Thursday, September 1, 2011

2009 honda cbr 600 rr

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  • vhd999
    04-21 11:23 AM
    My wife went to India last month on AP via Frankfurt without any visa. She faced no problems while going and coming back.

    While coming back, at the Indian airports, they do check for the visa/ap/gc before they let you aboard.

    I guess the confusion part is that the consulate's version of the visa requirements do not match the visa requirements enforced at the airports.

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  • Drifter
    04-01 07:10 PM
    Contact attoreny ASAP why/how it has happened. As he represnts you, USCIS acts upon his request to withdraw. However, he has to make such requsest only upon your written communication to withdraw the application. Therefore, find out whose mistake it is (law firm or USCIS).

    Ramba and others
    Thanks for all your responses, It is clearly the attorneys fault.
    - I have a letter I wrote to the attorney asking them to withdraw the representation. and the letter clearly states that.
    - I have a copy of the letter the attorney sent to USCIS and this letter is clearly asking USCIS to withdraw the case.
    The error is with the Attorney and it is one of the big immigration firms.

    What really bothers me is that the error is not on USCIS's part but the error is of the Attorney so I am afraid that USCIS may not be too inclined to reinstate the case.
    Does any one know if the client has any legal protection from errors and mistakes made by the attorneys
    Does any one know if the client has any legal protection from errors and mistakes made by the attorneys

    Please help.

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  • Soul
    02-07 09:17 AM
    Hey Kit, at work?

    Who did you vote for? :moustache

    - Soul :goatee:

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  • copsmart
    10-10 07:56 AM
    Everest Technology? Sounds so familiar, but definitely they are not in the list of blood suckers I dealt with.
    There are thousands of bloodsuckers like this one, they know the Immigration law better than anybody else do, they will do anything to stop you from leaving their company.

    BTW, you don�t need the copy of I-140 for using AC21 portability.
    You might need a copy when you apply for a 3 years H1 extension, double check this with an attorney.

    If I were you, I wouldn�t stick with this employer, I would definitely use AC21 after 180 days.

    Good Luck!


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  • Sheila Danzig
    02-03 02:01 PM
    This particular case refers to a 3 year degree + a 1 year education degree where the first degree was required for admission into the education degree program. It is not the same as a 3+2, which, however, there is an unpublished AAO case to support its equivalency to a Masters degree.

    Here is the link:

    Why the heck is USCIS bothered about your bachelors when your Labor clearly says Masters required? I think you have a strong case since the RFE did not mention anything about your bachelors. What is your attorney saying? why didnt your ed evaluator mention anything about your bachelors? Will it help if you could evalute your qualifications from another agency, wherein they could prove that you had enough credits and class hours in your bachelors to be equal to US 4 yr courses?

    I am sure there are many helpful folks on this forum who could also guide you on your case. They may have had first hand experience in such situations. Do keep us posted.

    Good luck!

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  • felix31
    12-21 01:57 PM
    You BET. I really hope for all our spouses sakes that the Congress DOES increase H1Bs as well

    I hope too, school districts hire teachers between june-sept and judging by the speed last years quota was gobbled up, I can hardly hope to get a job as a teacher 10 months in advance...

    THis is great news however as I hope to graduate in a year and than I can take advantage of the Masters quota


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  • mhtanim
    02-10 08:51 PM
    I got the same email/soft lud today. My application starts WAC as well, got transferred to NSC.

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  • plassey
    08-23 11:14 AM
    IV is not a help group. If some one want to join a help group then go join a "Depressed people Organization". This is a make happen group, where we all fight for what is right. But unfortunately, we are just as strong as number of people actively supporting.

    He did everything right and followed the process but now for a VERY stupid reason, he has to wait for 6+ years now. So, the simple question I ask now is what justice it is by having such a complicated Green Card process full of so much uncertainity and unfairness.

    Thus, this guy of course should do all what you stated but must do much more, which is stand up for himself.

    How can you be so mean specially at a time when he is under tremendous pressure. IV should try to comfort him and suggest him some alternatives. Contact your attorney ASAP and ask him to try to have a good write up and send the application again, who knows USCIS might accept your application (worst case ur app will come back again), but make it fast dont delay anymore.


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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    12-12 01:01 PM
    In short they do not want us here.. they want to suck the money out of you, all the money you earned and saved.

    Were you making sure that we are not disappointed? :)

    Thanks for living upto the expectations buddy :D

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  • GCSOON-Ihope
    01-31 03:52 PM
    Yes sir, they do.

    GC lottery is the biggest joke ...

    GC lottery is no joke at all: I personally know several people who won it and happily settled here afterwards.


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  • nkhari
    07-19 10:22 AM
    trust can get the report in 2 hours.


    HIV test, the result is you already know..

    you pay by cash!!

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  • dummgelauft
    12-23 11:54 AM
    Try getting info from any other will feel the same.... I used to feel the same until I dealt with UK / French /Italian consulates for tourist was as horrible...

    I dealt with the UK consulate and the CGI India at Chicago. Now, agreed this was many years ago, when I used to have a desi passport.

    There was an awesome Asst. Consular Officer (i forget the exact designation), but her name was Deepa Jain. I submitted my desi passpost for renewal at CGI Chicago, using the procedure described on their then brand new website. Waited 4 weeks, nothing. This was in 1999, so I decided to call the conculate, totally expecting nobody to pickup the phone, but to my surprise, somebody picked up!!. I gave them the details of my application and old passport and the lady who answered the phone said "we will call you back".
    Now, knowing what that means, I began to prepare myslef for weeks and possibly months of frustration..BUT...lo and behold, two days after my call to them, Ms. Deepa Jain called back ON MY cellphone to tell me "your passport was renewed and I wil lmake sure it gets sent out today itself!!". To tel you the truth, I was totally blown away, and if Ms Jain is still around in any of the consulates, hats off to you...but I digress..
    Now comes the part with the UK consulate, again, in Chicago.
    I wanted to visit UK and applied for a visitors visa providing them will all the things that they need. Their requirements are very stringent and they want a ton of information too.

    The delightful englishwoman at the counter in UK consulate started to ask me all sorts of questions while leafing thru my documents. When she saw a copyof my Canadian PR card in there, she stopped and asked me to show her the original card, which I did. Once she saw it, that was it. Her next statement was "You may pick up your passport in the afternoon".

    So, two things, it is the desi sarkari babus who mess it up for us, in the consulates and it is the poor image "enjoyed" by our desi passports (which used to be hand written" up until a few years ago) that create problems for us in the non-Indian consulates (European ones to be precise)J.apanese, Korean and othe Asian consulates tend to be much better in this regard.


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  • dealsnet
    02-25 04:01 PM
    You are soliciting business from IV site. You don't have a disclaimer or no shame in doing that. You filled your charge country as UK and pretend to be GC aspirant. You can advertise your thing by paying IV, not by these cheap method of interfering here. I know you suck a big amount from people approching your firm for evaluation and take more amount (than the authorized) from them using the credit card details on file by giving lame excuse. I know many friend burn their hands.

    I did post about this. We have seen professor's expert opinion letters showing the equivalency to the MA being approved. However, the evidence does point to an equivalency to a BA.

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  • shukla77
    05-30 09:53 AM
    Thanks to all the people who are participating in this small initiative. Yesterday evening the number was 27 and today it is 166. At this rate we should hit 300 by tomorrow morning.

    Keep in up..:)


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  • Guig0
    02-04 11:06 AM
    some use m$paint, others photoshop or fireworks.

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  • sanagani
    10-02 10:54 PM
    I am still waiting for FP notice, i got my EAD/AP/RD, for both of us.

    It was filed @ NSC on July 2nd, ---> CSC -----> NSC. I got my LUd on 09/21 last on our 485.


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  • senocular
    02-05 04:43 PM
    ooooo, aaaah, oooooh .... wtf. They're all GREAT and I save EGs for last because it was the highest rated (yeah LOTS on that one too) and its not there! pfffft. lol
    :searches franticly:

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  • Dhundhun
    01-10 07:15 AM
    IV friends,

    Sub: Immigrant requiring info on Maternity insurance.

    I need information about maternity insurance** in Texas (in particular Dallas). Your help and advice is highly appreciated.

    What are your inputs on Maternity Advantage, I got this information from Pregnancy

    Also please provide me info, if any, on hospitals which provides maternity insurance.

    Any thoughs, suggestions, guidance, & information would be considered helpful is highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


    ** for pregnant with individual health insurance which does not cover maternity.

    What I know about America that if you don't have money, hospitals are supposed to take care, if you have money, hospital will squeeze every penny.

    Once I spent over a month trying to find solution: Could not get: for a female it seems to be mandatory having maternity insurance otherwise, after pregnancy, no one insures.

    I thinks people lack information in this context, so you are not getting responses.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    06-02 07:00 PM
    I think his post was based on the summary on the site.

    "OpenCongress Summary:
    This legislation would reform the family-based immigration system and speed up the process for family members of legal immigrants to secure visas. Specifically, it would reclassify spouses and children of legal immigrants as immediate relatives, raise the per-country family-sponsored immigration limits from 7 percent to 10 percent of total admissions, recapture visas that went unused in previous years due to bureaucratic errors, allow widows and spouses to remain eligible for visas after the death of a sponsoring family member, and more."

    Where did you read the new text ?

    08-31 06:12 PM
    I did not get a receipt, without that how can i think of GC?

    There are only 2 possibilities - you get RN or you don't get RN

    1) You get RN. Congrats you got your - rather overpriced - lottery ticket. Winning the lottery is still far off. Considering 300,000-500,000 apps and 140,000 numbers, chances of winning it soon is as slim as the chance of getting struck by lightning. You might as well laminate it and hang it on the wall.

    This will be the only piece of notice we will be seeing for many more years. Unless, of course enough of us get over our collective OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) over RNs and concentrate of real-life action.

    Moral of the story : RN is a lottery ticket. Keep it safe. But, don't mistake it to be the prize.


    2) You don't get RN/or Rejected. My sympathies. Your ONLY CHANCE to get RN in the foreseeable future is to end backlogs/retrogression. That wouldn't be possible if YOU didn't participate in the rally. Please don't participate in the rally if you choose to wait 5-7 years, for your next chance to apply.

    Don't count on another July 2. It was a flash in the pan caused due to one-upmanship b/n DOS and USCIS. I'm sure both have learnt their lessons well to stage a repeat.

    Moral of the Story: Your only chance is if IV succeeds [ because there's no one else interested in you - Highly Skilled or otherwise]


    I filed 485. now why should i care?

    You SHOULD care. Because you didn't file 485 just for the heck of it. You filed it to get a GC, and to get a GC - ASAP.

    I hate you break your day dreams, chum, but that's not likely to happen for a decade more.

    Unless You CARE. About -

    a) your CAREER that will remain stagnated
    b) EARNING OPPORTUNITIES lost as a result
    c) your FAMILY that's the victim of your procrastination

    You know whom to blame when you

    1) Finally look at a posh home , few years down the line, one that you cannot afford

    2) Your kid cannot pay attend a good college and get a good degree, because you cannot afford it.

    3) many more regrets....

    Dang! If only you had spent 100-300 bucks in the September 18th of 2007 and walked two miles with the others. If you you were not so penny-wise and pound-foolish. Sadly, regrets don't change the reality.

    I'm not saying Sep 18th will change the present. It may or it may not. But at least we tried. Even if, God forbid, we fail there's the satisfaction of having tried.

    To quote a rather famous Hindi/Urdu saying - Only those that ride the horse (warriors) fall. And not those that grovel on their knees (mental slaves). It is for each of us to decide whether we wish to ride, or we wish to grovel. That's the decision each one of has to make for his/her self. No one else can do it for you.

    If you choose to grovel, I give you a friendly advice. You're groveling in the wrong place. If only you were groveling in Saudi Arabia - where goveling would be much appreciated, may be the sheikh might throw in a extra dinar or two - you'd be earning twice as more ( typically 1 Saudi Dinar = 2 dollars).

    no jaime, there are excuses:

    i did not get a receipt, without that how can i think of GC?

    i filed 485. now why should i care?

    (top two!)

    07-04 08:44 PM

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