Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • Sakthisagar
    10-28 10:49 AM
    What do you mean? My father was an engineer and he started his Bachelor of law at age 58 in 1996 in India, after retirement. regular college, which only 10% pass out off.

    I'm only comparing the economy and education not the culture.

    Well that was funny, I'm mostly an atheist.
    The first thing you should understand are most of these conversions are started by foreign organizations and their followers, and conversions by force or by paying money should be stopped immediately.
    Well some general knowledge for you - I haven't heard of native roman catholics converting anyone. They are very conservative and it is very difficult religion to follow - numbers don't matter.

    What propaganda is this? The american overseas pursuits are not related to religion.
    There are some rogue organizations here, who run this as a business, with profit/loss, and they need to be monitored in India. They surely have branches there too.

    Sorry guy, I do not debate with atheists sorry, because they are the most unfaithful and false creatures in this world becasue they deny themselves virtually. so thanks for the blah blahs.

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  • rustamehind
    07-19 10:08 AM
    My spouse is landing here on Aug 15. That leaves only one day to get medicals done. Any suggestions on how to handle this ? Can she skip skin test and take X-rays directly ?

    For skin PPD test , you have to go back to Doctor after 24-72 hours to show the reaction.If nothing comes up its good , but incase you are positive then you will have to go for XRay , so obviously you need to plan for more than 1 day.

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  • gclabor07
    02-07 01:20 PM
    Just wanted to let you know I posted my letter to WH and IV.

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  • kaisersose
    07-28 04:10 PM
    I have old I 140 approval notice, Is it necessary to send the old I 140 approval while interfiling. What if the old company withdraw old I 140, How can I interfile in that situation.

    Doesn't matter. You interfile based on priority date and once a 14 0 is approved, your PD remains yours - even if it is revoked later.


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  • tanu_75
    07-29 05:44 PM

    Oh ,yes is my dream to move in India or China:D, wait for that, I will let you know.

    well this is your time. with eb3 row 2009, you probably are in wait for at least 5 years. Anyway the point is, no country would be stupid enough to stop great talent from coming through to satisfy it's diversity policy. When you are talking about 0.14 million immigrants for a nation of 300 million, that's less than 0.05%. So please take your diversity argument with you and don't let the door hit you on your way out. For this miniscule percentage, the US will lose out on thousands of the best Indian and Chinese engineering/science talent. US's loss, India/China's gain. If this is not an example of an extremely stupid strategic policy then I'm not sure what is.

    Oh and by the way, may not be me or you waiting for Indian/Chinese GC's but could be your kid and mine. Let's have this talk again in a decade or two given GDP growth,debt and deficits of US and GDP growths/deficits/market size of India/China.

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  • jonty_11
    07-27 05:29 PM
    we will be in uncertainity until we get GC in hand they say it.

    So support IV;s action items and get a legislation passed rather then waitin goutside ur doorstep for 485 receipt....then EAD then AP....and .................what not


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  • gc28262
    03-27 12:27 PM
    Matters related to Driver license are largely decided by States but with "Secure ID Initiative" passed in the Congress, some of the powers have shifted to the Federal Govt. Many aspects of Secure ID initiative are still work in progress but some of the states have taken pro-active steps.
    Driver license is not merely used for letting the person drive BUT ALSO serves as a photo ID.
    Your immigrant status is linked to how long you can stay in this country. Your stay in this country is prescribed by the laws established by USCIS, Department of Homeland Security and other agencies. Driver's license is the single most important photo identification is this land. It shows who you are, where you reside and if you are legally in this country.
    You use your photo ID to board a plane, when applying for a loan, to deal with various govt. agencies etc.

    As for your question as to why driver's license is used for ID: That same question has been debated by lawmakers and thus came the idea of "Real ID". Go lookup info regarding Real ID and you will be pretty happy with using Driver's license as the ID.

    Why is any of the above causing your grief ? Why references to slavery ? As long as the system is transparent and documented on their websites (like DMVs), I fail to understand your angst.


    I understand that is the way rules are being framed in this country. For me, right to drive is a human rights issue. Unlike other countries, where public transport system is well established, in USA you can hardly move without a drivers license and a car.

    Using drivers license as an Id, for me that is non-sense. Drivers license should be used for what it is meant for, driving.

    US may make n number of laws. As a self respecting individual who just happens to be on a non-immigrant visa, I cannot digest the reasoning behind these laws and cannot agree to so many hurdles being put up for a basic need like a DL.

    If they want an ID, let them separate it from drivers license.
    I can't agree to every single law being setup by some ignorant lawmaker.

    Some examples.
    NC DMV had a law stating that you have to have SSN to get DL. ITIN was not acceptable. How would our non-working spouses on H4 drive when they are legally present in this country ? Is it fair ?

    TX DMV has another rule that says unless you have at least one year remaining on the visa you won't be issued a license. What if somene moves to TX during last 6 months of one's visa and can't get a license while their extendion for H1 is pending with USCIS ? One should not drive in the last six months of his visa. Does it make sense ?

    I have come across many such restrictions/situations which does not make sense. So my angst.

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  • snathan
    12-21 09:58 PM
    I do have very different experience. I never had any issues with the indian consulate. couple of months back I have sent the papers for my daughter's PIO card. With in two weeks I got the PIO in mail.


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  • hebbar77
    05-18 06:17 PM
    In india we created so many types of quotas, some of us cant even live there expecting fairness.
    Now here? ....! Jees!

    I want a quota so that I get my GC tomorrow, though I have no valid reason.

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  • tonyHK12
    11-03 09:23 AM
    Piece meal is our best/only option for the next 2 years. We have to keep track of the legal bills being introduced and campaign for them. I don't think CIR will make it in lameduck too. Republicans would like to enforce border security and employer, internal monitoring, before any king of path to legal status for illegals.

    lets stop this rhetoric on repubs, what about bobby jindal, marco rubio & nick haley and plz don't give explanations to distort the reality, many in the republicans sincerely support legal immigration, tell me few good things dems did to legal immigrants, aint regan the one who gave amnesty to illegals in 80s, aint bush the one who tried more than once to pass CIR, who opposed h1b fee increase recently?

    Yes I agree, we should be neutral on party as an organization. Also the enhanced H1b, monitoring RFE, etc was introduced due to body shops misusing visas and not paying on bench. Think of it as an extended background check due to the misuse.
    I feel republicans would sincerely welcome qualified immigrants. Some of their views on protecting the border have been distorted out of propotion due to politics.
    What we need to do is enhance our reputation with both Republicans and Democrats and get them to help us.


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  • rajmirk
    05-25 12:31 PM
    You are not the only one. I have been waiting for my GC for 8 years now and it is nowhere in sight! I took the plan B (Canada) and became a PR there (it tookj just over a week, without the need for a job and without me leaving the USA, except to "land" there as the final step). Canada is not as bad as people may think. It looks just like the US, in many cases people are way nicer, multiculturalism is encouraged and enshrined in the Canadian constitution (as opposed to assimilation in the U.S.) and you have free healthcare and free social security for life, whether you are employed or not. Finally Canada has consistently ranked as one of the very top places to live worldwide (ranges from 1-5, it is 3rd this year, with U.S. in like #8) and there is so much to do there. Anyway, for a plan B, Canada is quite honestly pretty damn nice.

    Trust me buddy - Canada is no heaven. If not USA, lets go back to our home-country - its way, way better. I have worked in Canada for a while (Montreal) and can tell you that it is no America. Not the standard of living, Not the technology, not the people, ofcourse not the weather :-) Just my 2 cents.

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  • InTheMoment
    11-06 04:22 PM
    That was a good account for those who haven't been to an Infopass. The procedure is near about the same where I usually go too.

    I think that the AP info that you got is good...but the serendiptious (!) info of your and your family's NameCheck status bears good info/benefit in the longer term.

    As for the 4 months thing, she is right if we go by FBI stat papers and testimonies given over the past few years; but what I find most interesting is that 7 out of the 8 people who I personally know, and who filed with me in June still have their NC pending as of this week. That does not include me whose NC is pending for past 4.5 months (since my info was sent to FBI!).

    So the dataset is small but challenging. I am sure there are many like me. Wonder why I find many whose NC is pending in the 4-6 month range and very few (of the 68% - per FBI) whose have got it cleared in the so called 48-72 hours (after the info is sent to FBI) ! :confused:


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  • milestogo
    07-22 04:27 PM
    -What is the minimum period that one need to work with the employer who has sponsered the GC after receiving the GC?
    -Can the leave of absence be counted in this period?
    -If you leave immediately (with a month) after GC, can the employer fill for revoking or mistrust for I485?

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  • Berkeleybee
    02-10 02:59 PM

    We have a head start on Northern CA lawmakers, but we'd like to galvanize the rest of the state.

    We have an excel spreadsheet with the district office info of every CA congressperson. We should just start going through that list and meeting at least a lawmaker or two a week in every sub-region.

    It would be great if members from Southern CA and Central CA would get involved. Dial-in to the weekly conference call on Thursdays, and find out how we put a lawmaker meeting together, what works and what doesn't, what to take etc.

    Also, if you go to the Resources section of the website -- you'll see the new presentation and edited brochure. Check them out and prepare yourself for conversations with legislators and potential members.

    Join the crusade people!



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  • xyzgc
    10-23 03:56 PM
    If thats the case then why don't they move the PD forward. EB3-I is stuck in 2001 since last 3 years and its not moving forward at all. How can we get some help here, ombudsman?

    That is exactly the issue. they don't move it forward despite lack of sufficient number of cases and then they move it forward by a year or so, it creates a chaos. And it applies to EB2-I also. Look where the dates are as per Nov bulletin.
    Its crazy.
    How many cases you think are in 2001, when last june the cutoff PD was June 2003? All this has been said over and over again in other threads, there is no point in repeating it.

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  • sunny1000
    11-15 12:43 AM
    I applied for I-140, I-485, AP and EAD on 8/15/07. I got my EAD and the case status online got updated accordingly. But, for my other three applications I get the following errors:

    Validation Error(s)
    You must correct the following error(s) before proceeding:

    * Case Status Retrieval Failed
    * This Receipt Number cannot be found at this time in this automated system. Please check your case receipt number to see if it is correct. If you have questions or concerns about your case status, please contact the National Customer Service Center.

    I got receipt notices for all 4 applications on 10/16/07 and have double-checked my receipt notices for case # for typos.

    Is anybody else in the same boat?



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  • jvordar
    07-21 12:47 PM
    NSC: June 17nd 2008

    Received Paper Receipts: June 24th 2008

    Waiting for the FP notices.

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  • doggy
    07-21 02:17 PM
    doggy, (what a name) u just signed-up and this is your first post..... r u an agent of anti-immigrant website doing their media campaign :cool:

    If I was anti immigrant, why would I post the information about the "Secret meeting of the Antis" in this forum?

    I suggest people here join the conference call and post back the findings. I'll be a little busy around that time.

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  • rajuram
    01-05 12:15 AM
    So is it worth while to invest $500 in PMI certification?


    11-27 07:15 PM
    Hi All FP seekers! I do not know what exactly I am missing if there is a delay in FP. It looks like hundreds of IV members are too much worried because of the 'delay' in FP. Let me worry too (by knowing the big problem!). Can any worriers explain??
    On the other hand is it not better to have a late FP, so that you need not go again in the next 15 months! Anyway for most people GC is going to take years!

    It's the uncertainty of the entire process that kills us...Have seen couple of users whose cases have been erroneoulsy denied since they did not went for their biometrics. Guess what, these users never received any FP notice from USCIS. I tend to partially agree with you; if the PD is no where close to being current, why worry about FP now - it's their responsibility to get us finger printed. But on the other hand, I do not want my case to be erroneously denied because of an error in their processing...

    This is just my personal opinion. I am not loosing my sleep over this any more.

    11-06 07:52 PM
    Though I have signed G28, I have received both AP and EAD. Attorney did not even know that I received my AP and EAD.

    I think EADs are sent to the applicant and AP to the attorney...had the same in my seen lots of folks here say the same thing...

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