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Pearls Before Swine

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  • Green06
    09-19 12:35 PM
    I am part of MN Chapter and attended the rally. It was a wonderful experience. I am proud to part of IV family and I am sure that lawmakers will listen to our voice. It was also exciting to see faces behind the IV names.

    Keep up the good work IV

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  • xyzgc
    01-26 01:03 PM
    If you think renting is not 'quality of life' and you see it is affordable and prepared to lose money go ahead and buy. On the other hand, if you don't mind renting and don't feel like losing your hard earned money wait for the downturn to be over.
    The rate of fall is so much that it is better to lose on the rent than buy and lose over the next years depreciation.

    My interest in the house would be long term investment rather than quality of life. Another point is that most people are unwilling to spend lot of money on rents to get the same QOL. There is emotional element there called (eventual) 'ownership' but that's only emotional. That I don't care about too much.

    If the trend indicates prices are falling this year, I guess people will wait for a year more but at some point people will go ahead, depending on the overall economy start buying because no one can really predict the bottom. At that point, it may even start going up allowing the economy to slowly get back on its feet.

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  • gsc999
    09-19 07:18 PM
    There are thousands of anecdotes that I could share. My best is the look of shock on one of the IV member's face when I asked him to escort one of the lawmakers who attended the Monday evening reception dinner. We couldn't believe that we see him on C-Span and he is standing next to us and supporting our cause.
    - Can you imagine the feeling when a lawmakers says I know about you guys. You are doing a good job. This shows we are visible in the Hill.
    - I felt great when I saw the confidence on the smiling faces of IV members when they came out of lawmakers meetings. For those who missed this historic opportunity, I can't even begin to explain the change in mindset from the initial apprehension about visiting a lawmaker's office to, "Why do I only have three meetings set up, I want to fill in for others IV members who might not have shown up due to various reasons"

    For those demanding immediate results when they themselves might not have showed up at the rally the answer is, we will get our green cards eventually. There is absolutely no doubt about that in my mind but these experiences and memories will be cherished for a long time. This is also important to me. This new "experience capital" which was initially present among just the core members has trickled down to other members, we are growing in strength and reach our goal soon.

    I am glad I went for three days. I wish I could stay longer.

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  • breddy2000
    01-15 01:56 AM
    Based on my exprience I would like to share my knowledge on Investing and Trading on how the market works.May help you better understand the market dynamics

    1.) 99% of stocks have wild swings up or down during the Pre market or After Market where most of the retail investors do not have the previledge of buying/selling. Usually the swings are very fast (in a matter or minutes or seconds). This is the place where most of the money is made or lost.This usually happens based on news like Earnings, sector updates or analyst upgrades/downgrades.

    2.) Always stick with Market Leaders in a sector while putting your money in trading/investing. This is because the risk of loss is minimal.

    3.) Never touch penny stocks or stocks with very low $ value. Reason being this is where most of the manipulations happen. Stocks going up or down wildly based on no news. This is called a pump and dump strategy used by the Hedge funds. They are meant to deceive the retail investors into buying or selling stocks or for cleaning up the placed stop loss points.
    Since Hedge funds have huge money power, they can play with the stocks using multiple strategies that make them money.

    Here is a scenario.... Lets say a particular Hedge Fund want to make the price of a stock to go up/down to make profit,They are usually combined with Options. Lets say I have a Million dollar and I want to make 20% on a particular trade assuming a stock with current value of $50(Remember more money means, more buying power and more volume which dictates price action). I would short a stock with 750 K dollars and buy lots of put options on that stock with remaning 250k. Shorting usually means trader making a bet that the stock price is not worth the current price and is expecting it to buy at a lower price(called short covering).

    When a stock is shorted with huge money(mind you hedge funds have of tons of money and they have stock value controlling power).The price of the stock they expect it to go down to lets say $40(be it clean up of most of the stop losses people have placed,or creating a scenario of fear. People panic and sell it and there by still reducing the price to lets say $35.

    So here Hedge fund manipulators have made whooping $15 per contract(1 contract is 100 shares) multiplied by the number of put options bought.(Options do not cost as much as a stock and they make more money than a stock on a % base ranging from 100% to 10,000% )

    Once the share price goes to $35 they cover the short position and go long on the stock buying it at $35. Later once the stock price goes back to $50 they made profit both ways while making the stock price go down and back to its original value $50.
    When they do this, these are usually associated with Analyst downgrades/upgrades. When the news hits, they execute the trade, there by making it look real.

    Also most of the Analysts are Hedge Fund buddies and are paid for these kind of favours and of get caught , they are penalized with penalty. Its nothing compared to what they actually make.

    3.) Never trust Analysts blindly. Example Goldman Sacs had predicted the Oil price to go to $200 when the price was at $147 peak in mid 2008. Today the price is at $38. Its very rare to find unbaised Analysts. Every one out there on Wall Street are meant to make money by hook or cook..Always do your own DD(due deligence) based on sector trend, financial statements, p/e etc.

    Analysts are just MBA graduates(not that I have a low opinion about the profession), they usually lack the technical knowledge about the Industry they deal with. Its better to trust company's management as they are obligated to release news to public based on SEC rules and regulations and they are less likely to deceive (and pls dont shoot me down about Satyam's taking example of Satyam's management)

    4.) Never fall prey to recommendation of any stocks by media. Example Motley fool , market street etc. They pump news so frequently which makes your head spin, cau se they never stick to their words. What they say today will be exactly opposite of what they might say tomorrow.Today's sell could be tomorrows buy.

    5.) Always use caution when trading on the day prior to earnings. Have a close look at how other companies performed in the same sector.
    If a company announces excellent results and the stock price shoots, then related companies will follow the suit. Example, lets say Walmart had very good earnings, then Kmart or JC penny might shoot up based on Walmart news. And since not all companies announce the results on the same day, its better to see the chart before making a bet on the stock price before earnings release.

    I still have tons and tons of info ...These are just the tip of ice berg scenarios.

    Will share more later.

    If others can add to this list based on your experiences ,that would be great....

    Money is there in the Market to be made which looks like its pretty easy from outside, but based on the above discussed constraints, do you really feel its easy ?????

    There is no "silver bullet" strategy that can work always, be it technical or fundamental and you cannot make money on each and every trade. If it would have been the case, I would have simply built an automated system based on my strategy that will sound like a "Money Making machine"

    Last but not the least, While Cintu25 is trying to make you money with his good intention, I'm trying to share my experience on how to better manage risks.....


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  • yagw
    08-03 01:04 AM
    U seem to be an old tiger on this forum...:) Enjoy ur green. Greened on the first day itself. What else can u ask for? I'm not sure how many sleepless nites I'll hv to go thru this month :(. But I'm positive that I'll get it this month...

    Just curious. Did u get ur "magic" email in the nite OR was it sometime during working hours?

    hey buddy, whats your pd?

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  • GCwaitforever
    06-08 04:28 PM
    I don�t know what is so hard about this deadlock. Don�t they know that if:
    1. Illegals are given temporary visas for them to return after a number of years, no-body would come forward. The illegals would see this as shooting themselves in the foot. They would prefer to remain in the dark and live here permanently. Purpose defeated.
    2. A tough enforcement only bill is passed, with the hope that there would be attrition after a while: How long would it take for all 12 million illegals to finally leave? 1 million per year? 500K per year? 24 years? Yeah right! Ok assuming they leave at a rate of 500K per year (which I know wouldn�t happen) what would be the rate of inflow of more illegals?? What would be the balance of illegals after say 10 years? Think about it.
    3. Give them a path to citizenship. Well they are here anyways but this idea might jeopardize the bill.

    So my proposal is: Since �a path to citizenship� is the major road block to this bill, make a law that gives the Illegals an opportunity for GC but include in the law that �Anybody that ever comes into the country illegally CAN NOT become a citizen�. i.e they can get a green card but they can never be eligible for citizenship. I am sure this is a reasonable middle ground�. a path to PR but not citizenship. I am sure those illegals don�t care about citizenship anyways. They just want to be free and be mobile.

    Just my thots.

    TPS - temporary protected status is given to people from Honduras, El Salvador and some more countries. What you said is in line with some of that status. It is less than a Greencard as there is no path to citizenship, yet the people in TPS can hang on here for years and years. Congress is forced to renew this every year for politics. Eventually people in TPS marry locals and settle here.

    Tancredo and his chums tried to dissolve this feature completely from immigration code. TPS is the best way to go. No amnesty as there is no citizenship/GC. And all these folks can come out in the open and play by rules.


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  • santb1975
    04-10 08:13 PM

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  • Lasantha
    03-24 01:37 PM
    Congrats on becoming a godmother!

    I hear you! Easter lunch was too much, I did become a godmother on top of it all :)

    Stillhopefull you have been current for a while, so they should be working on would think...I do believe Texas is behind though, according to the uscis web site Nebraska is processing July and Texas not yet.


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  • sangmami
    07-14 09:20 AM
    isn t it 3 days since congress women had asked for a it available for the public to view.....any idea

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  • gbof
    09-01 11:26 AM
    This really is height of seems that readers think that USCIS IOs were desperately waiting for dates to get current and start approving applications...reality is they don't care and never cared..they may start issuing more RFEs if anything...Again stay rooted to ground and don;t start floating in the clouds....especially with USCIS's fantastic track record.....


    wake up ....


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  • masterji
    08-03 11:52 AM
    Finally I was greened after 4 years and 3 months from my I-140 approval date.
    I opened a SR yesterday and today my CPO e-mail came to my mailbox. However my wife's status says
    "On August 2, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later."
    Do you know what does it mean?:confused:

    I am not sure whether opening a SR helped or not. Good luck to everyone. Remember GC is something but not everything in life. Being healthy and spending quality time with your family are more important than GC.

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  • eb3_2004
    05-14 06:18 AM
    Can some pls help me by answering this??

    Sorry to hijack the thread..

    I went over the instructions for EAD filing and wanted to confirm the following before I went ahead with the filing.

    1. The fee is $340

    2. I need to send it to Phoenix lockbox as I reside in Illinois.

    Please someone confirm this for me.



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  • gcny2006
    06-07 09:03 PM

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  • GCNeophyte
    08-04 11:14 AM
    When USCIS sent you the RFE notice, you would have seen "Request for Evidence". After USCIS receives your response, you would have seen the hard LUD, while the header is still for RFE. Then after some days (with in 60 days), the header changes to "Request for Evidence Response Review", while the old header "Request for Evidence" vanishes. I was in the same boat like you. I spoke to my attorney's team and they offered me the insight glimpse of working of USCIS.

    Do you know if this status continues after the 60 days? I had RFE and status is in "Request for Evidence Response Review" since we replied the RFE.


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  • veda
    07-28 02:30 PM
    I do not think it's a printer break down in that case it can be replaced in hours, I think it's breakdown of case workers.


    They may be confused with 2 years EAD.

    As before 2 year EAD validity start date all TSC applications were approved and sent the card with in 45-60 days.

    Now it's ...........s l o w.................

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  • pappu
    01-31 03:02 PM
    Thank you for registering with Immigration Voice for the advocacy efforts in Washington DC. Your participation in such efforts will help tremendously in bringing about the positive changes we seek.

    Situation Room for the event
    Washington Court Hotel
    525 New Jersey Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20001

    Maps for reference:
    1. Buildings 1, 2, 3 and 8, 9, 10 are the ones we will be visiting. (
    2. Situation Room and Legislative office buildings. (,+Washington,+DC&daddr=Longworth+House+Office+Building,+Independenc e+Avenue+Southwest,+Washington+D.C.,+DC&geocode=FaODUQIdY-Ro-yG7bOSMrwDdqQ%3BFQFgUQIdRvFo-ymb9gYkKri3iTHBQQ_MBb8dGw&hl=en&mra=ls&sll=38.890381,-77.008903&sspn=0.010121,0.025105&ie=UTF8&ll=38.892102,-77.008753&spn=0.010121,0.025105&z=16)
    3. Airport Distances from the Situation Room (,+NW,+Washington,+DC+20 001+(Washington+Court+Hotel)&daddr=2605+S+Clark+St,+Arlington,+VA+22202+(Ronald +Reagan+National+Airport)+to:Dulles+Airport,+Dulle s,+VA+to:Baltimore+Airport,+Baltimore,+MD&geocode=FaODUQIdY-Ro-yG7bOSMrwDdqQ%3BFRHLUAIdYHBo-yGtawdtAa9oQQ%3BFaVhUgId4D1i-ymlvtd-Ske2iTFUkDGRJ71SzA%3BFanVVQIdTSBu-ykL4MK7_OK3iTFAF5f6DBUAAA&hl=en&mra=pd&sll=39.027719,-77.067719&sspn=0.605958,1.693268&ie=UTF8&ll=39.04052,-77.060852&spn=0.605848,1.693268&z=10)

    Hotel Options
    1. Priceline bidding on Hotels as low as $60/night (
    2. Air Bed & Breakfast - staying with locals. (

    Dress Code
    Tie and/or Jacket for Meetings and Congressional Reception - Monday, Apr 4th and Tuesday, Apr 5th

    Parking Issues
    Saturday, Sunday parking on the street is free.
    Parking in the hotel costs $30/day

    Have Questions?
    Call 202-386-6250
    If you were unable to attend the conference call, please contact me.


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  • gupta432
    05-10 11:24 AM
    I did contribute during Flower campaign and I spread the word around to make sure my friends contributed as well. I was only trying to help you guys who are anxious looking at their case status online.

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  • Sleepless_in_Seattle
    09-03 02:30 PM

    Can someone educate me on how to call NSC and reach IO?

    My PD is Aug 2004.

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  • naidu2543
    05-12 08:00 AM

    Can you please suggest what we need to do next.
    1) We can collect additional funds for lobbying this issue (we do contribute monthly)
    2) We can write letters or meet senators


    05-04 05:59 PM
    I did an e-file of my EAD & AP on 14th April send the supporting docs that reached on 19th got second update as following on 04/20 no change since then anybody else had same experience.

    Request for Evidence
    On April 19, 2010, we received your response to our request for evidence. This case is being processed at our NEBRASKA SERVICE CENTER location.

    08-18 01:54 PM
    whats ur e-file date pappuseth
    and whats ur PD.Any infopass appt done and how did u open the expedite SR.
    Please provide info.

    here is all the info that you needed indian111

    EAD renewal filed for my wife (i'm working on h1 and didn't apply for me)
    Efiled at TSC on May 29th and sent the documents right away
    got a soft lud on June 6th and then received FP notice in mail.
    FP done on June 21st as per the notice..

    After that there was no lud, no update for long time... we started getting little worried..

    on the 69th day my wife called uscis to inquire. uscis representative was nice to talk but gave same info as you see online. but he said that we can call after 75 days to open SR.
    my wife called on the 75th day which was Friday August 15th. she used the POJ method (i found it somewhere on this forum). she again got a nice person. the rep said that she will open the SR and said that can request expediting. but said that in 5 days they will let us know if the expedite request is accepted or not.
    over the weekend i was thinking of taking the infopass appointment but thought i would wait for a week more

    and today morning i got the email from CRIS about cpo..

    as i said, i'm not sure if today's status update is anyway linked to the SR she opened..

    do let me know if you need more info..

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