Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • pappu
    09-21 02:15 PM
    Recieved FP notice for concurrent filing on 07/23/07 although no reciept notice yet.

    Did you get it in the rally? I overheard a rumor that they were being distributed. :D

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-13 01:04 PM
    I guess they are on their way to make ROW current in all categories. Good news for ROW, not encouraging news for India & China annddddddddd Mexico too!

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  • checklaw
    07-02 04:49 PM
    $1200 (Medical+Photocopying+Photos etc.)
    $700 (Lost wages)

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  • himu73
    10-01 09:08 PM
    as you said mine is same case. My wifes 140 approved from NSC so I guess the application will move back to NSC.
    NSC probably sent applications to CSC for data entry, I am a july 2 filer, my EAD(I131)/AP(I765) and all receipt notices were sent to me by CSC all are WAC### numbers which means its from CSC, then they sent just the AOS (I485) back to NSC saying they do not have Jurisdiction on the AOS application (Logic behind this is - because my I140 was approved by NSC, I have a LIN### on I140 application).

    This transfers happens in the 4 centers all the time no need to worry, there is delay associated though... :(

    Anywayz all said and done... I have not received my FP notice as yet...


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  • pappu
    06-17 10:02 AM
    Thank you for taking this initiative

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  • sanju
    09-09 09:13 PM
    I have a question on salary hike after invoking AC21.
    What if new employer pay same salary as old and the other amount as per diem. Is that going to be a problem.
    For ex. current employer is paying 80K and new employer is going to pay 120 K. Which is way beyond the limit. In this case can new employer pay the difference in per diem.
    Experts, your opinion please.

    It may be ok if the new employers writes in the employment verification letter sent to USCIS to reply to the RFE that your salary with the new employer is say between 80K-83K "plus benefits". Per diem is actually a benefit. The only problem could be, per diem is for finite period of time and you have to maintain a primary residence different than the place of your work, now sure though. I think this question could be verified by a lawyer and/or HR dept.


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  • cagcwait
    03-09 07:49 AM
    Meeting with Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren�s staff, San Jose


    A group of us met with the with Chief of Staff and Congressional Aide at Zoe Lofgren�s office in San Jose, yesterday. The meeting went very well and lasted an hour. The Chief of Staff was very knowledgeable about the issues. She ofcourse knew that the IV team had already met with the Congresswoman and the staff at her DC office. One of her first comments was about that meeting and she remarked that it was very good to have � an organized group� like IV. She was very appreciative of what IV was doing as an �organized group� � doing their homework and research and putting out presentations and materials that brought out the core issues very clearly and hiring a very competent lobbying firm to help execute our agenda. She wanted to know who made those presentations (thanks to Berkeley Bee!!!!!) J.. In fact, she repeated her appreciation quite a few times about IV. She also mentioned that she had read about IV in the Roll Call and was looking forward to meet the group.

    We went through the presentation, explaining the issues � most of which the Chief of Staff was already were aware of. The Congressional Aide was not aware of a few and we used the opportunity to explain the issues. Needless to say, personal examples helped to get the point across very well. While we went through the issues at the BECs and the USCIS, we quoted quite liberally from the Ombudsman report and the Presidents Economic report and from logiclife�s post on the backlog centers. At one point we were asked/ told that since these were infrastructure problems that are very deep, it is probably going to take time to completely address the fixes in the system. We again took that opportunity and told them about IV goals such as the 3yr H1B extensions instead of 1yr and the recapture of the visas lost between 2001 and 2004 - which would provide interim relief to the people affected by the backlog. We explained how the 3yr extensions instead of 1yr would relieve the USCIS of additional work and allow them to focus their efforts on actual processing / clearing of backlog. When they commented that the Dept of Homeland Security may want this to be a 1yr process, we pointed out that currently 3yr extensions are being offered to people who have filed for I485, so we are merely asking that the same be extended to people with their Labour and I-140 pending.

    They offered us a couple of suggestions:

    1. To talk to the Congress people �on the other side� especially in the Judiciary committee. They wanted us to consult with our lobbying firm first. They strongly felt that we should be talking to lawmakers who are not pro-immigration. They said that we may need to study their district and the industries there and try to point out how those industries are benefited by immigrants directly or indirectly.

    2. To collaborate with the giants in the Private sector who employ highly skilled legal immigrants because some of them have very loud voices on the hill.

    We do have an action to get back to them with a list of states that we know that don�t issue drivers license renewals for 1yr. Can someone please provide us with this information so that we can relay it back to them?

    They also wanted a softcopy of our presentation and the supporting materials. We are working on that.

    Overall, they had a very good opinion about ImmigrationVoice. To quote them again,
    �Very Organized Group� � and they felt that organized groups make a great difference,
    �Done their homework very well in terms of research, pinpointing the exact issues, presenting and communicating them in a way lawmakers / people understand�, �Have a very good lobbying firm�. They wanted IV to continue what we are doing and meet with lawmakers on either side (pro and anti immigration), so that when a �window of opportunity� presents itself, we can use it to our advantage. The Chief of Staff reiterated this point and mentioned how important it was to be prepared for this �window of opportunity�.

    My request to people who read this,
    1. If you are not a member of IV, please become a member and join hands with IV NOW. You can clearly see what an impact IV is making with the lawmakers in such a short frame of time.
    2. If you have not contributed, please do so NOW. It is absolutely required to retain this �very good lobbying firm� and make sure that our voices continue to be heard.
    3. Please join the membership drive started by logiclife at and bring in 5 more members who can contribute monetarily / otherwise.


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  • gmatch
    12-13 03:56 PM
    It is not that i have full basket of apples now... my previous 2-employers promised me to start labor...but they did not do it..even i sent my docs 2-times to the previous employer ..but they gave lie assurances & very i have lost my 2.5 years just waiting on their promises...& nothing got.

    Finally, I made up my mind ...either to get it on fast track OR leave this option... forever.

    I don't see anything wrong in the previous person already left that labor unused... & employer needs those skills..which he found in me.


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  • ansh78
    05-15 04:38 PM
    I think this is (or should be) for people who have advance degree (e.g. MS/MBA etc) from US universities regardless of EB categories.

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  • gc_chahiye
    01-03 09:21 PM
    A freind of mine came across a gentleman, who is here on work visa and he is facing a unique problem. He is married to two persons and wants to bring his whole family here in the USA. He was looking for answer if he can get both his spouses and kids here on H4 visas. Currently both of them and his kids are in India. Interesting hmmm :D

    Maybe he can come under asylum or refugee status; after all he also probably has two mother-in-laws there and that should qualify. One is bad enough, but TWO?

    Its hard to maintain such a situation (, he will have to make a call and decide on a winner (


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  • dilvahabilyeha
    07-02 05:07 PM
    Medical: 200
    Photos: 25
    Lawer: 2500
    Fees (if app accepted): 1450 (Fees later if not accepted now but later: 2500)
    Travel + Certificates + photocopies: 150

    Total: 2875+(1450 or 2500)

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  • veeyes2009
    02-14 10:25 AM
    After reading your posts i checked my cases online and LUD changed on 02/10 (Mine) & 02/13 (my wife) too for the first time since they are filed .... Both cases start with LIN xxxxxxxx & both are at NSC, EB3-I, PD March 2005. We have given FP twice so far once after filing the cases and other when we applied for EAD/AP extensions.

    No emails though .... Not sure what they are checking or updating ...

    Hoping for the best like you all ... good luck. Please share if you have any updates


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  • felix31
    04-01 03:20 PM
    sent fax #10

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  • nyte_crawler
    09-15 08:23 AM
    What kind of job is that that pays $$$ an hour? LOBBYING ? :)


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  • xu1
    04-01 03:38 PM

    i was IMing with a friend working for microsoft and trying to tell him about IV. he had already been a contributing member! :)

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  • alterego
    12-14 07:00 AM
    In the case of this guy. I can't fault him/her for taking up this option. None of us can. After all, he is playing by the rules right?
    That we are affected does not matter here to the authorities. Why? Once again I ask you guys to realise that this immigration system is here to serve the employers, not you or me. That is why they can justify this.


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  • webm
    12-31 01:08 PM
    This thread seems to express my thoughts.
    I used to wait till my dates got current. With my dates being current since November, I still wait with no sign of improvement.
    I tried calling the 1-800 number. But, did not get any useful information.
    Took an Infopass appointment couple of weeks back. But, it was of no use.
    The officer at the local office read the same status that I see online.
    She said that my case was transfered to Texas center. (I knew this since October 2007). Only additional information she gave me was that my namecheck got clreared. (Though this is important, I dont think this really matters to get my case processed).

    I told her that I have been waiting since years and some of friends who filed later than me already got their GCs, she felt sorry for me but she said there is nothing she can do for me. Not even a Service Request since my dates are within the processing times.

    Its getting difficult for me......Also, in this economy its getting tough everyday to hold on to the job. Who knows may be this year quota might be over too. It will definitely be a big relief if we get the GC.
    I thought there is nothing I can do now till my dates goes outside the processing times. Please advice.

    Good Luck to everyone.

    We are in the same boat my friend....keep hope!!

    Happy Newyear 2009!! we might get Green soon...

    PD:EB3-I Oct 2001.

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  • TwinkleM
    02-17 10:13 PM
    @ Saggi13, When did u file your I-140 & when was it approved? Does your situation mean that they have started processing your case?

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  • rbanerjee
    12-14 04:31 PM
    usage of spill over must be based on demand estimates and cannot be an exact science.

    removal of ROW spill-over must be in anticipation of the dam burst expected when the BECS finally cross pass the april 30 PDs ( ROW being a big majority of these applications).

    We need to look at what the BECs are doing and where they are wrt apr 2001 apps. I believe they are almost past it or in the thick of it. there would be a 3-4 month lag since a lot of these guys are going through recruitment.

    That will tell us whether we are seeing the worst or if it can get worse.

    10-03 11:38 AM
    How do yo uknow ur app moved from nsc to csc etc.. when you havenot got anything...other than just the lud on uscis website...
    can u pl clarify?

    08-25 11:56 PM
    Hello Friends,

    As you might have guessed, I am on the EB3 bandwagon because of circumstances that were beyond my control [The filing attorney screwed up :( ]

    At the time of my EB3 filing (Feb. 2004) I did possess a Masters degree and more than 5 years of Work Experience and the job responsibility that my petition was filed for, did require a Senior worker with Masters experience. Unfortunately, things didn't go that way and here I am.

    I keep reading about some lucky souls [god bless their souls :) ] who have managed to retain their priority dates and converted to EB2.

    I really want to do that. I am not sure where to start.

    1. I used AC21 and took up a new job recently. Do I approach my new employer and talk to them to see whether they would be able to file my petition in EB2 category? The bad thing is, when I joined them, I told them I don't need any sponsorship or assistance from them. It would be a volte face to go back to them and request them to do something. And the best part is, there is no guarantee that my company would file my petition.

    2. Do I look for a new employment and if and when I clear the selection process, do I tell them that the only way I could join them is if they could file my EB2 petition? If they think that my services is a necessity, they might do it else they might look for other candidates. It s like throwing a dice.

    3. Do I look around for desi consulting companies that would file my EB2 and in return I work for them (using my EAD) through the EB2 petition/adjudication process. With this approach, the desi companies might do it, but like other people, I also think the reputation of these desi consulting companies is severely dented and there is all the more chance that the EB2 petition might get denied.

    Gurus...any help or advise or information is really appreciated.


    I filed my EB3 with PD of 2003; due the backlog my company filed EB2 Perm considering the costs for H1B costs and the constraints attached.

    If you are working in a full-time job and if they want to retain you on permenant basis considering the risk with EAD they might help you with the process. It is worth checking.

    If step # 1 doesn't work then obviously you might need to consider step#2. All desi consultancies are not bad..consider size of the company before you take up any thing..any thing with 300-500 employees might be good to consider.

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