Thursday, September 1, 2011

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  • sukhyani
    01-26 07:44 PM
    Hey guys, I received this notice in the mail from USCIS asking me to appear for "Initial" interview for further processing of my I485. Can someone please throw some light on what that might involve?

    My PD is 09/04, June 07 Filer and had an RFE back in Septmeber.

    Please reply.

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  • roseball
    04-24 08:56 AM
    Since your I-94s are already expired, I would advise to talk to your attorney asap and follow his advise....Do not rely on a forum to get suggestions on a time sensitive situation...

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  • psk79
    05-28 12:29 AM
    from my understanding it wil start right away.. which means we will loose some time overlapping between the EAD's.

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  • admin
    05-20 08:32 AM
    There is so much to read about the happenings around this topic. How are we faring so far? Thank you for all the hard work!

    Every day's Senate proceedings appear in our member's only forum -


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  • geniousatwork
    04-13 03:26 PM
    Congratulations....Hope we have more approvals.

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  • Ramba
    03-29 11:39 AM

    you misunderstood. we do not want unlimited EB visas. What is important here is clear the backlogs. we need to present a workable, feasible demand to the lawmakers to achive our goal. Already they have given so many provisions in the bill to overcome the backlogs in EB catagory. However, the only hurdle in thses bills are the hard country quota. Terefore we need to have a strong as well as simple demand. We should not ask so many small small demands. It wont help, inturn it may harm.

    By the way, I will be the most happiest person if they allow BS+5 years from numarical count in Eb2 catagory. I do not have MS and I have my 140 approved in EB2 with BS+5 yrs experience and I have nore than 10 years experience. But I still fell that this demand is too much.

    If we achive all the current provisions and removal of country quota, then it will be lottery to all Indians and Chinese.


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  • nixstor
    12-02 10:30 PM
    This is not an AD moron. I am not looking to hire anyone. I am asking about NON-IMMIGRANT VISA advice. Since the forum is titled Immigration Voice > Immigration Information > NON-IMMIGRANT VISAS, I don't think my post can be THAT far from the right section.


    This forum is intended for Highly Skilled Immigrants who are on Non Immigrant visa and are caught in the green card log jam. Discussion topics here are predominantly related to Employment based GC. You might not get a CORRECT answer here as your situation is not some thing common for people on this forum. You should talk to a lawyer and get advice for your situation.


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  • ameryki
    06-27 04:05 PM
    I got the e-mail that card prodn. is ordered. Not sure if i'll get one year or 2 years EAD renewal now. I filed in Nebraska center. I called USCIS and asked them but they are not sure either.. I hate to miss out of 2 yr EAD just 'cos it got approved today but not Monday. Is there any way to appeal for a 2 yr EAD ????

    I think it is 2 years for approvals that occur after June 30th. Which means yours might be a 1 year deal


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  • eb3retro
    02-27 03:03 PM
    I just got my I-140 approval and my priority date is 02/2008. I fall in the "All Charge-ability Areas Except Those Listed" EB3 and the March bulletin PD is 01MAY05. My lawyer is telling me I cant apply yet and since I am 2 semesters away from completing my Master's I should finish the course and just apply in the EB2 class. I dont have the funds to apply for this whole damn thing all over again. Can someone please help!? I've honestly turned suicidal dealing with this BS..

    and for god sake, please update your profile.

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  • gclover
    01-09 01:18 PM
    Has anyone managed to withdraw money from TCS PF from Mumbai India?

    If so, pls advise on the procedure for the same?


    No forms would work because like a typical family owned blood sucker company, their PF is controlled by another TATA company and not the central govt. AND to get your hard earned money out of that another company, you need a clearance letter signed by some TCS HR personnel ..
    You could see if the amount is worth going through the agony of talking to all top brass in the company.. If it is, then make your heart of steel and go through it..
    they would keep some money as their tip.. (maybe 20%) but give the remaining back to you..


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  • gc28262
    07-15 09:41 PM
    Thank you GC28262,

    I also presume that there is no need to file I-539 either. However, what would be the right approach here..

    File for H4, while she continues to work on EAD. The benefit with this approach is that she would have a new I-94
    File for AP - but then she won't have a new I-94 till such time that she reenters US.

    Please advice.

    I am not a legal expert.

    For one thing, nobody can have H4 and EAD together. When someone uses EAD, his/her H1/H4 is invalid. You need not worry about this. Myself and thousands of IV members are in the same situation. Once you are on AOS you need not worry about I-94.

    The only way an AOS person can have an unexpired I-94 is when he/she maintains his/her H1B status also. A pure AOS person cannot have an unexpired I-94 all the time. So no need to be tense over this.

    BTW my I-94 expired more than a year ago when I switched over to EAD.

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  • muthukmk
    08-03 04:14 PM
    Hi All,

    I have my labor filed and approved for EB3 March 2005 PD. My I140 too has been approved in June 2007. I filed for 485 on July 2nd. I would like to know whether I can now start a fresh EB2 and also apply for I140 and use the older Eb3 priority date of March 2005. I have not changed my company I need guidance for experts in this regard.

    Just for information, my I140 was approved after I had applied for 485



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  • chanduv23
    10-30 04:35 PM
    yeah the meeting was really good..I got to meet many people but had to leave a bit early. For a first meeting (for me) I got an overview of IV etc and put faces to the handles I see in here. For future meetings I think we should
    1) establish action items
    2) find volunteers to carry out specific action items
    3) set drop-dead dates for each item
    4) find a conduit for communicating back the results /feedback from the implemented tasks (yahoo groups works fine)
    5) list out our progress/obstacles/lessons learnt

    Thanks for the excellent feedback. Do please write to the yahoogroups your overall experience during the NJ meet.

    We are currently restructuring the yahoogroups, we removed all bouncing and anonymous ids and making it extra secure. The idea is to make yahoogroups exclusively for local chapter activities and mobilization within the chapter.

    Tri State still needs mobilization in Long Island and Upstate NY and I am trying to jump start these sub units, I want help from people living in those places.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    01-20 02:19 PM
    Hi ItIsNotFunny,

    Thanks for your feedback. Could you help us to understand the login defect. Will work to fix it promptly.


    Sent you PM.


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  • bijualex29
    05-26 06:51 AM
    Analysis of Visa prediction if Bill passes in senate in current form

    90,000 visas to clear backlog, 10% county limit.

    9000 visas per country limit, India get 9000 visa (EB-1, will get additional 10000 visas ).

    Can some one interpret the law whether unused visa will be spilled to oversubscribed countries?

    Current law EB-2 and EB-3 only 40,000 visas for EB-2 and EB-3 out of 7% goes to each country 2800 visas for each country.

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  • bikram_das_in
    04-13 02:44 PM
    Congrats bro. Please keep contributing to IV.


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  • softcrowd
    03-11 10:31 AM
    PD Transfer can even be done @ i-485 stage too, but that's not as straight a process as porting it at the I-140 stage. But technically, it can be done at I-485 too.

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  • Humhongekamyab
    02-24 02:39 PM
    For those who think that this is good and will not affect them -

    What we are hearing now in the news is just the tip of the iceberg. It is just ground work to justify tougher measures against employment based immigration. If it continues, CIR will be passed giving path to citizenship to ILLEGAL immigrants without any measure for employment based immigration. Remember, the only folks who have been in influential position to support EB immigration has been big businesses (like Microsoft, Oracle) and AILA. With the rising unemployment rate, nobody will listen to these businesses. With the indictment of (even a few) cases of H-1B fraud, AILA will not be able to fight the impending tsunami against legal employment based immigrants.

    If we don't do anything illegals will be citizens while people with H-1 and even EAD will be forced to go back.

    Can't agree more. This is how it starts - Divide and Rule. First it was the TARP recipients only. Next will IT companies. Then it will be EAD and maybe finally the Green Cards.

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  • PresidentO
    02-07 12:37 PM
    Hi! I am on a H1 - B visa and had a question. If I marry someone from my home country India and she is working out there as a physiotherapist, can she come here and start practicing immediately or she needs to give some exams and do I need to file her H1 - B in the quota opening in April or is she outside the quota?

    Please update your profile to reflect your Labor cert/I-140/ I-485 status and I will answer your Q in detail.

    07-20 03:32 PM
    Can you not get a letter from your church/temple in India?
    Mnay people in India have only the church/temple marraige registration. THEN THEY REGISTER THEIR MARRAIGE (MAY BE AFTER FEW YEARS) IN THE SU-REGISTRARS OFFICE.

    Such a marriage letter, affidavits and your new US marraige certificate shoudl work fine. If an rfe COMES, YOU MIGHT NEED TO EXPLAIN WHY YOU GOT Married in US agian.

    Excerpt from US Embessay

    Religious Ceremonies
    In India, a religious marriage ceremony is considered a legal marriage. However, for Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists, the certificate issued by the temple or gurudwara may not be legally sufficient for all purposes. Rather, members of these religions may seek a formal marriage certificate from the Registrar of Marriages. If one of the parties is a U.S. citizen, the registrar may request a �no objection letter� from the U.S. Embassy or Consulate, and also may request proof of termination of any previous marriages, before a marriage certificate will be issued.

    If the parties are married in a Christian, Muslim, Parsi, Jewish, Baha�i or other religious ceremony, the certificate issued by the religious authority (e.g., the church�s marriage certificate, the mosque�s nikah nama, etc.) generally is sufficient proof of marriage, and no certificate from the marriage registrar is necessary.

    06-22 09:16 AM
    Initial Evidence for I-485 includes
    1. Copy of approved I-140 (or concurrent filing or I-140 receipt)
    2. Employment Letter (for GC job)
    3. Proof that person is maintaining valid status in USA since last entry in USA

    Not a legal advice
    Permanent Resident since May 2002

    When you say

    Proof that person is maintaining valid status in USA since last entry in USA

    What documents prove that exactly?

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