was transferred to the local account). With this transfer, my consulting division manager refused to process and pay for my GC and advised me that I should apply it through local account.

    Now local account is saying that it is very unlikely that they�ll sponsor my GC because there is lot of cost cutting going on and GC process takes anywhere from 10 K to 14K. I did told them that company may deduct the GC fees through my pay. But I didn�t hear anything from them so far. Its been almost 2 months now.

    Advise and Help:

    Since my final H1-B is expiring on May 2011. Almost 2 years and 2 months. My GC is not filed yet. What should I do now?

    1. Look for a new job, who can sponsor my H1-B (actually, I�ve started looking but no luck yet).
    2. What if if I don�t find a job till July 6 2009?
    3. is it a good idea to transfer my H1-B visa to Indian consultancy company without a project in hand?
    4. Please recommend good Indian consultancy companies to whom I speak regarding my H1-B transfer and GC application process.

    Please ask me specific questions or which I may not have addressed above or I�ve not explained any section above.

    On the different note, I was also got stuck in Canada last year from April 2008 to Aug 2008. Here is my previous post

    Many thanks!



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  • aguy
    01-05 10:52 AM
    Can I use AVR even if I am on my 8th year of H1B (because of an approved I140, waiting for I485 to become current)?


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  • kumar_77
    08-01 11:16 AM
    Hello Core Members ,

    We are seeing that some applications are being returned by USCIS mail room people , for improper fees and missing forms . This looks to be a very bit issue for people who have filed the cases , during July . Its possible that the filers may have made any mistake or this can be a mistake of Mail room People too due to huge volume of applications they have received . During Normal process every one had a fair chance of applying again with in the current month or many times even the preceding months. This is definitely not the case this time. If some case is rejected after Aug 17, they will not be able to file I 485 for Years . Can any of the core members suggest a way to contact the USCIS or DHS people and get some relief from this , and allow to re file the I 485 .


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  • pa_arora
    07-17 12:32 PM
    A federal judge has ordered USCIS to pay attorney Kip Evan Steinberg $25,000 in legal fees after the lawyer's client sued the agency to force it to complete processing in an adjustment of status green card case. USCIS tried to point the finger at the FBI for delays in the name check process, but the judge wasn't buying. The judge found the 151 hours the lawyer put in to the case to be reasonable. So 151 attorney hours were wasted, an individual waited years unnecessarily and America's taxpayers are out $25,000.

    - From Greg Siskind blog


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  • dan19
    08-28 03:16 PM
    My lawyer is arguing that a MS degree in CS would be sufficient evenif I don't have a BS CS degree.

    I didn't realize my attorney was too incompetent when I hired him. The sole purpose of appointing an attorney was to make my life easy. Rather he is giving me a hard time.

    Mention clearly what is indicated in job requirements. If the labor did not allow for BS in any enggg or related engg and just asked for BS in CS your I-140 will be denied for sure. No need to wait for the denial. Why did your attorney filed a labor like that for you knowing you do not have BS in CS.

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  • prout02
    08-13 07:49 PM
    My infopass IO told me so. My wife's namecheck got cleared last October. However, it was waiting for mine and it cleared the hurdle July 08. So yes, it matters even if one year has passed since I applied for 485.

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  • ujayra01
    05-10 08:03 PM
    I did apply PIO for my daughter 3 weeks ago and it's still processing. This is NY consulate. The status simply says couple more days!

    01-20 02:44 PM
    "recent forum posts" block truncates the subject matter. old site had all of them on one side, they were complete and it really looked good.
    otherwise, the site looks good.

    it is going to be a little hard to get used to this new look. afterall, the old site had a background color which was very unique. That stood it apart from other sites.

    oh well, the CHANGE has finally come to IV's site as well...I for one, am planning to embrace it :cool:

    10-09 05:43 PM
    :(hi gcpadmavyuh ,

    here is my question i got h1 that is starting from oct 1st and i got ead also .

    i dont have ssn also . my i-94 got expired.

    1) now i am on which status ?

    2) how to come from h4 to ead in my situation ?

    3) how to actually use ead or h1 ?

    4) should i get salary( payroles every month ) on h1 from this oct 1st onwards ?

    5) in my situation how uscis will recognise am i using ead /h1 /h4 ?

    6) in my situation if i got ssn and driving license after showing ead card in that offices , but i didnt work until this year end then by the year end on which status i am h4 or ead or h1 ?

    7) in my situation if once i used my ead is there any chance to come from ead to h1 in future if i need ?

    please clarify this doubts . please other experts suggest me.

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